24 Fantastic Gifts For Plant Lovers

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:36 am

Do you like plants? Plants are one of the beautiful creations of humans.  Plants require sunlight and water to grow. There are some of the gift ideas for plant lovers. Plant lovers like to decorate their house, office desk also with plants. There are many types of plants available around the world. There are about 320 thousand plants all around the world. Some people like to gift others plant.

Some just get too happy to see plants nearby. Some of the plants are healthy to keep them around. One can also eat plants. Gift ideas for plant lovers can be easily found, but some have their own choice. While some are allergic to some plants. Some plants can also cure some of the diseases too.

It is very good if one like to grow different new types of plants in their surroundings. Nowadays, people are busy in their schedule that they don’t have time and energy to plant new seeds in their buildings. Now there are huge buildings and towers but ever thought about the oxygen that we get from the plants and trees.

Trees and plants inhale carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Now see the amount of carbon dioxide would be around us when we have no plants and trees around us. So one should plant more trees and avoid building more of building and towers. For some, plants can be their friends too. Plants only require more sunlight and water to grow. They can make their own food through a photosynthetic procedure.

Plants can be defined as a small or long plant. There are some people who like nature more than human beings. Some of them like to decorate their houses with fake plants. This is because they have no time in changing fresh flowers every second day. People at times gift themselves plants. Plants make people happy and they smell quite different.


Japanese Maple

If you know someone who loves to spend time in their garden, give them a present they can appreciate every day. This Japanese maple is perfect for people who want a lush green plant on their desk and might even inspire them to start growing their own backyard garden.

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Gifts For Plant Lovers.

1.Plant Hanger

This plant hanger can be used at home or in the office. People show a lot of love for their plants. This is handcrafted which can add more grace to your home or balcony, garden, or help in brightening up the place. People like to decorate their room, kitchen and now a bathroom with plants. Plants get you peace. The person can like this idea as a gift for plant lovers.

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2.Glass terrarium

This glass terrarium can be used as one of the decorating product in the house. It can be placed on the sliding door of the kitchen, on the balcony. This can be perfect for holding plants and can give a stylish look to your modern house.

This can also fit succulent plants inside. Just add some mud, rock, or stones to give a look. Some of them like to hang it if they have a better place to keep it. Plant lovers can like this as a gift.

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3.. Indoor greenhouse

People like to decorate their house with plants and flowers. There are different ways, a person can decorate the house. This stand has four shelves inside and can hold small plants, gardening tools, or pots.

Along with the greenhouse, one gets the roll-up zipper door to cover the plants safe from the animals and insects. It is very to access them and does not require any kind of tools to build them. One option to the idea for gifts for plant lovers.

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4. Plant cloche

The plant cloche can be very useful for the people who have a large place for gardening. This cloche protects the plants from getting destroyed. This can be found in many sizes too. If one has a larger space to keep all plants in one place, there are chances of animals and birds that they can destroy the plants easily.  But with the plant cloche, can stay relaxed. This can be that idea that you would like to gift a plant lover.

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5. Pruning shears

They help in trimming stem, small leaves of the plants. They are one of the important tools that can help in many ways. It is made with the non-slippery material that it can’t slip from one’s hand.There are many sizes available in the market. It only cuts the proper shape that one wants for. This may also come in many shapes and sizes.

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6. Plant potting trays

There are many ways to grow a plant. But this is perfect for collecting soil, transplanting and collecting water too.  It is very useful for indoor and outdoor planting without creating a mess in the house. Such gift ideas for plant lovers are unique to think for.

One can get many sizes and many colors in this tray. This helps in keeping soil water in the tray itself. While planting, there can be no more mess around the house. It is convenient to keep the tray at a high level too.

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7. Gardening tools

A  gardening kit includes weeder, a pair of gloves, a water spraying bottle and many more products. The people who like to grow will always be in the need them. This can be that one option that you are finding to the gift the plant lovers. Not only adults but also children can use them. This can help them to learn the methods used for gardening.

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8. Soil moisture gauge

Sometimes, we pour more water as compared to what we daily pour. This gauge helps to keep a check on the soil and not on the water. It helps in reading the level which includes the ten scales. No requirement of batteries to charge and or electricity needed. One only have to plug in the soil and read the level. This can be one of the options that you can gift a plant lover.

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9. Watering can

One can find this watering can in the market. It has many sizes and many colors available. This can be recycled anytime. And the handle is very easy to use.  And also the material that is used is good. This is perfect for indoor plants and outdoor plants as well. The quality is nice and a must gift for plant lovers.

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The book HOW TO RAISE A PLANT AND MAKE IT LOVE YOU BACK is one of the most recommended books.  This has all the pointers that how a plant needs to be treated. One should always take care of their plants as they take them. One eats daily, so they should water their plant too. All the pointers are available in the book. One can also start reading this book and then grow plants.

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11. Pot Ceramic

Everyone loves to decorate their house or office with different things. Some of them are plant lovers. They like to decorate the house, offices with different types of plants and flowers. There are succulents available in the market.

They are available in different shapes an different sizes. This can be a unique idea to gift a plant lover. One can have as many succulents with them and can place it with different types of plants. This can also look quite modern and cute at the same time.

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12. Tricycle Plant Stand

This tricycle plant stand can be very useful for the people who have a big garden or long balconies. It has three stands for the pot to be placed. One can also decorate it by keeping it on the entry of the door side. This is one of the options that you can gift a plant lover.

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13. Garden gloves with fingertips claws

One of the unique ideas to gift the plant lovers. They bring many types of seeds to plant in their garden.  They require gloves very often. These gloves have claws on the fingertip. So one can help themselves in digging the soil and place the plant inside. One can find these gloves in many colors. It is very easy to use them and can come out easily when not required.

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14. Sand Terrariums With Air Plants

Any sand terrariums do not require plant soil to grow. They are kept as decorative things for the house. They absorb the nutrients through the leaves so they do not require soil.  One can hang them on the wall or place them on tables. This looks cute when you can place them in white sand or pebbles or small stones.

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15. Succulent Plants

This plant can be one of the useful things to decorate the house. The succulent plants look like a real plant. This product have five succulents joined in one. This can be used for decorating the house, office, and many more places. One can gift this succulent plant with many other plants as a gift to plant lovers. This can be unique in a different form.

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16. Tree Man Pen Container

The guardian of galaxy in a form of succulent plant holder. This is quite cute and unique at the same time. This is made from good quality and can also be placed at the house, on the dining table, on the desk of the office, and at many more places.

This can be gifted to the plant lover who is a small child.  They can also use them as a pencil holder, or as a flower pot too. They will like it and also get the confidence to grow more plants in the surrounding.

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17.Succulent Planter Pots

The idea of gifting a plant lover itself is one the unique thought. Some like to grow many small plants in their balcony. Some like their house full of greenery. Plants help in keeping the environment clean and fresh. This pot can be one of that gift that you might have thought about.

This is because they can keep many plants in one place and can also help in placing them equally. Each planter comes with a draining hole that helps the plants to allow the flow of water easily through the soil and into the pot below. This can be used for both fake plants and for real plants too.

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18. Jute Plant Basket

A plant basket can be a unique idea to the gift a plant lover. This can be kept to decorate the house, office, and even bedrooms for a change. There are people who can keep plants everywhere. This is made of jute so one fear of getting inserts inside the house. It is natural jute rope, made from eco-friendly material and healthy material which does not harm anyone around the surrounding.

This can add more fashion to your modern house. It can be used to decorate more house or even can add more colors to your garden. One can also color the jute to look more decorative. This can be the gift to the nature lovers.

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19. Tier Flower Plant Stand

This tier stand can be very useful to keep as a decorative thing in the modern house. Small flower plants can also be used to keep in this pot. It looks very cool and unique at the same it. This is a three-tier stand so one can keep three different types of plants.

This can help them in breathing better too. One can place this indoor and outdoor as well. Indoor places like entryway, living room, window.  And outdoors places like a garden, besides pool area, balcony, rooftop, terrace.

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20. Planter Bulb Glass Vase

This bulb glass can be a nice idea to gift a plant lover. One does not have to think twice before gifting this. This is because this glass bulb plant can be like by everyone. Adults and children both can like the stand too. It can also look modern when can add some rocks, white soil, pebbles, and many such decorative items to make the place look more pretty.

One can easily add water to the bulb. One does not have to change the water every day so it can be easy to use this. They do not require sunlight to grow. It can be kept anywhere you want in the house, at the balcony, in offices, hanging on the kitchen roof so it can be easily used daily.

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21.Ceramic Garden Plant Flower Pot  

This ceramic flower plant is very useful to the people who like to keep their surrounding with plants and greenery. One can keep this pot with their favorite flower plant and keep at the most eye-catching place in the house or at the office. One can also hand them beautifully.

It can add more beauty to the garden or lawn or even balconies. One option to your idea of gifting a plant lover. Gifting them different types of succulents can also be a unique idea to gift.

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22. Barrier Fencing

One has to protect plants from the animals too. Animals can ruin the plants. So one can use this protection as their savior. Sometimes it happens that you are not around and animals can ruin your garden by destroying them, so you can use this barrier fencing and protect the garden from the animals.

Not only animals but sometimes, wind can also ruin the garden. The quality of the fence is good that it won’t rust and can be used for years. One can also use this as their fence for tree, small or big garden, shrubs so it can be protected all the time. One can be gifted as a gift for a nature lover.

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23. Music Flower Pot

Have you heard of musical flower pot? Yes, there are pots which have blue tooth speakers in them. One can use them while watering the plant, or when you take it out to clean it. It can be of the entertainment for the person who is doing the cleaning job.

It has many more options to the pot like a charger that is it can be connected to speakers, phones and many other devices. It also has the button which one can press and listen to the songs. It has wireless music player so one does not have to connect to the charger every time. This can be one of the unique gifts that a nature lover can get.

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Plant lovers can love all the items which are mentioned above. They like to keep their surrounding clean and fresh. Gifting a plant lover the right gift can be difficult at times. So before gifting them one should know their choice.

There are many more items which they might like to use as decorative items.  Planting can be someone’s passion. But there are people who like to make their passion their profession.

One can like to plant since their childhood. So one can have this as their profession too. They are called botanist. They are a scientist who studies about different types of plants in the surroundings including flowers and trees and many more.

This can be very useful if you have such people around you who would love your gifts. Gifting people is an easy job to do. But it’s very difficult to gift them what they like. And there are very people who do this.

So it important to gift them what they like. The above list can help you in finding one of their favorite items from the following to get ideas for the plant lovers.  SO here are some of the recommendation for the gift ideas for PLANT LOVERS.