30 scintillating gifts for Mountain Bikers

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:32 am

Mountain biking popularity has increased over the period of time and most of the people are inclined in trying out because of several health benefits associated with it. There are so many riders hailing from a humble background and not received the true fame which they deserved and what kind of gifts for Mountain bikers would make them happy and contented.  

Few years back, the percentage of bike riders have improved due to the wide exposure of YouTube channels. Bikers who are willing to conquer mountains with mighty skills fitness enthusiasts will probably opted for mountain biking then working out for hours in GYM. 

What could be more exciting than catching the glimpse of nature with your friends and a  two-wheeler companion. Apart from legs, it is good for skin, using less oxygen make your muscles more flexible. It also helps you psychologically as well and increases your brain power, peace, ability and confidence to live your life more beautifully. Biking riding improves your perfect coordination and balance between your eyes, feet, hands, heart and a good sleep. 

We will provide you list gifts for Mountain Bikers to suit this community whose second name is the adventurous and how they are so unique from others.

gifts for mountain bikers

gifts for Mountain Bikers

1. Fifty Places to Bike before you Die

We all dream about world tour and how there are certain places which is yet to be explored by us. Bikers also carry a bucket list for them and this book will list down places ideal for the quintessential rock climbers. Chris Santella is a Portland writer and management consultant and have authored books on around eight books is back with his bestselling in his famous “fifth series” one. This book is a bible for the bikers living in the west to see which places qualifies to be next in your agenda.  

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2. Mountain Biker’s Training Bible

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If you are a debutant mountain biker and confused how to start this journey with a proper guidance and training then this book is for you. Joe Friel is a well-known sports coach and written books like The Triahlete’s Training Bible, The Cyclist’s Training Bible, Fast after 50, Your First Triathlon brings manual for upcoming bikers and how to stay in a group and developing as a proficient bike with minimal problems. Joe has trained several players from the last four decades and has master’s degree in exercise science.

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3. Zinn and Art of Mountain Bike Entrance

Lennard Zinn, author of books like Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance, Mountain Bike Owner’s Manual, Mountain Bike Performance and more recently The Haywire Heart. Zinn and the art of Mountain Bike Maintenance will give its readers how to look after your beloved two-wheeler for peak discoveries and repair them. It has been the best-selling and garnered acclaim for catering both the veterans as well as newcomers and what are the benefits and difference in keeping the old and new vehicles.

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4. Bike Touring and Bikepacking

Is your buddy planning for adventurous outings? Lightweight gear along with the best bike makes the perfect combination for those trips. Once, you have accomplished the ABCD of Mountain biking its time to decide everything should be correct and in place. Select the best two-wheeler, suitable gear, equipment should be in the right place and be very clear about the routes you will be following. Not just newcomers, even the veteran brigade can refer from this book to polish and make them even more smart than previously.

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5. Cycling The Great Divide between Canada and Mexico  

The Great Divide is highly-recommended book for all the rockies. This book is about to world’s longest bike helm located in Canada and reaches to whole new continent. This passage is very famous amongst Biker who are start their journey from Canada to Mexico. Michael Mcoy along with his ACA provide you the correct guide to follows according to your body and stamina. It will also enlighten you on right kind of food, water, bike you are suppose to carry and shelter you can reside during this adventure.

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6. DeFeet Zombie Socks

We have carried the necessary accessories and appear accordingly for mountain adventure, but compromise with an ordinary quality of socks isn’t a bright idea. DeFeet brand of socks would make an ideal option for your foot. DeFeet has been in the market since last 27 years and has produced wide range of socks with key characteristics like simple, classy, beautiful, comfortable and can be used for a long period of time. DeFeet is one of the popular US brand and name to reckon.

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7. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor

After reaching several important places in mountains, you are keen to know where do you stand in terms of fitness and health. Garmin brand Vivosmart 3 heart rate is one such device to assure about the accurate details of heart. Stress monitoring tool will guide about how much stress you are taken and how to recover. It keep close tab how much calories have burned or your energy during climbing the stairs or doing other things. Vivosmart 3 heart rate ensure you stay healthy and fit during your trip.

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8. Clif Bloks Energy Chews

Energy Bars are known as the on-the-go food for us and to avoid well-prepared meal. Before starting our journey we must ensure about our stomach and whether certain food will help us to keep us active and healthy. Clif Bar brand has chocolate chips, oatmeal and energy for men and women. Clif Bar in 8 different flavors will be an ideal gift for mountain bikers during their adventure and with a new taste, so make a way for these energy chews in your bag or pocket.

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9. Raw Organic Protein Chai

Garden of Life is known for their rich, healthy real food for their consumers. Just as we have power supplements for exercise freaks similarly, we’ve this product called Raw Organic Protein Vanilla Chai, a highly recommended and a suitable one for rockies. The brand follows certain ways while preparing their each product is firstly, they believe in researching good-quality of nutritious food which can be beneficial for consumers and correct, clean and healthy food ingredients used in them. Vanilla Chai is no exception and must for the bikers.

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10. Camelbak Men Hydration Pack

Camelbak was born out of a basic idea to quench their thirst during any rigorous training, trekking or exercises. The company has several water bottles, bags and hydration pack for men. Bikers carry important stuff like a compass or a map to reach the selected destination and this bag with hydration pack can be a very simple and meaningful stuff for their bikers community. Camelbak has bags in different colours depending on consumers needs and preferences. The company also has bags targeting for females as well.

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11. Hemore Bike Mobile Holder                       

Mobile Holder is a huge hit in the market these days and various companies have produced universal mobile holder for various professionals. We also have the one for bikers community as it looks quite related one. Hemore has launched its new mobile holder for the respective Android and I-phone users and we will talking about why should buy this one. It can be rotated with great grip and thanks to its durability one can use it for a long time without any issue.

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12. LT & PK Bike Light Rear Bicycle Headlight

Imagine, you are your gang have gone for trekking and plans to spend night with your respective items, but the problem you’ve cheap quality of headlight and tail light which is on verge of getting destroyed and needs to be replaced on urgent basis. What would you do ? and for which brand you will opt for ? the answer is LT & PK’s Bike Rear Headlight for your queries. This set of headlights work perfectly in darkness and the other bonus features includes waterproof and USB rechargeable.

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13. Torque Key by Richley

Ritchey Design Inc. has been producing accessories catering to car and bike lovers from the last 4 decades. The iconic company holds the catalog of various components like mirrors, handlebars, seats, saddles, wheels, tyres and other significant accessories for them. Ritchey’s Torque Key is their latest offering for the bikers and we will tell about this key. Torque Keys tightens a bolt to a precise amount so that it is very tight. Maximum torque key aware when you have reached certain tightness with a unique click.

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14. Aduro Sport Bike Bag

Imagine, you and your friend are new to mountain biking and clueless certain basic accessories which needs to be branded, suitable and should be able to carry all the essential belonging of yours. Aduro Sports Bag is a valid option for your two-wheeler, it connects the top tube with velcro straps for perfect fitting. Slim design and closure and a bag which resist all kind of weather with a long durability. The bag is made of polyester material and allow space for all the item with lifetime guarantee.

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15. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

If you are someone who likes to know about the latest gadgets and keen on trying out them then we have something called as Blue Diamond Spot Headlight to offer you. If you are planning to conquer the peak in nights along with your gang and you want believe in going depth to know more about mother nature then this product is for you. One of the key characteristics are proximity and red-night vision and waterproof makes your adventure smooth and least complicated.

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16. Bike Brushing Kit by Park Tool

We all agree with this memorable quote “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Our vehicles too extremely precious for us and every Sunday we indulge in car-washing to remove the unnecessary stains and dust. Mountain Bikers also ensure the more beautiful and clean the two-wheeler is the more appreciation it will receive. How about gifting the Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set, the brush will reduce the thickness and bristle wash will prove to be a fine choice for their beautiful machine.

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17. Simple Green Cleaner

Are you struggling with the kind of oil grease for your machine and clearly you failed to zero down a reliable product for greasing. We are offering you Simple Green Cleaner for your bikes. Simple Green have been producing harmless products to protect our environment, their portfolio includes different types of cleaning products which will be a reference point for future generations. Simple Green’s Cleaner will help you in removing dust, sticky, lime and other stuffs struck in your tyres, engine and seats.

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18. Slime Tire Eliminator

You and your bunch of friends have reached the pinnacle of point and eagerly waiting to click selfies to treat your social media friends and followers. But, after completion of photo session you come to know that most of tyres have been punctured it would take an entire day to get a mechanic to get repaired. How horrific would be the experience right ? Slime Tube Sealant is the remedy for your situation. It is very to install repairs the tyre puncture up to 1/8 with filling tube.

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19. OUTAD LED Bike Wheel Lights

The concept of Wheel light is relatively new in the market and has potential to be a game-changer in the manufacturing of motorbikes and they way we look at it. OUTAD brand has created this new mechanical masterpiece and is ready to hit the road within short time. Bikes features a strong high definition LED light which will keep on changing colours at every 4 seconds and such motorcycles is an asset when you are planning for night out with your buddies and it is very to install as well.

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20. Hafny Bike Mirror

Each and every new or old model of bike should have mirror with crystal clear view to help its rider navigate the machine smoothly and with absolute concentration and keeping that in mind Hafny company has launched new set of handlebar bike mirror. Hafny has been in making bike components, pedals and grips. This new mirror can easily dubbed another feather in their cap. Mountain Bikers must have high quality of mirror to check the path correctly and make their trip more safe especially in the night.

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21. Giro Hex MTB Helmet  

Helmet is the most important accessories for any rider and in recent times due to increase in several road accident cases Government of India has made it compulsory for all the bikers to wear before leaving or else the offender will be trapped in various legal hassles. Coming back to the product, Giro company has came up with the extremely good-looking and stylish helmet for riders. The helmet manufacturer has wide range of helmet under their portfolio appealing men, women and kids. Helmet will definitely a simple and thoughtful.

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22. Tifolsi Sunglasses

This one’s is for boys and girls who are currently single. Do you guys are hunting your soulmates and unfortunately you won’t found much success well, not to worry the Tiflosi has launched new range of sunglasses. Ray-Bands and Oakley London are already ruling the roost with your goodwill and brilliant quality of glares. Tiflosi’s isn’t behind and has come up with the stylish looking polarized sunglasses with their plastic and frames is definitely a collector’s delight and will help to add bit of glamour to your personality.

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23. Castellio Shoe Covers

We are aware that some section of people avoid wearing shoe cover because it look very stupid and they prefer to distance it but, shoe covers isn’t just another randomly worn around our foot. Castellio Shoe Covers is abandon from the ordinarily looking shoe covers which we have been wearing from years and definitely looks cute with mountain biker’s personality. It will protect our legs in different seasons. What makes the slip-on’s very essential it keep your feet clean and any kind of cross-contamination.

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24. Sable Knee Protectors  

We take extra care about ourselves physically for such risky mountain rides or of our popular extracurricular activities so how pitch the idea of knee protectors for them. Sable brand’s Knee Braces is very customer-friendly product with mixed elastic compression sleeves and a anti-slip design for comfortable wearing. It prevents you body from swelling and from problems like arthritis or other important knee problems. Knee Brace also helps in keeping your leg muscles and ligaments in proper condition and improve your body posture as well.

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25. ISPORTS Smartwatch  

Smartwatches entered the gadget market few years back and today it is very popular especially with the younger generation and most of the youth prefer then those traditional wrist watches. Mountain Biking requires lots of adventure, fun, adaptable, fearless attitude towards anything. Smartwatch has the facility of accessing social media, clicking photos in a high – definition, sending messages, blue tooth connection, timer and can be used in any seasons with ease. Sounds interesting ?, well you too can gift this to your friends or yourself this technological masterpiece.

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26. Aegend Balaclava Helmet Liner Mask

Although winter season has gone, but some of us die-hard miss it to the core and planning what’s next for upcoming year. Aegend Balcava Sky Face Mask is best to protect from winter but also from day-to-day air pollution while riding to our office or home. This face mask covers our head, face and neck available in so many departmental stores. The balcava is made of fabric with a very simple design to avoid any fancy decoration on them. This gift will allow bikers to avoid air pollution.

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27. Hussar Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones are a big rage these days and most of people like to sport it to flaunt about upgraded they are from others. Hussar presents Bluetooth Headphones for consumers who want to enjoy good music with a brilliant sound quality and very convenient to wear and those magical headphones with ear hooks fits into ear canal without any complication. The headphone has superior in-built sound quality due to which you can hear any kind of music or watch videos without any volume issues.

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28. Vinqliq Tyre Anti- Puncture Tap

Before embarking on new journey to discover another peak, it is very essential to see whether the motorbikes are in perfect condition and will work till we reach our destination. Vinqliq brand gave birth to Vinqir 2 PCS Bike Tire Lines Anti Puncture Tap basically to protect two-wheeler from any kind of puncture and explosion. The material is useful a long mountain rides without any interruption with your biker buddies. This gift is no less then any long lost treasure or gold and will remember you while riding bike.

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29. Continental Bike Tube

Continental is a prestigious name when it comes to tires and wheels as they have manufactured several tires and hired big names as their brand ambassador in past. The company latest offering is continental tube as it is made of Butyl Tires compounded and works very while carrying it during mountain journey. Due to its versatile features it is in good demand

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30. UFLR Tyre Pump  

ULFR launches Bike Presta and Schader Pipe Tyres to ensure your tyres stays in perfect condition for long period of time. You don’t need to run here and there for a punctured automobile. This Co2 inflator is a boon for bikers who want to skip hurdles in their journey and to earn a reputation of maintaining vehicles are causing single damage to it. One don’t need rocket-science to install this one in a two-wheeler. ULFR believes in customer satisfaction and that’s the reason for lifetime warranty on this insulator.

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These are some suggestion for our adventure buff who are keen on scaling different peaks and believe in living life on the edge without any fear and tension and what kind of gifts for mountain bikers and how to make them even more special.