28 phenomenal Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:34 am

Do you like watching movies? Have you ever heard of HARRY POTTER? It is one of the series that most of the people in the world liked it. It has seven parts in total. And the seventh part is divided into two part equally. Harry Potter fans are called Potter heads. Gift ideas for harry potter fans can be very easy to find. One should know the choice and his favorite character.

There are many characters in this series. The series is all about magical things happening with them. They are is a school named Hogwarts which can be hidden from everyone in the world. Only those children can come who have their parents also learned about this magic. This series made people go mad. There was a time where this movie came in all different kinds of languages. Gifts can make a person happy. No matter he is big or small, children or adult, senior citizen. Everyone just loves gifts. Harry Potter fans can love the gifts that the sense of magic in them.

After watching the movie, people actually started buying some things that were related to harry potter or any other character of this series. It looks many years to complete the series. But the time was worth it. People still don’t know them by their names but can remember them by their character’s name. There are many gifts ideas that one can gift to a potter head. There is no difference in gender to gift them something. Both men and women, girls and boys can have the same object as their gift.

There are many recommendations for gifts. But it depends upon the mood and the choice also matters. Nowadays, material feelings also matter. People are more happy when they get some gifts that can relate them with it.

harry potter gift ideas

Gifts For Harry Potter Fans

1. Paper Book Set

Image result for Harry Potter Paperback Box Set

Harry Potter is a series which is famous worldwide. It is one of the most loved movies till date. But there are some people who like to watch movies but also love reading the book about it.

This gives them a whole different experience. So if you know someone who can read this book set with all his heart, you can gift them. This book you can gift them on their birthday, anniversary, housewarming, or any special occasions. This can be given as a gift for harry potter fans.

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2. Remote Control Wand

Have you ever heard about WANDS? Wants are the magical stick that was used in the movie named harry potter. From then people still want to buy it. Before there were normal wands that used to be available in the market but now due to the technology, everything has a better and faster version of it.

Nowadays, Remote controlled gifts are available in the market. This wand can be gifted to small children so one can play during their free time. The wand can be also connected to any device like speakers, television, DVDs, and many more. One only needs to buy the battery according to their need. This can be gifted to a harry potter fan.

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3.Building Kit

Building kits can help a child to grow and know their surroundings easily. This kit can be played by both girl and boy, and also by men and women in their free time to spend time with their children,. It can also increase the knowledge about that game.This game is about the spider and the web and its more functions. This can be gifted to a harry potter fan.

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4. Harry Potter Chess Set

There are different types of chess set available in the market. This set belongs to the harry potter theme. The set includes the chess piece and the board. It can be fun and someone can learn a new game if they like the concept used in the game.

It can be used to play by both men and women, boys and girls can practice in this board and also have fun. This can help anyone to learn new things if they like what they have. One option as a gift for harry potter fan.

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5. Set of Necklace and Bracelet

Ever had thoughts of gifting your partner necklace and bracelets but that should be something unique. Is your partner a harry potter fan? If yes, you can gift them this set and make them happy.

One gets so happy when they receive their choice of gift by their loved ones. But not only couples, individuals can also gift this to any harry potter fan. It can be worn in parties, or just to hang out with family and friends, and to many more places. This can be very unique and cute for gifts to a harry potter fan.

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6.Collapsible Storage Trunk.

This can be one of the odd gifts that a harry potter fan can receive. This colors can be used by anyone in the family or by friends. This can be easily available in the market and in many different colors. It can be used by children to keep their toys, or clothes and many more things.

The trunk is collapsible and is also very light weighted. One can easily shift this trunk from one place to another. This reminds us of the harry potter theme. This can also be one option to the gifts for harry potter fans.

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7. Wand Brushes Eye shadow Brush

Nowadays, makeup is been used by men and women too. There is no specific gender is only termed that they can only use the makeup. This can makeup brushes that can help you during your makeup.

The brushes can help you to apply the foundation base, eye makeup and the normal touch up. This brushes are very soft material and can be easy to carry it from one place to another. The best gift options for harry potter fans.

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8.Full Bed Set

Have you thought about gifting someone bed sets? There are people who like have everything in their surrounding with their favorite things. Like their favorite animated toy or bedsheet or pillows.

There are people who like to have harry potter theme in their bedroom. This set is available in many different colors. It is very comfy in using this set.
This can be a great gift for children who go to school.

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9. Collectible Quid ditch Set

What is a quid ditch? It was used in harry potter’s series. They were used while fighting with your enemies. In every quid ditch, there was one animal who has some of the magical powers with them to fight against the opposite. Some people have some habit that they like to keep.

After watching harry potter these quid ditch set became very famous and every other person had this set. This is can be a very unique gift to harry potter’s fan as they can also recollect their memories often when they see it. This box can be kept safe as it comes with the lock.

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10. The Complete 8-Film Collection

Not everyone likes to read books. Some like to watch movies and have fun while watching it. Harry potter is a movie that is always praised for graphics, visual effects and many more. Some still watch the whole series in one go. People get very addiction to these kinds of series.

This set has a complete collection of all the series of harry potter. This can make them smile. If you know someone who is a harry potter fan this is the best gift they get. This can help them in watching the series at anytime. Or one can also watch his favorite part from that movie whenever he wants.

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11. Tapestry Throw Blanket

The blanket can be one of that gift that you can gift to a child. This can help them in covering their bed from the top. One can also carry this blanket while he is traveling. It can also be used at home or office when it is too chilly outside. It has a bright color so it does not get dirty and also have frayed edges.

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12. Harry Potter Cookie Stamps

Who does not like to eat cookies? Everyone like to eat cookies if they are shaped with your favorite characters. Some of them like in the shape of flowers, cartoon characters, but there are some people who like the hogwart’s map of flag’s shaped and designed cookies. Not only children but adults also like to eat such cookies.

There are 5 stamps available in this set so one can have their favorite map or flag shaped cookies. The stamp is very safe to be used. And also the cookie can be eatable after the mark has been made. It does not harm your body from these stamps. This can be one of the options that a harry potter fan can get.

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13. Gold Snitch Pewter Key Ring

Do you know about the gold snitch? It is one of the objects that are used in the series of harry potter. It was used while playing in a team to help the team in losing the game. One can gift this snitch key ring so they can use it as a key chain to carry all the keys in one chain. This looks kind of funky and cute at the same time. A harry potter fan will like it when she receives it.

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14. Building Kit and Magic Castle Toy.

Building kit can help in growing children’s memory faster. They will help them to get all the puzzle placed in one order. This building set comes with a toy castle. This can help them in recreating scenes and the locations from the series.

This toy set can be available in the market too. It can be played by both girls and boys and can also play with their parents too. This gift can be given on birthdays or on his achievement of getting good grades. This gift can be just perfect.

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15.Quid ditch Golden Snitch Bracelets

The bracelets can be very useful to the people who like to wear them. The quidditch bracelet can be one of the gift for harry potter lovers. Not only boys are a fan of the series but girls are one of them only. They also like gifts what a boy a can get.

This snitch bracelet can be gifted to them. It is quite compact to carry in your bag while traveling. The material is so nice that the bracelet won’t get rust and no allergies can take place. This can be one option for the gifts for harry potter fan.

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16. Coloring Book

Want to color a book in your free time? Then this the book. This book has all the places and all the characters which you will love to color. Not only kids but adults can also color.

There is no age in painting a book in your free time. Some do it for pass time while children do it for fun. This can help you to relive the memory while coloring.
This can be the option that one can gift a harry potter lover.

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17. Tumbler mug.

Do you drink coffee or tea everyday? Don’t you require a coffee mug? This mug is quite helpful for that. And also this is tumbler mug. It has the Marauder’s map on it. One of the maps that were used in harry potter. This tumbler mug can be very helpful for people who drink tea or coffee everyday, or they require it after every 3-4 hours.

It can be washed in a dishwasher or by hands also. They are available in many different colors or many different sizes. It can be used for both hot drinks and cold as well. A perfect gift for a harry potter fan.

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18. Cauldron Soup Mug

Have you ever heard about the Cauldron? Cauldron have many links with the past history. It is a type of vessel which is very similar to a bucket to carry the suppliers like food, water, to keep some of your important things at a time to hide from the enemies.

The cauldrons are heated over the fire and can also be hung over a fire when required. This cauldron is used to drink soups juices and sometime to eat also. Along with this, a spoon is also provided. It is made from ceramic that is it safe to eat from this vessel. One option that can gifted to a harry potter fan.

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19.Wood Coasters

Coasters can be very useful to people who drink tea or coffee or drinks very often. This coaster can help them in saving their place from getting dirty and keeping it clean from the strain. This comes in the set of four with the harry potter theme.

It can also be gifted to a potter fan who like to drink tea or coffee and also like harry potter too. This coaster can help in making your coasters different and unique to stand out. It can be reused many times after the wash.

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20.Hogwarts House Crest Pins

This can be very unique to gift to potter fan. These crest pins are the theme of hogwart’s houses. They can also be used in parties with themes. Also can gift this just for fun. If you take proper care for the pins they are durable for a longer time. The set includes five of the crest pins and a wooden box. This can be a great idea for the harry potter fan.

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21.Themed Party Supplies.

Some children love to keep their party theme. Some like the Disney theme, Cartoon theme, and many more. Some now also like to keep their party theme like Harry Potter. This set has eight people’s things in one.

Like small and big plates to eat, cups, table covers, loot bags, glasses, one birthday banner, pens and cutlery. This can be fun for kids to know new things. This can be one option for a kid who is a harry potter fan.

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22. Hermione’s Time Turner

The Harry potter series does not only have the male characters but also the female characters. And one of them is Hermione. She had a time turner. With the help of that she would usually turn the time.

Everyone watches the series due to their favorite character. And some like hermione’s character much. This time turner can be gifted to the person whom you know that they like her. This can bring a smile on their face when they see the time turner as their gift.

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23. Marauder’s Map Scarf

Bioworld Harry Potter Map Infinity Fashion Scarf, Black, Standard

Not only guys but there are girls who love to watch Harry potter film. The scarf is used in many ways. While traveling, at the beach, or to cover your body at times. It can very useful to girls. This scarf can be gifted to a potter fan because it has the marauder’s map printed on the scarf.if can look cool and beautiful at the same time. This can a gift for harry potter fan.

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24.Harry Potter Bookmark.

Do you remember the last page you read? There are people who often forget from where they have to start. For them, bookmarks can be very useful. They can place this bookmark on the last page where they had read and can later start from there.

This bookmarks can be very special for those who like harry potter. This is made from metal and stainless steel. They come in the set of four bookmark along with the wooden box. This can be one of the ideas for the gifts a harry potter fan.

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25. Shaker Bottle

A shaker bottle can be very useful to both men and women. It can also be used in a gym and while traveling. But this bottle can be perfect for gym people who have their shakes in the gym during their workout. Along with the bottle, there is wire whisk available with the bottle. The bottle comes in many colors and the bottle does not leak.

The lid of the bottle is very tight after it is closed, so that the mixture does not come out of the bottle and make the bag and the bottle dirty. It can also be washed in the dishwasher and with hands also. This can the gift for the harry potter fan.

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26. Gringotts tree Ornament

Have you ever heard about the Gringotts tree? It was in the series named harry potter. The tree here comes with the dragon on the top of the bank while a fight is one of the scenes from the the series. Some like to gift new and unique gifts to others. This box can be used to keep ornaments, and many more.

The material is made of plastic so there are no chances of the tree to break down. This can be gifted to both girls and boys. Boys too can keep their bracelets in them and also use this as a decorative object in the house. A harry potter fan can love this as their gift. One can gift this on their birthday, on achievements.

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27. Inspired Cupcake Toppers

Do does not like to have a cupcake? Some like to decorate their cupcakes with toppers. Toppers are the designs which are available in the market. The quality of the material of the stick is not that good but can be used a decorating object while serving in the party.

Their sticks can not be used again, but the toppers can be used again. One can not use them in an oven. They are only used to stick in the middle of the cupcakes, dessert. This is the set of 24 pieces in one go. This can be very useful to get- together, birthdays celebrations, anniversary celebrations, and many more occasions.

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28. Stone Light Up Figurine

This is the building that was in the series named harry potter. It can be used as a decorative object in the house or at offices. It can also be used as a lamp stand on the side table of the bed. There can be chances of no electricity on some day. So this light can help you till the light is back.

It is made of stone, so there is no chance of breaking it. You can gift this to a potter fan, they will have a smile on their face. One can also collect, these types of object as their harry potter’s collections.

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Harry potter’s series is one of the famous films around the world. One can watch this movie many times and won’t deny about it. Gifts for harry potter’s fan is not that easy to find. But one can know their choice for their favorite character. So this can be very easy for you to select them their gifts which they would love to use.

I have mentioned above some of the gift ideas for the harry potter fan. Giving gifts can be very easy job to do but gifting them their favorite thing as a gift can bring them a smile on their face.

One can gift anything from the above recommended gifts to their loved ones and make them happy by bringing a smile on their face.