30 Ideal Gifts For Artists

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:35 am

Artists are creative people dwelling in colors and motifs. When choosing from gift ideas for artists, choose a creative or an offbeat gift. Do not choose anything that is common place when you want to gift an artist. Give a gift that boosts the creativity of an artist. You can also think of any of the quirky decor ideas as gifts. They will love decorating their homes or offices with such knick-knacks as gifts.

Choose from the list of these wonderful gifts for your artist friend or coworker and make their day. On any occasion a creative or a quirky gift for an artist is welcome. Books, art tools, artsy decor, art paper, colors, wall art, and there are many more gift options for an artist.

gift ideas for artist

Gifts For Artists

1. Pair of Socks With Famous Paintings

Field4U 4 Pairs Women's Famous Painting Art Printed Casual Crew Socks - Painting B , One Size

Set of colorful and vibrant cotton socks that come in the prints of an artist is something that an artist likes to wear. This is one of the awesome gifts for artists. They can be worn with any clothing and a gift that the artists will absolutely love. Creative and quirky, these are the set of socks that accompany their offbeat style and provide comfort during all the seasons. A perfect gift for holidays or festivals are these set of colorful socks for women artists.

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2. Miniature Paint Brush Set

Miniature Paint Brushes Detail Set -12pc Minute Series XII Miniature Brushes for Fine Detailing & Rock Painting. Acrylic Watercolor Oil - Art, Scale Models, Paint by Numbers Supplies Kit

This is one of the cool gifts for artists. These are set of brushes that let you do artistic and painting with fine lines. This is one of the best presents for artists that you can give on any occasion and make their day. Paint brushes and art tools are always a good choice as a gift to give the artist. They can draw, paint, and make many illustrations with these set of paint brushes. You can create artworks with greater precision using these paint brushes.

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3. Pencil Case Holder With Many Slots

Pencil Case Holder Slot - Holds 202 Colored Pencils or 136 Gel Pens with Zipper Closure - Large Capacity Pen Organizer for Watercolor Pens & Markers | Perfect Gift for Students & Artist Blossom

This is a lightweight pencil case holder that comes with many compartments. An easy to use and travel with gifts for creative people. You can gift this to someone who loves artworks even as a hobbyist. For an armature or a professional this is a good gift to give. They can paint their imagination using all the stationery stored inside this pencil holder and create humongous variety of artworks.

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4. Art Printed Lunch Bag

ART OF LUNCH Neoprene Lunch Bag - Artist Monika Strigel (Germany) and Art of Liv'n have Partnered to donate $.40 of every sale to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - Elephant

A printed lunch bag is a nice gesture and a token of love that you can send across as a gift to a loved one who is an artist. Made in canvas and comes in vivid prints. A chic lunch bag for the artists is something that they will love to keep their lunch boxes into. It is portable and lightweight and something that you can carry around with you to picnics and when you travel. It comes with vibrant prints and motifs and is stain resistant.

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5. Softcore Colored Pencils Assorted Set

Color pencils and paint are synonymous to artists. This is an ideal art gift for girls who love spending their time in artworks. They can spend hours of time in their favorite activity of drawing, sketching, and using this gift to bring forth their gifted artistic talent. Create artworks by layering, coloring, shading, blending, and using art techniques to create a wonderful piece of art. When you have to gift something to an artist, a set of assorted color pencils is something that you can think of.

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6. Van Gogh Ear Disappearing Mug

This is a unique and offbeat mug that you can give an artist. The ear of the artist Van Gogh disappears from the mug as the hot coffee or any hot drink is poured in this mug. A nice and a funky gift for artist friend that lets them have some fun with the coffee mug. This is a microwave safe mug. But you need to hand wash it and soak it in the sink or in the dishwasher. It is not safe for the dishwasher. For the artistic and philosopher friend this is an amusing gift.

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7. Floral Bathroom Curtain For Artists

Ambesonne Beige Shower Curtain, Mandala Flower Ethnic Lace Circle Ornate Retro Pattern Eastern Universe Artistic, Fabric Bathroom Decor Set with Hooks, 84 Inches Extra Long, Ivory Brown

A nice gift to give an artist on any occasion. Someone who is an artist loves creative and decorative items. A great gift for artist friend is this bathroom curtain that has artistic motifs. An artists or someone with an artistic taste loves to be surrounded by beauty and decorative pieces. This gift will let them decorate their bathroom and add beauty to their home decor. This is a waterproof curtain that is easy to wash and maintain and works in the long run.

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8. Artistic Tablecloth With Abstract Print

Ambesonne Abstract Home Decor Tablecloth, Colorful Smock Artwork Contemporary Creative Decorating Futuristic, Dining Room Kitchen Rectangular Table Cover, 52 X 70 inches

One of the cool gifts for young artists is this tablecloth with an abstract print. You can think of giving this gift to someone who is an artist or has an artistic taste on any occasion. Looks nice as a decor piece that is also easy to clean and maintain. Use it indoors as well as outdoor. Enjoy cooking and dining spreading this tablecloth on the dining table of your kitchen or dining room. Adds a beautiful decor to the dining or the kitchen area when you spread it across the table.

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9. Wooden Wall Art Decor With Wordings

Creative Products Today is a New Day Wood Wall Art Print by Marla Rae 16 x 12

A nice gift for teenage artists who have a panache for rustic and artistic decor pieces. This is a grungy and a rustic looking wooden wall art that adds to the room decor of your artistic friend. Give this gift to a teenager who is an artist and loves creative and offbeat decor items. A memoir and a piece for which you will be reminded off when you gift it to them on any special occasion. It has a finish of rustic texture and can be hanged on the wall. This is a handcrafted wall decor item. Something that artists love to grace the walls of their homes with.

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10. Van Gogh Starry Night Neckties

Starry Night Ties Art Vincent van Gogh Neck Ties

This is an offbeat and an artistic necktie and the nicest gifts for artists who draw. It has the famous theme of celebrated artist Van Gogh’s starry nights. A gift that any artist will love and wear on semi formal or formal clothing. Nice addition to the accessories of the man’s wardrobe is this beautiful gift. Artists love to wear art themed clothing and this is a nice gift that you can give your male artist friend or a coworker.

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11. Brief History of art themed coffee mug

Brief History of Art Coffee Mug - History's Greatest Masterpieces From Da Vinci to Koons - Comes in a Fun Gift Box

A unique and a cool gift for artists who draw is this coffee mug with a brief history of art motif. One of the kind print that you would not find on most of the coffee mugs that you look at any of the local or online stores. A gift that the artists or someone with artistic taste would cherish. This miniature print runs through various eras of art from the western countries and depicts their evolution through various timelines.

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12. Vincent Van Gogh Themed Guitar Picks

Vincent Van Gogh Guitar Picks Complete Gift Set For Guitarist. Celluloid Medium 12 Pack in A Tin Box + Picks Holder - Unique Stocking Stuffer For Guitar Player - Limited Time Deal

A cool gift to give an artist who also plays the guitar is these set of guitar picks that have Van Gogh paintings on them. It comes with a small box to hold the picks and a key chain. Enjoy playing the notes on the guitar and playing songs using these offbeat and artist printed guitar picks. Unlike the regular solid colors, these guitar picks have artistic images from the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. A unique item in the collection of artistic things is this set of art printed guitar picks.

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13. Portable LED light pad for artists

Sketching, drawing, and doing artworks is easy for artists with this portable LED light pad. One of the birthday gifts for artists is this portable light pad that they can carry anywhere along with them. A nice gift that lets them create artworks indoors and outdoors. It comes with brightness controls that make it easier on your eyes to work on artworks for long hours of time. You can use this gift for many art projects like stained glass painting, painting, handcrafted works, and many other forms of artworks.

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14. Canvas apron for artists

Hudson Durable Goods - Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron with Tool Pockets (Grey), Cross-Back Straps & Adjustable M to XXL

A simple gift that comes with many pockets to keep art tools and takes the stains of the paints when you create artworks is a thoughtful gift that you can give an artist. It comes with a customized fit and lets you have access to art tools as you paint on the canvas. Keep your art tools organized inside this canvas reaching for them in a jiffy without letting your paints get dried. No matter what kind of art work you do, be it painting, wood works, metal works, etc, this apron is handy and useful for all kinds of artists.

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15. Sketching art set

This is a box set of art supplies and graphite pencils. A wonderful gift to give an artist who dwell in creativity and colors creating amazing work of art. It has art tools that let the artist create stunning work of art. It comes with a sketchpad, sanding block, and many other useful tools that let you create professional work in art. It is packaged in a wooden box. You can take it along with you while traveling and create any form of artworks no matter where you go. One of the cool gift ideas for artists is this box set of art tools and colors.

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16. Heat changing constellation mug

A wonderful gift for the artist who loves starry nights is this coffee mug that has motifs of constellations and changes into stars when a hot beverage is poured into the mug. This is a ceramic mug that also adds to the decor of the dining room or kitchen of your home. A unique and offbeat gift to give someone who loves art or dwells in artworks. They can enjoy their morning cup of Joe in this heat changing mug.

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17. Steering wheel artistic cover

A-Lighting Ethnic Style Coarse Flax Cloth Automotive Steering Wheel Cover Anti Slip and Sweat Absorption Auto Car Wrap Cover - A

Get a grip over the steering wheel of your car with this artistic gift. For the artist in you, this is one of the unique gifts from the regular, run-of-the-mill choice of gifts that you can give an artist. If you are not able to choose from home decor items or knick knacks as gifts, you can give this as a gift that makes up for a unique idea for a gift and also serves a practical use. Have fun driving wearing this colorful steering wheel cover which adds for the beauty and decor of your car.

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18. Frida Kahlo lapel pin

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild Frida and Monkey Enamel Pin Set - 2 Unique Colored Metal Lapel Pins

Gift this lapel pin to an artist who can style their formal clothing with this lapel pin that celebrates art and artists. It also comes with a fun monkey lapel pin that is a total contrast to the artist’s themed lapel pin. Made in brass and alloy it can be easily adjusted on any fabrics and adds a fun element and style to your semi formal and formal clothing. A blend of quirky and classy style is this lapel pin gift set that makes for a unique option for gifting an artist.

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19. That photo frame replica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom

FRIENDS TV Yellow Peephole �� FRIENDS FRAME ��. #1 Replica. As seen in Monica's door in FRIENDS. 100% Handmade. It's the best replica you can find. Great present for a FRIENDS fan!

Rachel and Monica from the famous F.R.I.E.N.D.S sitcom had this famous peephole frame that you can give as a gift to anyone who loves art and this sitcom. It can be easily hanged and taped to the door reminding you of the door from this sitcom. A nice and a fun gift to give an artist on their birthday or any other occasion. This is a handmade and hand painted gift that you can give them and put a bright smile on their face.

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20. Dan Morris peace sticker for windshield

Dan Morris - Peace - Window Sticker / Decal

This is a miniature psychedelic printed art sticker that you can put on your car or fridge. This is a nice and a simple gift that you can give an artist or someone who has artistic taste. You can use this sticker on a variety of items like luggage, mirror, or any other item in your home or office. A durable sticker that can handle sunlight and does not get washed out or faded with water. You can also use this sticker on your computer or any of the devices and decorate them with the colorful motifs on this sticker.

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21. Picasso themed purse

Picasso Bag Pouch Bag Purse Bag 223

An artistic gift for your artistic friend is this Picasso themed purse that you can carry anywhere and goes well with bling, party wear clothing as well as semi formals and casual clothing. A nice pouch to keep your phone, cards, and money wherever you go. Carry this artsy and stylish purse and get some heads turned around for your individualistic style statement. With the prints from the famous artist like the Picasso, you can never go wrong in the style and the art department. Go ahead and show off this gift wherever you go.

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22. Handmade artistic cell phone and passport purse

Danny K Women's Tapestry Crossbody Cell Phone or Passport Purse, Handmade in USA (Ascot/Purple)

This is an artistic themed handmade purse that is waterproof and comes with beautiful seam lines. A nice gift to give an artist friend or someone you know dwells in art. You can keep items like your cell phone, cards, money, and go on sightseeing when you travel to different places. With a wonderful color scheme and motifs this is an ideal gift to give an artist to carry around wherever they go. It helps you keep your documents safe and carry along with you when you are out and about exploring different places and travelling.

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23. Tea party vintage floral plate sets

Talking Tables Tea Party Vintage Floral Small Paper Plates | Truly Scrumptious | Also Great For Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Wedding And Anniversary | 12 Count

These are plates in assorted designs and colors suitable for tea parties. Enjoy hosting soirees or tea parties with this gift. Works as a nice decoration for the table filled with deserts and other delicacies. Make your afternoon soirees and tea parties a stylish affair with this gift set. Ideal for placing sweets and sandwiches and comes with a decorative trim. Enjoy throwing stylish parties with these decorative plates. Call your girls over and enjoy some nice gossip and conversations over a cup of tea and a plate of desserts.

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24. Twig and branch themed assorted color pencils

TropicaZona Branch & Twig Assorted Colored, Approx. 5 Inches Long, 12-Pack, Decorative, Novelty Gift Product

A nice set of artistic and rustic twig and branch themed assorted  color pencils for the artist is a perfect gift that you can give on any occasion. Color pencil sets with artistic theme makes for a decor item as well as a tool for creating artworks. The lead does not run throughout the length of the pencils. So, you cannot use a regular sharpener to sharpen the lead of these pencils. Have fun painting and coloring outdoors with these pencils.

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25. Artistic phone case in abstract motifs

ULAK iPhone 6S Case,iPhone 6 Case, Slim Fit Dual Layer Soft Silicone & Hard Back Cover Bumper Protective Shock-Absorption & Skid-Proof Anti-Scratch Hybrid Case, Artistic/Mint Green Marble

A cool gift for the artist to protect their cell phones and also make them look artistic and stylish. They come with many features such as shock-absorption and are anti-scratch. You can protect your cell phones as well as these case covers even when they are dropped as they are scratch resistant. They are printed in abstract geometric designs with abstract patterns and textures. Something that your artistic friend will absolutely love receiving on their birthday or any occasion.

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26. Metallic art hair clips

BeautyMood 6pcs Minimalist Dainty Gold Silver Hollow Geometric Metal Hairpin Hair Clip Clamps,Circle, Triangle and Moon

A beautiful set of metallic hair clips for the art lovers. You can gift this wonderful set to the artist who loves to donn her hair with beautiful and elegant accessories. Add a little fun element to the hair that is longer or medium in length. They come in the shapes of various geometrical objects. If floral prints have gotten too vintage to gift and use this is the unique and offbeat piece of hair clip set that you can gift your artistic friend.

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27. Detachable collar for art lovers

Joyci Sexy Fashion Necklace Chain Detachable False Collar (Sequin B Black)

This is a vintage sequins detachable collar for anyone with an artistic taste. Gift this unique item for the artist or the designer who dwell in art and all things beautiful. It acts as an accessory on any plain or solid color clothing and adds styles to their outfit. An elegant, regal, and embellished detachable collar is a pretty gift to give an artist on their birthday or any other occasion. A simple and one-of-a-kind gift for the artists is a token of love and thoughtfulness.

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28. Metallic handcrafted hair clip

Art Nouveau Swirl Hair Clip - Hand Crafted Metal Barrette Made in the USA with a Large 80mm Imported French Clip By Oberon Design

A beautifully carved metallic hair clip for the artist is a nice gift that you can give to let them keep their hair stylish and looking pretty with this accessory. For curly or straight hair it gives an impression of art nouveau and style. For the artsy souls who love everything pretty and embellished this is a good gift that they will love. Non-breakable barrette clip for hair with thickness that keeps their hair intact and look stylish is a gift that you can give.

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29. Artistic throw pillow sets

ULOVE LOVE YOURSELF Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case Oil Painting Square Home Decorative Cushion Cover for 18 X 18 Inches Pillow Inserts, 4Pack Multicolor Trees

These are beautiful and highly artistic set of throw pillows that you can gift an artist. It adds to the decor of their home or studios. Printed in multi-colored art themed trees, these are the throw pillows that go well with any kind of a room decor. Place them on sofas or outdoor furniture and have fun decorating home with these wonderful gifts that you receive from your friends or family on your birthday or any occasion.

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30. Sun and moon artistic metallic wall art

A nice wall art that adds to the decor of the room is a good gift to give an artist. This is an absolutely stunning piece that is inspirational and adds beauty to the interior of any room of your home or office. Place it on a blank wall and add some color to the decor of the room. You can place in your yard or the front door as well. It is lightweight and easy to hang it in any place you want. Comes with fine detailing and a reason for a conversation starter.

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31. Art printed stone coasters

One of the wonderful gift ideas for artists are these stone coasters. They come in marvellous, fine prints and are a set of 6 coasters with different prints and designs. A wonderful gift for your artist friend or sibling are these set of art printed coasters. They can enjoy their morning cup of coffee and use these coasters that adds to the decor of their dining table and also protects the tablecloth from stains. Gift them on any occasion and make them beaming in smile.

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