35 Best Gifts For 17 Year Old Girls

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:35 pm

Teenage girls love a galore of items ranging from makeup, jewelry, fashionable items, cool and funky items and knick knacks. If you want to gift 17 year old girl, you can choose gifts from these ideas. Teenage is the most exciting and one of the most interesting phases in the life of a girl.

The newness of experiencing adolescence makes them choose from numerous things. Right from the haydays of their college life, tensions of assignments, peer pressures, and all things they love and want, the life of a teenage girl is full of options.

You can pick a meaningful gift for a teenage girl based on her taste and likes. As much as they love knick knacks, lifestyle, fashion products, a few like gadgets too that make their life easy.

From the practical, science geek to the fashionista there are a range of products that you can choose from. Explore various options of gifts and give them presents that they care about.

birthday gift ideas for 17 year old girl

Gifts for the 17 year old teenage queen

1. Magical Musical Box

Give this gift to the 17 year old girl where she can put her favorite jewelry. Something with music, interesting motifs and colors for the teen girls to place in their dressing rooms.

Gift it to your granddaughter or niece on her special occasion. With enchanting music that plays for many hours as long as the jewelry box is open is enough to excite the charming life of teens.

2. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Tail Blanket

This is a blanket that is in the shape of a mermaid tail that the teen girls will love. With a soft fabric this makes for a good gift to give on any occasion. Give this gift to your daughter while she is away so she remembers you everyday and feels closer to you.

This is one of the cool gift ideas for 17 years old female on her birthday, festivals, or any other occasion.

3. Wearable Hooded Blanket

A cool and funky wearable blanket for your teenage girl. This blanket that has a hood and gloves attached to the blanket is good choice of gift for the teen girl. They can live and fly in their own dreams wearing this blanket and feel like they have wings to fly.

With hood and mittens they can comfortably snuggle into this blanket and have a good sleep. Something that they can carry outdoors with them as well as when they are traveling.

4. Fashionable Purse Backpack

Fashionable Purse Backpack

For the teenage queen this is the best gift to give that she can carry to her college as well as outdoors. For the teen that lives in a practical world and enjoys useable gifts, this is the best fashionable item that you can gift her that she can use daily.

A classy and a durable gift that comes with many pockets to store her items is what she would love as a gift. A purse that can carry her gadgets, makeup, diary, and many more interesting items.

5. 3D Metallic Pin Art Framed Kit

For the creative teen this the best gift that you can give that they can spend time with. Sipping coffee, reading a book, and doing other casual things they can unleash their imagination using this kit creating 3D art with the metallic pins that come with this kit.

One of the creative gift ideas for the 17 year old girl that lets them enjoy creating artworks and gaining some fan following on Instagram and other social networks.

6. Colorful Infuser Bottles With A Recipe Book

Colorful Infuser Bottles With A Recipe Book

Drink water in your favourite flavors when you go jogging, exercising, or go outdoors. Easy to wash in a dishwasher these bottles have no hassles being cleaned up inside it by just placing it. Drink clean water from this pitcher and clean it easy.

A good gift for the health freak teens that they will love you and remember you for. They can drink from this bottle everyday using fruit or combo or other flavors.

7. Punching Box Set

This is an ideal gift for a teen to deal with their teen problems and frustrations. This is a good stress buster for teens and lets them vent their energies constructively.

For peer pressures, boyfriend problems, issues with strict and controlling parents, and also fitness, just punch it out with this punching box set and get fit and popular looking cool. It comes with a stand and punching gloves so you can place it anywhere in the room.

8. Party Game- The Awkward Storyteller

 Party Game- The Awkward Storyteller

For slumber parties or teen parties, these are the party games that are fun and keep it interesting through. Filled with hilarious questions and answers, this is the party game that you can gift to the teen who loves partying and organizing events.

They will love you for giving them the gift that keeps the fun rolling during parties. These are some cool presents for 17 year old girl to gift on their birthday or any other occasion.

9. Shocking Potato Party Game

Shocktato Party Game - The Hilariously Funny Game of Shocking Potato

This is a fun and an exciting party game that you can gift to teen girls. The potato game has three modes. It starts with a button and has to be passed on as fast as possible to avoid the shock.

You can have a good laugh at the party and some fun time with this shocking potato rolling to shock people and bring on some thrills. Young teen girls will love this gift that they can use for long with their friends without getting bored.

10. Artistic Mini Notes With A Wooden Stylus

Artistic Mini Notes With A Wooden Stylus

Bored of classroom lectures? Doodle on these mini notes or pass on some fun to your friends passing them on in a classroom. You can jot down some mini notes and random thoughts on these mini notes.

They are easy to carry in your college tote and look bright and colorful. It adds to your style quotient and is a great holiday or festival gift to give to a teenage girl.

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11. Girl’s Street Bike

Girl’s Street Bike

Go biking in the morning or evenings enjoying the weather and having happy times with other girls. It comes with a low seat position that is comfortable for the teenage girl to go cycling around.

You can gift the teen girl this beautiful bike on Christmas or any other occasion. She can cycle around in the park, buying groceries, or picnicking with her friends. On a beautiful day these street bikes make fond adolescent memories.

12. Smart Touch Remote Control Teddy Night Lamp

Smart Touch Remote Control Teddy Night Lamp

A beautiful 3D night lamp for the teen girl that changes colors in the night. Your teen can sleep peacefully in the pleasant light of the lamp in the night. It comes with a remote control and a smart touch. A perfect gift that your family, friend, or a boyfriend can gift a teen girl.

The light might not come across as very bright when you place it across the room. The teen girl can sleep watching the changing colors in the lamp listening to some pleasant music.

13. Princess Castle Playhouse

Princess Castle Playhouse

Your teen girl can have fun with her friends inside the playhouse. Dress like a cinderella or pick a theme having fun with her friends inside the playhouse. A good gift that keeps them away from the addiction of social media and gadgets, giving them some outdoor time.

They can use it as a camping gear as well and plan outdoor activities with their friends and family. Put it in the backyard, and let the teen have their own castle with a host of activities and outdoor time in it.

14. Glitter Box To Create Jewellery And More

Glitter Box To Create Jewellery And More

This is the glitter box that comes with a confetti, glitter glue, gemstones, and many more items for the DIY craft projects for the teenage girl. A good gift for the teenage girl to give on any of the occasions.

A gift that will hone her creative skills. An activity that she can enjoy with her friends creating many DIY craft projects at home. A gift that lets her create many party decoration items and gifts for her friends.

15. Party Decoration Supplies For Teenage Girls

Party Decoration Supplies For Teenage Girl 17 year girls

These are one of the best party decoration gifts that you can give the teenage girls. They can use this gift to come up with decor ideas for any of the girly parties and events.

It is in a rose pink color and comes with a lot of glitter, pearls, curtains, and other decorative knick knacks. A gift that lets the teen work on her party ideas and make every party look beautiful.

16. Hair Color Chalk For Coloring Hair

Hair Color Chalk For Coloring Hair

These are the coloring chalks that the teen girls can used to create colorful streaks on their hair. These are washable and let the teens have hair colors streaks in different colors without spoiling their hair. They can use these chalks and have a fun girly time with their girlfriends in a slumber party.

This is one of the best gifts for teenage girls who love fashion, colors, and styling. A gift that makes their hair look stylish and chic as and when they want without going to the parlour.

17. Funky Temporary Glitter Tattoos

Funky Temporary Glitter Tattoos

Girls can have fun time with each other applying glitter tattoos that are temporary and easy on their skin. Dress up for fun parties with some glitter on in your favorite motifs. This is a cool holiday gift that can be given to teenage girls.

It has many ideas and creativity for the teenage girls to show off. Wear these tattoos using the stencil design and get tattooed in a jiffy without inking your skin.

18. Scoot Around In The Mini Scooter

Scoot Around In The Mini Scooter

Let your teen girl zoom around in this colorful T-bar scooter in the backyard of your house. A fun time and a good outdoor activity for the teen to enjoy after college. A good way to relieve the burden of college assignments and peer pressure.

With an adjustable height, this is the mini scooter that a teenage of any height can use and have some fun time. Teens who still want to celebrate a child in them can scoot around in this mini scooter and relive their childhood memories.

19. DIY Create Your Own Lip Balm Kit

DIY Create Your Own Lip Balm Kit

Teenage girls can have some fun time creating some lip-balm with 21 pieces available in the kit. Nourish your lips during all the seasons using this kit to create the interesting homemade lip balm.

It comes with tubes that have many flavors, sparkles, and many decorative items for the lip- balm container. Have fun and sparkling time creating the lip balm with your girlfriends on holidays. One of the best gifts for teenage girls that gives them some activity time.

20. Beaded Jewellery Making Kit

Beaded Jewellery Making Kit

One of the awesome gifts for 17 year old girl that you can give on her birthday or holidays. Teen girls can create bracelets, neckpieces, and other funky jewellery with this kit and flaunt their creativity.

This is the personalized item that they can create which looks cute on them. They can spend time creating their own jewellery and gift it to their friends and family. A good hobby kit that you can gift a teenage girl.

21. Colorful Weekly Calendar Planner

Colorful Weekly Calendar Planner

A teenage girl’s life is full of events and fun activities. Do not miss out on a single activity by jotting it down in the weekly calendar planner. Plan your parties and fun occasions with friends, classmates, social media friends, and family with this calendar planner.

Plan weeks and months ahead and jot down the date so you do not forget important dates and occasions. This is a notebook where they can pen their thoughts, ideas, and write about any plans for the upcoming events with their friends and dear ones.

22. Cool Virtual Reality Headset

Cool Virtual Reality Headset

Teenage girls who love gaming will love this gift of a virtual reality headset. They can enjoy watching 3D movies with their family and friends over the weekend.

Videos like scuba diving, space travel, or any adventure can give them a thrilling time and let them enjoy the adventure watching the video with the 3D headsets. It comes with a bluetooth controller that lets them control various settings on the headset.

23. Karaoke Microphone Set For The Singing Star

Karaoke Microphone Set For The Singing Star

Bring out the singing star in the teenage girl with this easy to turn on and use microphone set. You can play songs, sing, and use the settings to adjust the echo, and record songs, speeches, or any audio activity you like.

Feel like a star singing into the microphone and use it for various occasions like birthdays, parties, or any events.

24. Bath Bombs For A Wellness Time

Bath Bombs For A Wellness Time

These deliciously scented bath bombs are the beauty and wellness kits for the teenage girls to have a mini spa times at their homes. For the busy teen to beat the stress and relax in the bathtub with these bath bombs, is the best gift you can give for your teen beauty queen.

The fizz and dissolve faster inside the tub and is the best gift box in the collection of the gift basket that you can give to your teen.

25. Relaxing Floor Lounger

Relaxing Floor Lounger

Lounge on in your room or your garden reading a book, painting nails, or sipping some coffee and enjoy the time indoors as well as outdoors on this floor lounger.

A perfect gift that you can give to teenage girls who love their own time and relaxing indoors as well as outdoors. The best thing to have over for sleepovers and slumber parties.

26. Cool Vintage Shoulder Bag

Cool Vintage Shoulder Bag

This is a messenger bag that is good to carry as a gift for the teenage girls to their college and outdoors. One of the popular gift ideas for teenage girls is the shoulder bag that they can wear around their shoulders and store important items like laptops, books, and stationery.

This is a messenger bag with a simple design and solid color that goes well with any clothing.

27. Awesome Bluetooth Speakers

Awesome Bluetooth Speakers

These are cool LED table lamps that come with speakers that you can gift a teenage girl. A nice gift for the teenage to lit it up at the night and listen to some good music turning on the speaker mode.

You can turn on the music on your mobile, speakers, and other gadgets and listen to them turning on these speakers. Sleep everyday in the pleasant shade of the light from the lamp and listen to some good music that puts you to peaceful sleep.

28. Nail Studio For Teenage Girls

Nail Studio For Teenage Girls

Enjoy nail art and mini spa at home with this nail studio kit. It comes with an instruction book for the teen girl to get started with the artworks on her nails.

The stencils that it comes with lets you paint any of the motifs and look chic in nail art that goes well with your outfit. Teen girls will love spending their time with this hobby art along with their girlfriends.

29. Headband Sets For Teens

Headband Sets For Teens

These are cool gifts that you can give to your friends or sisters. They will love wearing these headbands and go outdoors for a tennis match, jogging, or any other outdoor activity.

They come in nice colors that go well with any of the casual outfit. You can forget bad hair days with these headbands. Do not worry not stepping out if you have not washed your hair. These headbands are your savior.

30. Trendy Cuff Bracelets

Trendy Cuff Bracelets

Gift your best friend from one of these trendy and stylish cuff bracelets on any occasion. Girls love these gifts and you do not need a reason to gift them these funky and cool cuff bracelets.

This is the best friendship gift that you can gift a teenage girl. They come in a combination of motifs and leather straps that make them look trendy on any teenage girl who wears them.

31. Customized Tee Shirts

Customized Tee Shirts

These are unisex customized tee shirts that you can gift a teenage girl. They come with funky and fully wordings that make it interesting for them to wear and flaunt their attitude.

Teens love customized tees that have wordings that speak their mind. This is a awesome gift to give your friend and is easy on your pocket. Your friend will love this gift and cherish it remembering you.

32. Craft and Scrapbook Kit For The Teenage Girls

 Craft and Scrapbook Kit For The Teenage Girls

One of the best gifts that you can give a teenage girl is this kit. They can use this kit to post pictures, memorabilia, artwork, or any media that reminds them of interesting things and makes them feel good. Scrapbooking is an interesting activity that the teens enjoy doing.

Their teen life is filled with many events and memories that they can store in the scrapbook.

33. Three Fold Makeup Mirror With Lights

Three Fold Makeup Mirror With Lights

A good gift to give to any teenage girl as they love applying makeup and getting dressy. This is a three fold mirror that comes with LED lights and is good to be placed even in areas that are poorly lit.

You can carry them with you as they are foldable and apply makeup even if there is not much of a light in the room. The panels are easy to open and store as and when you need.

34. Mini Portable Fans For Teens

Mini Portable Fans For Teens

Gift your teen a handheld fan that keeps them cool in all the seasons. They can go outdoors and not feel the heat of the summer as these handheld fans can cool them off and enjoy their summer time outdoors.

They come with adjustable speeds and all the options that make it convenient for them to carry them anywhere they go. They fit into the size of their purse and bag and can take them along with them anywhere.

35. Charm Bracelets

Free-Engraving Personalized Jewelry Stainless Steel ID Tag Name Initial Bar Bracelets for Women

One of the best gifts for 17 year old girl is a charm bracelet. You can also gift them birthstone bracelets and charms that make them look cool and stylish.

Charm bracelets and necklaces are a good piece of jewelry that teens love to wear most of the times. Teens love accessories and a bracelet is a gift that they will love wearing everyday.