30 Exciting Gifts For 14 Year Old Girl

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:48 pm

Gifts for Teens

Teenage is the most exciting age when learning has a touch of fun and adventure, so while choosing a gift for a girl in her teens would need creative and innovative ideas to go together. So if the question arises that what to get a 14 year old for her birthday, then the options opened would be numerous.

Just keep in mind that whatever you choose for her should be fully unique and would be of some good usable purpose with durability included. Girls grow quite fast and their maturity too gets strengthen in a very young age, faster than boys. So a 14 year old girl would have her own thought process and decision making mind, so the gift should be accordingly.

At this age girls choose everything very carefully be it a dress, an accessory or even food, so your gift should be different from other, and should also add some value in their lives and people around them. Teenage is the time when they learn to spread their wings to start flying in the world sky.

What to get a 14 year old for her birthday


1. Hair chalk pens

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Hair chalk pens

Price: $ 13.99 
Reviews: 4.6

This year why not gift her a hair product which would be hassle free and add up more style to her hair. The hair chalk pen set is one gift which she would be in love, as there as it contains 12 different vibrant colors which can be applied on the hair in form of strips.

It is harmless and does not have any form of side effects, also it can be washed off easily with good quality clarified shampoo.

2. Color your own water bottle set by Your Decor

Price: $ 19.99  
Reviews: 4.3

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Color your own water bottle set by Your Decor

Water bottles are an integral part of school life so why not make the dull bottle more colorful and creative. The color your own water bottle set by Your Decor is one such perfect gift for 14 year old girls.

There are five bright colored felt pens which can be used to make colorful designs on the water bottle and bring that extra sparkle in your water drinking session and feel like the queen at your school amongst your friends.

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3. J.R. colored mermaid tail blankets

Price: $ 27.99  
Reviews: 4.0

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-colored mermaid tail blankets

During winters making your warm blanket much more interesting would bring a sweet sleep faster. So on her birthday gift her the beautiful J.R. colored mermaid tail blanket.

This hand stitched blanket is soft and cost and would give her the feeling of being a real mermaid. So now make her sleep more innovative with this beautiful blanket. It comes in different colors so the choice would be easier for you, and too according to her choice of color.

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4. Rhinestone ring making kit

Price: $ 14.99  
Reviews: 4.5

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Rhinestone ring making kit

Wearings rings are a must for any teenage girl, so this birthday gift her a Rhinestone ring making kit, which would help her to create her own rings and that too she can work in a group.

It consists of total 90 printed acetate and 12 ring bases, with glues and sparkles, so that you she can make twelve different types of finger rings using those different printed acetates. This would really bring out the innovative side of hers.

5. The purple cow crazy scientist water gel science kit

Price: $ 17.05  
Reviews: 4.5

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-The purple cow crazy scientist water gel science kit

Science classes may seem boring sometimes but with the new purple cow crazy scientist water gel science kit now it would be fun for a 14 year old girl.

This kit consists of more than 12 different types of water based scientific experiments which would make the mind of the child sharp and bring interest more in the science projects and classes. Now science would be knowledge and fun together.

6. Cute Llama journal notebook

Price: $ 6.99  
Reviews: 5.0

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Cute Llama journal notebook as a birthday gift

Make writing an integral part of her life with the new I am 14 and Llamazing cute journal notebook. This journal would become her best friend once she gets the flow of penning down her heart.

It consists total 100 pages half blank and half rules ones. So she can write, even paint and sketch her feelings, thoughts and ideas here. This would be a record of her personal way of thinking and also may encourage others in the future.

7. Aurora World Fancy Pals plush purse pet carrier

Price: $ 10.61  
Reviews: 4.2

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Aurora World Fancy Pals plush purse pet carrier

In the teenage having your own pet is always a common thing, as they are considered to be the best friends. So now she can carry her pet with her in a stylish fashion.

The Aurora World Fancy Pals plush purse pet carrier would help her in doing so. It is durable and very trendy so her fashion would be maintained while she is taking her pet dog out with her, in a clean and safe manner.

8. Amscan Disney Frozen charm necklaces

Price: $ 5.83  
Reviews: 4.2

gift-for-14-year-old-girl-Amscan Disney Frozen charm necklaces

Having your own fun necklaces from the disney collection has always been essential for teenage girls. So on her birthday gift her the Amscan Disney Frozen charm necklace set.

It consists of 12 soft pink colored charm lace necklaces with the characters of Frozen printed on them. It would be a complete gift package for the girl not only for herself but she can even share it with her friends and enjoy the fun together, with pretty light and happy way.

9. ABCHIC Tees for girls

Price: $ 7.99
Reviews: 4.8

ABCHIC Tees for girls for birthday

A perfect smart Tshirt which would be a fashion statement in her teenage years is the ABCHIC Tees for girls. Made out of the mixture of polyester and spandex material these T-Shirts are a perfect combination of style and comfort together.

There are multicolor options so you would have a wide range of choices to pick the best one for her. It is 100% guarantee that she is going to buy another one for herself or her friend once she starts wearing the one you gift.

10. Sumolux winter warm cat hood knitted beanies

Price: $ 18.99
Reviews: 4.4

Sumolux winter warm cat hood knitted beanies

the trending style should always be kept in mind while choosing for a teenage girl’s wardrobe. So the Sumolux winter warm cat hood knitted beanies would be a perfect birthday gift for 14 year old girl.

This hoodie scarf pocket hat is a wonderful way to add some classic style to her dresses during winters and also autumn times, as the warmth would keep her cozy and the fashion hand knitted scarf would add some flair to her style.

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11. Hair tie bracelet

Price: $ 24.99
Reviews: 4.4

Hair tie bracelet by Lucky Lady

Bracelets gives a new beauty and meaning to the hands of the young girls so now gift a teenage girl the ultimate Hair tie bracelet by Lucky Lady.

The stainless steel body and the thin slim crafted bracelets would really make her look stylish and fashionable. It totally adds to the style statement when she wears with any type of dress.

The metal bracelet comes in three different metal-based colors. Each of these bracelets are each 17 gm in weight, so light and trendy together.

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12. BOOPH girls nightgown

Price: $ 12.99  
Reviews: 5.0

BOOPH girls nightgown

A 14 year old girl would surely be interested in the nightgowns as wearing a trendy one would always be her first choice. So on her birthday this year gift her the new BOOPH girls nightgown.

The sleeveless spaghetti short nightgown with flower prints, would be an ideal nightwear to make her sleep comfortable, as it is made of cotton. Just an additional light and floral dress which would make her nights much more lovable and peaceful.

13. Craft-tastic – String Art kit

Price: $ 18.99  
Reviews: 4.3

Craft-tastic - String Art kit

During teenage different new experiences really help the children to become skillful and sharp in memory. So the Craft-tastic string Art kit would be an idle gift for a 14 year old girl.

This kit has 3 new patterns and 3 foam canvases which can be transformed to different designs, though a creative mind. Also once she finishes the art work it can be hanged on the wall, as the art piece would add a new dimension to the walls.

14. The lost diary of snow white a complete collection

Price: $ 17.99  
Reviews: 5.0

The lost diary of snow white a complete collection

Fairy tale stories are most loved by teenage girls, even elders too love reading them. So gifting a teenage girl with the complete collection of the lost diary of snow white would be truly a reading pleasure for them.

It has four different stories the lost diary of snow white, the lost diary of orange, the return of snow and snow and alice in wonderland. This collection would be a reading sensation for her and would stay with her for many years.

15. BEUU tricolor popcorn chain charm women’s bracelet

Price: $  
Reviews: 5.0

BEUU tricolor popcorn chain charm women’s bracelet

Bracelets have always brought a different charm on the beautiful hands of girls, and teenage is a time when such jewelry pieces become a must wear with different outfits.

The BEUU tricolor popcorn chain charm women’s bracelet is one such gift which would bring a fresh new look to her fashion.

It comes and the three different colors in the string in a rose rhinestone bangle form, and the pieces are in form of popcorns. The gold, silver and white colors brings a new dimension and the metal danglings are an added niche style. This can be an awesome birthday present idea for girls.

16. Image magnetic LED artcraft tracing light pad

Price: $ 24.99
Reviews: 4.4

Image magnetic LED artcraft tracing light pad

The painting has always been a niche for girls at any age, and specially in their teens they are more keen towards their creative enhancement. So the image magnetic LED artcraft tracing light pad is the unique birthday present for a teenage girl.

This pad runs through electric and has a strong USB cord, the brightness can be adjusted according to the need of the art.

The magnetic pins help in fixing the paper on the pad for better proportion and also the pad can be charged for better brightness and effect after one painting is finished.

17. Fayland girls bowknot mini leather backpack purse

Price: $ 21.94
Reviews: 4.1

Fayland girls bowknot mini leather backpack purse

Purses are an essential accessory for women at any age, and when a girl is in her teenage getting new purse which would be distinct from others is an important aspect.

While gifting a 14 year old girl choosing from the best brand and style should be a priority, so the Fayland girls bowknot mini leather backpack purse would be the ideal brand to give.

It comes in different shades, which looks subtle and impressive. It has a large capacity and with fashion can accommodate many things.

18. Colorful Flower Resin Band Watch for Girls

Price: $ 14.99  
Reviews: 4.1

Colorful floral cartoon soft band watch for girls

Time is known to be precious, so imbibe the essence of time in your 14 year old daughter, by gifting her the beautiful and colorful floral cartoon soft band watch for girls.

This adorable timepiece has the beautiful and soft daisy and heart shaped paintings, and would make time checking much better and fun.

Comes in different shades and colors specially for girls, which would make their fashion more adorable. The numbering on the dial is big and it makes times checking much easier with clarity and style. This is one of the best birthday gifts for teenage girls.

19. Alex toys DIY card crafter

Price: $ 13.21  
Reviews: 4.5

Alex toys DIY card crafter

Card expresses many feelings, so create the essence of card making in a 14 year old girl by gifting the ALex toys DIY card crafter which would help her to create her own personalized cards for all occasions.

This kit comes with printed cards, envelopes, different stickers, paper shapes, gems, wooden stamps, adhesive, stamp pad, a washi tape, twine and a glue stick.

So now card creation would be interesting and fun for the teenager and she would also be able to express her feelings through them.

20. Kahootz spirograph design tin set

Price: $ 18.99
Reviews: 4.3

Kahootz spirograph design tin set

Creating designs through an old technique with the modern touch is always a pleasure to learn. So on her 14th birthday gift a teenage girl the Kahootz spirograph design tin set.

It comes with the interlocking gears and wheels which help in creating hassle free and smooth spiraling designs.

There are 7 wheels, 2 pens, 1 rack, 1 ring and spiro patty with 10 pages of guidelines and designing pages for designing. It is packed in a collective tin with a strap in the tray for better storage.

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21. DAYU race back bathing swim suit

Price: $ 14.99  
Reviews: 5.0

DAYU Girl's Lovely Cartoon Owl Printed One Piece Swimsuit Monokini Swimwear

To be fit, exercise is essential and swimming is one of the most effective exercises for all ages. So now make her swimming session more exciting with the new DAYU race back bathing swim suit.

It has the new crossback straps with the new age keyhole back made out of waterproof soft material, which soothes the skin. Comes in sweet floral and animal prints with the different vibrant color combinations for usage in longer periods of time.

22. ALEX toys DIY wear infinity jewelry

Price: $ 9.52  
Reviews: 4.5

ALEX toys DIY wear infinity jewelry

The glittering stones on the hand or the cute little danglings from the ears and the lovely necklaces, these are what defines the new ALEX toys DIY wear infinity jewelry set.

So gift this to a teenage girl for the irreplaceable smile she would have seeing the lovely pieces of art and style adoring her fashion with the enhanced look.

Now creating her own jewelry would be fun with 8 charms, 6 silver beads, 6 silver cords, 3 different colored twines and 4 gem stickers. All comes with instructions to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

23. Fashion Angels makeup and hair sketch portfolio

Price: $ 7.99
Reviews: 4.6

Fashion Angels makeup and hair sketch portfolio

Help the teenager to have her own fashion sense with the new Fashion Angels makeup and hair sketch portfolio set. It has many different accessories to help her in this activity.

With 100 stickers and shapes of various types, 4 plastic stencil sheets and 40 different types of formatted drawing pages which would guide her to create her own styling of hair and putting up makeup in the perfect touch and rhythm. Now it would be fun and learning while doing her makeup.

24. Tiny land teepee tents

Price: $ 60.99  
Reviews: 4.7

Tiny land teepee tents

Having a small place calling heaven inside your own house, is what fascinates the teenagers. So make her more happy by gifting the Tiny land teepee tent house.

Specifically designed for girls this tent house has the modern touch and the soothing color effect, with some lighting on it. Bringing back the feel of heaven within the room.

Even she can share it with her close friends over a night sleep over, making it a personalized place for chatting.

25. Horse oval shape musical jewelry box

Price: $ 12.49  
Reviews: 4.1

Horse oval shape musical jewelry box

Only just having their own jewelry is not sufficient so keeping them safe and fine is a concern for teenage girls. So now with the new Horse oval shaped musical jewelry box this concern would end.

The lovely imprinted painting of the horses on the box and all around would make it a distinct piece of art which would bring a charm to the jewelry pieces kept in it.

Also, it would keep them safe and the dressing table would have a new look with this new age stylish box.

26. National Geographic 4 Geodes kit

Price: $ 19.99  
Reviews: 4.3

National Geographic 4 Geodes kit

The universe has always attracted many to explore, and for the teenage kids knowing the universe is an adventure so now this experience would be doubled with the National Geographic 4 Geodes kit.

This kit contains the natural volcanic rocks with slow growing crystals within them. The girl with this kit would have an entire nature opened in front of her for a better study and exploration.

These rocks are collected from the best mines and are known to be the best geids pieces, making science now fun and exciting.

27. 3D pens for painting

Price: $ 46.99   
Reviews: 4.0

Making painting an essential part of life now you can gift her the 3D pen which would be a nice way to encourage art and creativity within her young heart.

The pen has 3 buttons to change the color sequences and can be used for any form of painting. This new age color pen has an effect on the canvas and would bring out the artist within her making art her essence of expressions in the simple yet artistic way.

28. ABCHIC leggings

Price: $ 9.99   
Reviews: 4.4

ABCHIC leggings

Fashion statement becomes high at the age of 14 for any girl, so now make this essence more prolific with the new age designed ABCHIC leggings which would go well with any form of outfit.

Specifically designed for girls this legging would be a comfort for her to wear as is made with a mix of polyester and spandex materials. It has the elastic effect making it fitting for any shape and size.

29. BLEVONH sleeveless lace dress for girls

Price: $ 28.99  
Reviews: 5.0

BLEVONH sleeveless lace dress for girls

Lace dresses are always the favorite of girls so on her 14th birthday gift her the ultimate fashionable BLEVONH sleeveless lace dress.

There are many different colors which would be perfect to choose the one for her. Making her look like a princess this 100% pure polyester dress is the new age fashion statement for party wears.

The floral lace patches are an additional beauty for the dresses. So now make her feel like the real princess attending a party with this lovely wear.

30. Enchantmint wild and free music box

Price: $ 29.99   
Reviews: 4.4

Enchantmint wild and free music box

Music boxes are always a hit with kids and when you have the question in mind what to get a 14 year old for her birthday then the answer is, an Enchantmint wild and free music box.

With a Breyer minnie winnie figure attached inside this music box has its old charm and plays all the old favorite musics. 4 drawers are attached in and with a beautiful mirror which reflects the figures while they revolve with the music.