30 Top Gift Ideas For Personal Trainers

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:35 am

Do you go to the gym? Do you take care of your body? Life has become very hectic and busy that people don’t have time to eat or sleep properly. Some go to the gym regularly. But there are people who don’t have enough time to go to the gym. Nowadays, there are personal trainers also available. Ever thought of any ideas that you can gift a personal trainer. They can come to your place and can help in training the body better. They do charge a little extra money for that. Mosty, men take this profession as compared to women.

Personal trainers are very punctual about their training. They don’t let their one day getting wasted. There are many gift ideas for personal trainers. They don’t like gifts like a teddy bear or flowers instead, they like to be gifted protein chocolate bar or some healthy salad. Personal trainers don’t allow to eat an unhealthy snack on an everyday basis. Nowadays you get everything healthy around you.

There are many options for people who are getting training from their personal trainers. They like people eating healthy food. There are many gifts for personal trainers.

gifts for personal trainers

Recommended Gifts for Personal Trainers.

1. HydraCoach

HydraCoach 2.0 - Sip & See Smart Bottle w/Live Hydration Tracking, Aqua 22 oz. BPA-Free. Designed to Track and Remind You to Drink. Supports Diets Including Mediterranean, Dash, Flexitarian and Keto

There are many types of bottles which are available in the market. But if you want to gift a trainer, this bottle can be very useful to them. People won’t stop drinking water. In fact, people keep a check of the water intake every day. So this bottle can be very useful to them as they keep a check on their water intake also. One only needs to add water to the bottle, drink it and can start watching their amount of water intake.

One does not have to sync with the mobile or watch as a reminder to drink water frequently. Water hydration is also been checked regularly. This bottle comes in many colors. It can be washed easily in a dishwasher too. One of the best options to gift a personal trainer.

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2. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Personal trainer likes to eat a healthy diet to maintain their fitness. They have a lot of intake of fruits, dry fruits, juices and many more. Some of them like to have fruits with water. And there are fruit infuser bottles available in the market. While working out they require some energy.

So this bottle can be very useful to them. It is light in weight so one can carry this everywhere. The fruits also remain fresh throughout the day. You only have to refill the water again in the bottle once it is finished. One of the option to gift a personal trainer.

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3. Agility Training Ladder

Some personal trainer has their sessions outdoor once or twice a month. They keep their schedule ready for the next day too. This can be one the gift for personal trainers. There are many types of equipment that can help in building one’s body. One of them is the training ladder. It can be used by a professional person or the one who has just started with the training.

The quality of the rope is also good. It helps in increasing the speed, maintains balance, also helps in developing the core strength of the body. This has a lesser risk of injury.   The total length of the ladder is 7 meters and the rungs are 14 o them. This can be very useful for them during the training sessions. And can sometimes use this to play. They can be available in many colors too.

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4. Ignite the Fire Book

Image result for Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to Building a Successful Personal Training Career (Revised, Updated, and Expanded) Paperback â?? February 10, 2015

There are many books related to fitness. This is the book that has complete knowledge about the maintenance of the body.  It has many secrets that can help the one who is in need of it.

Many people have also recommended this book. It can also give the one the right amount of motivation that he might require. I too recommend this book as a gift for a personal trainer.

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5. Exercise Mat

One of the best gifts a personal trainer can get is the exercise mat. Every person starts his fitness training by a mat. This can be the best gift to a trainer. One can use this mat at home and well as in the gym. It can be available in many colors and size also.

This mat can be used for many other exercises also like Zumba, dance, cardio, and many more. One can use this mat to do exercise while wearing shoes and also while not wearing them. The mat is not slippery so one can be comfortable while doing the exercise.

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6. Fitness Journal/Planners

Everyone needs to have a track on their fitness. One should know their growth while working out. No one wants to see their workout graph going down. So they should always keep writing about their fitness so that they can know what is better for them and also what gives them more growth.

The planners also help them in planning out the next day’s schedule. The planners can also help them in planning out what is left to do for the next day. So this can be very helpful as a gift for a personal trainer so he can write down all the important notes.

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7. Cooling Towel


People who spend most of their time in fitness can sweat a lot. They need towels with them. This towel can be very helpful to them. All one needs to soak it in the water and remove it out with the extra water and can use it.

It keeps it very cool for a few hours and den one can repeat the same procedure again as required. Not only the personal trainer can use this but also other people can use it. This towel is easily available in the market and also different colors are available.

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8. Leather Hand Grips with Wrist Support

This can be that useful product for the personal trainer that he can’t do without. The people who workouts daily cannot do without this wrist wrap. This wrap helps them with all the support that they require while working out. Each glove has adjustable attached wrist wrap which helps them in improving in their training while doing chin ups, pull ups and other body exercises.

It is very comfortable to keep the hands dry while one is sweating during hid training. This wrist wrap can be used by both men and women. It can be worn at home or at the gym while exercising. Some option for gifts for personal trainers.

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9. Shaker Bottle/Blender bottle

Personal trainer eats a healthy diet every day. They cannot binge on fast food at a stretch. They intake a lot of protein bars and shakes while working out. They have a fixed time to drink their shakes. They also require shaker for that. This blender bottle can be very helpful to them.

Along with the bottle, blender bottle wire whisk is also available. It helps in blending the shake accurately. The lid has a screw on top so that the water and the protein do not come out while shaking it. And also the lid is wide open so one can add the protein scoops from the top. It is easy to carry with you. One of the most recommended gifts for personal trainers.

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10. Bag with Wet Pocket

Everyone likes to carry a bag with them. In that bag, one can keep any belongings. Personal trainers also require a bag. In that bag, they carry their essential things. For example, their gym clothes, bottle, shakers, proteins, and many more items which are important to them.

This bag has a lot of capacity to keep your belongings. It also has a private pocket to keep the wet clothes or towels in it. There are many colors available in the market. This can be important products among all that to gift a gym trainer.

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11. Running Pouch

Some need to have a pouch while running to keep their belongings. Personal trainers can also keep this pouch with them. They also do their training while helping others to do. Running is one of the things that people do.

So while running one can’t carry all this belonging with them. So this pouch can help them in keeping their things safely. This can be carried while traveling, running, and also walking. They can at least keep their mobiles in it.

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12. Fitness tracker

This fitness band can be used by both man and woman. This band not only helps in fitness but also in your daily routine. It can be connected to your mobiles so even if it is away from you, you can’t miss the important messages or calls or emails.

This band is very light in weight so that you can wear it all day long. It also helps to keep a check of your heart rate and pulse rate. This wrist band is one option that you can gift a personal trainer.

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13. Adjustable Dumbbell

People who don’t have time to work out in the gym have an alternative option of keeping a set of dumbbells at home. A personal trainer can also have these dumbbells with them.

They can also take leave and can continue their training at home also. This is also one of the recommended gifts for a personal trainer. Along with the dumbbells it has weight plates.

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14. Exercise Ball 

This exercise ball can be very useful to the people who workouts at home. It can be easily available in the market also. These balls come in five different sizes from 45 cms to 85 cms.

It is also very helpful for people who workouts at home only. It can release back pain and can also improve your posture when used as a chair at the office. This can also be one of the gift ideas for personal trainers.

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15. Bluetooth headphones.

Everyone can use these headphones. One idea that you can gift a personal trainer is these wireless headphones. They are connected through the Bluetooth.

They are very compact and can fit anywhere in the bag. It can be used while traveling, running, walking. They are waterproof and sweatproof.

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16. Vibrating Foam Roller

This vibrating foam is used for the pain in muscles. It is used by professional trainers or Athletes.  It is a deep tissue massager that helps in recovering the muscles easily.

It is available in different size along with the carry bag. Also used for warming up or helps in blood circulation and also in recovering sore and tight muscles. A perfect gift for personal trainer. 

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17. Abdominal Exercise Wheel

One can use it at home. This help in building your core strength. It can help in building and toning your arm, abs, neck. Along with this, you can also get knee pads. It helps in doing an intense workout. One of the ideas to gift a personal trainer.

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18. Waist Trimmer 

This band is used for enhancing your strength. It helps in getting out the sweat from the body. It can naturally be fixed to your body and size. Along with the band, you get a breathable carrying bag.

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19. Touch Wireless Bluetooth 

These blue tooth device can be used at home, gym, offices too. This is available in many colors. It can be connected to mobile phones. It automatically connects to the last device that was connected to. It can helpful for trainers so they can keep their sessions some day outdoors too.  So it is recommended for the gifts that a trainer should get.

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20. Knee Compression Sleeve 

This knee band helps in working out. When one does leg workout, his legs start getting pain. This band can help them to stay relaxed and help them in reducing the swollen legs,sore leg. This can one of the ideas that one can gift this to the personal trainers. It also helps in the circulation of the blood easily. They won’t slip or roll down. One does not have to keep adjusting it all the time.

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21. Calf Compression Sleeve

This can be very useful for the people who runs also. Running can also lead to the pain in the legs. They are very light in weight and easily can be kept in the bag. One can get many colors in this. They can be very helpful in running, walking,doing yoga, pilates, and many more activities. They can be worn under a track pants or also worn under the jeans while one is the office too. This can be very helpful for trainers.

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22. Phone Armband Sleeve

This phone armed band is important to both men and women. It is the best thing while working out, This can be used while doing exercise, running, walking and many more actives. It is adjustable and does not roll or slip down due to the sweat.  One of the best gift a personal trainer can receive.

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23. Desk Elliptical

This require a little space around you. It is quite heavy in weight to lift. One can sit on a bench or on a chair to complete the exercise. This machine helps in building the core strength of the legs.

One does not require any one’s help while doing this workout. Not only men but also women can workout on this machine. Trainers love when are gifted such machines.

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24. Jump Rope + Workout Guide

This helps in improving your strength and coordination with the speed rope. The quality of the rope is good, and also is safe to use and also is durable for a longer time while doing some exercise. Both men and women can use this to do exercise. Even the professional person or the beginner can use this during their work out.

It is used for bodybuilding, fitness, boxing also can be used at indoor and outdoor workouts. The vertical ball bearing allows for faster to go easy and spins on the spot  while the rounds.  And also helps in getting much larger numbers regular jumps ropes. One of the best gift a personal trainer can receive.

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25. Gymnastic Rings

This has two rings straps and the adjustable buckles. This ring is made of textured griped plastic which helps in avoiding the sweat from the hands. One can get them in many sizes and many colors.

It can also be used at home, in a gym, or in the office too. One only needs to hang them with other ropes and you are good to go. It does not take much space anywhere. One option to the ideas to the gifts for personal trainer.

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26. Padlock

Everyone requires a lock to keep their belongings save from others. One uses the lock  to close the doors of their houses, offices, and many other places. One can use this lock for their safety purpose. It has around 12,000 lock password so a thief can also be confused if he plans to rob at your place.

A trainer can use this lock to lock his valuable belonging while he is trainer someone or himself.  It can also be used in school’s door, and many places. One can get this lock in many sizes and many colors according to his choice. This can be very useful to a personal trainer.

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27. Puzzle Exercise Mats

There are many types of mats which are available in the market. A professional trainer or a beginner can use this mat to workout. This mat is made of soft material so one can be comfortable while doing the exercise. One can also check his fitness properly. One of the option that a personal trainer can get as a gift.

He will be happy to see this mat. There are many colors. And also in many different sizes. It can be very useful to many people. It is very light weighted so one can carry it from one place to another. This can be used to gift a personal trainer.

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28. Anatomy of Exercise

A personal trainer also requires a training book that he can refer to. He also requires some exercising books to grow his knowledge and also other too. One can gift this book to many other trainers so they can spread the word of the books in their real life. One should exercise everyday to keep himself fit and healthy.

This book has been recommended by many others too. One can gift this book to a personal trainer an he will love it. they will always have a smile on their face when they see or read the book.

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29. Weight Lifting Belt

A fitness belt is all required while doing the lower body workouts. One can’t do without this belt. He has to carry this belt everyday so he can continue with this workout. It can be used by both men and women. It helps in supporting the back.

It has an adjustable buckle to adjust it according to one’s need. It is very helpful while working out. One can gift this to a personal trainer or a beginner who wants to workout. This can be one option that a trainer can get.

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30. Core Gamer

Do you know what a gamer is? A gamer is an instrument that helps in training your inner core strength. One can use this at home, in offices, and at the gym. This can be very useful to many people who don’t have time to workout at the gym. They can remove sometime to stay fit at home with the help of this device.

The device comes in many colors and also in many sizes. One only have to grip the device and one can check the exact amount of the height you had. One does not require anyone’s help while working out at home. This can be very useful for a  personal trainer or the beginner.

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Personal trainers now are very easy to find. They have a special course to be done by any institute around. Some people like to gift others who help them. And now body appearance has played an important role in today’s life.

Above are some of the recommendations that can help you to choose a perfect gift for personal trainers as well. Health plays a very important part in today’s life. Everyone should be appreciating people with their emotions. Gifts are also related to emotions. If you have emotions within you have like to think for others.

The list has all recommendation of gifts that you should gift a personal trainer. Gifts also play an important part in showing how much you care for them.

There are some of the gifts which one can gift to their personal trainer or can also gift to them who is close to you.