16 Exceptional Gift Ideas for families who have everything

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:28 pm

If you’re a parent or a relative trying to choose a gift for your child, the task should be relatively easy as kids usually want a lot of things. It’s just a matter of choosing what would surprise them the most and fits your budget. But when it comes to gifting your parents or just a family who have pretty much everything they want, what are your options?

Not many if we’re looking at the list of things one would want in their daily life. From fancy wrist watches to High-definition TVs, they probably already own every gadget and accessory they’d ever need. So, to come up with a proper and actually impressive gift for family members, you have to think beyond the traditional gadgets or accessories and try to get more personal.

Giving them something that would add more meaning to their life would be ideal of course but when that’s not possible your next best bet is to give them something that will act as a physical representation of the bond they share. Here we have listed 15 of the best gift ideas for families who have everything to help you still make their special day even more special.

gift ideas for family

Gift Ideas For Families

1. Family Tree Wall Decal

Family trees have always been a very classic way of showcasing how the family has bloomed over generations. It adds a lot of sentimental value to your house and acts as a visual representation of many memories that you all share together. It is also a representation of the people in the house to everyone who visits.

This wall decal set comes with all the materials necessary and a very clear instruction set so that it’s extremely easy to install. Once they’re done with that, they just have to attach their favorite photos of their family on the branches in the order they would prefer.  It’s simple, elegant and would serve as a constant reminder of all the people they have grown up to share a strong bond with.

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2. Electric Heated Blankets set

Your parents might have some pretty good blankets at their disposal but even the best of them sometimes struggle to provide proper warmth without being unreasonably heavy in their build. An answer to that from modern technology is the electrically heated blankets which use small amounts of electric current to heat the material of the blanket providing great instant comfort to your parents as long as they’re wrapped in this.

The blanket has a very premium look and feel so it would in no way be out of place even during travel. The cable that draws power only needs a USB port and is very subtle and can be easily hidden if desired. It also has an option to choose between 3 heat levels depending on how much heat the person would need. It’s also easily washable and would make for a cool gift idea for parents.

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3. Portable Printer

Having a printer is no big deal in the current age and your family probably already owns one. But this portable printer is so compact that it can fit into pretty much any backpack and can still function as a photo printer.

It can connect to their smart phone or tablet and instantly print any selected image. They also have an app where you can customize the photos with various effects whether it’s fun add-on stickers or a filter. The printer puts out a 3 by 2-inch full color photo that includes all their favorite filters and other customizations. This will make for a great travel companion as they don’t have to wait before printing the photos out and can be carried to and used pretty much anywhere.

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4. LED moon lamp

Moon Lamp, LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED 3d Print Moon Light with Stand & Remote&Touch Control and USB Rechargeable, Moon Light Lamps Night Lights for Baby Kids Lover Birthday Party Gifts(Diameter 4.8 INCH)

Lamps add more than just light to a house. A well-made lamp could completely change how someone perceives the room. It is also one of the best decorative items one could get for their house. This moon themed lamp takes creativity to the next level by replicating a miniature but very accurate version of the moon.

It’s compact but comes in different sizes, rests on a wooden stand and is customizable with multiple colors. The colors are not just static and can do some basic flashing and fading.  The design is fantastic and the craters makes it feel all the more realistic when it’s glowing. They also get a dedicated remote control which can be used to decide the color and intensity of the flashing light. This is hands down one of the most creative family gift ideas.

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5. Robot Vaccuum Cleaner

Even the most expensive and highest quality vacuum cleaners cannot prevent your parents from having to manually go around walking it through all the dust. Get rid of their need to do this extra chore by getting them one of these robot vacuum cleaners. This is completely automated while being just as effective and efficient as a traditional one with even more added features.

The little machine is designed with wheels that enable it to navigate different terrains and brushes to clean every corner. It uses multiple sensors combined with advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for its navigations which also enables the user to choose different modes depending on their needs and restrictions. It does one of the most boring and physically taxing job for your parents and would make the quality of their life many times better.  Overall a great gift idea for parents.

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6. Customized Pint Glasses

A family has to spend quality time together once a while. Whether it’s over breakfast or over a couple of drinks, these are the times that are most important for bonding. These pint glasses are perfect to make that already good time even better by adding a feel of personalization.

The glasses are high quality, high capacity and most importantly they can be customized with any name or logo you’d like. Give a set of these, one for each family member with their name laser printed on the glass and their drinking sessions will always have your glass, whether you’re present or not. It’s just that memorable.

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7. Personalized Wood Clock

A wall clock has been a time classic for many decades, perhaps even centuries in some places. Almost every home has one of these and often they are much more than just devices that show time. Families use them to set a theme to their place and use it as a subtle way to greet their guests as well.

This wooden clock first off has a classy wood theme and looks stunning like its hand carved by the best artists. In addition to that, it can also be personalized with their family’s name and their favorite quote that they think best represents their family. It is one of the best family gifts for you to select as a well-wisher or a member yourself.

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8. Family photo and hand/foot print combo

DIY Family Photo+ Family/Baby Handprints/Footprints Kit with 10 X 17â??â?? Elegant White Wood Picture Frame, Non-Toxic Watercolor Paints, Baby Clean-Touch Ink Pad, Baby Shower Keepsakes Family Gifts

A very popular way of saving the memories of your loved ones is to collect their imprints of hands or feet and put them together with the rest of the families in a frame. This set of equipment has all the tools to let you personally create a masterpiece for your family. This would make for amazing and thoughtful gift ideas for a family who have everything already.

All the materials you need to make a proper hand print frame are included in the package and it takes very little effort and is actually fun to make together with your family. When it’s done it will turn out to be a great piece of art that can go pretty much anywhere in the house. The colors are completely non-toxic, vibrant and go well with most frames.

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9. Premium Scratch off Map

Travel should be on every family’s bucket list because not only could it bring them a lot of sweet and remarkable memories but also help them bond stronger and faster. There can never be a journey without a goal, so this journey should also have some kind of a goal, perhaps to visit all the important places in the world.

This scratch off map will help you keep track of all the places you visited as a family and also works as a wonderful poster or a portrait that rests on your wall. It will make you reminisce about the places you have visited and look forward to the one’s you’re going to with great enthusiasm.

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10. Customized Ceramic Coffee Cups

There is little incentive for anyone to not have coffee considering it’s one of the most favored beverages across the globe. Now if you want to make that coffee experience better not just for one person but everyone in the family, this set of ceramic coffee cups might be the perfect answer.

They come with very good and sturdy build quality and a premium feel. The cups have the added benefit of being able to be customized with your favorite text, whether it’s the names of the family members, a common family name or your favorite quotes. These cups take the quality of your family time just that tad bit higher.

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11. Personalized Golf Balls

Golf is the most popular retirement sport in many places across the globe and for a very good reason. Despite being a physical sport, it is found to be quite relaxing and fun especially if you play with the people who are as close to you as your family.

Make that fun time even more special with these customizable golf balls that can be personalized with your family name or a logo that represents the family in some way. When it comes to golf, all the equipment used is treated very personal and this could be a great way of bringing together your family and making the feel like a single unit, as a team!

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12. USB mouse hand warmer

Computers might be one of the greatest technological inventions of all time, making our everyday tasks a lot easier. But such comfort does come with its own drawbacks. Which are especially shown as we grow older as our body cannot quite handle the strain. This is true for most people who spend a lot of time with their computer and mouse as their palm and wrist being restricted heavily in movement will start to cause uneasiness and pain.

This hand warmer also acts as a mouse pad and connects to a USB port itself to warm up the materials. It will keep the hand inside it in a comfortable place for as long as they are using the mouse and this can also be used as a standalone product as it tends to show some soothing effects when it comes to pain and poor blood circulation in the hand.

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13. Tabletop Fireplace

A fireplace is something every household needs to have. Sure, a heater will do the same job and probably a lot better but certain things aren’t really about how well they do their job and more about how they make you feel. A fire place represents nature and feels a lot more soothing, even to just sit around.

This tabletop fireplace works great for indoors and outdoors. It uses bio fuel to burn so there’s no excess smoke or ash that falls around. It burns long enough for a family dining session to finish and is a great way to make your time with your family something truly magical. You can place it near your dinner table, near the bar or pretty much anywhere you’d want to be because of its small size and relative portability.

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14. 100 – Dishes scratch off poster

Food has evolved so much since the dawn of human beings. From eating raw meat to now creating many creative and complex dishes, we can say with certainty that we have indeed come a long way in this field. So, over the course of such a long time, there are sure to be some dishes so good that you simply have to taste them at least once in your lifetime.

This scratch off poster gets you and your family one step closer to that goal by listing 100 of the best dishes in the world and letting you keep track of your progress through them by scratching off each dish as soon as all your family has tasted it. It gives a goal to be followed with clear tracking of progress that you make as a family and will certainly give you some extra fun and lasting memories together while you’re on a quest to complete this challenge. A great family present idea that everyone would love and appreciate.

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15. Personalized throw pillows

We all remember pillow-wars, don’t we? It is the most fun and yet surprisingly competitive way to overpower each other. While it looks like war, everything around is just filled with nothing but love and affection. When the mood gets too dull, starting a pillow fight might just be the catalyst you need to set of a chain reaction which before long leaves all your family throwing and ducking from pillows flying all around.

That kind of experience can only be made better if the cute little throw pillows used have a tinge of your own family’s favorite theme. These throw pillows can be customized with your favorite text or picture and will be a good addition to compliment your furniture with the potential for unlimited fun.

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16. Home Karaoke system

If you’re a family of music lovers, what’s your idea of fun? Putting on some good music on speakers and relaxing yourselves with conversations about your day? Here’s something better. Your own personal Karaoke system that can be used pretty much anywhere.

It will make for some great family karaoke sessions and with good quality too as the mic and sound system are very close to professional quality right in your home. If you’re good, you clap for each other, if you’re not, well at least you can have a good laugh. This would be one of the best gifts for the whole family you could get.

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A family is something that you can’t simply find another of. It’s one of the most sacred forms of relationship and consistently the strongest. Which makes cherishing the members of a family that much more important. Every special occasion, whether it has any meaning to you individually or not, you should try and make it special just for the sake of spending more time with your family and strengthening your bond.

A good gift for a family as a whole is hard to come by. It has to be something that is not only capable of bringing them all together but also be meaningful to all of them individually as well as a family. And if there isn’t much that the family doesn’t already have, it makes this task that much harder, which is why we have turned to creativity instead and made this list of unique gifts ideas for families who have everything. These are very likely to add some more meaning to a family and hopefully strengthen the bond that lies between them even more.