23 Gag Funny Gifts for Girls

Last updated on February 28th, 2022 at 07:22 am

Today we are going to share the list best funny gifts for girls. This is the perfect place to find all sorts of gag gifts for girls when you are looking for wide range of options.

Girls are really choosy and selective when it comes to planning gifts for them but to tackle this we have an idea. If your friend’s or near ones birthday is around the corner and you have bitten all your nails in thinking what should you plan for her, especially the gift part, then we have an amusing ideas for you.

Yes, we are calling it amusing because that is what you most probably are planning to do. And why you shouldn’t? Birthday’s are fun and you are ought to make it crazier for the special one in your life. Also, we all are somewhere done with ordinary birthday celebrations and more than ordinary gifts.

So, we have a plan for you. Why not present her with a gift that will tickle her funny bones rather than the usual cosmetics, dress, shoes etc fuss. After all who doesn’t want to gift lots of laughter on this special day.

By funny gifts we legit mean funny, however some of them can be really useful too. Whatever it be, you should definitely be wrapping it in layers to accelerate that anticipation that may break out into a lots of happy tears.

Funny gifts for girls

Funny gag gifts for girls

If you are game, then we have a list of items noted down for you which you might really want to consider.

1. Cat beard mug

Most of the girls love animals and especially if its a cat then the love has no bounds. This mug is for all the cat lovers out there.

It is a quirky transparent mug which has a cat mouth with moustache imprinted over it in a way that every time someone drinks something from it it will give them a funny cat face. So gift them this funny cat face mug to slurp over drinks and go MEOW!

2. Chicken hat

If you are done with boring dull gifts and are looking to go all out with a gift that completely blows her mind then this is it. This funny chicken hat is really unexpected and chucklesome.

Also, it can also be considered as the theme for her birthday party where everybody wears one and everybody goes like ‘Cockadoodledoo’. After all, Chicken party is not at all a bad idea.

3. ‘Shit I can’t remember’ organiser

If your friend is a forgetful person, then this will definitely make her laugh hard when she unwraps it and finds this inside. This ‘Shit I can’t remember’ diary/organiser is a good option to inculcate a habit within her to write out stuff in this book and keep a tab on it so she doesn’t forget somebody’s birthday or an important meeting the next time. She can also note down all her passwords or important notes in it.

4. Butt coin purse


This next item on this list will for sure bust them into some hearty laughter is actually quite useful too. It is a butt shaped coin purse.

This corgi butt purse is made of cotton and is very soft and fluffy. She can use it as her coin purse or to keep other small small items. It looks so adorable that girls will really like this gift and carry it with them often.

5. Emoji drawstring bag

We are living in a generation where people are obsessing over emojis. Undoubtedly, they are cute and perfect to express emotion through just a funny little face. These bags are just the offline version of the same.

These emoticon drawstring bags come in different emoji designs to choose from. One can gift a set of different emoji printed bags so she can wear her mood to college, school or anywhere really casual.

6. Poop emoji slippers


Talking about emojis’s, one of the hot picks and everybody’s favourite one is definitely the pile of poop face. It is cute and amusing unlike what it actually resembles. And if you see somebody wearing slippers resembling it will definitely grab your eyes.

These poop emoji slippers are fluffy, comfortable and undoubtedly cute. She will laugh out her senses by looking at this gift and will make a place in her favourites.

7. Dancing girls magic mug


Funny is not just humorous but also something really different and that amuses you. These dancing mugs are just that. They are heat sensitive mugs with colour changing property.

SO, as soon as you pour over a hot beverage in it, it will become all lively with all the colours. It can definitely make her laugh every time she wakes up in the morning and drinks a cuppa from it.

8. Poop emoticon toilet rolls

Since this pile of poop emoticon is gaining so much rage, it can be said that any product that has this on it makes it a really fun and endearing. Another addition to this list is these tissue rolls with the pile of poop emoji on it.

It not only sounds crazy but it is actually very ironic too. It is definitely an unusual gift and makes her giggle every time she sees it.

9. Bag of poop


The best funny gifts are those that are really unexpected to be given as gifts. These bag of poop is a great option if you want to play a prank on your best friend or sister or girl friend. However, like they say do not judge a book by its over.

How much ever unpalatable it looks like from the outside it is the opposite from what actually is there inside.  It is just a bag of yummy cotton candy.

10. Jar of nothing


A lot of really like to ask someone what they want on their special day then cracking brains all day long to think over it. But most of us being the saint we like to be during these time we politely answer it with a nothing.

This is just that. ‘A jar of nothing’ is the craziest gift anybody must have thought of and it is definitely the ‘nothing’ she said she wants when you questioned her.

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11. Poo flinging game

When we talk about fun and crazy first that crosses our mind is a game. A unique chucklesome game is a good idea to present her on this special day. the banana doody head velcro game is a quirky game that comes with two hats.

Two people wear the hats and have stuffy poops that they have to fling onto each others head and stick it to the velcro stitched on it.

12. Shock pen and marker


This gift apart from being funny is also something we all have done when we were a small child. To relive that moment, it is a fun way to chuckle together once she opens it up and uses it.

Firstly, she will love to have a pen and a marker but that is not it. Here comes the shocker, these pens when used emits a subtle electric shock that will mover her totally.

13. Soda Guzzler helmet

If your friend is lazy like or you just want to amuse her with something then this Soda guzzler helmet should be a definite pick. The helmet comes with pockets to accommodate 2 soda cans and with various straw attachments to slurp on it.

So next time when there is a party or you are just having a lazy day at home, they are perfect if you don’t want to hassle over holding the cans and for quick sips.

14. Public toilet survival kit 

This is a really useful and thoughtful gift but the nature of it will make definitely get some laughter. This public toilet survival kit comes with a pair of disposable gloves, 2 antiseptic wipes and a seat cover to keep you safe from unhygienic loos.

It can be carried in your bag wherever you go. You can send her this with a quirky message that will bring an ear to ear smile on her face.

15. Blah button

This gift can be a good way to diverge out from a boring dull conversation humorously or it can also come to use to mockingly annoy someone when they speak. It is a blah blah button buzzer.

There are 12 different blah blah phrases that come out of it in different tones and styles when you press it. It is a good desk decor idea that can come in handy to have a little fun when bored from work/studying.

16. Prank I-Arm box


What if someone gets you an i-arm that can hold your phone, tablet, remote etc for you while you can rest your palms. Sounds amazing right? But what if when you open its box excitedly and you find nothing like an I-arm inside it?

It sounds disappointing yet ridiculously funny right? You can play a little prank like this with your dear one to annoy her or to mock her on her birthday.

17. Icecream protector


Your friend will definitely love this gift if she has a sibling or anybody who steals her ice cream and she hates that. And if it is you who does that always then it will just double up the humour attached to this gift.

This ice cream protector is an add fixture that has code lock with it. Nobody can open the cup until he/she knows the code. Pretty savage, isn’t it?

18. Bitch mode on stress

If your friend is short tempered or she really loses it soon enough then this is going to crack her up. This bitch mode stress relief dough is a fun product to calm her down when things get heated up.

She can squish squash or fiddle with it to soothe her senses when things go south. Just slip a funny note along that compliments with the gift to bring a smile on her face.

19. Fish tail blanket


If you are looking to gift her something that will not only make her laugh at that moment but every other time she uses the gift then close your eyes and get your hands on this. This mermaid shaped blanker is a nice stuffy blanket that will make her look like a fish.

Also, you can put a message such as: ‘No more hassles to correct the blanket all through the night when it slips off’ to crack her up.

20. Toilet slam dump set

Isn’t it stressful and boring to sit on the commode when the natures call gives a ring. What if you have a game to keep you entertained during that time? Sounds funny right? It will blow up your mind when you get something like this as a gift.

For the time to pass quickly and to make her toilet experience entertaining this slam dump set is what you should purchase right now.

21. Motion sensor toilet night light

Lights are a good way to decorate a corner or your room. But what if you can light up your toilet seat? Sounds crazy right? This LED toilet seat motion sensor light is a fun gift that switches on by itself as soon as it detects a motion.

This gift will definitely make her wonder but when she will definitely love it once she uses it in her bathroom. It will also prevent her from bumping into stuffs at night.

22. Talking trump keychain

Girls are crazy about keychains. Unlike guys, they put a lot of efforts to get a good keychain to put on their bags or for keys. What if you get them a quirky and hilariously funny keychain? This Trump keychain will definitely make her stomach pain with laughter.

It has 6 different Donald trump’s saying in his actual voice. She can also play it anytime anywhere just to gather tons of laughter wherever she goes.

23. Latex head mask

Have you heard of bobble heads? They look quite funny and amusing. What if you get one for your friend on her birthday? These latex head masks make the best option as a funny present.

These masks come in different funny faces that will cheer up anybody. Just like the chicken hat, she can have a themed birthday party where she can ask the rest to also come in one.

These were some of the funny gifts for girls that you can consider, i am sure you liked the ideas. Let us know which is the best gift option you liked the most.