13 Unique Football coach gifts

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:16 pm

Football is a great game that has been embraced all across the globe for a very long time. It is a sport that many enjoy irrespective of their age, gender, race or religion. Being a collective interest that brings together so many different kinds of people simply intending to have a good time, the demand for learning football is ever growing. Not only is it a fun and engaging sport to take part in but it also makes for an exciting career opportunity if you can work hard enough to get to the very top.

However, to make all that possible everyone needs a proper teacher. A person who can show the right way to learn and guide us through the long and steep learning curve of the sport. This is where coaches come in. Football coaches have not only become more popular and prevalent over the years but have actually improved a lot. A good coach can completely change what the student can achieve and is more often than not plays a big role in unlocking their true potential.

This just goes to show how important a coach truly is, not only for someone to learn the skills required but also for them to go through the learning process and become better both physically and mentally as a person. If you have a coach who has helped you or perhaps your son a lot more than you have ever expected, then a simple thank you would not suffice. A good gift would be a much better way of showing them appreciation for their invaluable time and energy spent for you. Here’s a list of some unique and creative football coach gifts that will help you properly convey your gratefulness.

 Recommended gifts for football coach

1. Personalized Bobble Head Clay Figurine

This is a very adorable gift and pretty much represents the epitome of personalization when it comes to gifts. This figurine is made of clay and can be customized to look like a very close but miniature replica of your coach. All you need is their photo and you get a well-designed copy that is made of completely non-toxic and soft clay.

These figurines can be used for a lot of occasions like on cakes during parties or any special occasion. But they’re also great for just a visual representation of the person on their own desk. It works as a fantastic show piece that your coach definitely deserves.

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2. Football themed cutting board

When you’re extremely good at something, you want to flaunt it in as many ways as you can by integrating its theme into your lifestyle. This chopping board gives your coach that chance with its extremely well-designed football theme.

The board itself is made of high-quality wood that is durable and very easy to wash even in a dish washer. This fits a football coach perfectly and would add a subtle hint of their profession and passion.

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3. 100 Yards of glory by joe garner

This book by Joe Garner and Bob Costas is a wonderful illustration of some of the greatest moments in NFLs history. This book covers the 100-year history of NFL depicting some epic moments from the very beginning of the league. While it might not have any practical purpose, it does bring back some very nostalgic memories and even the coach can find out some cool and interesting facts from it.

This is not just a book that will be read once and tossed aside. It’s something that will likely always be by their side as it comes in handy whenever they want to remind about how far the sport has come in such a short time. It will be by their side a lot and is certain to remind them of your thoughtfulness from time to time for choosing such a wonderful gift.

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4. Personalized Coach Whistle

A whistle is not only a very useful tool for a coach as it lets them control a very noisy bunch of players but it’s also one of the most iconic possessions of a coach giving it a much greater symbolic significance. This whistle is made of high-quality polished surface both on the outside and the inside.

What makes this truly unique though is the fact that you can customize this whistle by adding any personal text on both sides. This could be the coach’s name, his favorite team’s name or just a cool motivational quote. Whatever you choose will make this silver whistle extra special and it’s going to serve the coach well for a very long time.

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5. Boogie Board

In the past coaches used to go around with clip boards and pens to write down and discuss strategies and plays. While it wasn’t too much work by itself, it was still cumbersome and sometimes even annoying to carry around. This boogie board is the answer to that problem as it provides an easy, elegant and very convenient solution.

The board completely eliminates the need for papers as it can be reused as many times as required. The drawing is made with digital ink and it can be erased partly or even completely with just the touch of a button. What makes this even better is that since it’s designed with coaches in mind, it comes with premade templates for various sports including football so that they don’t have to be drawn every time and just need to be refreshed.

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6. Football Beer Glass

Beer is an absolute favorite for most football fans and it’s very likely that your coach has also made it a significant part of his life. While a good beer might make for a decent gift it’s not something that would hold any proper meaning. So, a good alternative would be this huge beer glass shaped and themed like a football.

It’s a very simple concept but fits amazingly well with what we’re trying to do, which is to add a new layer of meaning to our coach’s life through our gifts and this beer glass does that job in style. Every time it’s used it gives out an aura of a person who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to football and in this case that’s a job well done. This is a great football coach gift.

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7. Customizable insulated tumbler

Any physical sport requires a lot of beverage consumption. Sometimes it’s water, sometimes it’s a vitamin filled drink. But whatever the case, it’s very important, especially for a coach to keep a fresh drink with him all the time just because of how much he has to work every day. This insulated mug will help them do just that while also keeping the drink at its original temperature for a very long time.

This mug is also customizable with an engraving or even a picture. So, you can put a football themed picture on it along with a good motivational saying or even their name with the coach title to make it completely personal and aesthetically beautiful.

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8. Eaton Coache’s bucket

Coaches have to often deal with and train more than one student at a time. This could be challenging especially when you take in factors like proper scheduling, personal life and physical limitations of the mind and body.  So, the coach definitely needs something that would make his life easier and more organized.

This bucket bag comes with plenty of pockets and spaces making it a perfect portable storage option for a coach. The exterior is also very soft and sweat proof, which means it’s easy to carry and stays comfortable even after long hours. This bag has a lot of space that can be customized through embroidery later on if they feel like it.

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9. Custom Football

Sometimes the only thing differentiating a great gift from a good one is the presence of that single layer of personal feel. It makes a lot of difference to the person receiving it and will often lead to them looking at it with much higher regard than they normally would. The same could be applied here.

A football coach would obviously have a lot of his own footballs, probably one of every kind and make. What makes this special is the fact that you personally get to customize it in your own unique way with your own logo and text. This gives the ability to make this ball a lot more meaningful than any other simply because of how much you know about your coach.

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10. Sports leather wallet

Wallets are something almost every man has in their pockets all the time making it a very personal item. This means a wallet would be an amazing gift in most occasions as long as it’s good enough to replace the old one. When it comes to a football coach, what better way to choose a wallet than to get one that is themed after a football.

This Bifold wallet on its outer layer is made to resemble a football and even though the size and shape of the wallet are completely different from a football, the color choice and the design make it look pretty damn close to the real one. This would make for an excellent football coach gift.

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11. 3-D Football Lamp

This is a great decorative item that is also very visually pleasing and even fascinating for anyone who is not already used to it. The 3-D light projected is an illusion that is formed from a 2-D model that is very similar.

This lamp can be used in their personal rooms or even during parties that the coach sometimes throws for his team. This is an item that goes well with almost any room and will always be the center of attraction wherever it goes.

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12. Belhick by Ian O’ Conner

This book is a well written biography of one of the most popular and successful coaches in the history of NFL, Bill Belichick. It covers in great detail the childhood of Mr.Belhick and how he was able to reach the heights he did. It also showcases all the challenges and struggles he had to face along the way and the mindset he needed to develop to overcome those.

This book would be one of if not the best gifts you could give any coach as it not only tells one of the best stories about a great coach but also acts as a great source of inspiration for any coach who is looking to make it big in the major leagues. It is by no means an easy feat and your coach would be eternally grateful for this gift once he goes through it and finds an unwavering motivation to become even better than he currently is.

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13. Reflective Vest

This might seem a bit unusual but if you really think about it, this one makes perfect sense as a gift to a football coach. Most of the time the football coach tends to stand in the middle of a bunch of players trying to keep up with all the action that’s happening and also trying to control the tempo of everything that’s going on around him.

But that could be a lot harder when the coach gets mixed up with the players and becomes extremely hard to notice or identify in the middle of an intensive match. This reflective vest has a subtle yet impressive glow to it that will always make the coach much easier to identify whether it is for him to give out a particular order or for a student to immediately reach out to him.

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Football coaches are definitely some of the most hard-working people you’re ever going to meet as the sport demands extreme levels of skill and precision both from mind and body. To properly shape and sharpen such skills the coach often has to do a lot of planning and overseeing for each of his students individually making his work much greater and a lot more complex than the player’s.

So, all our gifts for football coaches are selected by keeping in mind the incredible amount of service they do each day to so many young students, not only upholding their dreams but also staying with them until the very end.