23 Elmo Birthday Party Ideas You Would Need to Plan the Party

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:05 pm

Elmo, the Muppet character from the television show, Sesame Street is an absolute rage amongst children of all age groups. However, with his unique voice and mannerisms, he especially appeals to toddlers. Therefore, he is also an extremely popular character for themed parties and birthday parties.

For an Elmo themed birthday party, apart from the arrangements that are important, it is equally important to set the tone of the party. You could ask all the guests to wear Elmo colors that are red and black. The host of the party can be dressed in different colors for the sake of being different on their big day.

This holds true for toddler birthday boys and girls who like to feel special on their big day. Along with setting the dress code, bringing an artist wearing an Elmo costume will also make the kids really happy. To see their favorite character come alive and wishing the birthday boy/girl is a way of making this whole affair a really memorable one for your toddler.

If getting an artist is difficult for you, then you could make a huge life size cut out of Elmo and keep it in a place where kids could go and get themselves photographed with the character.

You could also create the background of Sesame Street and include other characters like Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Grover, Cookie Monster and others and get the kids to pose and click photographs in front of this background. This will not only be a fun activity but will be a good activity as a memory of the whole party.

Here are some of the Elmo themed ideas for your party:

1. Elmo Invitations

Elmo, the cute red monster will make for quite an attractive invitation card with his bright red accentuated by his face on it. Here is how you can use Elmo for your invitation cards :

  • Elmo Image Card

    Use the picture of Elmo and talk the way he does. So you could mention on the card that ‘Elmo likes to party! He also knows that you do too! So, let us party together’. Together with Elmo’s image, you need to create a standard template and write the name of the guest invited on it.

  • Elmo Cut Outs

    You could also create the card on the back side of an Elmo cut out. This is actually easy to do on your own too. All you need is a printed picture of Elmo on an A4 size paper and you could create a template of the invitation card on the back side of this cut out.

  • Elmo Colors Card

    Keep the theme under wraps until the guests come on that day and find out for themselves. As a teaser, create invitation cards that have one full red side and one full black side to establish the association for Elmo.

 2. Elmo Decorations

Elmo themed decorations will look nice even if they are only done in bright red, black and yellow colors. However, if you want to spend more time and effort on the decorations, you could also choose to use the following ideas:

  • Elmo Balloons

    Elmo balloons are extremely easy to find and available in plenty in any store that sells kid’s stuff. You could arrange these balloons on the walls or you could just blow up a whole lot of balloons and spread them all over the room. In this way, children can also play with some till you announce games.

  • Elmo Basket Treats

    Readymade Elmo baskets are available and what you could do is that put a whole lot of candies in these baskets and keep them on the entrance and other corners of the room. They double up as decorations and treat for the kids too.

  • Elmo Masks

    You could purchase readymade Elmo masks and give one each to every kid who comes to the party. If you are unable to find these, then you could use the back side of a paper plate to create these masks. You can also use this as an activity and provide the material to the kids and help them create their own Elmo mask that they can carry back home with them.

  • Themed Paper Products

    Get Elmo themed birthday caps, paper cups, paper plates and streamers. They are available easily and will add to the whole decor of your party.

3. Elmo Games And Activities

The little red monster is perfect for creating games and activities around him. The best part about this character from Sesame Street is that he is popular amongst kids of almost all age groups and hence, it becomes easy for everyone to enjoy this theme. Here are some ideas for games and activities that you could consider:

  • Create Your Elmo

    For this game, you need a small paper bag where in you put in parts of Elmo that you could make or buy earlier (can be made out of construction paper), 2 googly eyes, a nose and some pins and fasteners. Hand over each of these bags to the kids once you start the game. All they need to do is to create their own Elmo out of the material provided by you. The person who finishes first gets a gift and everyone else gets to keep their Elmo and take it back home with them.

  • Help Elmo With His Nose

    You need a big red poster board for this activity. On the poster board, create a painting of Elmo and stick eyes on it made of paper. Use orange foam to make noses of Elmo. The game starts when you call the kids one by one, blind fold them and ask them to stick the nose on to Elmo’s face. You can take a winner out of here by giving a gift to the kid who has done it most accurately. However, the spirit and the fun of the game is retained when you just give small token gift to all kids at the end of the game for their effort.

  • Make Pizza For Elmo

    This can be a fun activity if both kids and adults are participating in the activity. Elmo loves pizza and so do most of the kids. All you need to do is create a station for making pizza and keep some toppings, cheese and small round pizza bases available. The kids will make their own pizza with the toppings of their choice and put in the oven for baking. Later, they get to eat the same pizza.

  • Sesame Street Quiz

    Get some important Sesame Street Facts and create questions around them. You could either give a page each to the kid and assign a time for completing the quiz. Another way of doing this is that you could call out the questions of the quiz and ask the kids to answer. No one wins in this method, but everyone enjoys more.

  • Sesame Street Coloring Activity

    Elmo loves crayons! If the party is for younger children, you could include coloring as a part of one of the activities. Give a Sesame Street coloring page to each kid and a packet of crayons, and let their creativity flow.

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4. Elmo Food

Food ideas can be many around Elmo since Elmo himself loves food. Here are some of the ideas that you could consider:

1)  Elmo Shaped Cake With Icing

2) Colourful Fruit Plate – You can add bananas (Elmo’s favorite fruit), oranges, strawberries, apples, kiwi, watermelon etc and keep a platter ready for the guests.

3) Pizza – Elmo’s favorite item on the list!

4) Big Bird Macaroni And Cheese

5) Elmo Cup Cakes

6) Elmo Brownie Bites – You could bake brownies and use readymade Elmo cupcake toppers to decorate these.

7) Elmo Drink – Any red drink or fruit juice

Apart from the ideas mentioned above, you could also just go in for an Elmo cake and keep the other food items as per the taste of the guests and the kids who would be coming for the party. Just the bright red cake would be the center of the attention!

5. Elmo Return Gift Ideas

One of the many reasons for the kids to love birthday parties is also the party favour or the return gift that they get at  the end of the party. For an Elmo themed party, there are many options for you to choose from:

  • Sesame Street Coloring Book and Crayons : Elmos loves colors and kids will always love this gift. Give them a coloring book and Elmo crayons along with some candies put together in an Elmo party favor bag.
  • Finger Puppets : These will be extremely joyful for the kids. Elmo, along with other characters from the Sesame Street are easily available as ginger puppets or soft toys. You could use these as a party favor option.
  • Sesame Street Music CDs: These make for a great gift option and is a gift that can be used and cherished for a long time.
  • Animal Snack Cups With Gummy Fruit: Kids love gummy fruit and you could put this in a plastic cup and seal this with Elmo stickers on the top.
  • Play Dough: Play dough is a gift that is extremely useful for the kids and they love making shapes out of these. Customize these by using Elmo stickers on the play dough boxes so that they go with your theme.

Elmo along with his family and friends make it possible for you to have everything in the party revolve around a particular theme. Not just Elmo but other characters of Sesame Street like Cookie Monster and Big Bird are also quite popular with the kids, and while preparing for this birthday party, if you feel there is an overdose of Elmo, then you could consider working around other characters too. The overall theme will still remain Elmo but the events will not get monotonous in this case. However, if your toddler totally and absolutely loves Elmo, then let Elmo stand tall in the party.

For all the effort that you plan to put in for your toddler’s birthday party, be ready to accept all the compliments that come your way. The most precious out of this will be when you will see your kid beaming from ear to ear at this party!