Delightful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

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Last updated on May 17th, 2019 at 10:39 am

She could be your mother, sister, aunt, co-worker, or in that case even your wife. Choosing a gift for a 60-year old woman can be an intriguing affair unless you have a straightforward idea of what makes her happy.

There are many clueless men like us who have no idea whatsoever while selecting a gift for a 60-year old lady. Also, at times, even women cannot figure out a gift that could impress a fellow woman. To help everyone get their gift-giving skills on point, we decided to dedicate a space that talks about 60th birthday gift ideas for her.

60th Birthday Gifts for Her to Get a Wide Smile on Her Face

Yes, we do stress on the mentality of a person before suggesting gift ideas to our readers. Taking that into considerations, we settled on a thought that most of the women in their 60’s are well past their prime and adore gifts with an emotional value than the materialistic ones.

Therefore, anything that is customized exclusively for them can be termed as a decent gift for a 60-year old. Keeping a lot of factors in mind, we present ** gifts for her 60th birthday.

1. 60th Birthday Silver Pink Tiara

60-year-old tiara

Who said, tiaras were only meant for young girls? 60th isn’t t that old too, is it? If a young girl wearing it could feel like a princess, someone at the age of 60 might feel like a queen.

Make her feel like one, and there you would achieve anything and everything you desire to make her happy. She would appreciate your attempts from the bottom of your heart. Also, it could make her feel good about her growing age and fading beauty.

2. Fabulous & Sixty Elegant Bracelet


An elegant bracelet is one of the safest choices when selecting a gift for a woman. It would seem much more beautiful to the receiver when it has exclusive embellishments that signify her age and presence in your life.

The bracelet has 4 keychain-like add-ons with one with the number of her age, one is a simple heart-shaped figure, another has love written on it, and the last one says fabulous & sixty. She would flaunt the bracelet she receives amongst her friends.

3. Bamboo Tumbler with Tea Infuser and Coffee Travel Mug

Bamboo tumbler

The 17 ounces infuser is made of real bamboo which gives it a unique altogether. Also, it has the best insulation properties. Therefore, it could be best for keeping the water hot for a very long time.

It comes with a 2 piece detachable infuser which would give her the freedom to make tea, herbal tea, or infuse fruit flavors in the water. The bottle could help the 60-year-old to have her favorite drinks at her desired temperature. This would eventually reflect on the overall health.

4. Essential Air Diffuser

air diffuser

Let some aromatherapy do wonders for her in the form of Essential air diffuser. It creates a soothing ambiance at home helping your mind to stay fresh and alert. One doesn’t need to worry about the working of the machine as one adjusted, it can take care of itself.

It switches itself off after the water levels drop down avoiding the risk of burning the motor. Such an air diffuser would be of good use for someone to keep her house fresh and healthy as always.

5. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

shiatsu neck and back massager

The name says it all, doesn’t it? It is more of a gift that stresses on the efficiency more than the overall look or the sentiment. However, one would automatically exhibit care by presenting it to someone who is about to turn 60.

The sore muscles and tightened tissues are for real at that age, and it would be a mere perfect gift for someone who has been struggling with the body aches for a very long time. The massager allows your muscles to relax that too at the expense of your homes.

6. Tile-Mate

tile mate

Does she have a knack for forgetting things? Does she constantly keep forgetting about where she last kept her wallet? If it is so, a tile mate would be of much more help to the receiver. It could be placed on a keychain, or can be kept in a purse.

Once you are unable to remember where you last kept it, you can take the help of the tile mate to locate your wallet. Also, you can put it on your mobile phone for you to stay safe from mobile thefts.

7. Car Trunk Organizer with Cooler Bag

car trunk

If her car’s backseat is always full of mess, a car trunk organizer can be a handy gift for a 60-year old woman. It would help her to organize in a way and keep herself away from driving a messy car. Not all women care about their vehicles like men do.

If she is one of those women, she would definitely find it handy. This could be a great gift only and only if she is a regular driver. If yes, whether she is someone who loves to shop and dump her groceries in the back of the car, the car trunk organizer would help her do that without dirtying the car.

8. Scrap Book/ Photo Book with Gift Box

scrap book

Whether to leave it blank for her to gift it to her full of pictures is a decision you need to take while gifting this lovely looking photo book to her. The gorgeous leather cover improves the overall look of the scrapbook.

Either you can give it blank for her to capture her thoughts in it or you can make everyone in her family and friends write messages for her. This would be a nice gift for her that would have a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

9. A Box Full of Retro Candies

retro candies

Give her a dash of nostalgia by gifting her a box full of candies which would bring back a lot of her childhood memories. The box contains all the chocolates and candies that were insanely famous in her childhood.

In case she has a sweet tooth, she is going to appreciate this bundle of joy from the bottom of her heart. This gift needs to be avoided for the women who are trying hard to settle down their sugar levels. Not as beautiful as most of the gifts on the list, but it is certainly a gift that would bring a smile on her face.

10. Cooking Apron with Quirky Words

funny apron

In Dog years, I would be 420 years old, this quote on the apron is enough to crack a 60-year old woman up. Seeing that on an apron would definitely make her laugh.

The quirky apron within a matter of days would become her favorite companion in the kitchen because it is a gift from you.

She would love to flaunt her newly received apron on her social media accounts and amongst the guests she hosts. It would always make her feel close to you whenever she wears it to take a stir in the kitchen.

11. Gift Box Basket (Tea, Coffee, Nuts, Mustard, Fudge, etc.)

gift box

In case you are totally confused about what you can gift for her 60th birthday, a gift box basket is all you need. It comprises of everything and anything that is capable of making an average person happy.

From tea to candies, and from coffee to nuts, the box consists of a lot of snacking options that can get a bright smile on a person’s face.

You can even write a personalized message while you order the box. In order to get the message option, you need to select an option called as a pack as a gift.

12. Funny Cloth Shopping Bag

funny shopping cloth bag

Just like any other cloth bag, it would be helpful for a 60-year-old lady to carry her groceries or any other items as such. However, you might call us crazy for suggesting a cloth bag as a birthday gift.

The reason we couldn’t resist ourselves from putting this cloth bag on the list was the quirky quote on it. It says and I quote ‘It took me 60 years to look this cute’ which would crack the receiver as well as the one reading this while she is on the road.

13. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

amazon echo dot

Echo is an amazing concept from Amazon which works on a Siri-like feature called Alexa. Alexa recognizes your voice, takes in commands, and does the desired operation.

It can play songs from various online music platforms like Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon music. Also, one can receive or make calls using the echo dot.

Alexa can even read out the latest news and your social media feeds for you. Such an amazing device would keep a 60-year old woman entertained for life. It would help her to curb her boredom.

14. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle e-reader

Reading is a wonderful hobby to cherish. If the person you want to gift tends to be an avid reader, she is going to love this device for sure. Kindle lets you download books from all over the world with just a few touches.

You, as someone who is giving the gift, can even help her to get an unlimited subscription to all the books available on the Kindle.

You have to sit down with the 60-year-old in the initial stages of her trying to operate the device. Once she has mastered it, she would be reading for the majority of her time without getting her eyes troubled.

15. Nescafe Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine

coffee machine

This would give her the liberty to have her choice of coffee whenever she wants. All this without she having to move out of the house. A coffee machine would give her the freedom to choose from latte or cappuccino at any given point in time.

It would help her to suffice her coffee cravings at any hour of the day. However, consuming a lot of caffeine isn’t good for health. Therefore, a promise should be taken to have a limited access to the machine after it has been gifted.

16. Motion Sensor Lights


At 60, a person is said to enter his old age. With aging come a different set of problems that include confusion, impaired vision, and muscle soreness.

The chances that one effectively riches to a switch of the light without meeting with an accident are very rare.

Therefore, to help her cut down on efforts as well as accidents, motion sensor lights can be a decent gift for her. She would appreciate your care and affection and would know your main motive behind gifting her an efficient gift.

17. Secura 8100 MC Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

This induction cooker is smart in a way that it would keep a 60-year-old woman away from accidents. If she loves cooking but is struggling to keep up with her health, the portable induction cooking would be a great option to have at her disposal.

The burner doesn’t even when the utensil is being heated. Also, if one forgets to keep the utensil for 60 seconds, it automatically switches itself off.

It gives you an option to heat your food from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 460 Fahrenheit. For a cooking enthusiast, it would be a nice option to consider while gifting them.

18. Sage Green Hog Wild Peeramid Bookrest


In case, she is one of those bookworms who can read for hours without getting bored, you should really consider gifting her this wonderfully comfortable bookrest. It frees your hands while you read your favorite novel.

You can keep the book at a certain angle which is appropriate for reading. Also, it gives you the freedom of reading a book that too at the expense of your bedroom.

Although it is designed for children to make their reading hobby easier, it could be used by adults in order to keep their hands free while reading.

19. Jewelry Box & Organizer


Whether she is 16 or 60, it doesn’t matter. A woman would have a lot of ornaments at her disposal regardless of her given age. Many of them tend to dump their ornaments in the corner of their cupboard.

If she is one of those ladies, help her to organize a bit by gifting her a jewelry box and organizer. The three-layered box can be a fantastic option to keep everything from watches to rings, and other ornaments all stacked up at one place.

20. Oral-B Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush


It would be one of the strangest gifts you will ever give to anyone, but believe us, it would be equally efficient to the receiver. We all know how important oral hygiene is, and its direct effect on your overall health.

Thus, having a high-end toothbrush improves your chances to maintain your oral hygiene at a very top level. It has a time inherited which gives you the signal after the ideal brushing time is over. For a 60-year-old, it would be a strange but an efficient option to consider.

21. Pordyne Cheese Slicer


Honestly, we all love cheese, don’t we? This cheese slicer allows the user to dissect cheese with the help of a stainless steel thin wire. The tray also allows you to serve fruits or other crackers on it.

Therefore, apart from being a cheese slicer, it could also be used a slider tray. The efficient gift would be much loved by her as it would add to her long list of kitchen artillery.

Yes, even we have a doubt whether a cheese slicer alone could look good as a birthday gift, but if you manage to take a lot of cheese with you, it can be deemed as a perfect gift.

22. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw


This plush would allow the seniors to stay cozy and warm even on the chilly winter mornings. The inclusion of Thermo fine warming system allows you to provide warmth and comfort consistently for several hours.

It auto switches itself off after 3 hours of consistent use. Therefore, one shouldn’t worry about sleeping b snuggling into the cozy plush.

One can select from 3 distinctive warming settings to acquire a perfect setting under the plush. An electronically monitored plush like this would be an exceptional gift for women in their sixties.

23. Real Simple Magazine Subscription

Real Simple is a magazine dedicated to giving you exceptional life hacks along with some really wonderful recipes. It is one of the simplest yet addictive magazines to read, especially for women.

She would love to have a magazine like this at her disposal if she loves reading. You can book her a yearly subscription using the Amazon which allows you to change the settings of your subscriptions. You can either auto-renew it or stop the supply whenever you want using Amazon’s features.

24. Remote Controlled Radio


Give her the liberty to listen to her favorite music channels just by relaxing on her rocking chair. She can browse through the channels with the help of the remote which cuts down her efforts by 60 percent.

Also, she gets the liberty to listen to her favorite music while she is cooking. And during that time, if she doesn’t like anything, she would simply switch the channel using the remote control. It might not amuse someone who is in their early 20’s, but would be much appreciated by older people.

We guess we have lined up quite a few options for the 60th birthday gift ideas for her. With so many options at your disposal, we hope that you could find at least one gift that could impress a 60-year-old woman.

We tried jotting down things which were either efficient or would have a lot of emotional value attached to it. Also, we were reluctant of mentioning gifts like apparels, glasses, watches, etc. because that is what most people think of while selecting a gift.

If at all, any of our readers want us to include any particular 60th birthday gift idea for her, you can write to us in the comments section below. With this, we conclude our article that was dedicated to birthday gift ideas for a 60-year-old woman. We hope you liked all our ideas and also got one of them to be presented to the old lady.