30 Coolest of All the Baby Shower Ideas

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 01:40 am

Celebrate the mom-to-be with a marvelous baby shower. Baby showers can be a surprise event for the expectant mom or a party that she helps plan. Whether you’re celebrating the upcoming arrival of a baby boy, baby girl or plan to be surprised with the baby’s arrival, we have great baby shower ideas to celebrate this exciting occasion.

From baby shower theme ideas to decorations, we have all the advice you’ll need to throw the perfect shower for the expectant mom and her guests.

24 Best Baby shower ideas

1. Around The Clock Baby Shower


Have you ever lived with a baby? Can you find any baby shower party idea from your experiences?

Whether the mom-to-be are ready for the arrival little one or not, there are always some “time of day” in their daily life with the new baby.

Time for breakfast, time for play, time for nap, time for bath, time for bed, day and night, again and again…it’s absolutely an “around the clock” experience!
So why not use it as a baby shower party idea for mom?

When it comes to a baby shower party idea, it’s all about helping the mom-to-be with everything they need to be prepared for a new family member. That’s why it’s important for you to know exactly what baby needs. And an around-the-clock baby shower does just that!

2.Cowboy Baby Shower

cow-boy-showerCowboy baby shower is one of the most dad-friendly baby shower themes and also very popular at a coed party. Anyway, who can resist barbecue? “I’m loving it…deep in the heart of Texas..YEEEEHAAAAW!”

Just browser-through these baby shower party ideas below for a super special western celebration for the Mom-to-be and the Dad-to-be!

There’s no need to search around forever trying to find the best deal on cowboy theme baby shower supplies. Just compare between the packs below which cover pretty much all the boy baby shower items you’ll need:

3.Diaper Baby Shower

diaper-partyDo you know why diaper party is one of the timeless baby shower ideas for mom?

Diapers are absolute necessities for the new parents, you call it.

I heard, at some diaper baby showers, the new mom will be amazingly supplied with diapers and other diapering stuff for as long as 12 months – WOW, what a lucky family!

You will soon find yourself have been “Diaper-ed” by variety of diaper baby shower ideas out there.

Be creative!

Don’t plan your diaper baby shower the same old way as your mom did long time ago when you were the arrival little one. Oh, don’t forget the new daddy if you can find some special diapered and guy-friendly ideas.

4.4th Of July Baby Shower


Summer begins with 4th of July for many of us, are you arranging a couple baby shower around the big day?
The barbecue, the baseball, the camp, it’s all about the American freedoms! So have a barbecue shower and invite the guys, too – They will love to grill up the next courses as you play some of these summer-time fun games.

Ok,time to gather the most patriotic couples baby shower ideas in this summer day

5.Froggy Baby Shower


Plan a frog baby shower? Wow, that’s kind of party Toadily Awesome!

But finding out the best idea is a painful process…

Fortunately I’ve done the job for you. Jump over with me to the coolest collection of un-Frog-ettable baby shower ideas for a special family-to-be!

If you want to find out where to pick up those inexpensive froggy baby shower supplies, here is a list of the coolest “Frog Supplies“, you will love them!

6.Sweet Baby Shower


June 22 is National Chocolate eclair Day, so why not use this holiday as baby shower party ideas for Mom and only serve the sweetest things?

Chocolate puzzle, candy, lollipop, pie, dessert, pudding, cupcake…I can’t wait any more to tell you how to use them run through your baby shower.

And who can resist such a sweet memory that can last for years to come? Come with me…

7.Baby Shower Tea Party


Do you need any tea party idea so that the mom-to-be can feel a little more laid-back and quiet?

So that she can stay with a small group of people to celebrate her little one with white linens, porcelain cups and crystal glasses. Ooh, and those cucumber sandwiches and small cakes for an elegant affair!

In fact, tea party is a timeless choice for any baby shower for Mom – dont’ you agree that tea party has been the most popular theme for any ladies-only party since your childhood?

Ok, time to brew those tea-rrific baby shower ideas to your table.

8.Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower


Winnie the pooh baby shower is one of the best baby shower idea for second-time parents or a family baby shower party.


Because you love pooh, your kids love pooh and every boby love Pooh!

Ok, let’s discover some of the most pooh-rish party ideas perfectly created for your baby shower…

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They are cool and inexpensive, you can get almost everything you need for a winnie the pooh baby shower:

9.Hollywood Baby Shower


With all the wonderful baby shower party ideas below, how could the parents-to-be forget a very special “Oscar Night” party for their arrival little star?

🙂 Get up! Get out! Get in it!

10.Sports Baby Shower


This is definitely the coolest baby shower party idea for both expectant parents and their friends.
No matter the little All Star is the first, second or even the third one, choose a main sport as your theme, and hand out trophies for first, second, and third place!

You can have these general sports ideas and tweak them into virtually any sports theme, come with me…

11.Hawaiian Luau Baby Shower


Looking for fun, relaxed ideas for baby showers?

You come to the right place.

The luau party ideas below are fairly easy to put family members together to celebrate the baby-to-come at a hot summer day.


Before you get into the fun “hulala” baby shower ideas, just compare between the two packs below which cover pretty much all the Luau / Hawaiian / Tropical shower items you’ll need:

Wonderful Luau Entrance
Elegant designed Luau supplies and favors
Watermelon Plastic Platter

12.Rubber Ducky Baby Shower


Which popular motif can be twisted into coolest baby shower idea?

Of course, it’s the Rubber Ducky! A perfect party for the whole family to be “quacked-up” with rubber duck collectors’ hobby.

So you won’t miss the baddiest and duckiest fun ever.

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13. Teddy Bear Baby Shower


Looking for the coolest ideas for teddy bear baby shower or a care bears baby shower?

Teddy bear is part of your childhood and everyone loves it.

So, let’s recall your childhood enchantment and welcome the new arrival – it’s all about picnic and fun!

Before you start the “beary” special baby’s celebration, check out a list of the coolest “bear necessities” that provides almost everything you need to throw a “beary” special baby shower for the family-to-be:

Ballerina Bear One Tier Diaper Cake
Blue Bear 2 Tier Diaper Cake
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14. Noah’s Ark Twins Baby Shower


Throw a twins baby shower?

Double congratulations! But it doesn’t mean you have to use double time and double energy. The ideas below help you easily bring double happinesses into the special Baby Shower for Mom.

15. ABC Baby Shower


These free baby shower ideas work perfectly for the mom-to-be who is a teacher or educator. And 2nd or 3rd time mothers also love them. Her first baby has already grown up and ready to learn the basics of ABC and 123 while waiting for the brother(sister)-to-be’s arrival!

Let’s start planning the special baby shower from A to Z!

16. Little Princess Baby Girl Shower


Another baby girl shower is waiting for you…

Baby girls are little angels and little princesses. Why not celebrate the most enchanting baby shower for the Queen (the mom-to-be)?

First off, here are some of the coolest princess party ideas to make the little princess-to-be’s royal dream come true:

17.Safety Baby Shower Planning


Are you looking for the baby shower planning that provide an effective way to teach and reinforce safety and health message?

Baby safety shower is what you need.

More than a traditional baby shower, it’s a learning party where parents-to-be have fun and leave with new ideas about keep babies safe.

Before you start design a successful baby safety shower, you might also wonder where are the best places that supply unique baby safety products.

Safety Baby Shower Planning
The concept of Baby Safety Shower is developed by the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission (CPSC) and Gerber Products company. This type of baby shower is being held by organizations across the country for new parents and parents-to-be.

Not like most of the theme based baby shower planning, you won’t find many of those traditional gifts for the parents-to-be and edible goodies.

A larger baby safety showers encourage parents visit a variety of home safety workshops where volunteers illustrate important safety information with games, prizes, and other activities.

18.Family Tree Baby Shower


Are you throwing a baby shower for a family-wide fun?

Families are now widely dispersed and this has led to the growing popularity of family reunions and the trend just to see how the newest saplings are progressing on the family tree.

With some of the coolest family reunion ideas, you would invite not just the immediate family but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, everyone for a more elaborate event.

But remember…

Although you are planning the party like a family reunion, but you’re actually throwing a baby shower for a new family – don’t get the event over-planned!

Don’t panic for such a {GULP!} shower for, sometimes, over 60 people!

Just make sure you take it with organization, communication and delegation. And what better reason for family to get together than to celebrate a new addition to the family tree?

19.Baby Shower For Adoption


How to plan a baby shower for adoption?

The answer is simple. But let me ask you a question first, “Why does adoption have to be emphasized?”

Maybe you’ve already had your answer in heart…

However, let me tell you the answers about how to turn a long standing US tradition into a wonderful theme based baby shower for adoptive parents and their adopted baby.

Basic Entiquettes For Adoption Baby Shower

Consult, Consult and Consult!

Why consultation is so important? Because there are many differences you should consider when attempting to throw a baby shower for adoption.

First of all, the age of the adopted child is very important.

Your friends may have adopted a infant, but other couples may have adopted a older child or even a teenager. And the answer of “how to plan a baby shower” varies in big differences from adopting a infant to adopting a 5 year old. So don’t get it wrong!

And for the shower timing, check with the adoptive parents to see when the child is to arrive.

It is always good that the new parents can give you their ideal timing for the party, whether before or after the child is adopted.

The shower timing for a newborn’s arrival could be before or after the big day. But if the child is older than 2-3 years old, you should have the shower after the arrival and treat the event much like a birthday party. This also give the guests a chance to introduce the child to their extended family and friends.

20.Halloween Baby Shower


Why not have your baby shower ideas stick with the spookiest fun?

Halloween is not only for the kids, it’s a timeless opportunity for family and friends to get together and have some unique laughter and fond memories over the years.

One of the fanciest halloween baby shower ideas is to make a bubble bath costume. Pin small white balloons all over white sweatsuit. Then put on shower cap, hang bath scrubby from wrist and carry a rubber ducky or glue it to the shoulder for the sweatsuit.

Another baby shower idea is making a M&M; costume. Cut two large circles out from the cardborad. Then draw on “m&m;” onto both circles using spray paint (any color of M&M;’s). Use heavy duty string to attach the 2 pieces together and hang over shoulders of a black sweatsuit, sign style.

21.Winter & Christmas Baby Shower


Where are the ideas for baby showers if the baby arrives in a winter holiday season?

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s fun and beautiful to twist Christmas party ideas into the celebration for mom-to-be’s pregnancy if you just let the imagination flow.

White, blue, pink and silver make a gorgeous color scheme for the baby shower in Christmas.

Start your decoration ideas for baby showers from hanging little snowflakes from the ribbons around white umbrella.

Enhance the cold celestial effect by using plenty of white flowers, strings of white Christmas lights, new age music, and the scents of frankincense and myrrh.

One of the very special christmas ideas for baby showers is to decorate your party area with ceramic angles, angels in snowshakers, feathers, cotton batten, and stars made out of aluminum foil.

You can also decorate several small Christmas trees in Blue and Pink lights and hang small baby items like rattles, small stuffed animals, bottles, etc., along with snowflakes.

22.Baby Shower For Chinese Family


How to throw a baby shower if the soon-to-be-mommy is Chinese?

How about throw her a “East meets West” baby shower?

Uh…asian amercian, fusion or not. What ever you call it, let’s have some extra speical fun created from two different cultures.

Before planning your chinese baby shower, talk to your friend’s family and finding out about Chinese customs and traditions. If her family is not available, you can also look online. Here are some quite useful ideas that came to mind when I looked online: Chinese customs, superstitions and traditions.

And here is the coolest party supply makes the Chinese soon-to-be-mommy know that you really put some thought into the baby shower planning.

24.Valentine’s Baby Shower


If you’re expecting your baby in February, why not have a coed shower incorporating a Valentine’s Day theme?

Think about your experiences of the most loving holiday of the year where people celebrate their feelings and express about love, and blend this theme beautifully in planning a Valentine’s Day baby shower.

Oh my dear, who can blame you celebrate Valentine’s Day a littel early?

Make sure the dad-to-be, grandpa-to-be, and their buddies are on your guest list – without them, how could you have a complete Valentine’s Day party?

And your your kiss-on-the-tummy can really bring SUPER sweet memory for the new parents and their little sweet heart can keep for years.

Before you get into the most romantic coed shower you’ve ever imagined, I’ve listed almost the coolest valentine party supplies that you don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a fabulous baby shower: