Bachelor Party planning ideas in 2022

If you’ve been tasked with planning your friend’s bachelor party, you’ve got a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. What can you do to make this party a suitably memorable “last hurrah?” Whether you’re dreaming of flying everyone to Vegas for a weekend of gambling and debauchery, or you want something more low-key (like a … Read more

Simple 7 Birthday Party Food ideas in 2022

Whether it’s the first time you try party food planning or the 10th time you try to plan a party menu, you’ll quickly discover that food planning combines a bit of science, math, and art… all three neatly on one platter. The saying goes that we eat with our eyes. But the truth is, we … Read more

6 Simple Retirement Party ideas 2022

Ideas for Retirement Parties: Planning a Fun Retirement Party Coming up with fun ideas for retirement parties can be difficult. You don’t always have close relationships with the co-workers involved (ones where you actually know their tastes, friends, history etc.), so can have a hard time planning a retirement party they’ll appreciate. Even if you … Read more

16 Sleepover/ Slumber Party Ideas in 2022

Sleepover or Slumber parties name it the way you like, these parties are usually parties that happen over night at a friends place or may be if have a bungalow or a specific place to spend the night. But generally these parties are at a friends place. Every teenager has a dream of having sleepover … Read more