90 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend – Only Best Gift Presents

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 01:18 am

Being in a relationship has its own set of advantage and disadvantages as if this your first relationship then you need to think a lot to decide what kind of birthday gift ideas for boyfriend will appeal and how you can impress him with your charm. The kind of comfort you share with him is very special and you tend to forget all kind of tensions you are going through in personal and professional life.

We must ensure before choosing any items that it must suit his personality or it should surprise him. Complacency is not a good thing and allows to grow when the couples are not giving their 100% in the relationship. There are so many benefits having beau in your life such as one don’t need to feel pressurized of looking good as he admires you different attire and makeup as he is completely into you.

This list will have gift items of different subjects and themes for different individuals keeping their unique taste on the mind. No matter whichever profession you belong to this gorgeous suggestive gift ideas will be praised by him a lot.

We are giving a list of gift ideas for boyfriend and how to make it even more exciting by adding your magic to it and making it more memorable.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas For Boyfriend

1. Hamilton Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker 

It is said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and definitely girls we believe you would never think about disappointing him with your outstanding cooking skills. Hamilton Dual Breakfast Maker will help you in decreasing your workload a little bit by preparing food for both of you. 2 sandwiches can be done simultaneously or if you want sunny side up it fulfills your command and take around 5 minutes to ready for serving. Also, there’s a timer placed inside the device for audible tone.

2. Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler

I am sure if he loves consuming beer we have something which he cannot refuse. Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler and permits to keep beer cold for a day. If you are planning to give something which suits his party habits and it is made of growler stainless steel which won’t allow it to get rust and with BPA free. Whenever you are out especially in cold places beer relaxes your body and so by having this growler you can enjoy the trip. Apart from that it is safe for dish washing.

3. Unisox Pop Culture Socks

Unisox Fashion Socks - Embroidered Pop Culture Socks - Electric Heart

Unisox presents romantic socks for men which comes in Aqua color. It is made with a good usage of cotton, polyester and spandex. This is one of the simple gifts for night wears with appealing color. It is made to start both of your  day in a positive note with cute lightening embriodery. Unisox this present will appeal to him in a big way and what makes it even more amusing is that cloth is soft, breathable and is everlasting qualifies it to list of gifts for boyfriend.

4. MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Light

There are wide range of lamps in the market with so many peculiar designs meant to look beautiful at home decor. MPOWERD brings to you Solar Light and it completely powered by Sun, and you don’t need batteries to operate and holds the ability to get charged up to 7 hours. The versatile lamp provides flashlight, emergency light facilities in one single lamp. What makes even more attractive is being lightweight and fully water resistant. If you planning for night out with him, this has to be carried.

5. Ytonet Laptop Briefcase

Being a successful corporate professional, it requires him to travel so many places and to carry bag which contains all the necessary things like writing pads, pens and laptops. Yyonet brings to you this pair of stylish nylon bag meant to woo the masses and classes, since the laptop case and qualifies the list of brilliant gift ideas for boyfriend at any given seasons. This laptop gifts are made with very eco-friendly and give the consumer reasons to buy it. Laptop case is one of the very durable and wonderful birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

6. LK Screen protector with Smart Watch

Smartwatches are garnering huge successes in the market and most people are willing to shelf out to buy them flaunting the cool side of your personality. LK presents this best screen protector smart watches with lifetime warranty. It is design with full coverage and material to edge over edge designs on those handset. LK comes with high quality with top grade protection so that your smartwatches shouldn’t get damaged. If you are planning to give him luxrious and with anti-scratch qualifies the list of birthday gift for boyfriend.

7. Hidden Secret Message Leather

Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet Personalized with Custom Quote Date or Coordinates with Strong Hypoallergenic Magnetic Clasp

If you are in a long distance relationship then we understand how much necessary it is when you miss your lover. Fate might have separated both of you but the love remains intact. We are offering you this bracelet which has quotes like “I love you more than I miss you” most romantic gifts for him. BeGeniune Store presents Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet with strong hypoallergenic magnetic clasp. It is well-known European handmade brand and it is very comfortable to be worn on wrists. This could be one of the best gifts for long distance boyfriend.

8. Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers have suddenly become very famous and there are a good amount of speakers available in the market. Marshall brand has produced speakers, headphones and Alexa Voice Speakers to their credit. Marshall is back with their new product called Marshall Woburn Bluetooth Speaker and we elboroate on the charactersistic like lightweight bluetooth player with a standard sound level. It has multiple uses like Bluetooth, RCA and can pair with any bluetooth devices. This vintage design would remind you about the classic era of rock and roll and jazz and one of the superb present for boyfriends.

9. Liberty Footwear

Liberty Men's PU Leather Padded Footbed Tassels/Slip-On/Loafer Shoes (6, Sparkling Black)

Liberty Footwear has brought out some of the best footwear in their long-run journey. The brand has given Oxford, long boots, animal print shoes, walking shoes, and for kids and women as well. Liberty Men’s Loafer Shoes which are made of with great use of synthetic leather and lining designed with excellent and multicolor shoes which are extremely comfortable to be worn. The rubber sole confirms you are not facing any difficulties while wearing it with adequate grip. What makes the classic is the slipper silhouette which makes it bright gift ideas for boyfriend.

10. Manicure Set for Men

Manicure Set for Men â?? Pedicure Kit for Women â?? Manicure Kit stainless steel â?? Pedicure Tools with a leather case â?? Professional pedicure set â?? Manicure Tools Black

Dr. Heally presents this manicure and pedicure tools leather case one best to remove hairs from the body and marks the perfect gift for your male partners. The kit is made of stainless steel and all the necessary accessories for manicuring and pedicuring also, the set has diamond sharpening stones to chop off thick nails. It comes with great durability which is the reason why it is with you for a long time. These tools are convenient to handle and you can carry it comfortably.

11. Guardman Knife Keychain Self Defense

 Is your boyfriend fond of hunting and would like to see him in completely different avatars if he planning to visit forest. Guardman Black Key Knife Self Defense Keychain is perfect equipment to carry for your Tarzan or Indiana Jones. This stainless steel made with key chain knife looks abosultely stunning and handsome on him. This knife is lightweight and looks very simple so this characteristic makes it a must to be carried very efficiently. This is the best gift for boyfriend who loves going camping, hunting, and fishing. 

12. How to Live with a Huge Penis

Do you feel uncomfortable while making out with him due to his big penis and it prove to be a major obstacle during the sexual intercourse between you and him. Richard Jacob and Owen Thomas wrote this book called How to live with a huge penis which speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of carrying such a big dick. The harsh reality behind diesase such as Oversized Male Gentialia and most of men are afraid to speak and consult the medical experts regarding this.

13. Newzill Wrist Wallet

Have you ever heard about wrist wallet which has to be worn while playing tennis, basketball, cricket and also during trekking, Newzill present this beautiful and simple looking wrist wallet which makes mandatory to be worn during any sports matches. The wallet has long durability which is very soft and lightweight so boys you don’t need to take tension while participating in your favorite sport and can be used for a long period of time. Cotton Wrist Wallet can hold so many things like keys, cash, and energy gels.

14. Soundbot Stereo Bluetooth Hat

Soundbot presents Stereo Bluetooth Speakerphone Cap In-Built Mic is a gen-x accessory meant to enjoy music and stands out one of the unique creation in the modern era. Soundbot this new discovery is a revolution in the market as it perfectly amalgamates sound, weather, rechargeable, hands-free calling, wireless headset, and so many other aspects makes it be an innovative thing to carry it. The cap is very soft, warm and comfortable to be worn and you can favorite soundtrack on preferable volume and washable as well these qualities makes it be sublime gifts for your boyfriend.

15. Moov Now Activity Tracker

3D Fitness Tracker & Real Time Audio Coach, Moov Now:Swimming Running Water Resistant Activity Calories Tracker with Sleep Monitor, Bluetooth Smart Wristband for Android and iOS, Stealth Black

 If he is a sports and fitness enthusiast then we are giving me something which ensures that your knight in shining armour will be keep a good track on his health. Moov presents 3D Fitness Tracker and Audio Coach which can be used during swimming, cycling, boxing or doing karate. The Moov Omni sensor is an interesting device and makes best if you are planning to gift as for his month-long tournament and it actively tracks down the sleep and establishing fitness goals. This is one of the cute gifts for boyfriend

16. Google Daydream View Set

Google Daydream View - VR Headset (Slate)

Google Daydream View is one of the most beautiful ways to experience this beautiful world. This daydream sends you anywhere and it is very portable can be carried. Daydream App helps you in browsing an ever-growing collection of games and apps from home to the virtual reality. The daydream view will prove to beneficial in getting a 360-degree panoramic view of holiday sites you were keen on visiting for so many years. it allows your imagination to flow and from sidelines to centers of action and enjoy every event.

17. Native Union Smart Charger

Native Union presents dual charger facilities meant for your I-phone, I-pad, Smartphones or any other gadget. The two universal USB A-ports allows the double charging so the beautiful lovie-dovies we assure that poor battery won’t prove to be an obstacle for clicking social media friendly pictures. Native Union device allows high-speed charging thanks to smart IC technology and increase the speed so that the device should work and get fully charged as quickly as possible. The device fits in your pocket and has over-voltage protection with an ideal saving solution.

18. The Beer Bucket list

Do you wanna party with beers and keen on exploring the finest beer brands for rocking party. Mark Dredge ha.  penned down a book called The Beer Bucket list which has a total of 150 beer experiences and adventures from the world and definitely one of the best books for beer lovers. This book is hard to miss due to the interesting piece of information and mentions about iconic beer festivals, quirky Belgian Bars and introducing breweries. This is one of the best birthday gifts for Boyfriend you can think off. 

19.Complete Grapnel Anchor System

Complete Grapnel Anchor System

Boating with beau is always a memorable experience with him and if both of you are keen on enjoying water ride with him, we offering you Airhead Complete Grapnel Anchor System and has the ability to hold mud, sand, rock and meant for sailboats, float tubes, personal watercraft. Anchors added weight and can hold anything also they make effective rock absorber by tolerating the rode pulling straight and snatching are key reasons why people who own boats carry anchor. This is one of the finest birthday present for boyfriend.

20. Cubic Fun Taj Mahal Replica

CubicFun 3D Puzzles Models Architecture Kits for Adults and Kids,with National Geographic Booklet for India Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world is considered to be the greatest symbol of love and has received accolades from the architectural genius living across the globe for its magnificent beauty and designing. Taj Mahal is more than a just monument, its pride of India. There are so many documentaries have been made on this iconic palace. It was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. This is one of the resplendent ideas on what to get your boyfriend on his birthday

21. Juvale Couple Pillows

There are a good range of pillows with a romantic theme and is a huge hit amongst consumers. Most people are keen on buying them especially the couples who are in their mid or early 20’s. as it depicted the innocent love between the duo. Juvale brings to you the stunning pillow in which I Love you has been written in golden letters displaying the high-quality standard of the creators. The cushion covers are made with polyester and invisible zipper. It can be used for machine wash and prevents liquid and food splatter.

22. Fender Guitars

If you have watched any Bollywood or Hollywood romantic films, the hero plays guitar to woo his ladylove and that famous song picturized on lead actor and actress has inspired so many couples to try this out on their girlfriends. Music connects the people and if your lover has a good sense of music and eager to play musical instruments we have this acoustic guitar by Fender. The guitar comes with full-size dreadnought body for some beautiful tones of different styles of music and one of the vibrant present ideas for boyfriend.  

23. Resource Rival Bicycle Coasters

If he loves to ride a bicycle and likes to enjoy being himself during weekends, we have coasters dedicated to his love and passion for the bicycle called Resource Revival Bike Chain Bamboo Coasters. Today, you would find very few people who love to read bicycle and keen on continuing this hobby forever. These bicycles coasters have a bicycle chain with beautiful bamboo coating. Thanks to the best coating it makes you can use it anywhere. Tea or coffee drinking experience won’t be the same with these coasters.

24. Jorlai Record player for Vinyl

Gramophone and record player was quite a popular phenomenon in the 20th Century and most of the elite households had the gadget to enjoy their favorite music in leisure. Casetes and Music System arrival changed the game forever and people got more inclined towards them. Vinyl Record brings to you Jorlai Record Player with speakers for music lovers who are willing to give a try for a new experience of listening to music. The design will give you yesteryear vibes and is very lightweight and can be carried anywhere. One of the birthday present ideas for your boyfriend.  

25. Fenway Park Blueprint

Fenway Park is one of the most famous baseball park located in the U.S. It was established in 1912 and has been home for the Boston Red Sox, American League Baseball Team and of course Major League Baseball from the early 50’s. This historical park has witnessed several iconic baseball matches and also football, soccer and hockey games with teams like Boston Redskins and the Boston Patriots or for popular political and religious campaigns. We present you to Ballpark Blueprints Fenway Park Blueprint very good presents for boyfriend

26. Biolite Campstove

If you are a travel junkie and loves to explore different places and enjoy narrating stories under campfire. We have something which combines camp stove and electricity called Biolite Campstove Wood Burning and USB charging stove. It is a very revolutionary product and definitely will be loved youngsters and has a capacity of turning fire into electricity. Power outages stick and other biomass and get activated after 20 minutes charging allows you to have 1-hour charging for telephonic conversations. It has an internal battery which allows starting generating power.

27. Enjoy the Star Wars Musical Box

Star Wars is one of the most famous franchise has been adapted into films, tv shows, and comic shows. Most of the couple have their fair share of fond memories about the star wars and their characters which have earned cult following among the generation of viewers. Enjoy the Wood brings to you the musical box Star Wars theme music to enjoy and relive your Star Wars moments. This musical wooden box will be loved by him and he will play it in his spare time.

28. Pancake Bot

There are always been a debate about pancakes and waffles, each and every person has their favorite food. Mouthwatering delicious pancakes along with jam on lazy Sunday morning is the best choice to have it. Pancakes are always a better option to added with bananas and peas. Also, you can have it on holidays so don’t escape this time. This sophisticated dispensary system will be a perfect one to prepare pancakes and comes with nonsticky griddle and has BPA free bater dispenser making it one of the good presents for boyfriend.

29. Pushing the Boundaries : Cricket in the 80’s

Cricket is the world’s most popular sport and has been entertaining people for so many years. Different formats have included and excluded in this game and have produced several legends. The 1980s was the most glorious period of English Cricket and one stalwart who became a household name during this decade is Derek Pringle, who is by Kenya has played Test and ODI format for England. Post retiring from the game he worked as a cricket journalist for The Independent and The Daily Telegraph newspaper. This book is one of the ravishing gifts to get your boyfriend

30. Solarart 100 books buckets list

It is saying that “Books are man’s best friend”, there are so many books of different genres which we are yet to be discovered and read by us. If he enjoys reading books, then we are bringing you Solarart USA Book Bucket list which would suit his serious, studious, quiet personality. This list is one of the coolest ideas for book lovers and you can definitely discuss this list with your book club remembers and ranging from the classics to modern day literature. This poster would look good at his home.

31. Petforu Magnetic Lights for learning Education

If he is a science enthusiast you would have to think a bit about what kind of gifts will be loved by him. Petforu presents this Magnetic Levitation High Rotation C Suspension global with LED lights. This one will work for 365 days and 24 hours so it won’t be difficult for you. This fashionable design along with science touch with LED lights to look extremely cool during darkness. The lamp has electromagnet along with sensor makes electronic control and one of the best gift for boyfriend on his birthday

32. 1001 movies you must watch before you die

A true cinema lover who never leaves a single film and watches different flicks which are highly recommended on the Internet, cinephiles, film critics and also the box office business of films including popular faces or even newcomers as well. There’s a book in the market called 1001 books to watch before you die, and consider to be the most best-selling books of all time. Behind-the-scenes of famous movies makes it even more interesting to read movies along with the still photographs of movies qualifies to be the best presents for your boyfriend

33. Game of Thrones Map

One of the world’s most popular epic fantasy TV show Game of Thrones enjoys a great fan following across the globe. People from different walks of life are an avid watcher of this show. GOT fans to know what makes the show so unique and why it will celebrate in so many aspects. R.R. Martin’s book has been adapted into a successful television series and those characters which are quite familiar with everyone. The stories of these seven illustrious kingdoms have also won awards in a different category.

34. Panpac Sight Gatsby Hat

Menâ??s Newsboy Gatsby Hat Vintage Beret Flat Ivy Cabbie Driving Hunting Cap for Boyfriend Gift

Hat has always looked very suave on different men of different eras. Cowboy, models to different personalities likes to wear them. Pan Pac sight presents Men’s newboy Gatsby Hat Vintage Beret is made with wool and viscose is quite comfortable and breathable and very easy to wear and difficult to remove. Gatsby’s hat would give him the classic John Wayne, Cary Grant, Marlon Brando, Clark Gable look and would compliment with his blessed good looks and body. He can wear it during winter, summer, autumn or other season.

35. Samdi Universal Desktop Computer

If you are struggling with the idea of what to buy your boyfriend for his birthday then this product will help you out. Samdi Universal Desktop Computer Monitor for him to work comfortably and confidently working on his professional assignments. Samdi brings to you this inevitable piece of furniture and definitely worth buying because it has been made with superior quality of wooden. It has a valuable desk with cable management to keep the connections obtainable. It has certain retro vibes and is comfortable very environmentally friendly and makes it list to the best gift for boyfriend.

36. Whiskey Stones for EMcollection

   If you are a true whiskey lover, you know they either neat, some over a splash of water, or some from chilled one. We are giving you suggestion on how to refreshing your scotch. We are offering you whiskey stones to be used and what makes better ice to cool down and surviving it in cold temperature. EM collection 2 Whiskey Stones comes with a full set and along with black velvet bag and those handsome scotch whiskey poured into glasses. Don’t waste your money on ice cubes for this special gift for boyfriend.

37. Ggaliner Cigar Cutter

If you are dating a guy coming from a good financial background and prefer to smoke from cigars then we have something for a better puffin experience. Ggaliner Cigar Cutter Lock System made with wood stainless steel is the most thought-provoking gift and double cut blades come with polished and smooth blades to chop off the big cigar and make it convenient during smoking. The cutter system with locked is made with good quality of zebra wood gives it very a fashionable and seasoned feel to the cutter.  

38. Pocket Squares for Men

Pocket Squares Holder For Men, Best Accessories for Suits, Tuxedos,Vests and Dinner Jackets, 3Pack Assorted.

Star Heaven brings to you pocket holder to keep the vests and jacket suits to keep his napkins and other stuff from the Star Heaven’s Pocket Squares is best at his home or office. The pocket squares and openings amalgamate all the three. Pocket Holder is very thin, durable and flexible with easy material. It can tailor and fits the pocket size and makes perfect for meetings and can keep his tuxedo, blazer and sport coat. It will definitely leave a good impression on him and will be like a lot.   

39. Infographics Designers Sketchbooks

Sketching has been always been a favorite pastime and most of the people like to bring out their creativity with good colors and illustrations. Steven Haller Infographics Designers Sketchbooks are a delight if he is a good calligrapher. There are a different kind of techniques and make complicated ideas and concepts very easy and understandable. Books and website data have been instrumental in collecting information. This book has almost fifty world’s best graphic designer and illustrators to exhibit their creative mind and what process goes into making them.

40. Bacon Recipes

If he loves bacon and likes to indulge in different kind of bacon recipes, we have something to offer preparing some mouthwatering bacon recipes. Theresa Gilliam has penned down this book called Bacon 24×7 meant for fine cutting, smoking and consuming. Bacon is here to stay no matter if prices of pock rise and this book will provide how you can make create an interesting bacon recipe to impress his appetite.  It has images of recipes like Pasta Canbora and Apple Pie with Bacon Strudel.

41. John F Kennedy Profiles in Courage

Profiles in Courage: Deluxe Modern Classic (Harper Perennial Modern Classics) by [Kennedy, John F.]

If both of you are students of political science then we are offering you a book on the world’s most renowned politician and 35th president of the United States of America Mr. John F Kennedy’s biography. Kennedy’s life has always talk of the town written by his daughter Caroline Kennedy and a foreword by his brother Robert F Kennedy and has won Pulitzer Prize as well. This book Kennedy points highlights on his eight colleagues who come at an important juncture of the nation’s history like Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

42. Party Talk Photo Frame

There are so many special moments with her that it’s too difficult to select and choose for that picture perfect on frames. Party Talk presents this innovative creative explosion decorative photo frame scrapbook in which you mentions about some memorable moments and pictures the duo would like it. One can think about putting a ring, bracelet, hand-clock, perfumes. This paper is of very superior quality, extremely lightweight and apart from you can get idea from YouTube. This gorgeous gift box can be gifted by wrapping them beautifully.

43. Arberg Best Digital Camera

Digital Cameras is on high demand especially from youngsters and most of them are willing to buy because of superior quality pictures and with USB you can insert those images in computers so that you can enjoy them anytime. AbergBest 12 megapixels LCD rechargeable cameras marks as one of the perfect birthday gifts for boyfriend.  If he’s an expert lensman and has been searching for the camera which has received great appreciation from everyone, this one is for him. Apart from clicking pictures, you can do video recording as well.  

44. National Geographic Visual History

There are two sets of students, one who loves history and the other one who hates them as it becomes quite difficult to remember the genealogy and dates when and where the important landmark events happened which changed the course of the world. If both of you falls under the former category, then we have a book by the well-known National Geographic Channel which would narrate everything visual and written by Douglas Brinkley. One can easily find images right from the Pyramids of Egypt to World War 2.

45. Rajeev Balasubramanyam Professor Chandra follows his bliss

We all have to go through a different kind of stresses in our personal and professional life, those tensions, victories, defeats, and aspirations take a toll on our mental health and we stop enjoying this life. Rajeev Balasubramanyam, one of the world’s most renowned author of Indian origin and has lived in London, Kathmandu and Hong Kong comes with the gem of a book deals with its main protagonist Professor Chandra. The book has the abilities to struck a chord with readers and will be loved by him.

46. 12 Holiday Palms Beautiful box Christmas

12 'Holiday Palms' Beautiful Boxed Christmas Greeting Cards 4.63 x 6.75 inch, Merry Xmas Note Cards for Holidays, Gifts, Tropical Holiday, Notecard Stationery w/ Envelopes B3273DXSG

The Best Card Company brings to you Holiday Palms Beautiful Christmas Greeting Card to enjoy this globally popular festival with your hunk. Seasonal Greetings Christmas is written in the card and what would be more fun than giving this to him and would remind the beauty of festival and the noted card envelopes which are interesting can be reused. Christmas greeting card is prepared by high-quality glossy paper for eye pleasing. The brand offers you a wide range of different styles of greeting cards to impress him.

47. Cafepress Drinking Mug

A programmer’s professional life is filled with so many stresses and tensions. If both of you are working in one office and have graduated with the same educational background. CafePress has given good products in category ranging from entertainment, drinkware, phone cases to stationery and now is back with a mug which depicted the life of programmer’s life in a very funny way. The cups are made with durable white ceramic with super easy grip and have a very retro vibe to it.

48. Masterchef Cookbook

It’s a blessing to have a boyfriend who is a very good cook and can make some delicious recipes of various cuisines or if he’s a student of culinary art then what else you could ask for. Masterchef one of the world’s most popular cooking reality show has given some well-known faces from the food industry and brings to you this cookbook featuring some of the best recipes. The book features all kind of techniques, tools, tips, and advice on how to make mouth-watering dishes makes it a list of best gifts for lover.

49. Greek Gods Chess Set

Chess is considered to be a very important game as it helps us psychologically if you play that game continuously. If he enjoys playing this classic sport with his cousins, friends or even with you then we are presenting you this game with a greek twist. HLD brings to you the classic Chess set with key characters like Rook, Knight, Bishop resembling with famous deities of Greek Mythology which is a very classy thing to gift him. Every character has been designed with solid resin and hand board best presents to get your boyfriend.

50. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny by Robin S Sharma is one of the most popular books in the market and has received considerable feedback from readers for the last 2 decades. The book is about a character called Julian Mantle, a lawyer by profession and whose extraordinary story motivates us to aim big, achieve great success with great efforts and concertation. If you have been searching for classics with deep thoughts and develop self-discipline in you then this book is recommended.  

51. Jiulying Ball Point Pen

There are so many good varieties of ball pens with good ink and notable creation of a well-known pen company. Jiulyning brand comes with a ballpoint pen through which we can also use it as a screwdriver as well. The pen has already have made it big in the consumer’s mind due to reasonable pricing and good qualities. Multi-Tool Pens can be used anywhere and anytime with the design of a ruler makes it even more intriguing. The stylish appeal would make it perfect for him.

52. Srinivasan Ramanujan Mathematical Discoveries

Srinivasan Ramanujan is the most well-respected Mathematician of India has known for his landmark contributions with the discovery of a new number called 1729. He along with his mentor G.H. Hardy gave some priceless gems which scientist would always remain indebted to these stalwarts. He created history by being the youngest Indian to receive a Fellow of Royal Society. His mathematical theories remain the most interesting things to study. Ken Ono one of the co-author of this book decodes how he finds Ramanujan an inspirational figure.

53. Animal World German Shepherd Doormat

If both of you are an animal lover and would like to give him something which goes down very well with both of your images. We have this German shepherd doormat which has a beautiful print photo of that animal and will leave a good impression about you in his mind. Most of the women would hardly think about replacing the simple doormats with something new and interesting one. So, keep that in mind Fiddler’s elbow is coming with their beautiful dog doormat.

54. Adidas Team Force

Adidas Team Force Cologne By Adidas Eau De Toilette Spray For Men 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray

Women drool over sportsman who plays different games with ease and their killer moves are wooed by their contemporaries and fans. Adidas one of the most world’s most famous sportswear brand has produced some impressive merchandise appealing to the finest sportsman and sportswoman across the globe. Adidas comes with their new perfumes called Adidas Team Force Cologne comes with extremely superior quality and guarantees good hygiene while you are on the field. Adidas Team Force Cologne has won respectable FIFI award at the beginning of new millennium 2000.   

 55. Tactical American Pro Hoodies

Tactical Pro Supply Army American Camo Flag Hoodie (Tiger Camo, XXL)

He is a hottie and you love him in whatever attire he sports and would want to add something more interesting to his wardrobe. We are bringing you this Tactical Pro Army American Supply Hoodie with design reminding of a wild animal tiger. These hoodies are very comfortable to wear and a very premium quality sweatshirt, they are designed and manufactured with great care. The cloth is made of cotton and polyester meant for cold machine wash. These sexy hoodies clear the confusion on what to get boyfriend for birthday

56. Ambesonne Lion Curtain

Ambesonne is one of the numero uno names when it comes to home items. The brand brings to you this dark lion image in black background. These curtains are made with high quality of polyester and fabric bathroom curtain which would create an astonishing aura of your dude. It comes with great measurements with 12 hooks and liner needed with great Turkish material and it waterproof and best use to machine wash. Lion has been nicknamed as King of the Jungle and a symbol of regality.

57. Rabindranath Tagore World of Art

Rabindranath Tagore one of the greatest Indian writer, poet, painter, music composer and playwright. His mesmerizing stories have inspired generations of authors for intense elegant prose and beautiful words which is very popular around the world. He became a first non-European to be honored with Nobel Prize in literature. This book written by Supriya Roy focuses on Tagore’s paintings and how to Bard of Bengal created magic on canvas with his beautiful creations. Rabindranath Tagore and his World of Art will suit him if he does and love paintings.  

58. John Wayne Monopoly

John Wayne popularly known as Duke ruled Hollywood like no other star and his larger-than-life persona made him a heartthrob of people for almost 4 decades. He might have passed away 40 years ago, but films still watched by so many cine-goers to remember his significant contributions in the annals of classic Hollywood Cinema. Monopoly well – regarded board games has produced several games based on a theme comes up with this new set dedicated to late matinee idol and will ignite the fanboy moment in him.

59. Kurt Adler Elvis Presley Mold Ornament

Kurt Adler Elvis in Blue Suit Blow Mold Ornament

While going on a long drive we ensure to carry something auspicious car hanging the decoration item. One can find so many things depending on your image, personality, and theme of the car. If both of you are a professional musician then we bring to you this awesome and cute car hanging decoration prop of the great rock and roll legend Elvis Presley made the well-regarded house ornament expert called Kurt Adler. If your boyfriend is a true Elvis disciple and brand loyalist then this is the best gift.

60. Kanu Surf Swimming Trunks

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Black, Large

This weekend I am sure if he’s planning to have fun at the beach with his gang and would want to give something simple and exclusive beachwear to be spotted this year. Kanu Surf brings to you Men’s Baracuda Swimming Trunks and would fit with his dashing personality. These trunks are made of high-quality polyester and have good elastic closure to them. If he sports these swimming trunks it is obvious you would again go weak in your knees and propose him for his super sexy avatar.

61. Blue Short Tempa Blanket

You must have lost count how many times when the two of you got cozy with each other and enjoyed the beautiful company of the two of you together under the cuddled up blankets. Tache Home Fashion has produced various good products under its kitty. The Home fashion company brings to you these blanket made with good quality of polyester. These blankets for cold and summer nights for extra comfort sleep for the duo. The blankets come under different colors like olive green, rainy blue, and merlot red.

62. NFL Football Slippers

Football is loved by everyone and has garnered huge popularity ever since its inception. It’s a common trend to see boys and men sporting BPL jerseys to display their fandom and showing which team do they support. Well, we will focus on the NFL, well-regarded football tournament league based in the United States. NFL has teams like New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Philadephia Blues, Oakland Riders to name a few which have earned cult status. NFL merchandising brings this orange black slippers for hunk and it qualifies the list of gifts for boyfriend.

63. RIMABLE Skateboards

Skating is considered to be the very coolest sports in the world. There is a good percentage of people who enjoy roaming around streets like a carefree bird flaunting their super cool side. Rimable presents this super sexy skateboard from the thunderous collection select board for your men. There are two kinds of skateboards popularly known one is two legs with 5 wheels and the second one is 4 wheeler skateboard. Thanks to the high quality of Trucks you alongside the super smooth wheel makes it the best choice of birthday gifts for him.

64. DSL Viper Men’s and Women’s Matching Shoe

DSI Viper Marching Band Shoe - Black - Mens 14 Wide / Womens 16 Wide

Shoes are the last thing when it comes to think about shopping gifts for your boyfriend. We girls have a very bad habit about choosing anything random choice of shoes for our dude. DSI who has produced us some really good items in the past. DSI shoes look quite promising and engaging for his strong legs. It makes even more sense if he is working in a military school and during marching parade or school days. DSI leather shoes with a cushioned insole and made with great flexibility and portability.

65. Taco Holder

Taco on Sunday brunch with some delicious flavors to enjoy it with family and friends. KidsFunwares Triera Taco Holder is the best option to preserve your super yummy Tacos. The cute dinosaurs holding a wide range of tacos is meant for your kitchens. The extinct prehistoric Tricetaro with your favorite Tacos. It’s a mealtime accessory and serving Tacos for, style. What makes, even more, best is high-quality design with food-safe ABS plastic holder, all those products FDA materials. These products can be returned if it fails to satisfy the consumers.

66. US. Toy Pizza Hat

If both of you are fond of Pizzas and would do anything to enjoy this famous Italian Fast Food and have it during spare time. US Toy pizza Hat is the most amusing birthday present for him and it will always remind about you to him whenever he spots this during the holiday. There are so many good ranges of pizza with distinct flavors like Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza. Apart from beach holidays, he can wear it during carnivals, theme parties or any fun occasion.

67. Giorgio Armani Men’s Dark

GIORGIO ARMANI Men's Dark Gray 100% Wool Upton Blazer Sport Coat Jacket, Gray, EU 56 / US XXL

Giorgio Armani has produced several kinds of memorable products under its famous brand like Spray, Stuffed peppers, sunglasses, watches and so many. The brand is back with a sexy black blazer coat meant for his fashionable and glamorous personality and will add more flamboyance to eternal charming personality and suggest him to sport it with full swag on any given occasion. This sexy coat jacket is made in Italy with only 2 buttons, good use of polyester and single breasted and two buttons closure.  

68. We are Friends TV Show Hoodies

Uzair Friends TV Show Hoodies Unisex (Black, Large)

F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most popular TV shows around the world characters which is famous thanks to great acting and dialogues and wonderful screenplay. Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Joey Tribblani, Chandler Bing and Ross Geller with so many fan pages dedicated to them on social networking sites. F.R.I.E.N.D.S franchise has produced few memorable gifts for their long loyalist over the years. Uzair has produced some good T-shirts of noteworthy companies. This one promises to be the best one like their previous products.

69. Smartphone Portable Projector

Luckies of London is responsible for creating products in the categories of scratch maps, scratch globes, framed maps, and journals. Do you want to surprise him by giving a product through which we can relive those memories of his childhood and adulthood what could be better than this projector 2.0 of the smartphone. This smartphone kind of projector is made with cardboard and a good glass lens. Remember, I-Phone 6 and I-phone 7 will fit the product and show the objects clearly up to 8 times.   

70. Barry Wang Men Ties Pocket Square Cufflinks

St Patrick's Day Green Ties for Men Paisley Tie Hanky Cufflinks Set

Would you want to give him this beautiful set of tie to look extremely ravishing in any function, so we have an option called Barry Wang Men Ties Woven with Pocket Square with a necktie, a handkerchief, a cufflink which suits his shirts. The cufflink is made with stainless steel with a silk tie to guarantees whichever will be suitable for him. The classy retro fashion would look absolutely sexy on your George Clooney or Brad Pitt. This is one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend.   

71. Scrapbook Album Leather Vintage Photo

Due to the inception of cameras in mobile phones or smartphones, people are taking least concerned about keeping memories in the form of photography. The trend of having an album seems to become a bit outdated and it has enhanced with the creative looking photo album and one such gem is called See Han Scrapbook Photo album with the embroidery of leather leaf pattern will transport you to the era of Ashoka and Mughal Emperor Akbar. This photo album has been designed with soft PU leather and it is waterproof.   

72. Super Mario Pillow

Chicozy Super Mario Luigi Mushroom Corpse Flower Pillow Covers Car Bed Sofa Cushion Cover Throw pillow Square Cotton Linen Pillowcase Decorative Sofa pillow case 18 inch 45cm x 45cm

Mario Games one of the pioneers in video gaming and a memorable character of our childhood during 90’s and early 2000’s. We all have that fond memories of playing that game after coming from school and completion of homework and having fun with our sibling, cousin, friends to indulge in that beautiful world of that character red and blue guy with a Charlie Chaplin kind of mustache meant to tickle our funny bones. Chicozy presents this Mario Pillows in a wide variety of colors which will be like a trip down to memory lane.   

73. Aqueaon LED light Aquarium

Aqueon company has produced starters kits, heaters, filters, lighting, fish food meant for those all cute amphibians who mesmerize us in the water world. This gift for your lovers who enjoy the company of fishes and would look wonderful at home space. Aqueon LED Light digital fish tank will definitely leave a good impression in his mind. Fishes and dogs are the only popular creatures which humans like to domesticate and a good percentage of people with contemporary design and elevated base and make it gift ideas for boyfriend.

74. Rainbow Socks Sushi Box

SUSHI SOCKS BOX 3 pairs Tamago Cucumber Salmon FUNNY GIFT! Made in Europe L

If he’s fond of Sushi and enjoys having this Sushi socks Box of 3 pair Tamango, Cucumber, and Salmon for delightfully sushi brunch. Rainbow Socks have brought you this wonderful box of sushi for the irreplaceable Sushi fans. Sushi Socks Box is one of its kind product and the way packaging is done, you would feel it was produced in recent times. Each and every sushi folder is wonderfully crafted straight out of Japanese Kitchens. Food socks are one of the remarkable motifs in the space of a modern sock system.

75. What Do You Meme Party Game

Internet MEMEs are a huge hit among so many people because they’re very funny creations and thought behind such hilarious pictures and words used in them. We have this unusual game called What Do You Meme? party game to tickle your funnybones. The dealt caption cards come with caption photo around and in the conclusion, you can crown respective people queen and king. The games contain around 435 cards, in which around 360 are the caption cards and remaining 75 are photo cards. There are 4- bidden words on them as well.

76. Scratch Off World Map Poster

If your boyfriend is interested in knowing more about the world and would like to explore different sides of our planet. We have something to offer called Earthabitants’s Scratch World Off  Map Poster to woo him. This map will motivate him to know more about our world and who knows he would create a bucket list of exploring different countries and cities, it stands out due to vibrant colors and cartographic details.  It has been made in thick art paper with laminated finishing despite scratch it won’t compromise on the quality of design.

77. AncestryDNA : Genetic Testing Ethnicity

AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Ethnicity + Traits

Whenever he is introducing about his family members, it would be very interesting to know where he has inherited certain traits and mannerism of his personality you might get some information from his mother, friend or sibling but what about ancestry DNA thing. AncestryDNA Genetic Testing Ethnicity is a wonderful book you can give him. This book lets the reader discover some unusual personality traits and goes back up to 500 + global regions. It helps to discover the prehistoric relevant data about your ancestors.

78. Ray Ban New Wayfarer Sunglasses

RAY-BAN New Unisex, 100% UV Protection, Polarized Wayfarer, Reduce Eye Strain, Lightweight Plastic, Glass Lenses, 52 mm Frame, Black (622), 52mm

Ray ban has known for producing some excellent range of sunglasses and what makes even more interesting is the presence of some good looking models wearing their sunglasses. RAY BAN sunglasses is one of the best birthday gifts for your boyfriend and it is made of a plastic frame with a plastic lens and non-polarized with frames are made of nylon. If you are willing to add more swag to his personality then these frames are the best gift you can think about.

79. Cowin DiDa Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers

COWIN DiDa with Amazon Alexa Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Wireless Wifi Portable Bluetooth Speaker 15W Output Power with Enhanced Bass- Black

These days Alexa Bluetooth speakers are in good demand thanks to their unusual way of listening sound and consumers are showing a keen interest in buying them. Cowin DiDa Amazon Alexa Bluetooth speakers with wireless WiFi to ensure you listen to music and dialogues at any given time. Cowin Dida Speakers is a voice-enabled speaker and have good control of your voice. The microphone button allows you to listen to music, hear the news orders a pizza. It has acoustic drivers with clear stereo sound.

80. Retro Flip Down Clock

Time-Travelling has always an interesting issue to debate about and great response from everyone and even from someone who is unaware of science. WoneNice Retro Digital Flip Clock will send him to a different era and this will appreciate his family members also. It has 24 hr facilities with flip down a minute and very easy to numbers. What makes it best due to high quartz movement and won’t make noise so don’t worry even getting up early morning and makes one of the cute gifts for boyfriend.

81. The Man the Legend Boxers

Fun Boxers - Mens The Man The Legend Boxer Shorts, Grey, Black 31349-Large

It’s no doubt that your man is a hunk and you would like to give me something as a tribute to your stud we have this boxer which has a quote The man The legend a perfect one for your dude. These boxers will good on me when we both are planning for a beach outing. Fun Boxers have produced several memorable products under their kitty. Boxers of different range and colors meant of different occasion. These pair of boxers are made with good use of cotton and the good of machine wash.

82. ThisWear Boyfriend Wood Heart Keychain

Key chains have always been in trend and the unique one has always been appreciated by users and company too knows it by producing some really exquisite piece of key chains. This Wear brings to you Boyfriend Keychains with heart by gifting something meaningful and memorable for your lover. These lightweight keys are very to recognize for him and clearly shows your unconditional love. The Keychain is made with real wood and qualifies the list of our best birthday gift for boyfriend.  

83. Zen Pencils Cartoon Quotes

Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks by [Than, Gavin Aung]

Gavin Aung than one of the most famous cartoonists from Australia. He is known for creating cartoons in spare time and wanted to make a career on that. He quit his corporate job after working there for eight years and that real inspiration to start Zen Pencils: Cartoon Quotes from Inspirational Folks which is a delight for you and your boyfriend to ignite the love of art and if he is equally passionate about drawings and illustrations, then he can decide to have a full-fledged career just like author.    

84. Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit

Gentleman Jon Complete Wet Shave Kit | Includes 6 Items: One Safety Razor, One Badger Hair Brush, One Alum Block, One Shave Soap, One Stainless Steel Bowl and Five Razor Blades

Beard or clean shaven look women love their men in different avatars whenever they are around. If your man has good bread, it won’t surprise you love to cuddle them and kiss to express your love and showing how macho and sexy he is. Gentleman Jon brings to you this astonishing shaving kit for him and makes it the best birthday present for boyfriend. Abandon the tough cartridge razors and aerosol foams to have enhanced version of a shaving kit. It comprises safety razor, badger hair brush, alum block, stainless steel shave bowl, shaves soaps and 5 razor blades.

85. Lotfancy playing Cards

Diwali Card parties are one of the famous phenomena in India and most men like to add such attraction to bring some entertainment in the function. Most of you have this playing cards set at your home and enjoy it in your leisure time. LotFancy has this playing cards with 52 suited cards in red and blue with a joker just like any other card set. Texas Hold’em, Blackjack, Pinochle, Euchre, Poxer so have it for fun. Jumbo index playing cards with super-indexed, big-faced and made with plastic coated.

86. Arvec Men’s Turkish Bathrobe

Arvec Men's Combed Turkish Cotton Terry Full Ankle Length Hooded Bathrobe (Small/Medium, Navy Blue)

Do you want him to look absolutely killer in the poolside and want a bathrobe which matches with his sexy persona and good height built personality then we have something called as Arvec Men’s Combined Turkish Bathrobe which is made with good quality of polyester and cotton with a deep pile that remains soft for his body and these robes are made in Turkey. Arvec robe is double stitched for durability with two loops with ankle length and dual side pocket. It is thick and absorbent so your men will enjoy wearing it.

87. Jabra Elite Earbuds

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Enabled True Wireless Sports Earbuds with Charging Case  â?? Copper Blue

Jabra has produced products in various categories in calls and music, sport, small business/office and now brings to you Jabra Elite Active Wireless Sports Earbuds with charging case is a delightful gift for him to give company during his long drive or any boring office hours. These earbuds are meant for a healthy lifestyle and provide ear stability. IPS6 rated comes with a 2-year warranty to sweat and it allows the user to call, browse and listen to his favorite soundtrack one of the best birthday present for him.

88. Baseball Whiskey Glasses

Do you want to make your booze parties hot and happening and want to give a fine piece of drinking glasses for beer and whiskey or any kind of liquids. Prestige Decanters Beer Glasses have made with a unique design and style with a heavy bottom and rounded design stitched would inspire if he’s a hardcore baseball fan. The angles and stitches make you feel dramatic expression and they even are lead-free and blown by gifted artisans with iron-clad as well. If he’s an alcoholic lover then this best birthday gifts for boyfriend.

89. CAP Dumbbell 40 pound

Fitness has become mandatory in today’s day and age irrespective of different profession you coming for. Apart from superstars, even commoners have made their fitness goals by placing pictures of their idol and bringing gym equipment to flex their muscles at home or office space.  Even MNC are pushing to make their employees fit and introducing a proper diet for excellent manpower. CAP Barbell brings to you dumbles for your hunk and it comes with 40 pounds and made with iron plate, so don’t worry it won’t get rust.

90. Comfy Mate Beard Shampoo Kit

Upgraded Beard Shampoo Wash & Conditioner, Oil, Balm Softener Care Set Grooming kit, Perfect Gifts for Men Him Boyfriend Dad, Best for Beard Rapid Growth and Thickening

If you are really concerned about his looks, hygiene and want to give a kit which suits his glamorous personality. Comfy mate brings to your kit which consists of shampoo wash, oil, balm softener and a beard bible on how to maintain it and monitor the rapid growth of such facial hair. The indomitable Isne Mile Brand Shampoo comes with good olive oil, jojoba oil, and rosemary extracts meant to prevent from itching, irritation, and dandruff.  Bear Oil and Balm Oil come with Vitamin E which is why it is such a healthy and viable gifts to get your boyfriend.

We conclude our list about suggestive birthday gift ideas for boyfriends and how you can make them more beautiful and extravagant with your Midas touch to win his heart. So, no matter whichever profession you come from this article will appeal to you in a big way.