Birthday Wishes for Sister – 62 Messages Will Make Her Birthday Special

Last updated on August 31st, 2021 at 06:28 am

What could be some best birthday wishes for sister? Is that what you are thinking about? I know you want to make this day very special and memorable for her. So here i will giving you some perfect birthday wishes and messages that you can send your sister for her birthday or may be you can mail it or use it on a greeting card.

Sibling relations have a magical charm of their own and sisters play a pivotal role in this. Sometimes as a friend, sometimes as a guide and sometimes as an inspiration, they are there by your sides.

While elder sisters play more of a protective role, the younger ones share a more cordial and friendly relation. Nevertheless, sisters are irreplaceable. And what could be better than to wish them on their special Day( Birthday) with choicest wishes.

Here are some of the wishes which are embraced in the warmth of love and compassion that epitomizes the relation of siblings.

Birthday messages and wishes for sister

1. Embraced by your care and protected in the blanket of your compassion, sister you held me through the walks of the life with your utmost support. Here is wishing the best sister in the world, a very happy and joyful birthday

2. Sometimes as a friend and sometimes as a confidant, I have come to you with every little problem in my life. Your advice has molded the man in me and taught me the value of life. Thank you for being there for me always. Love you and wishing you a very happy birthday

3. I cherish each and every moment of our childhood which was filled with exciting memories and daunting adventures. As you embark another year in your life, here is wishing you more fun and adventures ahead. Have a wonderful birthday

4. Those crazy fights, those subtle make ups, those endless hours of discussions and baskets of advice, here is to the best sister in the world who is just perfect in every manner. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, Happy Birthday!

5. Smartness that is bound to grab your attention, fun and frolicking that has no boundaries and care which is irreplaceable, sister you are the perfect amalgamation of a true friend and a caring guide. Love you and Happy Birthday

6. I know that God truly likes me a lot since he has blessed me with one of the best sisters on the planet. Here is wishing someone very dear to me a special and an awesome day bringing loads of luck and happiness in your life.

Birthday Message For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

7. Every single gloomy day was brightened with your cheers and encouragement, every single frown was converted into a smile by you. You mean the world to me sister. Wishing you a great year ahead, Happy Birthday!

8. No matter how much I fight with you, no matter how much I argue with you, you are special cause you are the only one with whom I can act freely without having to think much. Love you dear sis and have a great birthday today

9. Wishing the most fun and exciting sister in the world, a day worth matching the craziness level that deserves you. Fun, frolic and happiness encompass you and you have a memorable day worth remembering. Have a blast!

10. My life was a boring black and white board until you came across. You made it colorful with your playful and notorious acts. Blessed to have a sister like you, here is wishing you loads of luck, and happiness in your life ahead. Happy Birthday

11. Returning you all the memories of the magical times that we have spent together, in this wish to make your special day as magical and memorable as my childhood has been. Have a beautiful and amazing Birthday my dear Sister

12. May your life be filled with chill, for the rest of the life and the following year, may happiness and joy come bundled together at your door, for you are so special to me, that you deserve all this and much more. Happy birthday sister.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

13. I owe a part of my life to you, because you are the one whom I can find beside me in times of happiness and in sorrow when I look down at our childhood memory lane. Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. Here is wishing you a great birthday.

14. Sister you are the old bottle of wine which grows up to be better and better with each passing year. Here is a cheer to another beautiful year ahead, full of happiness and success. Love you and have a wonderful birthday

15. Never have my tears stopped rolling and converted into a burst of laughter’s other than the times that I have shared with you. You are truly an amazing person and a very special one in my life. Have a happy and fun filled birthday!

16. Growing up with you I had the most amazing experience, since I got my friend, my advisor and my confidant in you. You are like the world to me and trust me no one can ever take your place. Love you sister. Happy Birthday

17. Birthdays are special for everyone but I wish that it becomes an unforgettable one for you dear sister because you are the one who is so special that you deserve all the happiness in the world. Have a blissful birthday and a great year ahead.

18. I know you are special in every way possible, but today gleam like a star and bask in your importance because you are no less than a celebrity in my life. Here is to an awesome and amazing person- Many happy returns of the day

Birthday Quotes For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

19. You are the one who made my life easier by filling it with smiles and joy. Today I wish your life ahead is filled with the same smiles and joy as you deserve them the most. You are truly the best Sister. Have an amazing birthday

20. May smiles shower on you, and surprises cheer you every hour, May the sorrows play hide and seek and get covered with the clouds of joy for you are the one who truly deserves an amazing day. Have a great birthday sister

21. I could share my every dream with you without having to worry about, because I knew that you are the one who will support and understand me. After all, everything else fades away but a sisters love always stands rock solid. Love you and wishing you a great birthday.

22. My heart knows to find the very place wherein I can get strength and ray of hope and that is in the very presence of your being. Thank you for giving me that support and confidence to look back when no one else would be with me. Here is wishing you a lovely birthday

23. Heartfelt wishes on your special day since sister. You have been my pillar of strength and you a source of inspiration shaping my life in the way that I am living it every day. Have an amazing birthday with your near and dear ones

24. You know what I am the richest person in the world, because I have my special sister in my treasure. You are seriously priceless Di. Wishing a great birthday full of happiness, success and good health Many happy returns of the day.

Birthday Greetings For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

25. Having a sister like you is like a lifetime achievement. Thank you for making me one of the luckiest persons in the world. You truly have the power to change anyone’s life. Many happy returns of the day and enjoy it till the hilt.

26. Although I never quite understood you, you had the power to mirror my thoughts and understand me inside out. In fact, you understand me better than I understand myself. Love you Di. Wishing you basket full of love and luck Happy Birthday.

27. Togetherness is a word whose meaning I understood only after a sister like you, because no matter wherever in the world we live in, I know I have you by my side supporting me in every which way. Thank you. Happy Birthday

28. Maybe we do not get a chance to talk to each other every single day of our lives, but I would like you to know that you reside in my heart every single moment. Love you di and have a wonderful birthday full of happiness and joy

29. Your love is more than any wealth in this world filling my heart with the richness that is just so precious that cannot be compared. It is your love which has given me a sense of warmth and compassion that is worthy of treasuring. Have a wonderful Birthday!

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30. You have stroked a line of excellence in my life which has encouraged me to go to the extra mile to achieve my goals. Hope on this special day, excellence bestow itself on you for the days to come and make this day extra special for you. Have a great birthday!

Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

birthday wishes for sister

31. I remember sharing my toys and stuffs with you, but the childhood memories that I have shared with you are the best till date. I always cherish those beautiful moments which leaves tears rolling down my cheek whenever I remember them. Happy Birthday

32. With each passing year, you become a little more graceful, a little more intelligent and a little more mature. Here is to one of the most amazing sisters in the world who is just amazing. Have a wonderful birthday dear sister.

33. Instead of all our stupid fights, I still love you, because I know that in a cold shivering night, you will be there protecting and comforting me. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you the most. Love you lots sis.

34. How can someone be so awesome- serious as stone, party like crazy and support like a friend? You are truly power packed with values which stand as an epitome of the perfect human being. Lucky to have you in my life Love you Sister

35. If someone knows how to talk to the other one and heal them of all their anxieties and problems it is you. After all your DNA has that special magical powers to cure any problem in the world. You are seriously the best sister. Have a great day. Happy Birthday

36. I know I must have done something very good in my past life to have a sister like you. You are like the diamond, bright and priceless and I am very lucky to have you beside me in every phase of my life. Have a wonderful Birthday!

Bday Wishes For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

37. Apple of father’s eye, mothers favorite child and my confidant in every notorious thing that I did!. Sis you truly complete our life and bring in a flavor to our living that is just amazing. Have a very beautiful and fun filled birthday.

38. I know there has always been a difference of opinion between us, but trust me that that has never come in the way of my unconditional love and affection for you because you Sister is someone very special in my life. Have a great birthday

39. God really must have put all his efforts in you, because when he knew it would take someone very special to cure the people of all the pain and sorrows in the world. So God’s special creation has been gifted to me like a Sister. Thank You for being a part of my life. Love you and bless you

40. You are a best friend in disguise, you are a motherly figure when it comes to being strict and you are a confident when the deepest secrets need to be shared and not revealed out. Here is to the multi-talented sister. Happy birthday!

41. Having a sister like you is to have someone, who makes each of my outfit strikingly eye-catching, transition through every breakup with ease and making every nuance of our lives as beautiful as ever. You are really special. Have a great birthday today.

42. Today I am not scared of loneliness, because I know that when I am alone with no one supporting me in any manner, there would be you beside me comforting me in every possible manner. Thank you dear sis for being a part of my life, many happy returns of the day.

Best Birthday Wishes For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

43. Imagine how the world would be if the spoon and fork are not placed together? Well the same is with us. We are different in our own individual way but we are the only one who completes each other. Love you sis. You are just great!

44. Sibling was just a word to me until you came and gave it a meaning and it is then that I realized that the relation of a sibling is one of the most precious relations in the world. Great to have you as my sibling have a wonderful birthday.

45. There are some people who demand respect, others love and compassion and rest others, a factor of fear. But you are the one who in an amazing manner combine all of these feelings and make built a figure worth looking up for Wishing you a very happy birthday sister.

46. Do you know why there are gaps between our fingers, it is because someone else will come to hold our hands and complete those gaps forever. Sister you are one of them who completes each and every gap of my life. I am blessed to have a sister like you. On this special day I wish you loads of happiness and luck for the rest of your life.

47. I know we look similar, but you are prettier, I know we have almost the same height, but you are taller in every way, I know we think alike, but you have the most beautiful heart in this world, so here is to the most wonderful sister in the world- A very happy birthday.

48. You should get an award for the coolest sister in the world, because your charisma is one which can blow anyone’s mind. Wishing you super cool and fun-filled birthday surrounded in the laps of your near and dear ones.

Happy Birthday Msg For Sister

birthday wishes for sister

49. In my plain and blatant life, sister you are like the kaleidoscope that fills it with gorgeous patterns of vivid colors. Today I wish that those vibrant hues fill your day and your life ahead. Wishing you a great birthday Di

50. Giving vent to my craziness, you opened the door for my inside emotions to flush out and mirror my real self into you. Here is to all the craziness that you have handled and helped me to pave my path through it. Love you Sister

51. There are many kinds of relationship which keep making and breaking in life. But there is one relation that stands rock solid and that is the relation of a sister. You know why? Because this relation is embraced with a feeling of oneself Heartfelt wishes on your birthday sister

52. Just like people put pearls in the string to make a beautiful chain, in a similar manner you have strewn my life by making each day fruitful and joyous to get the output of a lovely life. Here is wishing you all the happiness and luck for today and for each day that comes by.

53. A sister is a brother’s first love, since no lover or friend can take a place of a sister. Your support, care, affection, scolding, everything helped me to mold my life and carve it into this amazing one. You are really someone very special to me. Wishing you lots of love and happiness on your D-Day

54. I guess no one has ever understood me better than you. To see the emotions in my smile, to understand my feelings by just grazing in my eyes, sister you truly know my inner self as it is. And I cannot imagine my life without you. Thank you for being there always. Happy birthday sister.

Birthday Wishes For Sister Quotes

birthday wishes for sister

55. Your advice is so precious that it has helped me gain new beginnings and carve my life into an epitome of happiness and joy. And as the years go by, your advice has become more mature and promising. Looking forward for all the advice today and everyday Happy Birthday

56. Sister- you are that magical power which helps to fit and complete the puzzle of my life. In fact, you are the one who can complete my missing life in every possible way. I cannot express my gratitude in words but all I can say is I really love you from the bottom of my heart. Wish you a happy birthday

57. Right from the time I opened my eye to the day that I am standing in front of you, sister you have been my inspiration in life. I have learnt to live life the way it should be from you. Your pearls of wisdom form the foundation of my very being. You are really special and hope you feel the same on this day. Happy Birthday

58. Your hug has been a cure for all my problems, in fact, in my times of low, your hug is the only medicine that helped me get back and embrace life and live it with the same zeal. Today I would like to hug you to express how much you mean to me. Happy birthday to my sister!!

59. We have fought like enemies, screamed at each other, pulled up one’s trails and in totality looked like foes for a lifetime. But deep down, we both know that we are more than just sisters and these superficial acts have never blunted that relation. Wishing you a very happy birthday

60. On this very day, I would like to confess that I have always tried to be like you- the beautiful, confident and all powerful girl whom everyone looks upon. In fact, I am happy to have set my standards so high. Love you sister have a lovely birthday

61. Your heart is more beautiful than your face; your aura is more amazing that your words and your compassion are at par with the most perfect human being in the world. Here is to the perfect sister who is just amazing. Have a lovely birthday.

62. Growing up with you has been so exciting, since I got to learn so much from you. Cherishing all those memories that I have treasured in my brain forever, I am thanking you for being there with me and filling my life with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday!

I hope you like one of these birthday wishes for sister. You can even edit these messages to make it more personal.