Birthday Surprise Ideas for Her: 18 Ways to Make Her Day

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Are you kidding me? Are you really serious to find some birthday surprise ideas for her? Don’t freak out, Its just really funny to see a guy interested in surprises for his beloved one because I found that guys generally hate giving surprises as much as a girl love getting them.

But don’t worry guys if you are willing,  then I am going to tell you all the ideas which you are looking for your wife or girlfriend.

We all know that girls or women loves getting surprises as much as they love gifts,  So if you want to make her birthday awesome, then just give her few surprises.

But question remains the same, “ how to surprise your girlfriend or wife on her birthday?”. Here I will give you few ideas that can really worth reading.

 Birthday Surprises for Her

Birthday surprise ideas for your wife or girlfriend

These are few good birthday surprise ideas for wife or girlfriend. These are just my way so by getting inspired from the list you can make your own surprises. I hope you will enjoy reading the list.

1. Shopping surprise

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Shoping surprise

You might be thinking what could be a shopping surprise, its just a whole in my pocket, nothing else, LOL. But no guys, this is something different.

The idea is very simple at the same time it is Unique. You have to choose a shopping mall or shopping supermarket place where you can find a lot of shops.

Pick every shop from the place and talk to every shop keeper. Tell them that you will take your girlfriend or wife for birthday shopping and then they have to give the birthday greeting card to her that you will give those shop keepers.

Sounds interesting, it is. You have to convince the shop keepers to give her the wishing card and just wish her with a smile.

2. Tell Her Acquaintance and Colleagues

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Work place surprise

She might be working or might be a student that I really don’t know, but what I know is in both the cases she must be having acquaintance, friends or colleagues.

So find out who they are and tell them in advance to wish her in her work or study place. If you want to make it really a big surprise, then tell every possible person around her to wish her.

That will be really big birthday surprise for her and when she will tell you that someone have told her mates about the birthday, then you can disclose that this has been done by you and that it will be a surprise for her.

3. Cake print from her favorites

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Favorites print on cake

Do you know who is her favorite movie celebrity? Or may be, what is her favorite place, thing or person. I am sure you know about it.

If not then you first have to know about it because my idea is to Print the cake with her “favorites”.

You can choose anything from celebrity to her close friends, from any favorite place to any object. Or you can also use all of them.

You can get it done from any cake store, they will help you in it. Now imagine how surprise she will be to see the cake with something printed that she loves.

4. Organize House Stuff

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Organize things

This is specially for all husbands who are up for some birthday surprise ideas for their wife. The idea is kind of weird, but a women will love to see his man organizing the house stuff.

It is believed that men are more unorganized then a woman. I know you might agree with me.

Your wife might have scolded you a lot of times for putting your stuff here and there in the house or room, she might be irritated with your habit and now she might be tired of telling you again and again.

So that’s the perfect time to surprise her by organizing all the things to the right place may be when she is asleep or out of home.

I gave this idea to my friend for her wife. You know what, she really got surprised to see all things at the right place, actually to be true she really didn’t believed at first that this has been done by his husband, LOL.

But later he told her wife that he has done this for her birthday and it was a birthday surprise for her. She really loved it and still remember that birthday just because of this.

5. First Morning Meal 

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Morning meal surprise

This is one is also for husband, but boyfriends don’t feel left out because you can also do this.

As you can judge from the title itself that you have cook her first morning meal. She cook for you and your family for years, why not to give her a treat on her birthday just by cooking something for the morning meal.

You can cook something for her when she is asleep, make all the things ready. Present in a nice way and tell her that its just for the lovely lady’s birthday.

Few years back I have backed and made few dishes for my girlfriend, I know it was not that good but she still loved it as I made my hard efforts to do this for her.

You an also tell her that how much you care for her just by cooking something for her.

6. Notes


It is one of the very interesting idea that I would like to share with you. For this plan you have to make different birthday notes for your wife. In every note, write different messages, you can write anything you want to say her.

Just write different things on different note paper. Now after you make 10 to 15 notes, then you have to hide it in her personal things, she uses i.e – Purse, Clutch, pocket. Or any place she spend most of her time i.e – Her working desk, kitchen, bathroom, etc..

Now that’s it, your work is done, the whole day she will reach out to these notes and this will surely make her day with this cute surprise.

7. Her Parents Portrait

Birthday-Surprises-for-Her-Parents portrait

{ Source: Fine Art America }

You might gifted her a lot of things in past for her birthday but I am sure you have not gifted her parents portrait ever, am I right?

Girls or women are always attached to parents, you can go anywhere but you will find the same everywhere.

They are really attached to their parents, so now you know the real trick why I told you to gift her parents portrait.  She will be very surprise to see that portrait as a gift for her birthday.

I have got this ideas from my friend who have just did it for her girlfriend’s birthday. She was really surprised to see her parents Portrait.

[ Tip: For this you need to have his parents picture to get it portrait digitally or on paper. And to find her parents portrait you can check out her phone or social account from where you can get it. ]


8. Place a special delivery to work

Place a special delivery to work

It is always good to celebrate birthday on a holiday but when it comes on a week day which is a working day then you can warmly celebrate her birthday with the office staff under office lights.

Decorate the office and her space in the office and add sparkle to her birthday with the special delivery of balloons, pizzas, flowers, cupcakes, songs and fruit bouquets. She would just love the special treat which she gets from her friends and office colleagues on her birthday.

9. Say “Happy Birthday” on a blog or ad space.

Happy Birthday on a blog or ad space

She would be amazed to know that you are wishing her “Happy Birthday” on a blog or add space online on her birthday.

It will be a pleasant surprise for her which she will never forget. For that you have to pay a small amount online on a add space or blog for that big day when she will be having her birthday to have that big smile on her face when she will see in utter disbelief her birthday wish in a banner or sidebar of the ad space.

10. Fly in a long-distance friend or family member

long-distance friend or family member

She will be surprised to have an unexpected visit from a long-distance friend or family member on her birthday.

She will be very much happy on you for calling her long-distance friend at her birthday party which will be a pleasant surprise to her.

You will first plan the unexpected friend or family member’s visit at your place months in advance to your place so that she will arrive at the right time for her birthday.

11. Explore uncharted territory

Explore uncharted territory

It would be her wish to try a new restaurant or go to a new country for travelling. Then you will fulfill her wish on her birthday by taking her for a dinner at a restaurant which she always wanted to go but had never been there or you will plan a long destination journey for her which she will like to explore as a gift on her birthday by visiting her favorite country.

She will be very much happy on you since you fulfilled her wish of her favorite country destination and you both went to visit on her birthday.

12. Movie montage of memories


Call her friends and relatives to send a video clipping of memories associated with her and make a collection or collage all the video clippings that you get from them.

Create a personalised, big file or DVD of these video clippings and give it as surprise birthday cheers to the birthday girl as an honorary gift which she will never forget as a gift of love from everyone with whom she shared awesome memories.

13. In-home personal chef


This will really surprise her on her birthday. You must be tired of going out to restaurant for dining on her birthday or preparing party food yourself at your home.

Instead you will call an In-home personal chef at your home who will prepare wonderful and delicious food items for you which you like.

She will appreciate you for that and will be truly amazed when you will call a trained chef to prepare food at your birthday party and will also love the food preparations made by the chef.

14. Radio birthday wishes


She will really like this surprise. You call the local radio station of the specific tuned frequency which she always listens when at home or while travelling.

To give her a surprise call the radio station in advance and tell them to transmit her birthday wish on the radio station on the day of her birthday which she will listen when she tunes on to the local frequency of her radio.

This will be an amazing surprise for her to listen to her birthday wishes being transmitted or relayed on the local radio station on the day of her birthday which will be heard by many listeners.

15. Not-so-typical picnic


It you want to give her the thrill and joy of an awesome birthday celebration then you have to take her on a not-so-typical picnic which is uniquely planned by you.

This picnic will be different and will not be like those usual picnics. She will surely enjoy the picnic which will have unusual fun and joy in it such as you will have various ideas to make her birthday enjoyable by decorating the place of picnic with balloons and countless pinwheels, you will then have candle-light dinner and spend quality time with her.

16. Tick-tock, its birthday clock


On her birthday she will receive many gifts from her friends, family members and relatives. Keep all those gifts wrapped in gift paper and write a particular time for opening that gift.

Then open the gift one by one to its corresponding timing and give her a pleasant surprise for the gifts which she has received from her friends, guests and relatives.

She will be very much happy to have this wonderful gifting surprise at her birthday party.

17. Rowboat ride


She will just love her birthday surprise being celebrated in a cool rowboat ride that you have arranged for her.

You will decorate the rowboat with attractive balloons and ribbons, and then to add fun on your rowboat ride you place sparkling wine bottle and glasses to drink for both of you inside the rowboat which you will merrily enjoy while having the boat ride in the cool lake atmosphere.

She will just love and enjoy the surprise of having a ride on the rowboat with you as it will give her relaxation from the beautiful wonderful natural surroundings of the lake and from the ripples of lake water.

18. Midnight Madness


When she is fast asleep set her watch alarm at 12 midnight and when the alarm starts ringing at 12 o clock wake her up from her sleep and wish her “happy birthday” at the stroke of midnight and take her to the nearest bar before it closes by giving her favorite beverage.

Then dine breakfast with her and go for a moonlit walk and arrange a campfire and enjoy the night with her. Then celebrate her birthday until the early hours of morning and wait for the beautiful sunrise to happen. She will really enjoy this unique birthday surprise with you.

I think these are going to be the best birthday surprises for her. What do you think?

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