22 Unique Birthday Outing Ideas For Adults

Last updated on May 22nd, 2022 at 12:09 am

Outings are fun if you have a company with you. Birthday outing ideas for adults are really hard to find for people who like spending time at home and celebrating his birthdays like normal. But people like to celebrate it like a festival.

Birthday ideas for adults won’t end with a casual dinner or picture uploading on Facebook and Instagram but there is a lot more than that. Just because you are grown up that does not mean that you cannot celebrate the birthday. You can call up your friends and go on a trip outside the country or around a city.

One should always celebrate his birthday according to him. He should be doing things that personally make him happy about it. You can also plan some party for adults. One should plan the things that he would love to do with his family or friends. Birthday party ideas for adult does not mean that only one person has to throw a party in fact, he can plan a solo trip to the places like he wanted to go or call his close friends to join him along.

It is not only meant that one only plan when he is young with his friends for the outings. One can also enjoy his own company and celebrate it alone. Some can plan a surprise for the birthday boy and tell him about his birthday plans. An alone person can have a lot of fun as compared with the group with he goes.

Sometimes, a person needs to be alone and have fun with himself. Some couples like to have a small trip on special occasions like birthday, anniversary. It is fun for them and they feel happy while having each other. So if you are planning to go on a solo trip for your birthday you can have fun.

It will be new for you also to experience something new. Or you are planning for an outing on your birthday, it is indeed a great plan to work on for. Some like to celebrate alone whereas, some adults like to have everyone who has been an important part of his/her life. So let’s start planning for the big day.

So below is the list of things that a person would like as a birthday outing ideas for adults.

Birthday Outing Ideas For AdultsBirthday Outing Ideas For Adults

1. A grand Picnic

A grand Picnic

A grand picnic is what an adult requires. The most important thing about him is that he wants to see each and every member of the family happy. So you can plan your birthday outing with your family and friends. You can also play games like football, board games, and many others. It will be fun for them and you also.

Sometimes, seeing others happy is the only way to see yourself happy. So let’s plan something simple and make everyone happy around you. So start finding a place. When you find the spot, start making a list of people and order for the food from outside. This can be helpful for not wasting time anymore. Invite people directly and enjoy to the fullest.

2. Camping in the woods.

 Camping in the woods.

Camping in the woods can be one of the best things an adult can plan her birthday. Going out on your birthday makes you fresh and happy by being with your family and friends. Nothing can beat that happiness from you. You can find a camping place nearby and invite people there. It is one of the unique birthday outings ideas for adults.

One can always imagine celebrating her birthday in the middle of the jungle. You can be happy if you have people who are happy with you. When you grow, you get to know throw to real people who will be happy for you. So invite them who will be happy to see you happy. One of the best party activities for adults.

3. Pool Party

 Pool Party

Every adult dreams of having a pool party with her friends. It can be one of the dreams that a person has. An adult can plan this for her birthday outing idea. This can be fun for her and can make her dream come true. You can find a pool for the birthday out ideas for adults nearby as it will be easy for them to travel.

A birthday outing should be fun but also somewhere nearby. This also helps in traveling less and partying more. One can order for the food and also decorate the place for the birthday girl. You can also plan a surprise for her and shock her by throwing her dream party and making her happy for the day. Birthdays are meant for smiling.

4. A day at the Beach

A day at the Beach

Beach parties are one of the relaxed parties that an adult can plan out. It is fun for some of the adults to enjoy themselves on the beach with all of his friends and family. You can find a beach on rent for a day and invite everyone to the beach. It can be celebrated as both outing and birthdays.

It is so relaxing to sit by the beach and have fun for the day. You can also play some water sport and many other games on the beach. One can also keep a costume for the party and everyone has to be dressed up in that way. Sometimes, being there for someone only makes happiness. The best option for party entertainment for adults. You can plan your birthday in a way that it can make a person happy and emotional.

5. Go on a Brewery Tour

Go on a Brewery Tour

One of the birthday party activities for adults can be a brewery tour. It can make him happy if the birthday girl wants to taste some of the breweries. There are many places which have a tasting of the drinks. One can spend her entire day tasting the drinks and enjoying her day.

You have to plan this day according to her but. She has to be happy and everything you plan has to bring a smile on her face. Trying out new things can also make a person happy. So plan this and surprise her to the fullest.

6. Go to a comedy show

Go to a comedy show

Comedy shows are fun at times. Some adults want to have fun on their birthday whereas some have to enjoy their day by doing things that they like you. There are many places where they set up comedy shows. This can also be the beginning of liking something new and important.

A person should keep planning something new for himself and try making himself happy. A comedy show can be fun and interesting to watch. You can learn from everything now and try living a happy life. Fun birthday ideas for adults and his friends if they want to join in.

7. Travel for a day

Travel for a day

Traveling can give you peace at times. A person can travel for many days if he/she has no work to complete. But the birthday can be occasions where you can travel without any tension. That day is yours, and you have to do the things that make you happy from within. And if traveling is the thing then you can travel to the place where you wanted to. This can be the best way a person can celebrate his/her birthday. You can go with your friend and enjoy the fullest and have fun like adults.

8. Go to an outdoor bar

Go to an outdoor bar

This is something fun and unique way to celebrate the birthdays. There are many people who like to do things that make them happy and relaxed. It is important to leave everything and relax for the day. One can plan things and make everyone happy around you.

There are many places where you have outdoor bars and enjoy your drinks with friends and family. You can call up your friends to join along and have a fun evening for the day. Everyone cannot do everything to make happy. But sometimes, it is important to make yourself happy. Trying out new things can also make you happy.

9.  Outdoor Spa day

outdoor spa day

A spa day can be fun for many girls. Girls like to be pampered on her birthday. One can plan things on her birthday and act according to it. It will be fun for her to celebrate her birthday pampering herself.

There are many places where you have an outdoor spa which helps you to be relaxed and calm. Sometimes, celebrate your birthday alone is the only therapy you are requiring for the day. So you also plan this spa day with your girlfriends who will be happy to be a part of that.

10. Go hiking

Go hiking

Hiking can be fun if you have a companion with you. Some people like hiking and enjoy themselves. You can plan yourself a trip to the place where you wanted too but never got a chance for that. You can also invite people with you to make it more fun and interesting.

A person can make his birthday memorable and he can also relive it later. One can plan his birthday outing for hiking. Some people like to travel when they get a chance. This can help in making you happy and remember this day for life.

11. A road trip

A road trip

A road is a must for every human being. It brings in the fresh air and makes you feel like never coming back. You can go on a solo road trip and solo road trips are the best. It never makes you wait for anybody. But a road trip is also empty without friends making fun of each other.

The thing is that you have to decide and let people know about it. You can plan a road trip nearby where you wanted to go never got the chance of going there. This can be fun at the same time. Sometimes, unplanned trips are the best trips. So if you are planning for the road trip then go for it. A perfect way to start and end the birthday outing idea for adults. This will give you more life to your soul.

12. Classy BBQ in the jungle

Classy BBQ in the jungle

Do you love eating? You can plan a live singing and make people listen to it. It will be fun to do that. You can also make a BBQ for the people and yourself. It will be fun to have a party like this. Everyone can enjoy including you. This can be one of the best birthday celebrations ideas for adults.

This is a great combination to call your family and friends and have food in the middle of the jungle. This is fun to be in. One can celebrate her birthday in nature also and have the same amount of fun that they will have in a fancy way. You can also play games at the party and have fun. One of the best birthday party ideas for adults. They can also have fun and enjoy the most.

13. A concert

A concert

Try something new for your birthday. An outing can be the best option for celebrating a birthday party ideas for adults. This can be fun if you like concerts and music. You can dance and have fun while listening to music. You can also try making new friends and live a happy life.

And you can also call your friends for the concert to have fun and celebrate the birthdays. You can try new things and make everyone happy around you including you. Birthday makes people happy and loved. A person should do that thing that makes him happy and loved. He should get the smile on his face by seeing or feeling it.

14. Lawn Games

Lawn Games

An adult will like to chill with his/her friend’s more rather gathering people for your birthday celebrations. Birthday makes you feel like you are important and loved. You can rent a lawn and play games, talks for hours and remember the good old days.

This is really fun for someone who only wants his/her close friends to the party. You can sit down on the grass play games, enact someone, and be happy for that day. This can be the party entertainment ideas for adults. They can listen to songs and dance at the same time.

15. Board games

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Board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and many others can be fun for playing. It does not matter if you are a kid or adult that is playing these games. One of the best birthday activities for adults.  You can call everyone for an outing and get these games along to be played.

Sometimes, it is nice to be a kid and play around on your birthdays. Let’s become small kids again and have fun while playing games. You can get big sized board games and have fun playing them. It is more good to play as there are many people for the birthday. This can make a birthday special for him.

16. A day in the amusement park

A day in the amusement park

Amusement parks are fun if you have a group with you. One can plan and surprise the birthday in the amusement park with friend and family. It is quite fun and happening for everyone. When was the last time you had been to the amusement park.? This can be the best way a person can celebrate his birthday.

It has all the rides, fun activities, and this can make him more relaxed for the day. He deserves one day leave form the work and have fun with others. Amusement parks are not only for small kids but also for adults who want to a child again. A birthday makes you feel like one.

17. Plan out a scavenger hunt

 Plan out a scavenger hunt

This is fun to play. You can invite people to a park and play scavenger hunt You can divide two groups and play. It will be interesting. But some has to plan this before days as it can be easy for them to place everything in order for the birthday celebration.

Not every adult wants to celebrate the birthday by throwing a grand party and wasting money. Some can either plan for a small get-together and make the birthday memorable for him. Sometimes, a birthday is not special but the people around us make it special. S let’s try together and make his birthday special.

18. Plan a trip to a zoo

Plan a trip to a zoo

Have you visited a zoo? So let plan a birthday outing idea for adult by taking him to the zoo. This can make him feel happier and loved. Zoos have all the animals and birds. Some of the zoos have animals which are getting extinct.

It will be fun for him to come along and enjoy the day with animals. It will be more exciting if he is an animal lover. By taking him to the zoo he can relive again his childhood memories. Perfect places to have a birthday party for adults.

19. Go Apple or berry picking

Go Apple or berry picking

Have you thought of picking fruits by yourself? This is something exciting new to a level. Plan a trip to that place and enjoy your childhood days if you have done this before. It is really something to be tried by an adult.

You can take your family and enjoy the day with them. It will be fun to be in nature for a day leaving your toxic life behind for a day. It can real fun and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s make his birthday one of the memorable.

20. Go on a bike ride

Go on a bike ride

Do you like riding a bike? This is something new to experiment on. You can ride alone around the city and try finding different places which you have never seen before. This will require a lot of guts to do by an adult. Bike riding is fun if you like riding them.

You can also call the gang and go on a road trip on bikes. Everyone has to carry their individual bike. You can plan this for a day or also 2-3 days. A perfect getaway for birthday celebration ideas for adults. Just like small adults, even big adults can plan such bike trips once a year.

21. Attend an outdoor movie

Attend an outdoor movie

Are you movie fetish? Attend an outdoor movie with friends and family. This can be fun to do. Everyone watches a movie inside a theatre. So on this birthday plan something different for yourself. It is nice if you plan to have a birthday activity on your birthday. You can also goo alone and learn something about you and you can also take your friends along.

You can buy some popcorns, drinks, and you are good to watch the movie. Try something new and see if that makes you happy. This can be fun to him and for the people to experience something new. This is one of the birthday celebration ideas for adults. They all will have fun and something new to experience.

22. Go for a room escape adventures

Go for a room escape adventures

This sounds scary, fun, and interesting to celebrate one’s birthday outing with a lot of activities. There are many birthday activities for adults listed but the most famous one is the Room Escape Adventures. It is fun and everyone can participate in that. Every adult is busy in making the career, life so meeting on special occasions has to be the must.

There are many places for these activities. If you have a group then you will be having a lot more fun than expected. You can call people and let them know the location and everyone has to be a part of this. This can also lead to having lunch and dinner outside itself.

Birthdays are like seasons. Birthday outing ideas for adults are mentioned above. Some adults like to have fun with themselves whereas some adults like to be with friends and family. It is fun to do both things. But birthday makes you feel special and happy. Birthday celebration ideas for adults are fun if you have fun people around you to make you happy. Family is what not we decide, but friends are the people that you can decide. So take time for the people t stay in your life before prioritizing them in your life. So above is the list of birthday outing ideas for adults which can help you to find the perfect idea for him/her to celebrate the birthday. So let’s together try making his/her birthday memorable.