50 Awesome Birthday Ideas – Best Birthday Ideas To Celebrate Birthday

Last updated on May 22nd, 2022 at 12:11 am

Birthday is like seasons. But with every year you try to do some unique things for your birthday. Birthday ideas are many but every human wants everything new and easy.

Some people like to have a lavish birthday party whereas some don’t celebrate their birthdays. Some people invite everyone maybe that person is not his friend but his friend’s friend. One has many different ideas to celebrate birthdays. One should something as he/ she is completing a milestone every passing year.

And with every passing year, itis important to learn something from it. But the most important thing to do is planning. Planning your birthday is fun at times. When we were young we only used to plan things out which will bring happiness to us. Then why not now we do the same thing?

How to celebrate is the question for many of them. So one should do some research and plan it accordingly. It is very important to keep in mind what you want for your birthday. Then sit down and plan it accordingly.

Some people have themed party birthday ideas, some only play games at the party and have fun for the day and night as well. Try and pick your favorite theme if you want to. It will bring happiness for you and that will be seen on your face.

It will be very easy for everyone to make you happy, but difficult for if you are happy from within. Birthday gets you a different experience every year. Some of them want the entire city to know about their birthday, whereas some just celebrate their birthday as no one knows about it.

So let’s plan it differently and get some different experience about birthday celebration ideas.

Birthday Ideas

Best Birthday Ideas

1. Celebrate in the kid’s park

Celebrate in the kid’s park

Why only kids are allowed to play in parks? Where to celebrate birthday is the question still in your head? Then the answer is the kid’s park. Everyone had their childhood playing in the park with friends. So this time on your birthday find a park on rent and book that. It is fun to relive your childhood. And the best part is that if you are still in contact with your childhood friends.

It will be fun to see them all playing the games that you used to play during your childhood. So when you book the park start arranging food and snacks and everything that will be required for the party. You can also plan some of the games like snake and ladder, lemon and spoon race, racing, and many others like these. You are lucky if you are still in contact with your childhood friends.

2. Visit an old age home

Visit an old age home

One should not forget the humanity while every day is passing. It is a good thought to celebrate your birthday in an old aged home. One can call all his friends and make a plan for this birthday. This can make all the old age people happy. The love they give you cannot be explained. One can plan all the food and drinks for them and spend some quality time with them. So let’s plan a birthday celebration idea. This gesture can make everyone feel happy and loved. This can also make you happy from within.

This is because when you see other people smiling because of you, you can feel the happiness. Your heart also says that you have done a good job by making someone smile. They are happy when someone visits them often. So not only on birthdays, you should also visit them and make them happy.

3. Celebrate near the seaside

Celebrate near the seaside

Everyone plans near the beach area. But you can plan your birthday near the seaside. It is something new and unique for everyone along with you to enjoy. You can plan many pool games and have fun with everyone. Birthdays make you feel special so only call your close friends and family for the party and have fun. You can also plan for some party games and play with your friends.

This can help you in relaxing your mood and the stress you had. Sometimes, water can help you in relaxing. This can be a perfect plan for what should do I on my birthday? This is the plan for your birthday let’s rock it by calling everyone to your birthday.

4. Theme party power rangers

Theme party power rangers

All the 90s’ kid knows what Power Ranger is for them. It was the best cartoon for them. There were many toys, games, and many other things of power rangers. So you can again plan a party related to your favorite childhood. Let your children know about your favorite thing from childhood. Plan this at your home and invite whom you want for your birthday celebrations.

You can also call your childhood friends and have a theme party. Everyone has to dress up like them. The cake will also match according to the theme. Everyone can have fun and play with each other. It is important for you to have fun on your birthday with everyone. You can also have many party poppers matching with the theme.

5. Magic show

Magic show

Living is a dream is easy rather than accepting reality. It is very important for everyone to accept the reality. But during our childhood, we always liked magic shows. Some of them still today like watching a magic show. It can be a surprise for her. This is what to do on your birthday plans. It is very important for everyone to make himself very happy and relaxed.

Magic can recreate moments in your life and make you happy. You can book a place or invite everyone to your house for the party. It can be a surprise for her which can make her happy. You can call magicians for the party who will show magic in front of the people.

6. No work for a day

No work for a day

Birthday comes once a year and makes everyone happy for the day. It is very important for everyone to feel important and pampered for the day. So take a leave on your birthday and enjoy the most. You can plan to do many things for the day like staying at home and relax for the day. One can plan a movie marathon and be on for the whole day or night.

The best way to celebrate birthday doing nothing. This can help him to relax more and be fresh again. It is fun to be alone and spend the rest of your birthday evening with everyone or only close friends. One will be able to understand more himself when he is alone. No work for the day can be the birthday celebration idea. This can help to enjoy his day from a busy schedule.

7.  Dance Bar Nearby

Book a dance lounge bar

Do you like dancing? Let’s plan a dancing party together. Book a dance bar or make your house into a dancing bar. It is fun to have many people around you on your birthday celebrations. Firstly, choose the place for the party. Then plan and decide the guest list and invite them to the venue direct. Now the main job is to find perfect songs for the party. Everyone should have fun and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Try to research for new songs and set your playlist ready before some days. When you have a party at home, food is the main thing that people come for. So you have to arrange the best food for everyone and make them happy. Why not try something new which can match the theme party? This is perfect as where to celebrate your birthday is solved. Everyone will enjoy including you.

8. A road trip on the bus

Open bus road trip

This sounds exciting when you listen to the theme. Every year what to do your birthday? Does the same question pop up? In your head. But one should not repeat the same things for birthday and plan something unique and different every year. This helps you in counting what did you do for these years. The open bus road trip is what you are searching for? This can be fun for everyone who is planning for this theme.

You can take your small family for an outing to the nearby place and enjoy yourself. It is a beautiful thought and everyone will enjoy themselves. The kids will have fun while the bus is riding around the city. This can be fun to have a one day picnic and relax. Sometimes nothing matters but only family’s happiness is what all matters.

9. Indoor Skydiving

Indoor Skydiving

How to celebrate your birthday is the most difficult party to think about. People have heard to skydiving but have you heard about indoor skydiving? Yes, you heard me right. There are many places where you can book a day for this indoor skydiving. It is very easy for them you are afraid to dive from the sky and have a safe landing. But in indoor skydiving, you are safe that you know easily. There are specially trained people who have mastered indoor skydiving.

This can be something new and unique to try on your birthday. You can alone try for this and also with your friends you can opt on your birthday. Let’s plan this together and make it a beautiful memory that can stay for a lifetime. Skydiving is fun and thrilled but indoor skydiving can remove all the negative thoughts you had. This might be a changing experience for him so he can actually try real skydiving and feel the experience.

10. Paragliding


Try experiencing some new things in your life. One can plan Paragliding for her birthday celebration idea. It is fun to complete your wish on your birthday. What is paragliding? It is an adventurous sport for paragliders, free-flying in the sky. It is the best sports which some of them want to but cannot complete their dream. So plan out her birthday and surprise her with this plan.

One can get tears in her eyes as she will get to know the surprise for your birthday. There are special places only there paragliding can take place. So your entire day can be utilized by learning new things. It will be a new experience for you if you wanted to do from very long.

11. Adults celebrating like kids

Adults celebrating like kids

When we were young, we wanted to celebrate our birthdays as adults do. But when we grow up, we actually come to know that childhood birthday is the best birthdays that one used to celebrate. So just to relive your childhood, you can plan something that you used to do on your birthday when you were young. Like, I used to call all my building friends at home we used to wait for all the family people to arrive, then cut the cake. Then we used to sit in a line for the snacks and soft drinks. This was totally fun to do.

But this time instead of inviting others call some kids from outside who cannot afford eating food and celebrate your birthday with them. This will bring a smile on their face as well seeing them happy even you will be happy. Sometimes, you are adults but can act like small kids. This can bring a smile on his face. This is the perfect way what to do on your birthday? Sometimes, doing these things can bring peace back into your life.

12. Incomplete wishes

Completing pending wishes

It is important for you to smile and laugh on that day and enjoy to the fullest. Birthdays only come once in a year. So try and complete all the wishes before your new wish list is prepared for the next year. One has to plan something for every year and make his wish come true. There are many wishes that people ask for every year as going on an adventure trip alone. Some people do not go alone for shopping also.

Some of them are afraid to be alone. So try not to be depended on anyone and make your decision. After all, it is your life. Not depending on anyone is the best way to end your year. Let’s plan alone dinners, lunch, and many other things that require people to help you out. How to celebrate your birthday itself have all the answers with them.

13. Book a gaming bar

Book a gaming club nearby

Boys love to play games. So you can surprise a birthday plan for your birthday boy. Start deciding his favorite sport to play and book the nearest place. It is a surprise for him from everyone. One can get him many gifts also for his birthday to make him feel happy. For example, bowling can be his favorite game to play.

So book a bowling area nearby and invite his every friend who can happily join in. You can plan two groups and make jerseys also. So where to celebrate your birthday is fixed now. So now start planning for his birthday and make him feel special. The best way to end your happy day with everyone.

14. On spot vacation

On spot vacation

This is those who are spontaneous and never have a plan for her birthday. You can plan on spot plan to a place where you have never been before. This can be for many days and also for a one day trip. Go with your family and friends to a small vacation nearby. When to decide someplace nearby then plan according to the less traveling and enjoying more by being there. So plan where to celebrate birthday and enjoy with your loved ones.

One can also plan to make food items from home which she likes and also her favorite sweet dish. This way you can plan a peaceful birthday and make her happy. This way she visits a new place as well as she can relax a bit. On spot, vacations are the best to go with your friends and family. Sometimes, it refreshes you.

15. Trekking on the birthday morning


Trekking can be the things to do for your birthday. One can start planning the place for trekking. One can also plan it nearby and also plan it somewhere far. But planning it far can take a long time and everyone should be convenient for this. So firstly, plan a place to visit. Then make a guestlist whom to call and invite for the birthday trek. It will be easy for him to plan accordingly and ask everyone. There is a huge difference between mountain trekking, hiking, and trekking. So plan accordingly and make clear to everyone.

Hiking is easy out of the three. Hiking can happen in one day completely. Whereas trekking takes two days to complete but it is more like hiking. And mountain climbing is hardest out of all. It requires a couple of days to complete. So plan wisely and enjoy your birthday peacefully.

16. Sunrise view on the bike ride

Related image

What to do for my birthday is that the question? A long drive with your loved can is the answer to it. This is the best deal to start your birthday or maybe end your birthday with this long drive. A long drive can happen in many ways by riding, walking, or somewhere outside for a car drive. Let this be a surprise for her and make her happy. Let her remember this birthday and cherish it for a lifetime.

Sometimes, small things can make you feel happy and loved. For her, this may matter. So plan something beautiful and exciting for her. So it can make her happy and loved at the same time. You can also book her favorite car/ bike and for a one day picnic with her. This gesture of yours can make her feel loved and care. Sometimes, expressing love can be different also.

17. Celebrate your birthday alone or with close friends

Celebrate your birthday alone or with close friends

Sometimes, celebrating your birthday alone can make you happy rather than celebrating with people who can spoil your mood. One can also go for a one day trip to an amusement park or so and enjoy the fullest. Nothing can make you happy but you yourself can do this. Where to go on your birthday? The amusement park is the answer to it.

One can have fun and enjoy the most alone. So plan alone trip and notice every minute details about yourself. One should also always love all the flaws in yourself. So this can be the best birthday celebration ideas. This trip can make you happy and loved.

18. Fly somewhere to a new place

Fly somewhere to a new place

Let’s plan something exciting for your birthday. Some people have a habit of traveling every year outside to a new place. Everyone can plan along and she can plan a solo trip. A group trip is fun but sometimes traveling alone can help you in finding more of you. So try planning more outing and discover new places to discover yourself better. Like plan to the place where you wanted to but could not due to work.

Let’s take London and visit the London Eye. See the new places nearby and eat all the delicacy for the first time. Try experiencing something new and make yourself happy in one go. Along with friends also have fun. One should plan trips like this very often and enjoy themselves. What to do for my birthday? The question itself has the answer for it. It is happy to be happy.

19. Stand up comedy

Stand up comedy

Some people like comedy shows. So plan a comedy show at your house for them. One can decorate the house. Everyone has to be invited for this theme party. You can also one of the stand-up comedians for the show. But along with that, your friends can also try to perform and make him laugh. Everyone should have fun and enjoy themselves.

Some of them can also wear costumes and enact in front of them. This is really fun. There will be a separate corner for food and drinks. And also a different corner for sweet dishes. After the comedy sessions are over you can plan to play games and have fun. This is the perfect ending of the day of how to celebrate birthday. Everyone can have fun including you. So let’s plan this for real and he will remember this for life.

20. Backpacking

Backpacking is fun but it has to be on spot. Not only boys but even girls can go for backpacking. It is something different and unique to plan a trip on the birthday and everyone is ready for the trip. While thinking about this, it makes others happy. One of the best things is backpacking and traveling.

One can plan on the spot to any of the places where they have never traveled but wanted to. So this can be that trip where everyone can enjoy themselves. So this backpacking is the best option for everyone to try at least once in a lifetime. I suggest that you will like and enjoy yourself. One of the things to do on your birthday and enjoy doing it.

21. Custom Pinatas

Custom Pinatas

What should I do on my birthday? Still not decided? This is something named custom pinatas. There are many placed where they customize copies of human, animals, birds, and many other things. It has a vibe that everyone will enjoy it to the fullest. You can also play games with this.

Like, blindfold the birthday girl ask her a question that she won’t be able to answer but she has to something like rapid fire and if she does not answer she has to hit a pinata without looking at it. This is a fun idea to celebrate a birthday. Everyone will enjoy including you.

22. Picture Photobooth

Picture Photobooth

This is one of the birthday ideas to celebrate your birthday. Pictures are the thing people nowadays, come to the party. So celebrate your birthdays with a unique and different theme. This is unique to have picture booths everywhere. You can, in fact, hire photography for the party who will be clicking pictures. One thing is for sure, people will click as many pictures they want too.

But the fun fact is you can have immense memory from your birthday. I suggested having a small corner for the food and drinks. So you don’t have to serve everyone. They can take it from there. Home can be the place where to celebrate your birthday. You can also decorate the house with flowers, glitters and many other things.

23. Mugshot photo booth

Mugshot photo booth

This is also similar to a photo booth, but especially for adults. Mostly, boys will like to play with this theme. Mugshot basically is of two types. Firstly, there are customized big mugs hand painted so it can be used as a prop and secondly, it is small pieces of paper on which many different things are written. It is by far the best things to play around.

For example, you can have your name, birth date on that and people can click pictures with this. It is the best way to celebrate birthdays. It is fun to have unique games at one’s birthday party.

24. Tattoo Party

Tattoo Party

There are many people who love tattoo and their bodies. And they try to make many of them if they have once tried. Where to celebrate a birthday? Home is the answer to it. You can plan this at home and one can decorate the house into a tattoo parlor. Everyone can make a tattoo. Rather it is temporary or permanent. So firstly, find a tattoo artist and book him for your birthday. He might also ask you for some advance.

Send people the invitations whom you want to see you around that day. For you to decide whether a temporary or the permanent. One can also get yourself design. You can also have a food and drinks corner at the party. And people are allowed to take breaks also. This is fun and everyone will like to ink their body.

25. Crossword game

Crossword game

What to do for my birthday? Stay at home and enjoy the most. One can have fun alone also. When we were young, we used to play games and play in the garden. But now everything is changed but for the good. It is only that we have grown up big. So try to be at home and enjoy yourself as you used to do in childhood. Crossword is the game which can help in making him relaxed and have fun. Call your friends and order for the food.

You can also plan for some other games also and make that day memorable over drinks also. Sometimes, play games with your family and friends can make you happy. It is also important to give yourself time along with the people who love you the most. So be at home and enjoy all the pampering that you will get from them.

26. Celebrations in the yard

Celebrations in the yard

birthday Ideas to celebrate your birthday is the main question when you want to celebrate your birthday. You can call all your friend and decorate the lawn with lanterns, small beds, and pillows. One can get pictures also hanging. This can be fun for everyone to meet over the drinks and food. You can play games, talk for hours, dance, sing, and many other things. The best way to end your day with a smile on your face.

Sometimes, being at home is all you want and your birthday. So stick to that and invite everyone for your birthday celebrations. It will be fun to be at home and enjoy every day. So celebrating in the yards is one of the best birthday ideas. You can have at home also. So now start planning and make the most out of this.

27. Big banners

Big banners

Where to celebrate your birthday is the main question for the birthday. You can be at home and decorate the garden with flowers and plants. She can get a surprise visit for from the florist. One can get big banners can place them in the garden to surprise her. She can learn more about the garden to grow new plants and flowers.

This can make her happy to do her work and enjoy herself every day. This can make her happy and loved. Sometimes, one should express their feeling towards the people who are special to them. Placing big banners can make her feel like one.

28. Rose petal runners

Rose petal runners

How to celebrate birthday is the main question for every girl who has her birthday in one month or so. She wants to celebrate it in the best way. One can surprise her at her home when she not there and decorate the house with rose and rose petals. You can also prepare a runner as she can walk on that and make herself comfortable. She will love the surprise.

Along with this invite her close friend so that she can enjoy her day with them also. The best way to celebrate your birthday. This can also happen at late at night when she is half asleep. It can be scary for her and she will enjoy the most. So start planning something awesome for the birthday girl.

29. Chocolate tasting

Chocolate tasting

Everyone likes eating chocolate. There are many different types of chocolates available all over the world. Collect all the chocolates from around the world and gift them to the birthday girl. You can also host a birthday celebration for yourself. And also can add a theme for the day. Let the theme be chocolate. Everyone can play games, eat, drink and have fun.

You can blindfold the birthday girl so she can tell the chocolate’s name just by eating it. Everyone will get 3 chances to confirm the name but has to get a punishment if the name is wrong. One can get her chocolate and make her happiest. What to do on your birthday is now cleared. So enjoy your day and have fun.

30. Beer tasting

Beer tasting

There are many beer tasting places. Some have the oldest beer also. It is fun to have a chilled day. Very few people have the courage to be alone on their birthday. Some want to and some likes too. There is a difference between everything. Ne can randomly go to a bar and drink his favorite beer. This can be fun if you like your own company.

Or secondly, you can plan for him to a surprise visit to the beer factory so he can see how it is made? This can actually be fun for him and he will enjoy the most. A man will never say no for a bottle of beer especially for his birthday also. Tasting beer is the best thing for what to do on my birthday. 

31. Champagne toast

Champagne toast

A bottle of champagne is the must for birthday celebrations ideas. One has to get him champagne for his birthday. Everyone has to drink champagne. Along with the drinks, one can have a small speech about the friendship that they had with each other. The bond that it can never break. There are many varieties of champagne available everywhere.

So you can get some of them and make everyone drink it. Everyone can enjoy including yourself. But where to celebrate your birthday is the thing? You can book a place nearby so it will convenient for everyone to come, or randomly invite everyone at home. You can arrange the food and more drinks in the corner. Everyone will have fun and enjoy themselves to the most.

32. A dinner over wine

A dinner over wine

Some people like to have a lavish party where they can invite people and enjoy themselves. There are many places for this party like going to the club, book a room in a hotel, and many other things like this. But some people only want to chill and relax the whole day without doing anything. So for them plan a dinner outside with the people who you are happy with.

You can have a lavish dinner at your favorite place and enjoy the meal. Small things in life can make you a better person in your life. So if you anyone who is the same and his birthday is around the corner so plans this celebration idea for his birthday. It is fun for everyone to see happy faces around you. The best birthday celebrations. 

33. Ice skating on a mountain

Ice skating on a mountain

Do you like snow? Then plan your birthday to a snowy region and celebrate your birthday. Ask your family and friends to join you on your birthday. If they agree to come with you it is good whereas you can have a solo trip and try making new friends. There are many snow activities done in the mountains. You can also make a snowman out of the snow. It is every child’s dream of making a snowman. But the best activity is ice-skating.

The best thing about how to celebrate your birthday. There is a special trainer who can train you in ice skating but the main thing is to balance out properly. So plan a trip for ice skating. Maybe this can give you a new experience that you might be looking for.

34. Bar with karaoke

Bar with karaoke

Everyone has a different way to celebrate their birthdays. Do does not like dancing and singing. Not everyone is a good singer but one can be anything in front, of their friends. So plan a karaoke over the bar and sing out loud on your birthday. This is fun and everyone will be a part of this. You can also have a group competition and decide who will win the competition. The losing team has to drink shots after every round.

Let’s spice it up with a twist. Everyone will be a part of this. You can also order drinks along with singing and dancing. The cake can also be cut at the bar only. This will be fun for everyone. And something new is added to the birthday celebration.

35. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Everyone can enjoy including yourself. Not only kids wait for their birthday but also some adults wait for their birthday. Some of them also want to relive their childhood again. So girls plan this theme party for the birthday girl and make her happy. Alice in Wonderland is the dream story for many girls when they were young. So let’s plan so she can actually relive her childhood.

It is fun for many people and everyone can dress accordingly. The birthday girl can be Alice and the rest of them can take one character each. The room in the hotel can the place where you can celebrate your birthday fullest. There will be no one to disturb you and you can dance, watch the movie and enjoy the night. The best way how to celebrate your birthday happily.

36. Oriental food

Oriental food

Some people are food and they love eating different types of food. But it can be their dream to eat a lot of food for the day. Every time they can eat at any point of the time. It is fun to plan things to do on your birthday. She won’t be interested in the decoration but only food. So you research her taste that she wants to eat and book a table for people who are coming for the birthday. Let this be a surprise for her and let her enjoy her food.

One can also plan a cake of her favorite flavor. She will be happy to see this much food on her table. Sometimes, doing everything and not being happy is also a phase of life whereas sometimes doing little things and still one can be happy. So let’s plan this oriental food and make her happy. So she can eat the dishes which she wanted to try someday.

37. Private beach party

Private beach party

Everyone does a beach party. But have you thought about renting the whole beach nearby for the birthday? Yes, you hear me right. There are many beaches where you can rent and celebrate your birthday. So plan a beach party for your birthday. This is fun for you and also everyone. Go for the research of this private beach and book it.

Or you can also hire an event agency who can make things easy for you. They will arrange everything for you and you have to enjoy yourself the most. The best idea for celebrating a birthday on a beach is an amazing thing to do. The wind is blowing, fresh air, and you can see your family and other guests happily enjoying the day on the beach.

38. Go out to eat desserts

Go out to eat desserts

Some people like to eat desserts a lot. They crave for sweet and desserts at any point of the day. One can get the coupons and they can eat from the coupons only. One can also change their house into the dessert parlor. You can prepare many things and also make herself hand-made coupons. So she can use them at home while she is into the theme. Everyone has to wear a costume.

It will be fun for everyone and they can enjoy the most. You can also plan a girl’s night out and enjoy the whole night eating desserts, watching a movie and talking for long hours. This is one of the best things to do on your birthday. She will be happy to see such efforts and everyone can also enjoy the party.

39. Campfire in nature

Campfire in nature

Everyone likes nature visits. One can plan an outing in nature and invite his close ones. There are camps everywhere so you can plan this any moment also. But one can celebrate a birthday in nature can be more fun and relaxing. You can set up tents and set a campfire.

Where to celebrate your birthday is fixed now. So invite people now for the birthday. Confirm them about the trip for a day or overnight. This can be fun for everyone and you can also enjoy something new experience.

40. Pinspiration


Sometimes, learning is good. Small kids love to have an art party for their birthday. So why not now celebrate your birthday in the same way. You can a trainer at the party who will teach different types of crafts and decorations. This is a cool idea for celebrating your birthday like kids. One can decide on a venue and invite everyone for the birthday party.

The perfect way about how to celebrate your birthday idea and learning something new. This is one of the finest experiences. You can also have competitions amongst each other and then a winner can be decided. Everyone will have fun.

41. Big bike party

Big bike party

It is a dream of every boy to ride a bike of his own. But some of them want to ride with their friends. So there are many places where you can find a big huge bike. At around in that one bike, many peoples can be seated. This is fun and something exciting for your birthday. Everyone will be very excited about the ride.

One has to decide who will ride the bike? The birthday boy should get a chance. One can also surprise him by directly taking him to that place. One can be surprised by seeing the bike and also by seeing many of his friends along. Let’s see him smiling and having fun at the same time. One of the best birthday ideas for celebrating the birthday.

There is a list of birthday celebration ideas for adults and kids to celebrate the birthday. Even they can be kids at a time. The above list has many different and unique ways to celebrate your birthday. So are you one of them and planning where to celebrate your birthday? Then you can also check some of the birthday ideas from above. Even you can have fun with your friends and family. Birthday makes you feel special and loved at the same time. So let’s plan together and make them happy so they can remember their birthday.