23 Best Birthday Gifts for Older Women

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Last updated on May 17th, 2019 at 10:30 am

Confused which could be some good birthday gifts for older women? It happens at times when you have to gift an aged person because your choices and options gets limited. So here i am to give you the best out of your limitations.

Stay with me and find some of the most perfect birthday gift ideas for any older woman, whether she is your mom, grandma, aunt, etc..

Trying to find something for your grandparents, your mom or some senior lady who probably has everything is something I call a hectic task.

You might sometimes get totally clueless about the kind of gift article that you are looking for and the risk of ending making a nasty decision and getting a gift that might at times end up hurting her feelings.

Hence, it makes lot sense to invest plenty time before zeroing-on the gift that you are going to purchase for a senior lady who most probably is your mom, grandma, your teacher, your caretaker who grew you up from childhood, your home nanny who has been with your family for decades or a neighbor senior lady who has been so helpful all her life.

Whatever be the relationship we need to keep in mind that we simply cannot be lazy or lethargic about choosing the right gift for the senior lady who might most of the times have everything that one could imagine of and now all they are looking for is love from others in this world in the form of either gifts or sweet words of love.

If that is what they are looking for then it is quite pertinent that they don’t need expensive gifts but, those that are going to touch their hearts and souls.

Well, in this article I have made all out efforts to simplify this concept of searching for an appropriate gift that will make her day and help her remember you for years to come as well as be of some kind of help to her no matter how small.

Recommended birthday gifts for older women


1. The Seniors Yoga DVD for Parents

The Seniors Yoga DVD for Parents

This especially when you know that the senior lady that you are going to gift has always a Yoga freak and is looking for carrying out her hobby at home as she is unable to attend the Seniors Yoga Classes every morning.

This would be the perfect and timely gifting idea which is more of a useful item rather than being just a Yoga guide DVD which she can play on her television or laptop and practice at home in total calmness.

2. Remote Controlled Radio

Remote Controlled Radio

The older folks grew up in their childhood with this wonder gadget at home which was so popular in their times and they would love one such version with advanced features because they are old now and still love the age old gadget.

This Radio, is fully loaded with amazing features such as an alarm clock to remind grandma, its time for her morning classes or walking sessions or time for Yoga classes.

3. Tonic and Gin Bath Gel

Tonic and Gin Bath Gel

This seems to be the pure sex of the day which sure to freshen up her day to whom you would like to gift this item and she is in her mid sixties.

Not to worry at because I know what is running in your mind now, will she stink once out of the bath after having a few shots of this Gin and lemon? No! not at all, in fact she would feel more lively and fresh than ever before and never smell as though she was drunk like crazy, last night.

4. The Barista Espresso Breville BES870XL Coffee Machine Express

The Barista Espresso Breville BES870XL Coffee Machine Express

This cannot be considered just one more coffee machine and a perfect gifting idea for your grandma or elderly parents who are retired but haven’t forgotten their love for pure strong coffee.

You will help her from the grind of running to the coffee bar 5 times a day and also save money by gifting this ‘Starbucks’ coffee machine which is two steps superior as they come with a handy auto-function for a purge that will adjust the temperature of water making it perfect to extract coffee bean flavor.

5. Louis XVI Armoire Antique Exquisite Jewelry

Louis XVI Armoire Antique Exquisite Jewelry

Nothing goes better for a brilliant gifting idea for older women than a piece of exquisite furniture like the classic Armoire where she could store and preserve her stunning collection of old jewels

while keeping her taste for classic ornaments in compact pint-sized wooden Armoire. She will love to store her family heirlooms, fashionable necklace, store rings and her whole world of awesomeness. One smart idea if you love her even more is to present this wonderful gift with some expensive gift diamond ring.

6. Holî Light Sleep Companion

Holî Light Sleep Companion

There could never ever be a more intelligent gifting idea for the elderly woman, your mom who is now senior or your grandma than this gadget that helps them have a quality sound sleep of adequate duration without sleep disturbance which ultimately leads to good health.

This is the smartest sleeping aid on earth and if you could gift and have them use it effectively then you are the smartest kid.

7. Gustus Spicy Gourmet Seasons Vitae Condiment and Spice Rack

Gustus Spicy Gourmet Seasons Vitae Condiment and Spice Rack

This is the perfect blend of a pack of spices for the old lady that you plan to gift and who has been a foodie all her life and enjoyed yummy food during her lunch breaks.

It comes with 20 tiny containers with rare and exquisite spices from around the world from countries that specialize in each variety such as; India, Jamaica, Thialand, China, Egypt, Italy etc.

These tiny spice container have metal base which is magnetized and perfect for the lady that loves travelling or can even be stored in her refrigerator.

8. Fancy Winter Colorful Gloves

Fancy Winter Colorful Gloves

Whenever researching for the perfect gift for the elderly woman that you love so much and have adored all your life it should make plenty sense to get the item that will actually melt her heart and which does not need to be expensive at all.

Usually elderly and senior woman especially in their late fifties really feel the winter chill and it hits them really hard when they have to out for shopping or outing.

9. The Digital Automatic Key-Finder

The Digital Automatic Key-Finder

We all know that when it comes to the forgetting sickness called Alzheimer’s, senior and elderly women are the worst hit. Blame it on old age or consumption of excessive sweets or sugar, I m not a physician by any angle and would know nothing about the physiological aspect of it.

But, I know as a person that they would love this timely and most helpful gift because if there is any one thing that irks them so much due to degeneration of brain cells its forgetfulness which irritates anyone and everyone on this earth.

10. The handbag That is Hand-Painted

The handbag That is Hand-Painted

Quite ironically older and senior women have a craze about art items and unique gifting items such as this masterpiece called the carefully hand painted handbag that they would love to carry for their shopping spree and weekend outings with their children who are grown and flown free.

It’s got awesomeness filled in it with stylish front pockets and fits for an incredible and unusual gift for grandparents and all senior elderly respectful women.

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11. Fridge Photo Magnet Frame

Fridge Photo Magnet Frame

Older folks love to decorate their homes which they had been dreaming of doing all their lives and never really got the time to do it because they were busy making those extra gigs for their children to live comfortably.

Now, that the kids are grown up and gone, they are left with plenty of time for this stuff but little to live their dreams of getting busy decorating their homes.

12. Memoir Gifting Ideas for Older Women

Memoir Gifting Ideas for Older Women

Every senior and old woman will definitely have a dream of recording her life events that she would love to leave behind for her kids and grand kids to read and rejoice.

Of course, these will also include few secrets that they couldn’t reveal to the kids during their life time for obvious reasons and this is a time when they would love spending most of their times writing whatever little they remember.

13. Exclusive Grand Parents Family Locket

Exclusive Grand Parents Family Locket

Elderly parents usually have almost everything that they ever desired for in their lives since it is quite obvious that they had worked so very hard so that they could afford the Limousine that they dreamt of for so long.

They also worked very hard so they could see their kids comfortable and never ever constrained for money. but, there always will be tiny little cute things that they never cared for much but would love to own one and this is one such unique gifting idea – ‘A fancy family silver locket exclusively for loving parents’.

14. An Automatic Electronic Shuffler for Cards

An Automatic Electronic Shuffler for Cards

Elderly woman or parents who have now retired from work and would love to make the best of their most adored hobbies like playing cards are going to adore you most for gifting the perfect device that they would have loved to own a few years back as well.

As usual your elderly parents and grandma has everything that she could think of but, these rare gifts items which are more of a useful gadget rather than a normal gift that they will preserve in the show case.

15. Memory Quilt Gift for Older Women

Memory Quilt Gift for Older Women

At a ripe age of around their sixties every elderly woman would love to be creative at home since there very little left for them to go out and they are actually looking for something interesting to do at home.

This is the right time to research for something to gift them with such as this project from Tula Pink which comes with 20 fabric ideas and projects along with sewing ideas and accessories.

16. Behmor Coffee Maker with Temperature Control

Behmor Coffee Maker with Temperature Control

This might sound perfect for your grandma or elderly mom who has always been passionate for coffee and needs it piping hot when she needs it. This upscale and ultimate coffee maker will keep her coffee steaming hot till she is in the mood for it.

The Behmor’s hot coffee wonder comes with your smart phone interface which can control the machine for favorite coffee profiles and brews.

17. Kobo or the Kindle – Made for Senior Parents

Kobo or the Kindle – Made for Senior Parents

If your senior parents or grandma is the type that loves reading all the time and who has spent more than half of her life reading and writing then, a Kindle device Fire HDX 7 inches screen with HDX Display inbuilt with Wi-Fi and 16 gigs memory is going to be the best ever or most suitable gifting idea for her.

Especially because it’s not that difficult to operate that one has to study Rocket Science to get it to run and secondly the batteries last for weeks without needing the next charge.

18. Senior Women’s Tea Gift Basket

Senior Women’s Tea Gift Basket

For elderly women and parents who are retired and old now, value nothing more than having to spend valuable time with their kids or old friends who are on the same boat.

This gift packed with perfection and awesomeness called the ‘Victorian Lace yummy Gourmet of Tea bag Gift hamper Basket and a Chest with fancy Clock’ is the right one at the right time with perfect blend for everything they are looking for.

19. Special Utility Cookware

Special Utility Cookware

This perfect utility kitchen cookware might sound very traditional for a gifting idea and that too to an elderly or senior lady in your life but, that’s not the whole story about this rare cook ware though it might look like a boring gift.

It’s an exclusive collection for someone who loves European style cuisine. No senior is likely to own such a cook exquisite collection of cookware since it’s not another kitchen companion like a paella pan

20. Custom Bracelet GPS Longitude & Latitude Stamped

Custom Bracelet GPS Longitude & Latitude Stamped

An elderly or senior lady doesn’t always have to be your mom, grandma or your home nanny, it could always be your wife or your sweetheart whom you couldn’t marry for obvious reasons but still love.

Did you forget the famous movie ‘Titanic’? Don’t have to break a bank for this romantic style bracelet which can be customized for coordinates of longitude and latitude or your choice preferably that or a city where both of you first met.

21. Agate Black Bracelet

Honora Cultured Freshwater ‘Rock Star’ Pearl and Agate Black Bracelet

Whoever said that they make for nothing more than a classic jewel gift and nothing more than that? The accent based on cool agate of this pearl bracelet looks cool and is smooth as a sponge and is embedded with jagged beautiful rocks.

This is the coolest ever and an expensive gifting idea for senior and elderly women who are always passionate about classic fashion and pearl jeweler’s collections.

22. Fossil Case RFID Wallet Passport

Fossil Case RFID Wallet Passport

At the outset this gifting idea – a Blinged Wallet passport styled might seem like some weird little gift for someone who is a senior woman or even your grandma.

Why don’t you consider this? Your grandma or mom who is elderly now in her early sixties has always loved travelling since the time you had known her and has been a corporate warrior or something and age has reduced her to a normal old granny.

23. Baxton Studio Modern Aphrodite Lounge Chaise

Baxton Studio Modern Aphrodite Lounge Chaise

If the senior woman you plan to purchase a gift for is the kind that has been royal and affluent all her life and loves Victorian styles then, this is the perfect Chaise Longe that you can find in this blue planet.

Its unique Victorian pattern design is sure to mesmerize her for life and she is sure compliment you for years to come. It comes with the all exclusive color palette which is decidedly contemporary and would look nice on her guestroom, living room or bedroom.

24. ilFornino Wood Fired Basic Pizza Oven

ilFornino Wood Fired Basic Pizza Oven

This outdoor pizza oven is all metal, sturdy and made of tough stainless steel of high grade and is good for roasts in wood-fired heat for those traditional tasting pizzas.

This is exclusively meant for outdoor pizza preparation and entertainment and would be the best of all gifts for an elderly woman in their late fifties because that is when they have all the time in this little world to realize their long term dreams of having a grand outdoor party with kids.

25. Judith Ripka Evil Eye ‘Lucky’ Necklace

Judith Ripka Evil Eye ‘Lucky’ Necklace

This is going to be the most precious gift items that anyone could present a senior lady who you adore maybe your older mom, grandma or your older teacher.

It has the power to wade-off evil spirits and hence has a evil eye emblazoned on it but, is a necklace packed with awesomeness in more than one ways. This necklace has proved to bring in more luck and also keeps the wearer free of problems in life.

26. A unique surprise gift by fromabirdie.com

A personalized birthday book of sweet happy birthday letters, accompanied with photographs, from her closest friends and family, written for the express purpose of showing her just how loved she is on her special day, and every day. Organized by a common friend, collected, compiled, printed and mailed to her.