50 Best Birthday Gift ideas for Him you Shouldn’t miss

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:13 pm

Gifts for Him

There are certainly many birthday gift ideas for him I can suggest you, but I here I thought to share only few that are best.

Today I am going to share a list of presents that you can gift him. Now, first of all, let me clear one thing, When I am mentioning “him”, that means I am talking about your boyfriend if you are single or husband if you are married.

These gift ideas are general for both the cases. Many of you reached here to find gift ideas for their boyfriend and many who are married are here for some gift ideas for their husband.

So I made it generalized yet Specific too that you will get to know as you flow through the article.

So what kind of gifts you gifted him for his last birthday? Did you gifted him randomly or you had prior plans for some particular kind of presents. I.e,

  • Funny gifts
  • DIY Gifts
  • Cute gifts
  • Some kind of naughty gifts

Or any other kind of gifts, please share with us in the comment section if you want, I would love to know.

Anyways past is gone and his coming birthday is present that you can plan. So this time I want you to gift him only romantic presents and obviously for which you are here.

Now let me tell you straight to the point what I have here for you.

In this article I have shared my general personal opinion for birthday gift ideas for him and the other list is based on the recommend specific product based gifts that you can buy online directly.

Now if you are still not convinced that I am sure its vice versa, then here are some of the product based gifts that I would like to recommend.

You can mix and match these gifts with the list of ideas I have mentioned above. So allow me to share these perfect romantic gift ideas for him.

1. Heart Shaped 3D Photo Crystal

Price: $ 73.99
Ratings: 4.6


This is one of a perfect example of a cute romantic gift that you can get as one of the gifts for boyfriend.

Although I am not sure he will like it or not as he is a guy, but if you talk about me, if my girlfriend will ever gift this kind of stuff, then I would love to accept it. But it’s me, not sure about your boyfriend or husband, but still, I think you can give it a try.

2. Name a star gift

Price: $ 19.99
Ratings: 4.0


This one is counted in one of the most romantic gifts. I really find this gift concept to be unique and romantic. So what is this all about? Ok, what you think how she will feel to see to see a star named by her name.

I know she will get astonished. This gift box allows you the same, you can find any unnamed star out of many to give it her name.

3. Message in Love Bottle

Price: $ 25.00
Ratings: 4.1


This is the perfect gift I would recommend to you if you want to buy any romantic birthday present for him. From its appearance to its emotional value, I can gift it a thumbs up.

It is a well-decorated bottle with One letter/note or two inside it also with some rose petals, that enhance the appearance of this gift. You can write any personal message on it, or anything I suggested you in the Love book gift idea.

4. The Romantic Coupon Book

Price: $ 6.69
Ratings: 4.0


What can be a great example of the unique and romantic gift than this stuff. I am sure you have not tried this one yet.

This is a booklet of coupons which he can use on you to Ancash the romance from you any time he wants. Whatever coupon from the book he wants to use, he can use it and you have to do it for him.

5. Naughty Surprise Gift Basket

Price: $ 179.97


If you are planning the birthday with him at home or you have booked a hotel room to spend the day with him, then this gift can bring all the love, romance, and naughtiness you need to make this day memorable. In this gift basket, you will find all the things you think of to bring the romance to the peak.

6. Kama Sutra Weekend Getaway Kit

Price: $ 13.67
Ratings: 3.0


If you are planning to go beyond just a romance or to mix it up with bed fun and pleasure, then this one can be sure a gamer.

Although you can gift it for any occasion but I suggest you to gift this for his coming birthday to make the occasion memorable.

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7. Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights  

Price: $ 68.63


This is another perfect example of one of the best in naughty romantic gifts, as I mentioned some other earlier. This is a set of cards game which helps to try different things on the bed.

It is a unique gift I am sure you haven’t tried ever. So if you want to make this day the best day of his life till now, then this is the gift you have to look for.

8. Wall clock poem picture frame 

Price: $ 149.99


This is a perfect gift for his room. This beautiful wall clock in his room will make him remember his birthday every day. When I talk about its appearance, its royal, classy, and eye catchy.

9. What I Love you about Journal

Price: $ 6.90
Ratings: 4.5


I already mentioned about this kind of gift. So there are two ways, either you can make it yourself or if you don’t have much time or not confident enough that you can make it perfectly then I would suggest you to buy it ready made.

This book is also can be called as the personalized book that you can use it in any way you want. There are columns and blanks that you have to fill to show the reasons you love him. or anything else you want to share. Can be one of the best gifts for boyfriend.

10. Seeds of Love

Price: $ 11.30
Ratings: 4.8


This can be count in a very unique gift. I think you have never heard about anywhere. If you have tried all usual kind of romantic gifts for him for his past birthdays, then I would recommend this.

This is a greeting card made by Vermi TM, which looks very different from any other cardsThe unique thing about these cards is that they have a seed of flower in it and they have given this a name “Seeds of Love”. This is a perfect example of health and growth.

11. Phillip Whitney Bronze Family Tree 

Ratings: 4.2


If you are married and are here for your husband, then this is the perfect gift you can get him. You might have seen a photo collage or a poster of collage as a gift option, but this is really a change to it.

It is a tree where with each of leave you can attach a family member picture. If you have kids, then you can put pictures of You, your husband, son, daughter, his parents, etc..

12. Love poem gifts

Price: $ 29.99
Ratings: 4.4


You can gift this one on any occasion or for anyone, but you are here for your boyfriend or husband, So I can suggest it as the best birthday present for him anytime.

This is a beautiful silver metal frame with two blocks one is for a note ( that you can make or write own your own) and other block is to put a romantic picture of you both or maybe a collage.

13. Romance Glass Stones

Price: $ 14.99
Ratings: 4.0


This can be the best birthday present for him. It’s a set of six cute stones that are engraved each with some message. Every stone have a unique message or reason to love him. I am sure these stones can surely bring a smile on his face.

14. Ultimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure

Price: $ 6.72
Ratings: 4.0

This one is also related to Kama sutra, if you have heard about it before. It is a book which reveals all the secrets of getting bed pleasures.

It is a well-known book that already many man explored and some will love to explore. So you can also gift this book to him as a romantic present to bring up the romantic person inside him.

15. One Love Heart-Shaped Ring

Price: $ 11.99 
Ratings: 4.8

If you are married and finding romantic gift ideas for your husband, then this one you can count for sure as one of the best in for gifts for men.

This beautiful ring with two heart shapes signifies the love between you and him. This ring will make him feel how lucky he is having you as his loving lady.

16. Naughty Knot Body Bow

Ratings: 1.5


You might have gifted many things to him before or you may be planning many gifts for him for his coming birthday, but did you ever thought of gifting complete yourself to him. Here is something you can consider in unique gifts for him.

It’s a naughty knot that can be used perfectly to present yourself as a gift. It is like a gift wrap which covers your essentials. So wrap it up, come to him and present yourself as a complete gift.

You can say anything romantically or in a naughty way “ This is the biggest gift I want to give you for your birthday, complete me”, or something like that.

17. Engraved Tagua Nut

Price: $ 9.99 
Ratings: 4.3


Married women can gift this unique Stone to their husband who are office working men. Generally, in offices, people require paperweight, so if your husband is among them then you can surely gift him.

This is so eye-catching that everyone in office will surely ask him about whom have gifted you this beautiful stuff.

18. Love Magnetic Poetry Kit

Price: $ 18.99
Ratings: 3.4


If you love to write poems or have a hobby to write, then this gift can work any time. It is something different that you might not have ever tried.

There is a magnetic kit and a sheet of words. You need to remove any words, then make sentences, then poem or a note. So you can write any romantic message or note for him on this board.

19. Sexy lips Boxer

Price: $ 10.99
Ratings: 3.8


For a change, I am not sure if this is a romantic gift or not but surely it is the mix match of funny and naughty gift.

If you are planning a day in a room with some fun and frolic, then this is the stuff you can add in the gift list to spice it up a bit more. And by the way, this is funny too.

20. Champagne, chocolate, fruit gift Basket

Ratings: 5.0


If you are a girl and finding some romantic gifts that can make his day best, then this is the gift you are looking for, even wives can get it for their husband.

How to make the day romantic with it? There is champagne, fruits, and chocolate with which you can play along. Be naughty, be romantic and make the love to the next level.

  • For more suitable gifts ideas for husband, wives can click here.

Birthday gifts for him that you can make yourself

Romantic birthday gift ideas for him

If you want to gift him something special then I would recommend you to make gifts on your own or maybe a mix of DIY gifts with Product gifts.

Here are few DIY romantic gifts you can surely want to try with ease. You can make it easily or even you can go for the personalized gifting shop to make it done.

1. Personal customized pillow

Everyone use the pillow and your boyfriend or husband do as well. So presenting a personalized pillow to any guy/men is never a waste, instead, it is the best, I tell you how.

Whenever he will go to sleep or wake up the best thing will happen to him, is the memory of gifting that pillow and make him remember his birthday. So in a way, this makes it a memorable one.

2. Mug Love personalized

I will not have any doubt calling it the perfect romantic present. This is the easiest one and also make the best impact to the person you gift.

You can make it very easily from where ever you want, either online or any gift shop near your place that make personalized gifts.

If he is a coffee lover or tea, then I would surely recommend this one for him. A few years back My girlfriend gifted me a personalized coffee mug that I am still using, you can find the snap below. See how much I liked this cute gift.

My Personalized birthday gift - Personalized mug

3. Love book { reasons}

You can make a book with a lot of pictures, written notes or some personal stuff. What is all about love book? It is nothing different from its title.

The motive of this book is to make him realize how much you love him. There are many things you can put in this book to make it the best romantic gift among all as here you can have the best chance to put your soul to express your love.

Here are some of the things you can do in this book.

  • Collect all your personal moment’s pictures and best use in this book.
  • You can use the pages to write your love story from the beginning of the day till now.
  • You can write a list of reasons why you love him and give it a title of the book, i.e 100 reasons I love you.
  • You can share personal moments that were priceless.
  • You can Share what kind of things first came into your mind when you first met him. {That he still don’t know}.

So likewise you can use this book in any way you want, the main purpose of this book is to put your soul in pages to show the love you have in your heart for him.

4. Naughty Toy shopping

Many of you are here to find some gifts that that are romantic and naughty. So for those, this idea came into my dirty mind, LOL.

The idea is to tell him that you want to take him for shopping where he can shop whatever he wants, but from the place where you will take him.

Don’t tell the place anytime before taking him to that place. You have to take him to any adult toy shop and allow him to get anything he wants to experiment it tonight as a gift.

He will surely get surprised with the toy gifts and believe me this birthday will a point of discussion for a very long time.

Personal moment romantic birthday ideas For him

It’s not always to gift materialistic things, it’s about giving the best time to make the day special.

I know you are more curious to know some gifts that you can buy and make your things easier but still I would suggest you to give the moments that he can cherish for years with also some gifts that are memorable. Now that makes sense.

So here are some of the perfect personal romantic moment gifts you can give him and also a following with a list of recommended gifts that you can buy for him.

1. Treasure Hunt

Why not to be a kid and let him enjoy the childhood game to find the gifts you have hidden. We all have played hidden treasure hunt game, so you know what I am talking about.

You have to hide the gifts in the room or where ever you are planning. Leave the clue one after the other which he can use to reach the gifts. This will create the thrill and excitement for him.

2. Naughty You

If romance is what you are planning for his day, then why not to be little naughty. Be fanatic to the romance in itself for the day.

There are many naughty things you can do for him, I know your mind is already running towards some ideas. One thing surely I can recommend is giving a hot full body massage to him.

3. Make him prince

I know 364 days you rule over him as many girls/women do LOL, but what about giving him the day when he can be the prince and what day you want for this better than his coming birthday.

Make him the prince for this day and do whatever you can to make him feel like one. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • Cook some delicious food for him and make him relax.
  • What about singing his favorite song for this day.
  • If spending the day at home, why not to decorate it with a theme.
  • Dance in front of him as if you are dancing in front of a real prince.

4. Birthday Kiss

How many times have you kissed him in a day which he can remember? Two or five to the maximum? Right. I know rather he won’t remember this nor you. But what about 21 kisses or maybe 45 Kisses, one after the other.

Now that can be a memorable moment that he can never forget. The idea is simple yet romantic enough to make his day.

You need to kiss as many times as some of his birthdays till now. You can kiss all over his face and the last big one on his lips. Or if you want you can go for his body.

Believe me, he will remember this birthday all over his life just because of this beautiful, cute romantic act.

5. Where you met

Do you remember which place you met first, I still do, it was in an acting theatre group where I first met a girl who is now my girlfriend.

So if you remember where you first met, then why not to spend the best quality time there and remembering those days and moments.

You can blindfold him and can give him a surprise by taking him to that place. Here are some more special birthday surprises you can give him.

6. Kiss note

While he is in office or out for some work, you can hide a note in his bag or something to give him surprise.

The surprise is that he will find a note with lipstick marks of your lips. Yes, you have to give kiss to the note to make a mark of your lips. He will surely get surprised to see the note and will make his day.

7. Birthday greeting card


A birthday occasion is incomplete without a gift that makes it memorable for years and this gift is a greeting card.

It makes a person remember this day for years. So I would suggest you to gift anything you want to present him but make sure you add a greeting card with it ( with one personalized note ).

Birthday greeting cards I suggest everyone as I know they are forever, here is a snap of my all-time favorite collected gifts cards I have got from my loved ones.

8. Custom Pillow Cover Personalized Pillowcase


I already gave you an idea to go for a personalized pillow, So here is one of a good product I would like to recommend you to include in gifts for boyfriend. This product has got some great reviews from the people who have already bought it.

I think I have covered everything what I could have from my side for the best ever birthday gift ideas for him.

I gave all my efforts to make you ease with some good romantic and some naughty gift ideas. I shared my experiences, opinions and recommendations. I hope you found these presents to be worth the best birthday gifts for him.