45 Bang-on Birthday Gifts For Girlfriend

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Gifts for her

Birthday gift ideas for girlfriend

Things you will find here:

I have categorized the list of gift ideas into specific categories. I have covered everything possible in this article and sectioned them into four categories.

You can check out any category that you are more interested into. But I would personally like you to check all the categories and ideas in order to make the best choice among all of these.

1. Gifts you must buy list

2. My general gift suggestions

3. Creative ideas

4.  Gifts you can make yourself

Now as I promised earlier that I will be sharing some of the gifts that you can get your girlfriend from online gift sites. Here you will find some of the best birthday gifts for your girlfriend that you can buy online.

1. Love Heart Design Bracelet, Leather Bracelet

Price: $10.99
Ratings: 4.2

Love Heart Design Bracelet, Leather Bracelet

  1. This bracelet is perfect for funky girlfriends.
  2. It is a handmade bracelet with pure leather, beads, and metal.
  3. I have recently gifted this kind of bracelet to my girlfriend for valentines day, she really liked it. So I thought I can share it with you may be it goes for your girlfriend as well.

2. Sterling Silver Double Purple Heart Bracelet

Ratings: 2.8


  1. This is another bracelet I would like to suggest you.
  2. The beauty of its silver and purple appearance is heart winning for any lady.
  3. This piece of beauty comes at a very reasonable price with some great reviews, so I think it will surely good to try.
  4. Compare both the bracelets and make your own choice.

3. Bessky Birds Clutch Wallet Leather Case

Price: $4.85
Ratings: 5


  1. I found this leather clutch wallet classy and a bit funky too.
  2. If your girlfriend preferences matches, then you must grab this one.
  3. This clutch can be useful for her daily life.
  4. She can use it carry cash, cards, and small things.
  5. I said earlier that girls going to love a clutch anyway, so give it shot.

4. iSport Fitness Tracker Wristband

Price: $146.95
Ratings: 4.1

Damusy Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Watch Activity Tracker Smart Band with Heart Rate Monitor,Waterproof Bracelet Pedometer Wristband with Calorie Counter, Call/SMS Remind for Android and iOS (Black)

  1. If she is a fitness freak then you have to gift this amazing fitness tracker to her.
  2. This gadget is so good that I can recommend it to anyone, not girls or heavy weight person.
  3. This can be used by anyone as it is so useful.
  4. Its technology helps you track, remind and monitor your daily activity, health, and fitness.

5. Fashion Lady Women Long Purse Clutch Zip Bag

Price: $8.99
Ratings: 4.5


  1. This one is also from bessky which just caught my eyes swinging on this beautiful product.
  2. It is a little bigger in size from the one I have mentioned above.
  3. So it is bigger in shape and available in different colors.
  4. It looks fashionable and trendy, so I think your girlfriend will definitely fall for it.

6. Women Faux Pearls Rhinestone Butterfly Bracelet

Price: $4.35


  1. It’s a watch cum bracelet that can pull anyone’s eyes.
  2. This fashionable watch bracelet has been a choice of many girls due to its price and look.
  3. She can wear it for any place she wants as I think it is suitable for any placei.e party, collage, casually, gathering, etc..

7. Tote Duffle Bag

Price: $39.99
Ratings: 4.5

tote duffle bag

  1. This sporty tote duffle bag is for girls who go to the gym or travel.
  2. This sporty looking duffle bag is capable of caring a lot of things with its wide big space.
  3. So if she goes to the gym daily or travels, then this one could be a nice choice for your girlfriend.
  4. Reviews are great and the price is cheap, so give it a try.

8. Best Girlfriend Ever Ladies T-Shirt

Price: $12.99
Ratings: 4


  1. This printed top can surely bring a smile on her face.
  2. I loved the tagline printed on the top, I think you also agree with me.
  3. I know its like funny to gift your girlfriend the best girlfriend ever printed t-shirt, but that is what you want to gift to get a smile on her face.
  4. She can wear this t-shirt at home as it is very comfortable and can flaunt in front of her friends too.

9. Makeup Brush Set Synthetic Kabuki Brushes

Price: $6.99
Ratings: 4.3


  1. I really can’t explain what all it has because if I start my list it will be time-consuming.
  2. I have checked the product it has almost like everything a girl would dream of.
  3. I think it can be the best birthday gift you can get your girlfriend if she is a beauty product freak.

10. Belle Nail File Drill Sand Electric Machine

Price: $29.99
Ratings: 3.7


  1. This electric machine is a piece of an excellence.
  2. It is capable of doing manicure and pedicure too.
  3. It is made for a saloon quality that means at home she will have the comfort of a saloon.
  4. She will love to play around with her nail with this bad ass machine.

11. 4-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brushes & Body Skin Care Kit

Price: $23.99
Ratings: 3.9


  1. It helps in deep cleansing the skin from the roots.
  2. It also helps in exfoliating the dead skin to give a new toned skin.
  3. One can massage the skin for proper toning and observe the nutrients from the cream.
  4. Before this product, no other product was giving an option for adjusting the speed, but it does and thus make it the better of them all.
  5. It is so useful that I can recommend this product for any occasion or no occasion.
  6. It can be used in daily life and thus make it worth.

12. Hollywood Award with Gift Box

Price: $15.15
Ratings: 3.7


  1. Do you want to give an award with a tagline “Best girlfriend” to your girlfriend for her birthday to make her feel proud? then go for it.
  2. This looks like any Hollywood award trophy.
  3. It will bring a smile on her face whenever she will see this awesome and cool gift.
  4. This kind of gift is so cool that she will love to tell her friends about it.

13. Maxell Amplified Heavy Bass Headphones

Price: $25.39
Ratings: 4


  1. This is for every girl who is a music lover and plus her favorite color is pink.
  2. I know every girl would love to add this amazing headphone to her gadgets list.
  3. So if you think your girlfriend also loves listening music then go ahead for this one.
  4. It has got very good reviews from people who have used it. So I am very much sure this is worth it.

General Suggestions: Birthday gift ideas for Girlfriend

I generally keep a section where I suggest, people, some general gift ideas, not specific. It is just to broaden up your mind to let you find and choose best gifts for your own. So here I will be sharing few present options that I think are perfect for a girlfriend.

1. Gift Basket 

Gift basket

A gift basket is a cool option which you can take into your consideration. A girl would love to see a gift basket for her birthday. A gift basket is nothing but a basket which is contained with full of different gifts.

There are two options, if you think you will go for a gift basket. First, you can make it on your own with simple tricks and steps, second is to just buy from the gift shop. I know guys are lazy and least interested in making a gift, So I simply said buy it.

2. Accessories

Girls accessories

If you are unaware about a bond between accessories and girls, then let me tell you what it is. Any girl in this planet love accessories.

I am so sure about it that I can bet if you go to a place which is crowded with girls and just scream “a diamond ring”, then they will just jump on you, LOL. I think the example I gave is a little funny, but I mean that.

Girls really love accessories, from where so ever they are. Every time my girlfriend buy some new accessories she just keeps on saying that she bought this branded thing from this shop for this much cost.

See they are just mad about accessories. So I think Picking up accessories as a present for your girlfriend would be a very good option.

3. Clothes and shoes 

shoes and clothes

Girls are just mad for clothes and especially shoes, everyone knows that. If you really don’t know then you might have a lot of things to find here. The best gift option for any girl is clothes and shoes.

They are simply easy to find and also comes in a budget, if you know the right place to buy. Whenever I don’t have time to think of some special gifts for any of girl friends, then I just go with the clothes and shoes because I know a girl will going to like it anyway.

4. Personalized gifts 


When it’s about presents for a girlfriend or even boyfriend, I suggest personalized gifts as they are worth the efforts. With any materialistic gift it becomes very easy for you, as you just have to pick the gift but to make a gift personalized you have to give some efforts.

I must tell you, for any personalized gift, your efforts are worth as they are just special. There are many options if you are going for personalized gifts.

5. Skin care Products 

skin care products

I found most of the girls like to take care of their skin. I think you have also noticed your girlfriend. If so, then why not any skin care product as a present for your girlfriend’s birthday. You can also go for any skin care kit or gift hamper.

6. Beauty products

beauty gifts

As skin care, many girls are found to be interested in makeup or beauty products. You know what, ask any random girl to check their purse I am not sure if you find anything else or not, but you will surely find some beauty products or something related to makeup.

I can say this because I have checked my girlfriend’s purse and found many makeup products. So gifting a beauty product as present to your girlfriend for her birthday is a good option.

7. Gadget freak 


These days girls are also found to be loving gadgets as much as you will find any guy. They also love gadgets. Where it is any selfiestick, colorful headphones or a fitness band.

So this can one of the best options while selecting birthday gifts for girlfriend, if your girlfriend is also a gadget lover then you know what you have got to do.

Just find the type of gadgets she is more interested in. So later you can pick that gadget as a birthday gift for her.

8. A purse or clutch 

clutch and purse

Girls generally don’t have big pockets like guys do on have in their jeans, and not the things that any girl carry. I mean you will find any girl to be carrying a purse or clutch whenever they move out from home.

Girls carry a lot of things so they need it. I think to gift her a purse or clutch can also be considered as one of the good birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. It can be used daily for her personal use.

9. Gift card

gift cards

A gift card is also a good option while having options gifts ideas for a girlfriend or even for gift ideas for wife. You can find many gift cards online that you can buy as per your budget. It is one of the best birthday present for her.

I found the amazon gift card to be the best because there are many products which you can not find anywhere. So with a gift card, she can buy anything she wants, that’s cool right.

Creative birthday Ideas for a girlfriend

I hope you agree that girls anyway like the gifts I have mentioned in the above list. So I think that list gave you a broad idea about what kind of gifts you can get your girlfriend. Now I would like to share few creative ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday.

1. Reasons why you want to wish her the best birthday 

reasons to wish birthday

We generally wish people with just two words “ Happy Birthday”, but to those who are not that close. When it is about our close one we just want to do more. I am sure you would be more interested in wishing your girlfriend in a more unique way rather than a flat Birthday greet.

I have an idea for you. Why don’t you write a note where you tell her why you want to wish her the best birthday. You can write in a funny way, romantic or idiotic way, as its your own choices. Here are few things you can mention in the note.

* I want to wish you the best birthday because every growing age makes you more beautiful.

* Because you are the one with whom I can spend my whole month salary to just make you smile.

* Because I have noticed you are becoming more romantic with every passing year.

So this way you can find your own reasons. Just sit for an hour with a pen and paper and write every reason you can think of.

2. Quality time at the most special place 

Quality time

This option should be counted in the most wanted list in any birthday presents for a girlfriend. Do you remember where you both met first? Is it in school, beach, theatre, or some friends gathering?

Take a moment and think about it because what my idea is that spend the quality time with her on that special place where you first met to make the occasion memorable.

It is a kind of birthday surprise, I know she will be very happy and touched to spend her day with you on that special place.

3. Birthday week 

Birthday week

Birthday week? Wait a minute, what it is? You read it right, this is the very unique idea of the gift to gf that I would like to share with you.

This idea is just inspired by the valentines day week. I am sure most of you might have understood, but for those who have not. Let me tell you what I meant.

Like you know that in valentines week there are seven days with each day dedicated to different things. i.e chocolate day, hug day, kiss day.

So this way you can also do the same, dedicate each day something new from 6 days before her birthday. She will love you for this and believe me she can never forget for this week for the rest of her life.

4. A cute surprise 

Cute surprise for girlfriend

Be the first one to surprise her, I have already mentioned this example in one of my articles, but would like to share with you as well. The idea is to give a very cute surprise by being present first at her door to wish her in the morning.

or if not then you can send flowers, chocolates and cards. What say? It is a simple, sweet and cute thing you can do for your girlfriend. By this you can make her whole day happy and keep her smiling.

5. Dedicate something that she will remember 

Birthday dedication

You can get your girlfriend some gifts for her birthday but there are many things that she will love to see for her birthday or may be will make her happy. I am talking about dedicating something for her coming birthday.

You can dedicate a song, dance, speech, etc.. anything you can think of. A few years back I have dedicated a song to my girlfriend on her birthday party, so I know how it makes the difference.

Gifts you can Make Yourself

I hope you enjoyed reading these creative ideas, now its time to tight your pants and up your sleeves because I am going to share a list of gifts that need your efforts.

I know guys are like what? But who are interested can proceed and who are in hurry can go to the next list where they can find the some of the “best gift for her” recommendations.

1. Collage Letters 


It is the easiest thing you can make with your less efforts. But believe me it is also the most interesting thing you will love to put your hands into.

For making a collage letter or letters you need her photos, photos of her close friends, family members, relatives and you of course.

Collect all the pictures from her social account, her friends and family members or where ever you can get some interesting pictures.

Put them all into a pen drive and take it to a personalized gift shop. Select the designs, quotes, and one liners for the collage. You can get it done with less than a day.

2. Coffee Mug 


This one is also very easy. For this also you only need few pictures, few quotes or one liners. Be creative, funny, cute, romantic while planning the prints for the mug. Discuss it with any personalized gift shop.

3. DIY Card 

DIY Birthday cards

I know it might sound girly but it is really not. DIY is not mentioned to be a girls thing in any book. In fact, many guys are more interest into DIY, so for all those who are interested, it is a nice idea. You need to buy a card from your own choice.

With few tweaks, you can make it beautiful and special. Use colors, sketches, pictures, or anything you can to make it look beautiful. She will go Awww.. when she will see your efforts.

OMG, finally I am done with this huge list of birthday gifts for girlfriend. I think I haven’t left anything from suggestions to ideas to products to DIY. I have covered everything just to give you the best that you can not find anywhere.

I hope you are also done with it but if you want some more specific suggestions or ideas for your girlfriend then feel free to get in touch with me. I will respond as soon as possible.

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