30 Astounding Birthday Gifts For 4 Years Old Girl

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:37 pm

The little princess is now growing up to know the world in her own way and what would be more special than to give a special gift. So while choosing a birthday gift for a 4 years old girl you have to be very creative and also have the niche to understand her choices and likes.

This is one age when a girl is learning so much all around her and her young heart is just taking everything in for a new evolution, so whatever the gift was given to her would have a strong impact on her life and also during her growing years. She is analyzing and also with her small little brain trying to supervise each and every movement around her.

So whatever gift she receives she will for sure be analyzing it and understand how to use it, so be very specific while selecting, only dolls would not be her choice, she would be now looking for various different learning ways to know the world around her. So choose the perfect one for her from the wide range of spread online, to put that sparkling smile on her face.

birthday gift for 4 year old girl

Recommended birthday gifts for 4 years old girl

1. TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone

TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone

The incredible karaoke mic from Tosing is a favorite of all kids, as music and singing are a passion for girls specifically. And this pretty pink mic would surely encourage the little singer within her.

It can be used for 3 to 4 hours at a stretch so perfect for her small parties with friends, and also that it can be used through blue tooth and connected to iPhone and even tablets for usage. It comes in 2 vibrant colors so choose one of her choices.

2. Large Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

Large Aqua Magic Doodle Mat

This innovative mat would not only help your little princess sit comfortably on the ground on its soft surface but the uniqueness of the mat is that she can bring out the artist within her and color on the mat.

It comes with felt pens of different colors for painting and also brushes. The mat is washable and can also be folded and ket safely and also can be carried for outside excursions or picnics.

3. Mud Kingdom Little Girls Birthday Clothes

Mud Kingdom Little Girls Birthday Clothes

Dresses are always the most fascinating and special for girls so the Mud kingdom little girl dress would be the correct one to get for her, as their designs and colors are the best suitings for little princesses of this age. This could be one of the most suitable gift ideas for 4 year old girl.

4. Venhoo Kids 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Watches 

The essence of time is very important for the kids of this age to understand and making her aware of it would be to gift her the Venhoo Kids 3D Cute Cartoon Waterproof Silicone Watch.

It comes in a few different colors and the design and patterns are just made for her. She would surely be giving importance to time, once she starts wearing time on her wrist.

5. Alphawang Pop Set Arty Snap Beads 

Creativity is the best mode of this sensitive age, so a 4 year old girl would love some of her own creations. So why not give her jewelry kit which would have 500 different beads to be attached and comes with a pretty box to keep them safe.

She can make her choice of various different kinds of jewelry which she would prefer to wear with her dress. So now her own creativity and these colorful beads would do the rest magic.

6. CMK Trendy Sparkly Glitter Purse

Image result for CMK Trendy Kids Sparkly Glitter Toddler Kids Purse for Girls Quilted Little Girl Purses

Purses are always the first choice for girls therefore they start understanding the value of having their own purse where they can keep their personal things. So this trendy and sparkly glitter purse would bring the sparkle in her eyes.

They come in different color shades so choose the one which she too would prefer to carry and the one which she can take with most of her dresses.

7. Minnie Mouse Super Sparkly Cosmetic Set

Minnie Mouse Super Sparkly Cosmetic Set

Having their own makeup kit is a dream of every girl, so now with the new age fashion you can give your little princess her own makeup kit with the Minnie mouse super sparkly makeup set.

It has 22 different varieties of lip glosses to go with and 4 blushes, it is the full package deal which would be making her feel like a diva and also a queen.

8. Sarah & Victoria Happy Owl Mini Purse

Sarah & Victoria Happy Owl Mini Purse

Mini purses are now in fashion and with this handmade pure cotton owl mini purse, it is a guarantee that your little princess would be overexcited and happy. The design and the knitting fashion is for sure very attractive.

Although small it can hold many essentials which she would like to carry with her. The color too is very attractive with the contrasting shades been knitted in a cute pattern. It is one of the nice gifts for 4 yr old girl.

9. FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent 

Having their own me place inside the house is best done through mini tents so why not gift her the ultimate and cutest princess castle play tent which glows in the dark. The poles of this tent are made of fiber making it quite sturdy and hard to.

It can be cleaned hassle free just with a wet cloth to be wipped and the glow and the glitter would be retained as usual.

10. Pawliss Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack 

 Pawliss Mermaid Reversible Sequin Drawstring Backpack 

The little angel would be attending dance classes and some extracurricular activities, so now give her the new reversible sequin drawstring backpack, which she would be able to carry on her shoulders with the essentials.

The best feature of the backpack is that it changes to different shades with one touch, and comes with two more bonus accessories, a headband, and two slap wristbands to go with. This is an awesome present for 4 year old girl.

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11. CISMARK Animal Cartoon Cotton Over Calf Knee High 

 CISMARK Animal Cartoon Cotton Over Calf Knee High

Knee highs are the new fashion statements and when they are of pure cotton with the cute animal cartoons then they become more adorable.

The new CISMARK cotton over calf knee high is one of the best gifts for 4 year old girl for the coming winters and even for a general time. There is a total 6 pairs in the pack and each different cartoon and shade so she can match with her dresses.

12.  GoLine Night Light with Remote

GoLine Night Light with Remote

Light her room with the unique Golight remote controlled night light. This is a new age technology which would keep her room softly lighted during the night time so that she does feel more comfortable while sleeping.

The best feature is that it comes with a remote control and different light shades can be changed bringing the glow in the room back.

13. Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Mermaid Tail Blanket 

The soft and warm mermaid tail blanket would fit her the best and she can use it for camping or any outdoor activities. This beautifully cable knitted blanket has its own crafted design which looks quite fascinating.

The back and the bottom are opened so that she can fit in easily and keep her feet safe and warm during the winters, or while out for camping.

14. Magical Reversible Sequin Glitter Pillow & Pillow Case

Magical Reversible Sequin Glitter Pillow & Pillow Case

Now a new addition would make her bed look quite glittery, the new magical reversible glitter pillow and case. With one touch she can change the pattern of the pillow and the glitters would dazzle in a different pattern so this would sparkle her bed too.

The cover is easily washable and can be opened by the back zipper, this would retain its fresh look and shine for a longer period of time.

15. Genesis Princess Umbrella with backpack

Genesis Princess Umbrella with backpack

This lovely set of a pink umbrella and the backpack would surely become her favorite asset soon. Together she would be looking like a little princess on call.

This set is a wonderful birthday gift for a 4 years old girl. It the backpack is a bonus in this set and would carry her essentials for her extra classes or her outdoor activities.

16. Cute Long Sleeve Rose Applique Denim T-Shirt and Skirt 

Cute Long Sleeve Rose Applique Denim T-Shirt and Skirt 

This dress set would make her look much smarter and fashionable as the Denim finish and fabric with the prints gives the shirt a new age look.

It is cotton and is easily washable, so the freshness of the dress would be retained for a longer time. The fabric is soft and breathable and would also make her feel comfortable and confident wearing it with an air and pride.

17. Piano keyboard

. Piano keyboard

The 37 key piano would bring the melody fully in your little princess’s life, and she would be able to bring out her creative singer from within.

This piano ser has 128 tones and rhymes inbuilt in it and comes with 5 demo CDs of songs and other music scores. So a complete package of musical therapy for her growing years and it would surely make her more confident and happy.

18. Qandsweet 40Pcs Snap Hair Clips

inSowni 40 Pack 2" Snap Hair Clips Non Slip Barrettes Animal Print for Baby Girl Toddlers Fine Thick Hair (40PCS S1)

These hair clips with the ribbon bow on it is going to be her favorite, it comes with 20 different color shades and there are a total of 40 clips for different dresses to go with.

So this would be the ultimate accessory for her fashion statement. So why waiting just give her this gift and make her smile from her heart with that innocent sparkle in eyes.

19. Disney frozen little hardcover story book

 Disney frozen little hardcover story book

Books are known to be people’s best friend, and if the story is of a princess and prince from the world of Disney then it becomes more happening and friendly.

The new Frozen golden storybook with hardcover would now be her favorite story. It is a quality edition in the unique hardcover form so just do not miss to give it to her and bring her smile.

20. SONGMICS Musical Jewelry Box 

SONGMICS Musical Jewelry Box 

Now all her precious stones and jewelry would be safe in this sweet and cute little pink musical jewelry box from Songmics. It has a mirror and drawers to fit in many pieces together and the light weight makes it easy to carry for outings.

The special feature of the box is the figure of the dancing girl which ballets to the tune whenever the case is opened so why not enjoy some music with sparkle.

21. Activ Life Frisbee Rings

Activ Life Frisbee Rings

Keep her active and fit with the new age active life frisbee rings which come in a pack of tow with different color shades.

So now her outdoor activity would become more fun and exciting with the frisbee session with her friends. There are other color options available so you can choose according to her choice of color.

22. The Night Before My Birthday

 The Night Before My Birthday

This new age story tells the experiences one goes through just a night before their birthday, the excitement, the happiness yet the nervousness the kids of this age have.

So the writer Natasha wings has penned don the simple emotions of children with sensitivity and poise. This is a must read for her to make her connect more to herself, it is a limited edition to get it before it finishes. This would be one of the perfect gifts for 4 year old.

23. JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking set

JaxoJoy Complete Kids Cooking and Baking set

Bring out the little chef within her with the new kids cooking and baking set which has total 11 pieces to go with. This has a sweet apron for the little chef, chef hat, gloves and cooking and baking utensils.

It is surely going to bring the creative world of cooking alive in her and help her during her growing years of having her self-confidence.

24. Pastel Colorful Bracelet

Pastel Colorful Bracelet

The wonderful and light pastel shades of beads make this bracelet more adoring and nice so now she can have it on her wrist with a smile on her face.

Each of the beads os finely selected and woven to perfection. This would be one of her favorite accessory for sure till her youth.

25. Kids Binoculars set

Kids Binoculars set

Now she is going to have an adventurous time with the new Puffin kids binoculars which have the real optic lenses making it clear and with better clarity.

It can be used for bird watching and even other adventurous activities. IT would also help her during her school excursions for the educational projects too.

26. Kids GPS Smart Phone Watch

Kids GPS Smart Phone Watch

She is a new age girl who is self-confident and knows to carry herself among others at the tender age of 4. So the best gift for her would be the kids GPS smartphone watch.

This is a multipurpose watch with calling and call receiving, GPS tracker, SOS button for her safety and chat facilities too. The added feature of the watch is the alarm so how she would be self-sufficient from this tender age and know the value of time too.

27. Four Year Old Girls Journal

Four Year Old Girls Journal

Having your first own journal is very special so this year on her birthday give her the special personalized 4 year old girls journal.

She can write down her experiences and stories in this blank and rules journal with even her own handmade paintings. So this would be her own private journal with many secrets and stories of her life and of the coming years.

28. Cute Rabbit Crossbody Shoulder Bag Small Satchel 

Cute Rabbit Crossbody Shoulder Bag Small Satchel 

The cute rabbit face ad the color combination makes this crossbody satchel mire cute, she would be happy to have it. This can fit many small essentials and the detachable long handles are quite flexible to fit in.

It comes I two different colors among which black is almost every girls favorite as gives a better confidence in them.

29. Donut Necklace

Donut Necklace

The unique design and the donut shape makes this pendant form of the necklace so amazing and full of fun. This is surely going to be an added fashion statement for her.

It is attached with a 15′ inch bronze chain which makes the look more shiny and glittery. Add this to her jewelry collection and she would just feel the diva within her alive wearing it.

30. 3D Printing Pen

3D Printing Pen

Now painting would be more exciting and fun with the 3D printing pen which would make all the sketches look alive and moving. This would also help her to sharpen her artistic hands for her future too.

Also, it is a great encouragement to art and graft and helpful for different school projects and crafts. This would be an undoubtedly a perfect birthday gift for a 4 years old girl who is seeking to grow faster.