33 Marvelous Birthday Gifts For 14 Year Old Boy

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:34 pm

Boys in their pre teens enjoy sports, outdoor activities, gaming toys, books, gadgets, and a variety of things. For a pre-teen life is still full of choices, challenges, and knowing their identity as individuals. On their 14th birthday, you can gift them presents that they can utilize and identify with.

Boy loves practical gifts. Right from smartwatches, accessories, and anything that they can use in their daily life is something that they will just love. You can choose from these birthday gifts for 14 year old boy and bring a smile on their face.

Gifting competitive and adventure games are amongst the best things that they will love and cherish when you gift it to them on their birthday. Birthday for boys of 14 years old is as exciting as a teenager.

They love spending time with their friends and having a good time on their special day. You choosing from the right gift makes their birthday even more special.

birthday gifts for 14 year old boy

1. Novelty T-shirts With Slogans

gifts-for 14-year-boy-Novelty T-shirts With Slogans

Pre-teen boys just love wearing t-shirts that come with cool slogans. You can gift them one of these novelty t-shirts on their birthday and they are going to simply love it. These are solid color tees that have funny wordings on them. Gadgets and simple and funny t-shirts are what the teens love wearing.

This is the simple birthday gifts for 14 year old boy that can never go wrong. Geeky boys, flamboyant boys, and kids of all personality types will love these t-shirts.

2. Inspirational 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens


This is a book by Sean Covey and has sound advice for teenagers. It is a good guide for anyone in their teens and pre-teens to read and achieve success. This is one of the brilliant gift ideas for 14-year-old boy that will help him sail through the peer pressures and challenges that anyone would face in school at this age.

This is the kind of gift that will him insights and a sense of directions amongst all the choices laid in front of him.

3. Fun Party Shocking Game


This is a fun game for parties that you can gift a 14 year old boy. They will love this game that gives an electric shock to the person who does not pass this game quickly to the other person. It also has music and two buttons to signal the start of the game.

This game needs to be passed till the green light turns on as the one who holds this game after the green light turns on gets the electric shock. Boys love these kinds of games. This is a fun gift you can give them on their birthday.

4. Bluetooth Embedded Beanie


This is a cool gift to give to a 14 year old boy who loves gadgets. This is a beanie that comes with a wireless headphone, earphone, and handsfree mic. It connects to most of the smartphones and is one of the best presents for 14 year old boy.

They can wear this beanie during winters or even on a warm day and listen to music and talk over their phone while traveling and chilling during vacations and their leisure time. A good accessory that they can carry with them wherever they go.

5. Outdoor Game Of Catch


A cool outdoor gift for boys who love to play sling ball outdoors. It comes with a net, hook, rackets, and 2 balls. A game that he can play with his cronies and have a good time playing outdoors.

This is cool game where you can launch the ball which flies up to 100 meters and you can catch it in the net once launched. You can play with your friends as this game comes in a pair.

6. Game Shock Ball


A fun game ball that you need to pass it on quickly to avoid shock. There is a shock button at the bottom. A fun game to play with friends and pass it on. You can play it with as many players as possible.

Inside the classroom when there is still time for the lecture to begin, or in between the recess this is a fun game to play at school as well as outside. One of the cool gifts for boys age 14 that makes them popular and have a good time at school and outdoors.

7. Tin Can Robot

This is a battery operated robot made with a soda can. They can play with it in the backyard, take them to the school or any place in the outdoor. This is a fun robot to watch walking on its wheels. This is a kit that lets you create the robot with all the necessary tools and instructions given along with the kid.

Boys of that age just love creating cool robots and show off their engineering skills to their friends and classmates. A proud moment for the teachers as well as parents when they can create a robot and make it run.

8. New York City Building Blocks Collection

Build tall buildings and landmarks in the New York city with accuracy using the collections of this game. A fun game for boys of this age to construct structures of the world’s best city. Build the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and other popular fortifications in this city.

The kid will enjoy building these structures with this kit. One of the best presents to give a 14 year old boy that keeps him engaged in constructive activities for a longer time and enhances his creativity and skills.

9. Cotton Gaming Socks

A funny gift for boys age 14. Something that they will love to wear when they are playing games on the console. The gaming time is one of the most precious times for boys that age and this is a funny gift that you can give your pre-teen boys.

They can wear them for years and have fun gaming at their leisure. A cool gift that adds some fun to their leisure activity. These are a comfortable pair of socks that can be worn in any season.

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10. Basketball 3D Illusion Night Lamp

Decorate your room with this gift that you get on your birthday. This is a night lamp in the shape of a basketball. A present that young boys will simply love. This 3D lamp changes its colors to various hues automatically and is a good decorative item to have in the boy’s room.

It is pleasant in the night and not very bright for the eyes. Boys can get sound sleep and feel delighted to have a unique night lamp in their room.

11. Teen Cookbook

There are a lot of boys who love to rustle up something in the kitchen. This is an ideal present for those who love to cook and relish on their art of cooking. This book has many delicious and easy recipes that boys can try and enhance their culinary skills.

The instructions are easy and boys can start cooking when they are home alone or have a boys night. This is a fun and a group activity that they can do with their friends at leisure.

12. Toy Fast Cars Building Kit

This is a cool gift that the boys of 14 years will love. The fast car building kit is something that they can tinker with in their leisure time. It comes with all pieces of fast cars and lets you create a swish model of fast cars.

This is a fast car building kit that comes with more than 100 pieces for the guys to venture and learn how to build various models of fast cars. You can build them in various modes and rejoice the activity of fast car building.

13. Boxing Set With An Adjustable Base

This is a nice gift to give to boys of that age. A sporty birthday gift that they can keep in their room and practice boxing. It increases their strength and stamina and lets them have a healthy routine and an exercise.

An awesome birthday gift that lets them build confidence and boost their self esteem. An activity that does not require a lot of space is a great gift to give for boys of this age.

14. 97 Cool Things To Do Before You Finish High School

High school is a place where you make a lot of friends, discover a lot of things, develop new hobbies and skills, and also learn many new things. This is the time of the life that has its own challenges, yet you can make the best of your high school days by reading this book.

This is a meaningful gift that parents can give their children on their birthday. It has sound advice about a lot of cool stuff that they do not teach in school.

15. 3D Strategy Board Game

This is one of the constructive and meaningful gifts that you can give your younger boys on their birthday. It helps them develop problem solving skills, learn the game of strategy, and have a good time with friends during holidays and events.

A great game that the boys can play with family and friends and also develop many skills along.

16. Little Book Of Workout Motivation

This is the gift every parent would love to give their children on their birthday. A reading of this book will help them be top performers. Going to the gym is one of the activities that require a serious level of commitment.

For a beginner this might be difficult. If waking up every morning and hitting the gym is tough for you, this is the book for boys that can inspire them to have a healthy and fit routine and achieve a lot in their life.

17. Lateral Thinking Puzzles

This is a beautiful gift anyone can give a 14 year old boy on his birthday. It has puzzles and riddles that activate the brain cells and make you think. A book that adults as well as kids can enjoy reading and solving together.

Everybody loves a mental challenge in the fun form of a riddle. This is one of the best gifts you can give to younger boys that enhances their ability and fosters their brain development further.

18. Lightweight Camping Hammock

A nice gift to give younger boys to encourage to spend time outdoors camping and hiking in the green woods, away from the buzz of the digital world.

This is the gift that they can use it indoors while reading a book or listening to music. A fun gift that encourages tp backpack with your buddies and explore new places and gain new experiences.

19. Drone Toys With A Camera And Higher Speed Modes

An awesome gift that the boys of this age would look forward to receive on their birthday. It comes with many features like the camera that lets them take awesome pictures and videos of outdoors.

A cool toy that they can take outside with them on roadtrips, and other outdoor places. They can play for a longer time and it comes with a remote control which make it even easier for boys to have more fun with the flying drone toy.

20. Microscope Kit For The Geeks

The best gift that the geeky boys will love is this microscope kit when you gift them on their birthday. You can bring out the Dr.Ross Geller from the F.R.I.E.N.D.S series.

Explore the various aspects of biology with this illuminated microscope. It comes with various levels of magnification, and many other features. A fun and an educational toy for boys who take their science seriously.

21. Solitaire Game With A Twist

This is an awesome solo game that you can gift a 14 year old kid on his birthday. It comes with many brain-twisting challenges, puzzles that require logical thinking, and many other games that test your problem solving and cognitive skills.

A game that boys will love to spend time with in their leisure and enhance their mental abilities and have fun resolving puzzles that come with this game kit.

22. A Metallic Pendant With Beautiful Words

One of the best gifts that you can give your friend on his birthday is this metallic pendant that comes with beautiful wordings. This is a hand stamped necklace and that can be a reminder of who gifted you this beautiful gift on your birthday having encouraging and motivational words. Wear them daily on casual clothing as it adds to the style of your casual dressing.

23. LED Knit Hat

Boys who love things bright and fun things in their wardrobe will love this birthday present. It comes with flashy lights in three colors and is battery operated. This is a quirky winter hat that has LEDs on it.

For those who love to experiment, you will love this present on your birthday. One of the childhood memories that you would cherish is a series of quirky gifts given during your school days.

24. NFL Board Game

A game of soccer on board, wouldn’t you love it? This is an awesome family game that you can play and have fun on holidays. A strategy game that is fun to learn and play with family and friends is the gift that you will love on your 14th birthday.

You can root for any of the 32 NFL teams in this game. It also comes with many cards and discs. A game that can be played up to four players is awesome fun during the leisure time.

25. Virtual Reality Goggles

You can use these goggles on most of the smartphones and watch video games and other entertainment programs. Get a virtual trip into the world that is displayed in the videos and feel the zeal of being a part of any set up in a film or a video genre.

An awesome entertainment for boys when playing video games and watching programs. A much anticipated gift that would make their birthday memorable.

26. Gaming Headset With Noise Cancellation

This is a plug-n-play gaming headset that works on most of the devices. Connect this headset to a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or iPad and best sound when you are gaming or watching a movie.

It comes with noise cancellation that lets you watch a movie or play games unperturbed. Get an amazing gaming experience wearing this headset. This is the best birthday gift that you would look forward to on your birthday.

27. Waterproof Digital Wristwatch

A multifunctional digital wristwatch that boys will love to have on their birthday. It comes with a calendar, alarm clock, backlight and has the look of a sports watch. Wear it daily to school and games and add up the style quotient to any dress you wear.

You can also go swimming wearing this watch and enjoy underwater activities. One of the best gifts that your elder siblings can give you on your birthday.

28. Pack of Guitar Picks

Guitar Picks - 20Pack Celluloid and Felt Picks for Guitar Bass Ukulele Includes Thin, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy Gauges with Leather Pick Holder & Tin Box Limited Time Deal Instagram 10000+ likes

For the boys who love music and have a guitar, this is a simple and yet a nice gift that you can give young boys who play the guitar. They come in different colors and are flat.

This is one of the best gifts that works well on metallic strings. Boys will learn to enjoy playing guitar using these picks. Learning to play songs on the guitar is a joy for anyone with these picks. One of the simple birthday gifts for 14 year old boy.

29. Remote Control Helicopter Toy

HighlifeS Mini RC Helicopter Radio Remote Control Hand Induction Flying Aircraft Electric Micro Helicopters Toys Gift for Kids (green)

A fun toy that the boys will love as a gift for their birthday. They can play with it for hours and enjoy the flight and the landing of the helicopter. It comes with many controls. A cool gift to give for the guys of that age.

Gifts for teen boys that they will enjoy playing in their leisure time to keep their mind of all the school pressures. One of the best toys to relax and let the mind wander as you control the flight of the toy helicopter.

30. Jumping Toy Car

An awesome gift for the 14 year old boy is this jumping toy car that comes with a remote control and directional control. The toy car jumps at a great height and can be a true joy for boys that age to enjoying playing with the toy car.

This is a fun activity for any one in school and in their teens to enjoy playing in their leisure time. This toy car jumps on top of any obstacles and runs smoothly with speed.

31. Quiz Clock

A black wall lock that has equations and quiz that leads to the right answer of the number that the clocks have. This is a fun way to know what the time is when you gift this to a 14 year old boy.

Everytime they want to know what the time is they have to go through the quiz printed on the wall clock to know the time. This is one of the cool 14 year old gift ideas that you can give them on their birthday.

32. Stomp Rocket That Jumps 400 feet High

This is a high performance rocket that shoots 400 feet in the air when you stomp on the paddle attached to launch the rocket. The pack comes with 6 rockets and is fun to play in a playground along with siblings and friends.

You can also take it along with you when you go outdoors or on a vacation. A fun sport for boys that age to play are these pack of rockets.

33. Brain Teaser Block Toys

One of the best birthday gifts for 14 year old boy is these building blocks which he can use in his spare time and come up with many innovative structures. It also helps reduce stress and anxiety that teens and pre teens go through.

It is a good stress buster and also enhances creative ability and problem solving skills in intellectual development. A gift that any boy of this age would love to tinker with.