32 Cool Birthday Gifts For 13 Year Old Girl

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:32 pm

Birthdays are special for kids in school. It stirs a bit of excitement and joy in their life knowing it is their special day and they get all the love and attention on this special day. Anticipating gifts and the excitement of opening them brings in a special joy to kids of this age group. You can choose from a list of cool birthday gifts for 13 year old girl on her birthday. They bring a special meaning to their lives, let them learn, have fun, and boost their skills.

With these gifts they learn to have a better time spent on leisure activities bonding with their playmates and family. You can gift them from a list of items such as books, make-up kits, toys, decor items, girly games, activity kits, and many more interesting and creative gifts.

birthday gift for 13 year old girl

Recommended Birthday Gifts For 13 Year Old Girl

1. Crochet Headgear With Cat Ears

Crochet Headgear With Cat Ears

One of the chic and stylish gift ideas for 13 year old girl on her birthday. If you are her aunt who loves her loads, this is a cute and an adorable gift that you can gift her on her birthday. She will be reminded of her adorable aunt everytime she wears this crochet hat.

It keeps her warm during cold seasons and also looks sassy on most of the outfits. Can be worn during all seasons to prevent the hair to be blown on the face.

2. Stainless Steel Expandable Bangle

An awesome gift to give a 13 year old is this stainless steel bangle that comes with a list of charms. Wear this bangle on any outfit and on any occasion. It goes well with most of the outfits. You can wear it to the musical events, movie times, school events, festivals, birthday parties, and all occasions.

A nice bangle that can be worn everyday. An awesome addition to your vanity bag is this bangle that comes with trinkets making it look charming.

3. Ballerina Jewelry Box

A beautiful jewelry box for the girl in her pre-teens on her birthday is a gift where she can store her earrings, necklace, and all her favourite jewelry. A musical jewelry box that comes with an oval shaped mini mirror and a dancing ballerina.

This is the kind of jewelry box that the girls that age love to own and travel with. They can take this mini vanity case with them anywhere even on holidays and festivals.

4. Elegant Bracelet And Necklace Set

MAFMO Fashion Butterfly Hot Pink Jewelry Sets Necklace and Earrings and Bracelet for Juniors Girls

This is an elegant beaded necklace and bracelet set of three that the girls will adore as a birthday gift. They can wear them on most of the outfits and match them with their dresses when they go outside.

On road trips, attending birthday parties, festivals, or girly night, and just about any reason to get dressy, these are the jewelry sets that make them look charming and cute. Dress up for that tea party and look your elegant best.

5. Teen Girl’s Survival Guide

If you are not up for the chicken soup series, this is the survival guide that will get you through all the drama and peer pressures of the school and get you prepared with the life ahead with confidence. You will know when to cut down drama, what to accept, and experience personal growth reading this book.

One of the best gifts for 13yr old girl is this survival guide. They can follow it like their bible to cope up with different situations and avoid social stress.

6. Girl’s Wrist Watch

A beautiful and an elegant wrist watch for the girls of the age 13. This is a sweet gift that you can gift to your daughter on her birthday. She can wear it to her school, show it off to her friends, and wear it on all outfits. A way to let her keep a track of her time.

This is a waterproof watch and can handle splashes. Kids can learn to tell time and wear them on all outings like camping and picnics.

7. Knitted Toddler Hat With Lining

A cool gift to give your sister on her birthday. This is a toddler knitted hat that keeps her warm during the cold seasons. She looks cute and charming wearing this gift and love her sibling even more for giving her this wonderful gift on her birthday.

This is a lightweight and cozy hat that the kids can wear with most of the outfits. They can look chic during winter and other cold seasons. A nice hat to wear when it is chilly outside.

8. Healthy Recipes For the Kid Chef

Girls love to cook. This is the best gifts for 13 year old girl who loves to cook and is a foodie. This is a cookbook designed for kids and has recipes that the kids love. A cookbook that encourages them to eat healthy, develop culinary skills, and rustle up some nutritious meal in the kitchen.

It comes with many tasty recipes and cooking techniques that the young girls can learn and have fun cooking for their friends during a girl’s night.

9. A Journal With Inspirational Quotes

A beautiful journal that has inspirational quotes makes for a meaningful birthday gift for a 13 year old girl. They can turn it into a scrapbook, jot down their goals, dreams, secrets, anecdotes, fond memories, an put down their thoughts inside this beautiful journal.

A way to keep kids motivated is to encourage them to jot down their goals and write their thoughts for them to access in future.

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10. You Are A Girl You Can Do Anything

You Are A Girl You Can Do Anything

An inspirational book that can cheer up the girl and boost her self-esteem. Amongst an awesome gift for girls age 13 is this book that you can give her on her birthday. Girls deal with all kinds of issues at this age. Reading this book can motivate her to be brave and give her self confidence to do just about anything and achieve anything in life.

A book that they will love reading over and over again and treasure the advice and tips given in this book.

11. Coloring Doodles Activity Book For Girls

An adorable gift ideas for 13 year old daughter is this coloring book. She will enjoy spending her time coloring doodles, understand color coordination, and unleash her creativity in this activity book. Mothers understand their daughters best. This is the gift that you can give your daughter to boost her artistic talents and creativity.

It comes with many doodle designs and color palette. Each page has doodles and wordings that you can use any art medium to color it.

12. Princess Canopy Net For Indoor and Outdoor Play

Girls love their reading and play time inside this princess canopy castle net. They can use it in their rooms as well as outdoors. Feel like a princess reading and playing with toys inside this castle net.

It comes in a beautiful pink color and also protects the kid from mosquito bites. Creates a gentle and a sweet sleeping environment for your 13 year old kid. She can have a splendid time with her friends inside this pink castle.

13. Pink Butterflies Wall Decor

These are beautiful set of butterflies that can be gifted to the 13 year old girl on her birthday. A nice wall decor that adds to the gentleness and elegance of the girl’s room. It makes her room look even more beautiful.

The butterflies come in different shapes and can be easily glued to the wall. Girls can show their creativity sticking these butterflies on the wall in a decorative and creative way.

14. Wall Mounted Organiser

A unique and meaningful gift that you can give your girly kid on her birthday is this elegant wall mounted organizer. Girls love to decorate their rooms with such pieces. They can neatly organize their items on this wall mounted organizer.

Girls can use it for putting up their jewelry, clothes, accessories, or any other items that can be hanged on this organizer. Jewelry that you use every day can go on this organizer. It looks stylish as well as easy for you to reach instead of using the wardrobe for everything.

15. Set of Pink Stationery And Desk Supplies

Gift this set of desk supplies in pink color that are perfectly suitable for a girl’s desk. They spend more time studying, doing their homework, assignments, and hobby art on the desk. The pink supplies inspires them to be more creative and adds happiness and joy to their daily routine of doing school work.

These are one of the best birthday gifts that inspire creativity and encourage the kids to work meticulously during their work hours.

16. Stunning Multicolor Ocean Wave Light Projector

A better version of the night lamp is this ocean wave projector. Sleep under the carpet of the pleasant light that looks like an ocean wave. It comes in multicolor and lets your baby girl have a sound sleep. A cool gifts for girls age 13 is this light projector that projects ocean waves to the ceiling making it look stunning and give a peaceful sleep in the night.

It creates a great ambiance in the room that is soothing and comes with different modes of brightness. For the thinker who loves to think under the ambiance of the ocean wave light, this is the perfect birthday present.

17. Strawberry Donut Mousepad

Girls at this age will love using accessories that are cute and funky. This is a donut shaped mouse pad that is a cool gift that you can give a 13 year old girl on her birthday. It is made in soft material and is comfortable for the kids to use them and hold the grip firmly onto it.

This is a non-slippery mouse pad that comes in vibrant colors and the girls will love having these accessories for their computers and peripherals. A nice addition to their workspace is this gift that you can give them on their birthday.

18. Portable LED Bluetooth Speaker

One of the cool gifts for 13 year old on her birthday is this bluetooth speaker that she can carry anywhere and listen to her favourite music, audio books, and other recordings. It comes with touch controls and looks great and chic for girls to carry with them outdoors. Camp under the blanket of starry sky listening to good music on these speakers and enjoy the barbeque.

The compact design of this speaker makes it easy for you to watch a movie or any program as the sound is clear and comes with many functionalities.

19. Musical Jewelry Box With Pullout Drawers

Keep your jewelry safe in this beautiful musical jewelry box. It comes with drawers, a unicorn figurine, and a mini mirror. A lovely present for 13 yr old girl that she will love having in her dressing room.

Dressing up becomes even more interesting with knick-knacks such as these lovely gifts that let you store earrings, necklaces, brooches, and all types of jewelry and accessories. A beautiful box that has sweet melodies and the girls will love having them in their dressing room.

20. Disney Frozen Printed Curtains For Girls Room

Disney Frozen Printed Curtains For Girls Room

A lovely gift for the princess on her birthday. Your daughter will love this gift of curtains in the Disney Frozen movie theme with characters printed and pink background. A lovely pair of curtains that add up to the cuteness and charm of the girls room.

They love spending their time in their rooms reading, performing creative activities, and many other things. These curtains personalize their space and add a joyous element to their room decor. A unique gift for the birthday girl on her 13 birthday are these pair of curtains.

21. Art Cafe Building Set

A beautiful art set that can be given as a gift to a 13 year old on their birthday. It lets them boost their creativity and imagination. A wonderful present for 13 year old girl that has building components, miniature figures, and cafe elements that let her build an art cafe using her imagination and creativity.

There are different art challenges inside this kit that the girls will enjoy building. They can spend their time in these activities that enhance their artistic development and let them have a lot of fun building the set.

22. Building Water Globes

Girls will love building the seascapes with this gift that you can give her on her birthday. It boosts the creativity, thinking and planning ability in the kids. They learn to fine tune their motor and artistic skills learning to build seascapes with this kit.

It comes with figurines and many other components that makes this a unique craft for the kids to build and construct. They can also gift this handmade gift to their friends and loved ones and show off their craft.

23. Family Guessing Game

This is a cool question and answer game that the kids will love playing with their family and friends. One of the awesome gifts for a 13 year old teenage girl that you can give on her birthday. This is a cool guess game that the kids can play with their family and friends. They have to guess the characters on cards displayed correctly to win. You have to guess the right answer within a minutes time.

This is a fast-pace guessing game that the kids will enjoy playing with you during holidays and leisure time. You can have fun with your kids playing these cool games.

24. Fun Word Games

A cool word game that lets you guess the name of the word. The phrases are frames in a funny way and make you think what the word could be. This is an awesome game that gears up the imagination of the kids and boosts their vocabulary.

A perfect game for the fun family night that kids and parents can play together. Gift this cool gift to your daughter on her birthday and have a fun time bonding together.

25. Emoji Card Party Games For Kids

Emoji Card Party Games For Kids

A fun gift that you can give a 13 year old girl on her birthday. This is a game where many players can play together and have fun. You have to guess the feelings and emotions of the player in this game. The participant has to take turns to do the guesswork.

This is a fun game that the girls will love playing with their loved ones and friends. You can also play these games during parties, when you go on picnics and on all events and occasions.

26. Bling Art Kit

This is one of the cool birthday gifts for 13 year old girl that makes her smile and explore the bling art. You can create shimmery and dazzling art with colorful sequins available with this kit.

It comes with tools and pins that let you push the sequins on the board and create a shimmering art in the design and motifs of flowers, animals, or objects of your choice.

The kit has different types of sequins that you can use to create this art and girls will have a lot of fun exploring this art.

27. Sewing Kit For Girls

Girls love sewing and craft projects. These are the kits that foster creativity and artistic talent in the kids. Gift this kit to your baby doll on her birthday and see her get started with sewing projects with a lot of enthusiasm.

You can look into the felt projects that are easy to create that also boosts the confidence of kids. It develops their imagination, motor skills, and handicraft talents when you gift them this sewing kit on their birthday.

28. Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Kit

Build structures and use your imagination to play with the colorful tiles. This is the awesome birthday gift that the girls can use to boost their artistic ability, creativity, and logical reasoning. Learning to build structures with these magnetic tiles fosters multiple skills and abilities within the child.

These are unbreakable building blocks that the kids can use for a long period of time and play with them for hours together. A gift kit that keeps them engaged in constructive activities.

29. An Elegant Bracelet For Girls

Gift your granddaughter an elegant bracelet on her 13th birthday. This is a beautiful charm bracelet that comes with rhinestone balls and metallic findings. Girls will love wearing this jewelry gifted by their grandma. They can wear them on all the cute outfits when they attend parties, events, festivals, and all the happy occasions.

A nice piece of jewelry that brings a smile on the face of the kid on her birthday. A charms bracelet that also has pink colored pearls that add to the charm and style of the kid.

30. Stone Studded Wands For Parties

Stone Studded Wands For Parties

These are cool princess wands that you can gift for the girly parties. Teens and well as pre-teens can use them and play the princess games in their girl parties. They are a fun addition to the festivals and occasions where the girls like to participate. Dressing up games get an additional flavor with these starry wands.

They are attached with pink ribbons that make them look even more charming. Your baby doll can stroll like a princess with a tiara and these wands.

31. Pop And Disco Party Pack

A cool and funky party pack for the girls at the age of 13. This is a awesome gift that a sibling can gift their sister on her 13th birthday. It comes with colorful shades, fingerless gloves, neon bracelets, and many other vibrant accessories.

Parade in these party accessories and have a merry time with your friends at school and house parties. A fun and a surprise element that throws in more flavor to the happy occasions.

32. Pack Of Party Bags For Kids

An awesome and printed pack of bags that the girls can take them to the parties is one of the cool birthday gifts for 13-year-old girl. Put candies, knick-knacks, jewelry, and all your favourite stuff inside this drawstring bag and carry them to parties and occasions.

Go hiking on the beach taking pictures and storing them in this bag when you go outdoors. It comes in fun prints of unicorn, penguin, and many other animal prints that the kids will love.