23 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

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Last updated on May 17th, 2019 at 10:23 am

A man in his sixties has probably seen all kind of mundane gifts in his life. There is a possibility that he could be bored of receiving apparels and accessories as gifts. Thus, we decided to figure out a list of cool 60th birthday gift ideas for men.

From the most common gifts to the most efficient ones, we will have it covered for you. By the end of the blog, we are sure that the readers would have enough ideas to get a smile on the person whom they want to gift.

Birthday Gift Ideas for 60-year Old Men

Pleasing 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

A man is sixty is probably approaching his old age. Therefore, we listed down such gifts that would help him to ease his life. Also, we stressed on gifts that could provide him entertainment and comfort at the same time.

Most men in their sixties are on the verge of approaching their post-retirement life. Hence, we thrived on gifts that will help the oldie to maintain a busy lifestyle.

1. Customized Money Clip cum Knife

Money Clip cum Knife

A money clip is a decent choice when one is considering a birthday gift for men. It is an efficient gift that would have the heart and attention of any man. However, what makes us mention it on our list is its versatility.

The one mentioned here is not just any ordinary money clip but also acts as a pocket knife. Not only a knife, but it also consists a pocket-size screwdriver, blade, file, and bottle opener. These life-saver tools all condensed into a money clip would be an exciting gift for the old man.

2. Milestone 60th Birthday Gag T-shirt

Quirky T-shirt

This quirky t-shirt is sure to crack the 60-year old. We tried hard not to mention gifts that comprise of apparels. But after we saw this funny t-shirt, we couldn’t stop ourselves to put down this as an idea on the list.

The milestone 60th birthday t-shirt has a quirky print which says 59+1 where 1 is denoted by a middle finger. If your oldie loves humor, there are high chances that he would love this t-shirt too.

3. Essential Dark Wood Air Diffuser

Air Diffuser

Give your 60-year old man a dash of fresh air and some aromatherapy with the help of the essential dark wood air diffuser. It helps you to circulate a sense of fresh air and fragrance in the room.

Also, it reduces the pollutants present in the room giving you a healthy environment to stay in.

The device build on the aromatherapy concept rejuvenates your body and freshens up your mood.  It is a good way to keep your old calm and composed.

4. Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer

Most men love to have their cars organized. If the man you want to gift owes a car which is messy, the car trunk organizer would be a perfect gift for him.

Also, for someone who runs a small-time business from the home, it would indeed be a boon. The trunk offers a lot of compartments where one can organize the things in a way that are easy to find.

It could even come in handy in the garage or in the garden to hold instrument s and tools.

5. Double Walled Insulated Thermos

Double Walled Thermos

He would love to carry his favorite beverage wherever he goes without having to lose its taste or temperature. This double walled insulated thermos would allow him to commute all the day long by sipping on his favorite beverage.

Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter, as the insulated walls would keep the drink at the same temperature at which it was poured. An efficient gift like this thermos would be an excellent choice for someone who is celebrating his 60th birthday.

6. Amazon Tap Bluetooth Speakers

Amazon Tap Speaker

Give him a dash of entertainment by gifting him a set of wonderful stereo Bluetooth speakers. This would allow him to listen to his favorite music while he continues with his work.

Also, he can take them wherever he wants and listens to his favorite music regardless of the situation. The portable speakers would also allow him to pick up calls without having to use the phone.

The Dolby digital speakers would give him a rich music-listening experience. He would be glad to have this speaker at his disposal.

7. Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Dual breakfast sandwich maker

This sandwich maker would help the oldie to make some delicious sandwiches at the expense of his home. It would allow him to grill not one but two sandwiches at a time, that too in a very less time.

It takes less than 5 minutes to fully grill a sandwich. This gift would not only get a sense of ease and comfort in his mornings but would allow him to bake sumptuous breakfasts for himself. Cleaning the sandwich maker is also a cakewalk.

8. Tank- Durable Stainless Steel Barbeque Grill Set

BBQ Grill Set

If the 60-year old man loves grilled meat more than anything else, he would be delighted to see a complete BBQ set as his birthday present.

The tank-durable stainless steel grill set has everything that one would require to host a perfect BBQ party. Right from the perfect set of tongs to razor-sharp knives, the kit would surely delight someone who loves grilling.

It would serve as a decent gift idea for a 60-year old man. It would give a new dimension to his love for grilling.

9. Gentlemen Old World Shaving Kit

Gentleman Shaving Kit

16 or 60, a shaving kit is a most-needed gift for a man. At some or the other point of time, he has to use it. Therefore, if you want to gift something that is efficient to the core, a shaving kit would be a perfect gift for the man at any age.

He would appreciate your thought behind the gift. It comprises of everything that a man requires to attain a neat and clean shave.

It also consists of handcrafted balms and soaps made with finest ingredients to give a rich shaving experience.

10. Handmade Vintage Diary

Handmade Vintage Leather Diary

Is he a writer by any chance, or does he maintain a diary for he is own sake? If the answer to these questions is yes, you could gift him this vintage leather diary.

The good-looking book would have the eye of anyone who loves jotting down his thoughts on the paper.

We are sure that this book would have a special place in his cupboard or on his working desk for the longest of times. The genuine leather diary is made to last and wouldn’t lose its beauty in years to come.

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11. Dirty Old Man Stainless Steel Whiskey Flask

Stainless Steel Flask

Is he fascinated by the spirits? Does he have the knack of carrying an alcohol flask wherever he goes? If yes, he would love to receive this quirky flask as a birthday present.

It has some really quirky print which would crack him up completely. If you share a good relationship and healthy humor with the man you want to gift, the dirty old man flask would be an awesome choice. We are sure that he would appreciate your humor along with your gift giving skills.

12. Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

amazon echo dot

At 60, there are chances that a man could feel lonely. There are not many things to choose from when a person approaches the old age.

The amazon echo dot would be a perfect gift that would keep him entertained throughout the day. Also, it is very easy to use because of the presence of a Siri-like feature called Alexa.

It lets you operate the device just with your voice commands. It can browse through millions of songs from platforms like Amazon music, Pandora, and Spotify.

13. Kindle E-Reader

Kindle e-reader

If he is an ardent reader or someone who loves to go through the books in his free time, he would be happy to receive the Kindle E-Reader in the present box.

It would give him the liberty to browse through a wide array of books without having to go to a bookshop. Also, it could be one of the best travel companions for people who love to read during their flights.

Now, no need to carry multiple books, a Kindle would be the solution to all his reading needs.

14. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

iRobot Vacuum

If he is a single person in his house, he would love to have a robot that helps him with cleaning. The robot is capable of cleaning an entire floor without you having to operate it from home.

One can be miles away from the house and yet order the robot to start the cleaning. This Wi-Fi enabled robot can adjust to any floors and give you excellent results when it comes to cleaning.

The 3-stage cleaning assures you that it would pick up the smallest of dust particles along with big debris.

15. Programmable Coffee Maker

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. There are high chances that the 60-year old could be addicted to caffeine.

To suffice his love for caffeine, you can gift him a coffee maker that would help to get his daily dose of coffee without having to worry about the consistency of the taste.

The machine is capable of brewing coffee with different styles. Therefore, one gets the liberty to have the coffee of his choice without having to head towards fancy coffee shops.

16. Plush Lined Eyeglass Holder

Plush Eye Holder

In case he has the tendency of forgetting his eyeglasses, the plush-lined eyeglass holder would be a perfect gift for him. The compact plush lined eyeglass holder would be best fitted as a center table.

He wouldn’t have to remember where he last kept his spectacles. As when a holder is there on the center table, he would make it a habit to keep his glasses in there.

It would be a great gift for a man in his sixties as it would cut down on his efforts to search glasses every time he misplaces it.

17. Exclusive Stainless Steel Whiskey Stones

Whiskey Stones

For the whiskey lover you know, gift him the stainless steel reusable whiskey stones. As a result, it would not let his drink lose its taste.

When one uses the regular ice, there are chances that the malt loses its originality. Therefore, for someone who would love to have his drink with its original taste, the metal ice cubes would be a perfect gift for him.

Men are passionate about what they drink. Thus, there are high chances that your birthday present would be highly appreciated.

18. Multi-USB Portable Charger

Portable Charger

A USB charger is one of the most efficient gifts in the present day age. With extensive use of mobile phones, a portable charger could be the most helpful gifts that a man can ever receive.

If he is someone who has to do a lot of business calls and constantly runs out of battery, the portable charger would be an excellent gift for him.

It is travel-friendly and could be carried around without it causing much trouble. Your gift giving skills would be highly appreciated by someone who uses it on a daily basis.

19. Bath Bomb Gift Set

Bath Bombs

Give him the peace of mind by gifting him a set of organic bath bombs. These vegan organic bath bombs are sure of rejuvenating your mind and body.

It provides essential minerals to the skin to battle the dead cells on your skin. It could give you a fresher mind that would help you make wise decisions.

Also, as a person who is entering his sixties, the bath bombs would effectively work on his sore muscles. It would give him the comfort that he needs in his growing age.

20. Shiatsu Pillow Massager

Shiatsu Massager

The shiatsu pillow massager would help the receiver to treat his sore muscles with utmost care. The heat technology would help him to relieve his pain and cut down on the sprains.

The versatile massager would help him to treat his body parts like neck, thighs, calves, abdomen, and back. The pillow massager can be used in while sleeping, or in the car or at the office.

It is 100% risk-free and could treat your muscles with immense effectiveness. We are sure that your 60-year oldie is going to adore the gift.

21. Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

By gifting this, you would give him the freedom from entangling with the wires while he is on his morning walk or just sitting his porch listening to his favorite music.

Also, it would offer an enriching music experience to the user. He could wear without having to worry about the wires being tussled up with the phone.

He can even complete his daily chores without having the phone’s in his hand. One can even pick up the incoming calls without having to touch his phone. Efficient, isn’t it?

22. Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair

Help him relax by gifting him a rocking chair. Now that he is 60, he could be approaching his retirement anytime soon. That would give him a plenty of time in his hand to relax.

Therefore, it would be the best choice for you to gift him a rocking chair where he could relax and read his favorite book or watch his favorite television show. It could easily be one of the best gift ideas for a 60-year old man.

23. Men’s Tie Set

Men's Tie Set

Even if he has a 100 of them at his disposal, he wouldn’t mind 5 more. These exclusive designer ties can have the eye of any man. They could be worn on special occasion.

Neither to flashy nor too subtle, tie-set is the perfect choice for the Sunday morning masses and more such occasions. We are sure that the person receiving it would be appreciative of your choice.

Regardless of the occasion, whether it is his birthday or his anniversary, a tie-set would be a perfect fit.

Now that we have written down a plenty of gift ideas for a 60-year old man, we are sure that you have found the best ones for the person you want to gift.

Whether the 60-year oldie is your father, husband, or your friend, the above-mentioned gifts could be the perfect ones for his birthday. You can also opt for taking him on a date or giving him your time.

There is a possibility that he would have all the materialistic things he needs, but not a companion to share his thoughts. Therefore, you can consider giving him your valuable time to brighten up his day.

All that said and done, there could be ideas that we have missed out on. If you have any of such ideas that deserve to be on the list, you can write to us in the comments section below.

We would be happy to review our reader’s suggestions. Also, we would take immense pride to include your suggestions on our list.

For more gift ideas, you can log on to our website, birthdayinspire.com. The website has all the information on gift ideas categorized into different age groups and occasions. You could find a plenty of options on our website including birthday party ideas.

With this, we conclude our blog dedicated to the birthday gifts for 60-year old men. We hope you found a solution to the questions you had before you turned to the internet for suggestions.