60 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend – Ultimate Gift List

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 02:03 am

How many friends do you have with whom you can share all joys and sorrows? Someone who is there with through your various high and low period. Today, we judge most of the people with around 4-digit friends on Facebook, 5-digit followers on Twitter and Instagram. Girlfriend is really very special who will provide all kind of comforts, moral support, and this feeling to be the luckiest soul in the world. There are so many items mentioned for birthday gift ideas for girlfriend.

Both the individuals, push each other and try their level best to improve the compatibility and evolve with time. If they are in the same profession, then things are sorted as they are aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the job and what they are going through psychologically.

Post the inception of social media in 2010’s most of the user find their soulmate and thus start the journey of chattings and posting in different kind of images and videos about what different gift for girlfriend. Also, the media plays an important for transporting in the world where everything is so false, over-the-top and larger than life song or scene picturization on our favorite actors or actresses respectively.

Best-selling romantic novels like Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, Jane Erye by Charolette Barne, Anna Kareina by Leo Tolstoy, Love Story by Erich Segal, Gone With The Wind by Maragret Mitchell and The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks remains a cult favorite and generation of lovers have learnt something from these literary classics of all time. Unfortunately, there are very few relationships which transition into a successful marriage and some ends on a bitter note. This list is about the gifts for girlfriend and how can you make it more impressive with your distinct killer charm.

gifts for girlfriend

Birthday Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

1. Hollabears – Teddy Bear  

We all love to have stuffed toys in our shelf and other gifts which appeal to our dream girl. Teddy Bears have been also looked like an epitome of a cute and adorable gift and for years this been considered a token of love. Hollabears brand has launched a wide range of teddy toys depicting the various moods and even the classic keychain.

If you are interested in pushing things forward and making it clear to the girl then this cute-looking teddy bear will be an appropriate gift idea for girlfriends.

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2. Lifearound2Angels Bath Bombs

Women are very particular about their appearance and know how to look perfect for any occasion. Bath Bombs still haven’t been tapped by the noted brands and yet to become famous in public memory. Lifearound2Angels presents you a box full of bath bombs in different colors.

They are very skin-friendly and functional and will relax your normal or dry skin and other benefits are they won’t stain your tub. This is one of the best presents for girlfriend you can think of. 

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3. Daboza Glass Dome LED Lights

Our childhood was so incomplete without those beautiful fairy tales narrated by our mother or grandmother before sleeping. Those stories created an aura around itself and made us realize that one should never lose hope at any circumstances.

Beauty and Beast inspired LED Dome Light is a wonderful amalgamation of romance and magic and a perfect presents ideas for girlfriend, to relive your good old days, a wonderful gift to your colleague and looks pretty interesting at your home or office desk. Shockingly, it has low consumption with a long lifespan.

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4. Chanasya Throw Blanket

When you think about the winter season, things like sweaters, campfire, hot beverages with cozy blankets come to our mind. Chanasya Throw Blankets is wonderful for you and your dream girl to abandon all the personal and professional life stress.

Made with 100 % use of microfiber polyester and it comes with different colors. Enjoy your gorgeous and exquisite winter evening with your girlfriend in the Chanasya’ Blanket is what to get girlfriend.  

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5. Elegant Signs Photo Frame

We all had several memorable moments during our younger days about the kind of fun we had with family and friends. Social networking sites have expanded our reach from neighbors to our school and college friends to the site where millions view those wonderful images and the response which we receive is very satisfying.

I agree that photo frame sounds a very outdated and cliche gift for girlfriend, but the flip side if you introspect about it then you will realize how even a simple thing can enhance the beauty of your home.

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6. FYTEK Solar System Crystal Ball

It takes a lot of time and brainstorming to figure out a gift for a nerd girlfriend who is completely surrounded by books 24 X 7 and hardly thinks about socializing with friends and she’s a wannabe astrophysicist then it is a really gigantic task.

Well, we have this 3D Crystal Ball with Solar System Model inside in it and looks a perfect blend of romance and science. Home decoration gifts have come a long way and now companies too are experimenting with something unusual and this is a perfect example of it.   

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7. Da Vinci Code Mini Cryptex

The Da Vinci Code novel by Dan Brown received a thunderous response with readers and critics, it has been rated with good stars by the all prominent media outlet. In 2006, it was made into a feature film starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou which too met with great success.

Cryptex made in the context of this famous cult is worth giving for Da Vinci Code fans. There’s a password to unlock it and to create a new one. This would be unique birthday gift for girlfriend.

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8. Wood Wall Plaque Sign by P. Graham Dunn  

Plaques are in huge demand by the manufacturers and consumers hailing from different walks of life. Couples who want to give a beautiful makeover for their newly buy apartment this wall art is the best present ideas for girlfriend.

P Graham Dunn has come up with wall art with some romantic, hilarious and inspirational quotes to remind us about our identity. I am sure we all have this fetish for posters and quotes to give a unique touch for them with some memorable words of wisdom by legends.

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9. Poetry Photo Frame by Heart to Heart Gifts

There are so many beautiful romantic poems penned by some great stalwarts of the world which has stayed with us for generations. Let’s gift something from this treasure of prose a space in our home or office.

We are presenting you this unusual photo frames with beautiful lyrics to woo your lady love in a distinct way and an image which goes perfect with your relationship and the theme of this frame. Shiny Silver bevelling and outlining for glass fonts and luxurious velvet looks good in the awesome frame.

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10. Painting and Drawing Board by Buddha Board

Painting or illustrating is considered to be the most beautiful way to express the whirlwind of emotions our mind is going through. What could be more beautiful by gifting the Buddha board made of high-quality materials with zero chance of peeling and bubbling on them and also the rich and ink to give the Japanese vibe to your drawings, writings or painting on the canvas, this bamboo made painting and writing board along with brush and stand is recommended for woman who is a true art lover.

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11. Wood Phone Docking Station  

Wanna give some place to the bunch of wonderful accessories of your girlfriend and finding the wood phone docking station is one of the sensible stuff you can think about for her. Walnut in different colors along with unique quality and structure makes it perfect thing what to get girlfriend for her birthday.

Glares, Smartphones, Watches, and Keys will be reserved in this desk without any kind of damages to them. Light-weight and easily adjustable are the benefits to have this during traveling also the surface of the stand protects from moisture and dryness.

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12. Gift Basket for Bubble Bath

Do you want to enjoy the spa kind of experience at your home without spending too much then we have a beauty kit which you need for your home beauty kit and it is called Giftsayional’s Spa Gift Basket with a lavender fragrance set for bathing and why this is must for your bathroom  The basket carries a shower gel, bubble bath, body scrub, bath bombs, and bath puff a complete package above all the lavender fragrance which is meant to soothe your mind and skin.

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13. Couples Pillows

Boldloft company has launched the new 2 set of pillows for cozy and comfortable sleep for couples. What could be more beautiful and cute to have beautiful drawings on the pillows as an anniversary gift for both of you and better sleep in the night and it is made of high quality of cotton and polyesters.

Previously, they have created stuff catering to couples and gift has been wrapped in an eco-friendly way along with the graphics of boy and girl in them.  

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14. Motor Steam Education Model  

Cold-Coffee experience won’t be the same with this unique model at your home or office desk. Stirling Engine has been used high-quality material and graceful workcraft. It has to mirror stainless steel for the base, glass cylinder liner and mild steel flywheel designed to avoid any kind of decay and be oil-free.

Put the cup on the engine and as soon it slows down to have coffee in any temperature add some cubes to it and also one doesn’t need to stress while using this device.

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15. USB Tape Cassette by Blank Record Ltd.

Once upon a time, cassettes were part of all the household and listening to music in those best quality of cassettes was the best part of leisure. Over the years, since the inception of music in Internet and famous Mp3 sites and Youtube Videos, cassettes have now become part of history and qualifies it to be compared with the oldest-machine called gramophone.

USB drive with cassette kind of design will remind the millennials about childhood and teen years. This distinctive looking Pen-drive is the best birthday present for her.    

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16. Preserve Rose Flower by Threelions  

Remember in the old Hindi films when lovers use to preserve the red rose in their class notebook and after removing it from the diary the flower has already turned lifeless, small and useless. Now, all those things look very outdated and the couples avoid such nuisance.

There’s a new heart-shaped box where you can keep any rose of different colors for a long time without compromising on its fragrance and essence. It has been hailed as “eternal rose” or “never withered rose” and makes a most beautiful and exclusive birthday present for girlfriend.

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17. White and Gold Plated Necklaces   

Diamonds have been considered to be girls best friend and have been important of appearance since ancient times. Women have an eye for the best necklace in the market and leaving no stone unturned to lays their hand on them without a second thought, well keeping that in mind QIANSE has come up with heart shape diamond studded necklace for the ladies.

Heart-shaped necklaces symbolize the unconditional love between the duo and what could be more suitable than this beautiful piece of an ornament with a 1-month warranty on them.

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18. Appolus Necklace Set  

The U.S based Appolus company has churned out several beauty tools under the kitty and is into LED light Mask and Hair Straightening Brush and Watch Jewellery Gift. Appolus has launched this necklace and watch set which looks exquisite, regal and attractive in every way.

She would be highly impressed and appreciate your intelligent choice of gift for girlfriend to celebrate the beauty of your relationship. Watch and Necklace would look quite elegant on her and it will go very well with any formal or informal wears on any occasion.

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19. LED Colourful Pillow by LU-CC

LED accessories are in huge demand and the companies are designing objects with a pinch of this electrical light in background and consumers too are willing to buy them to mark how progressed they are.

LED Colourful Pillows are the latest one to join the bandwagon LU-CC brand of these pillows are pleasant, comfortable, warm hug, soft and gentle and can make a best for the birthdays. Dry cleaning or damp surface cloth dirt is a preferable option for cleaning.

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20. Hot Stirling Engine by Sunnytech 

Sunnytech Hot Air Stirling Electricity Generator with LED light is another rare thing to gift your sweetheart especially if both of you come from the science background.   Heat from high-grade alcohol the engine will run crazily and create the electricity.

It will pass through the wire and create beautiful LED lights. The machine is very easy to use and can be carried anywhere, fill the alcohol burner with alcohol in good a ratio and let it burn around the cylinder for about 2 minutes and move the wheels gently.

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21. Moon Light Lamp by Mamre

There are so many memorable symbols of films which we got through films, television or other forms of pop culture. Who can forget the classic Raj Kapoor- Nargis pose which eventually became the logo of Raj Kapoor’s production house RK Films or Shahrukh Khan’s signature wide arms spread pose and the Titanic one in which Lenorado Di Capro and Kate Winslet are standing by holding each other.

Mamres Moon Night Light Silhouette Lamp is an original piece of work and has this beautiful poetic vibes makes it a birthday gift ideas for girlfriend

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22. Wooden Music Box  

Music is the most essential part of life and it is available since the time civilization existed in our mother earth and humans like to listen to any genres various of songs depending on their mood and the current situation in personal or professional life.

Wooden Music Box is beautifully engraved with maple wood and there’s a short expression depicting the mood of a giver. If you are in a long-distance relationship and plan to send something very memorable to your girlfriend than this one is for you.

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23. Couple Coffee Mug by Boldloft

There are various funky cups in the market for consumers and it has become very successful with their creative and inspirational quotes inscribed on those mugs.

Similarly, we have cups for couples in a simple design, clean and wonderful drawings on them which are made of high quality of stone-made ceramic and it won’t damage while you’ve kept in any microwave ovens and safe during dishwashing as well. If you searching for something substantial present for birthday occasion then couple mugs are the best option.

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24. Texere Pyjama Set by Texere Silk

Leggings and Pajamas have come up with in different colors, fittings, and design to appeal the female consumers. We understand you don’t want to compromise in the quality of clothes you will be gifting her so for this we are presenting you Texere Pajamas with round-neckline and slim fitted sleeves made of 70 % Bamboo Viscose, 25% Cotton and 5% Spandex.

It can be best gift for girlfriend on her birthday, and definitely looks wonderful as nightwear or streetwear.

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25. Gallity Warm Sheets

Sundays are probably the only 1 day in a week where we hung our boots and indulge spending time family, friends or girlfriend or pursuing our hobbies to stay active cleaning up our messy room and purchasing groceries for the entire week. Blankets are an essential part of day-to-day things right from sofa, bed or car.

Gallity company latest extra flurry extra texture blankets are the best gift for the furniture and vehicle and made of good quality of 100% microfibre polyester makes it the best one.

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26. Bath Robes by Romantic Helpers   

Homosexuality is a common thing in western countries and their society has widely accepted such couples with open arm. In India, despite the supreme court judgment in 2018 stating that “Homosexuality isn’t a crime” there are a certain group of people who have not embraced such couples and either look down or ridiculed on several occasions.

We can help and provide moral support with suitable gifts for them and one such is called a pair of 2 bathrobes which is designed with high- quality of cotton and comfortable to wear.  

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27. Large French Press Coffee Maker by Coffee Glator

If you are interested in giving coffee drinking a different twist and planning to gift something unusual for the couples this seasons. Coffee Gator launches a coffee maker with vacuum insulated stainless steel to upgrade your evening caffeine experience and comes in different colors.

First, keep your beverage to warm up to one minute with few percentages of a thicker and heavier bottle. Cool touch Handles protects your hand and a spring-loaded to double-screen filter to brew a cleansed cup.

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28. Rafi and Lata Duets by RPG

Mohd. Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar are one of the most celebrated singers of India. The duo has collaborated in several numbers which is even today remembered by everyone and has become an integral part of our life. Saregama Music has brought a music album dedicated to their evergreen songs in one cassette.

Rafi-Lata combination was the favorite of music directors and have picturized on Bollywood superstars of 50s till 70s. Gift her these set of musical gems which have enchanted the so many people and will continue to do for years to come.

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29. Ceramic Flower Pot by LA Jolie Muse

Hey, your girlfriend has bought a new house and plans to throw a housewarming party this weekend and you are expected to gift her something beautiful for home decor right. We have an offer which you can’t refuse and that’s called Ceramic Flower Pot Gardeners to be kept beside the windows.

LA Jolie Muse has come up with this flower pot in white and gold colors with various shapes and sizes it does not just look stunning even it is functional as well.

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30. Lord Ganesha Idol by Power Coin

In India, we like to gift a silver coin on some of the popular festivals like Diwali, Dhanteras or Akshay Tritiya or as a wedding gift. The concept of silver coins is the most revered and respected one with images of Goddess Laxmi or Lord Ganesha inscribed on them.

What can be more beautiful than a classic gift to your girlfriend as a way to wish her good wishes for her new journey and she will remember whenever she looks at them.

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31. Red Roses and Petals and Love

It’s her birthday around the corner and you wanna surprise her in the most thoughtful and in a romantic way what could be more better then decorate your bed with her name. TheBridesBouquet.com has come up with this beautiful set of roses to propose your sweetheart on any occasion.

The icing on the cake is that these flowers are of high quality and can be used again and again and will leave her enthralled and too make it more beautiful you can spell out some romantic term with roses and petals.

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32. Godiva Gourmet Chocolate Gift

We all have the fetish of collecting expensive chocolates and to gift them to our relatives, friends and girlfriend. Women love chocolates and have this child-like enthusiasm if they spot the chocolate box and they won’t even think about the other individual in the room and would complete the entire box, so gift this exclusive packet of truffles and chocolates to satisfy the “Bhukkad” in her. This birthday present ideas for girlfriend’s birthday is definitely a worth giving. 

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33. Willow Tree Hand Made Sclupture Figure

Sculpture has always fascinated art critics or the general public in terms of designing, aesthetics and shaping even in minor details with such perfection that it stays in our consciousness for a long period of time and we are left in awestruck with them.

Romantic engrave remains an eternal favorite and most of the people pay hefty amount for it to look beautiful at their home spaces or offices. Susan Lodi, artist based in US his company The Willow Tree presents different figures depicting several emotions and gestures.

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34. Vintage Brass Compass by Rorkee Instruments India

Antique collection is considered quite an elite and most of the people don’t hesitate to spend money on this exsquitive item and it looks absolutely elegant at our preferred place. Similarly, some women are keen on adding few more ancients stuff as a part of their agenda.

Rokree Instrument India brought to you this vintage compass for art-loving and travelogues who are exploring some unheard, unspoken and unseen gifts of yesteryear era and what could something more substianal one then Vintage Compass to accompany use anywhere and anytime.

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35. Xenzy Android Smart Watch

Smartwatches are quite a rage these days and due to the positive responses from the masses and classes most of them are keen to jump in this territory to expand their portfolio. Xenzy’s Smartwatch is the latest and another on to join the bandwagon catering something new to their fitness-conscious women consumers and there are several other reasons why this is a most beautiful gift for your sweetheart.

Firstly, it has is very easy to operate and a bright LED screen with not to forget it has monitors your Blood Pressure and sleep quality. This could be one of the best birthday gifts for her.

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36. LIWUYOU Crystal Music Box and Bluetooth Base

It is said Music is an essential part of our life and daily we hear so many songs while traveling, driving, cooking or during any other activity. We read there are so many devices and one such is Bluetooth Base which has consumers favorite and the sales figures clearly say about the reputation it has earned in a very short span of time.

LIMOYOU’s Bluetooth Base with Crystal Music Box looks promising and it suits with the romantic nature of yours and available in different colors.

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37. Blu Devil Kissing Cups

There are few websites which explain you the meaning of different kisses and it can vary with so many sentiments like love, friendship, greeting, peace, sexual arousal and so many other.

Lip-lock is on the most celebrated one and is considered to be the pinnacle of romance and the beautiful way to express love for beau and his sweetheart and keeping that in mind Blu Devil has launched this Kissing Cup with matching color spoons is what to get girlfriend for her birthday. These attached cups fit faultlessly with each other’s contours to make a wonderful kiss.

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38. Show Story Bone Heel Pumps    

Women are more fashion-conscious and they are very particular about clothes, make-up- eyeliner nails and not to forget the footwear. High – heels are favorite in girls and it is go-to shoe for a party or a ramp walk, which is why it is in huge demand and the company receive good sales every business quarter.

Show Story presents the range of colorful heels with different design and material appealing the female force in a big way and keeping that in mind gift your ladylove the wonderful high-heels to avoid any health-related complications in the future.

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39. Magnetic Fate Love Energy Bracelets

Bracelets have appealed both men and women in different ways and few of them wear in left-hand wrist as well. Each and every bracelet has been different occasions in different colors, styles and sizes, we will be talk about Fate Love brand bracelet and what makes it so unique than others.

The ornament has been made with stainless steel of superior quality and in-built Magnetic Energy installed in them which is the USP of this bracelet and you must use velvet bag of high quality to pack it.

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40. Lancome Paris Holiday Beauty Kit

If you are working professional, then we do understand how tough and hectic today’s practical life where we have to deal with numerous types of peoples, visiting cities for work purpose, or the late-night parties. During this hustle and bustle we are least concerned of skin and we end up using a low-quality make-up kit with us.

Lanchrome Paris brings their holiday beauty box which contains the Mascara and the Eye Shadow as well Face Shadow Pallete for beauties to protect themselves from the dirt, pollution and to have glowing skin on day and night. This is one of the best birthday gift ideas for her.

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41. Neon Light Sign by KUKKU

Neon LED Wall Light sign is extremely popular in western countries amongst teenagers and youths to display their feelings in an unusual way and such of kind tube lights and lamps are found in hotels, restaurants, beer bar, garage, apartment and so others.

Don’t you wanna convey your thoughts to your girlfriend through electricity and to win brownie points from her for such display of feelings. Those lights are from KUKKU, a company well-known for producing such extravagance tube lights which shows the language we communicate on a daily basis.

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42. Our Bucket List Adventures: A Journal for Couples

One lifetime and there are so many places to explore, enjoy and learn from different locations. I am sure all of us have been harboring the idea of world tour ever since some famous international shows created an aura around them about some unusual experience with family and friends.

Ashley and Marcus Kusi have brought their journals for travelogue to document their experience with images on it and there’s a 50 unique bucket list goals, and there’s activity section list to do for couples to think before selecting their items together. This is one of the nice gift ideas for girlfriend.

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43. Amazo Pro 3D Hologram Image of flower 

The usage of hologram has increased rapidly in the last few years ever since Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi during elections campaign few years back, this technology is here to stay for a very long time.

Amazo Pro launches this 3D Optical Hologram Images of two roses is definitely a pleasure and looks extremely gorgeous in your office desk or home. This piece of technology is very different, creative and will always remain timeless. One can control the lamp, change the colors of flowers and so many other.

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44. YOMXL Gemstone Ring Jewelry 


During our childhood days, we enjoyed looking at the sky and those beautiful flock of birds flying and nesting on our neighborhood tree. Our day started with those beautiful sounds of birds which is very nothing but a delight to our ears. So, how about giving them a small space in the rings of your love interest.

YOMXL Gemstone Ring Jewelry presents their dazzling and eye-popping Ruby Crystal Gemstone Ring with 3 birds figure on them which is meant for women who are self-confessed bird-animal lover.

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45. VINYL Record Wall Clock                       

Remember, visiting our grandparents during summer or winter holidays at our native place. Gramophone placed on leaving room had this bygone era vibes to it and we loved some old melodies on them and a big wall pendulum clock which also has many anecdotes to it.

Well, we have something which is a mix of these objects called Vinyl Record wall Clock, which looks like a prop used in horror film or a horror show with owl and moon design on them gives it a perfect halloween present for her.

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46. Bougie Bath Bath Bomb Spa Gift

Do her poor hygiene plays a spoilsport in your romance? Is she using soaps and shampoo of poor quality? Bougie Bath Set is the most valuable and thoughtful gift you can select for her and it contains bath bomb, spa candle, facial sponge on them.

3 all-in-one handmade set include the bath playlist for bath, a single set and during a different time. Made in USA, the company use natural and vegan-friendly ingredients which won’t spoil the skin, face and body while bathing.

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47. Polaroid Snap Digital Camera  

Digital Cameras has always been a collector’s delight and there are various note-worthy brands in the market to offer something new with few changes in their photographic equipment to garner more attention to it. Polaroid Snap Digital Cameras promises to be an absolute delight for your inner cameraman.

What makes it more special is 10-megapixel sensor and micro card up to 32GB offers a superior quality of pictures that could be shared minus computer connection, easy to use and can fit into your pocket without any problem.

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48. Garden Statue of Snail Figurine  

Is she struggling with home decor? Clueless about how to give a unique twist to her house this festive season? La Jolie Muse’s Garden Statue of Snail Figurine could a brilliant option as it relies on natural lighting. It absorbs sunlight in day and spontaneously switch to twilight after sunset.

High-quality durable resin and hand painted with protective coating prevent it to vanish in water and light. Thanks to high-quality solar panels installed, it gets charged up to 8 hours and works for 10 hours.

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49. MASTOP Gold Sapphire Gold Watches

It has always been a matter of social status to carry good quality and branded wrist watches. There are so many designs favoring people of different age groups and crafted keeping their taste preference in mind.

MASTOP Sapphire Gold Watches are unparalleled in terms of quality and model to add few more brownie points on your appearance and fashion statement durable full case and butterfly clasp gives you comfort while wearing and can be worn on any occasion, place and time.

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50. Simbans Picasso Drawing Tablet

Wanna display your artistic skills digitally? Wanna get to rid of those traditional notepad use since first grade days? Are you confused about what can you gift your sweetheart to keep the illustrator alive in an unusual way? Simbans Picasso Drawing Tablet amalgamates both your writing and drawing needs in 1 tab.

Autodesk sketchbook app is meant to explore your inner craftsman. It comes with universal adaptor and pre-installed protector and a pen with it. Bonus points you can connect it with home, classroom or office WIFI to browse the internet.

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51. King and Queen Matching Hoodies  

Whenever the terms king and queen come to our mind with tales of monarch whose extraordinary stories are etched in our history books, or to someone who is done exceptionally well in their respective craft and field. Hoodies have become very cool attire to wear during early morning jogging or as a mere fashion statement.

Stars brand have launched their 2 pair of hoodies for you and your ladylove with King and Queen along with the symbol of crown printed on them. Made of a fine quality of cotton and polyester.

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52. Heroclip Hybrid Gear Clip  

Heroclip Rotating Clip accompanies her bag, bottles and other important belonging anywhere without any complications. It can be used at a time when you don’t feel washing your bathroom on a lazy Sunday morning and you can fix it on the edge of a sink, stall door or on light fixture to protect the valuables.

Heroclip is available in different colors and the hook can be held in a dog lashes for car, tables or on a desk. She will consider it as the most concerned items from her beau.

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53. Freshwater Cultured Necklace

Do you want to see her in a look resembling with any yesteryear Hollywood style icons like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe or Greta Garbo or the Bollywood legends like Madhubala, Sadhana or Rekha. VIKI LYNN’s freshwater cultured necklace is a perfect one to lay your hand on.

And would go match with her stunning dress and make-up. VIKI LYNN has believed in provide high-quality of jewelry and the place where we value good amount of efforts and customer satisfaction is always high on our priority.

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54. Art of Lunch Neoprene Lunch Bag

Art of Lunch presents the Large Neoprene Lunch Bag to keep our lunchbox safely in different temperature so that the quality of food shouldn’t deteriorate after long hours. A bag is eco-friendly, stylish and can be used again and again to avoid any kind of waste materials and protect the mother nature by destroying papers.

It can be kept up to 4 hours and water-resistant and opt for machine wash and ignore any kind of cheaper plastic bags which is hazardous in every way.

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55. Handsfree Armband Hydration Bag

It’s really fun to have a girlfriend who comes from sports or athletic background and is equally passionate about games like you. One doesn’t need to find a male companion to brush your playing abilities as she’s a friend, philosopher and guide rolled into one form called girlfriend.

Hands-Free Armband or in simple words Hydration System for runners and athletes. The armband is made of high quality of lycra and synthetic suede and allows the player to drink moving their arms towards mouth minus hands.

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56. Disney Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker

Disney characters has been entertaining us for the last 100 years and their several iconic cartoons have become an integral part of our growing years. Mickey Mouse, created by the showman Walt Disney is every child’s favorite animated character and it has been dubbed in several international languages and just like all of us your girlfriend too must be a huge fan of this mouse.

Disney merchandise brings to you cooker inspired by Mickey Mouse called Mickey Mouse Slow Cooker to relive our childhood again.  

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57. Fortune Money Tree by Crocon

We are a strong believer of luck and always use them as an additional force to get our things done. There are several ways and theories associated with it such as rings of certain gemstone, the perfect color combination of clothes, number plate dedicated some of the prominent dates e.g. wedding anniversary, birthday or important occasion.

Crocon’s natural bonsai crystal fortune money tree is something you can gift for her to let the ladyluck smile on your girlfriend’s personal and professional life along with money, prosperity and better future of your relationship.

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58. Personalized comic Strip              

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Comic books are loved universally and it has been an important thing of our growing years and every child must’ve read about their favorite characters once in a lifetime. There is no shortage of mature adults who still indulge in it to abandon all kind of stress and problems.

Few years back, Facebook has something called as Bitstrips to create a fictionalized scene from our lives with the user and their friends. Make me a comic’s personalized comic strip is the best source to document your love story.

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59. Shiastu Neck and Back Massager

Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat - VIKTOR JURGEN Deep Tissue Kneading Sports Recovery Massagers for Neck, Back, Shoulders, Foot - Relaxation Gifts for Him/Her/Women/Men (Massager Belt)

After a long and tiresome day she definitely require some kind of physical relaxation for her foot, neck, shoulder and head muscles. VIKTOR Jungen’s Neck and Shoulder Massager is must for both of you. Professional life priority and the long working hours take a toll on our health and we suffer a different kind of ailments in the future.

Neck and Shoulder Massager will give the required body massage which is available on several spas or a roadside body massage experts. Undoubtedly, one of the most thought-provoking gift for couples.

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60. Tarot Card Mega Mini Kit  

Tarot is one of the most popular way to predict the future and started in the 15th Century in the various parts of Europe. Over the years, it was revived in the beginning of the 21st Century and many of them are seeking it as an alternative career in it.

Dennis Fairchild offers you his book about Tarot and some of the key cards used in this process. It is a very interesting subject to learn and this book is one of the perfect birthday gifts for girlfriend who plans to join this profession.

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So here’s our list of items you can think about gifting her and how can you make it even more special with your presentation and the quintessential charm of your personality. These impressive set of gifts for girlfriend will appeal to couples studying/working in educational or a professional institution.

These wide ranges of gifts are worth trying and will impress the duo for its uniqueness, productivity and good reputation of brands and their products. Also, if you are single and desperately seeking for someone who wants to step out from friend zone and want to impress your crush then you can refer to those listed items above.

These are some best birthday gift ideas for girlfriend. Surely, these ideas will help you to get the best gift for your girlfriend.