110 Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad – Perfect Dad Gift List

Last updated on May 21st, 2022 at 11:40 pm

It is almost universally accepted that being a dad is one of the hardest jobs for humans. Not only do you have to take the complete responsibility of yourself but also that of your family and while it’s something dads love, for the most part, it could get tiring very fast. Especially when they tend to not get as much appreciation for all the handwork that they put in, it would be nice to show some with some special birthday gift ideas for dad.

Despite that we rarely see parents complain and just make do with whatever they have at that time. This quality is precisely why dads are among the most important people in your life and why you should show your appreciation once in a while.

Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

Here, we’ve created a list of some unique gifts that will show your love and admiration for your dad and the role he plays in your life.

Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Dad

1. Neck and Shoulder Massager

Parents are often not completely honest with their kids about how stressful their life could get at times, both mentally and physically. This massager provides a very modern solution to tackling physical stress and pains. It provides a very therapeutic massage easing any kind of stiffness and most pains through the neck, shoulders and back.

This would be a very useful gift for your dad and also shows your affection for him. It’s a wonderful display of concern for his health and well being, something he would certainly appreciate.

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2. Personalized Wooden Hammer

Fixing things around the household has always been a job that dads love to do and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to change anytime soon. This hammer is not only made of high-quality materials but also gives you the option of personalizing it with a name of your choice.

On this birthday, you could give all his handwork around the house a visual representation through this nifty little hammer.

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3. Whiskey Globe Decanter Set

Whiskey is a favorite among almost all men and it’s very likely that your dad is one of them. While there are plenty of places and ways to store whiskey, few match the grandiose of this globe shaped decanter set which also has a model ship inside. It looks stunning both with and without the whiskey inside.

This one works as a showpiece because of how amazing it looks and also a practical solution to storing whiskey. It goes perfectly well with personal bedroom, living room or even a personal bar making it a phenomenal birthday gift idea for dad.

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4. Mechanical Pocket Watch

Image result for Treeweto Steampunk Skeleton Mechanical Copper Fob Retro Pocket Watch

Pocket watches have been the epitome of fashion for men a few decades ago. While their popularity has fallen quite a bit, they do still possess some attraction to them and given the right circumstance could be quite classy. This pocket watch is a complete mechanical version that is enclosed in bronze and is powered by winding the crown.

This watch looks and feels very retro and would look especially impressive to people who are fond of the older fashions, which your dad is likely to.

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5. Personalized Multi-Function Key Chain

As a father, their job is almost never limited to one particular thing and are usually required to do tackle many different types of problems. This key chain contains different tools like tweezers, knives, and others that give them a much better chance of taking on anything that comes their way.

It’s a gift that shines the most when it’s closer to the owner which makes this extra personalized and in a way something that your dad might get attached to. Overall a fantastic birthday present for dad and you can never really go wrong with this one.

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6. Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

If your dad is in any measure a party person then there are going to be quite a few drinks around the home and a lot of bottles that need to open. This bottle opener makes the task easier and less cumbersome as it can be attached to anything magnetic including the freezer itself.

This makes it not only incredibly handy but also very versatile in terms of how and where it can be used.

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7. Universal Tablet Holder

As a parent, your dad has to do many kinds of tasks. While not all of them might be particularly challenging, some might be tedious and just plain boring. Which is where this tablet holder could come in incredibly handy as it is capable of holding their tablet in place by clamping it to almost any object.

This is a great gift and it’s an incredibly creative way to solve one of the most annoying problems that most people just tend to ignore because it doesn’t seem as significant.

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8. Personalized Grill Set

If your dad is a cook or at least someone who is interested in learning to be one, then this could be a very helpful gift for him. Not only does this contain some of the best quality grilling tools but the box can also be personalized with any name you wish for.

While it’s an incredibly handy and cool set of tools to have in on itself, the extra layer of personalization offered by letting you print your own name on it makes this gift easily one of the best on this list.

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9. Sofa Caddy

There are few things in life that feel better than sitting down for your favorite hobby or pastime and not having to get up until you feel like it. This sofa caddy lets you do that by providing a leather armrest that comes attached with separate pockets for remotes, phone, and even a book. Whatever you feel like having close to you can all be secured in this.

This will greatly improve their quality of life at least when it comes to the time of relaxation as there’s no better way to do that than to make simple things easier to execute.

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10. Personalized Bobble heads

Having a family photograph framed on your main wall is quite nice but it’s not really that uncommon. These bobble heads would be a fantastic alternative to a generic photograph. They are of high quality, contain rich facial features and can be personalized to the person you want. This means you can gift him bobble-heads of your entire family to replace a family photo.

It’s definitely a very creative and impressive way to replace something that’s already considered to be very valuable. A marvelous gift for dad that would make him proud.

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11. Wine Chiller

Keeping Wine properly cooled is not a problem as long as you’re in your home but once you start moving, it’s going to be more and more of a nuisance. If you want to save your dad this trouble in one of the best-looking ways, this marble wine cooler would make for a fantastic gift. It’s made of complete solid marble.

When not in use for storing wine, it can also be used to store some plants giving it more dimensions and something that is absolutely worth having. It’s definitely one of the most imaginative gift ideas for dad.

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12. Cellphone Sanitizer

With so much work outside and all the things and people your phone would interact with, it’s very easy for it to catch some extra germs. This cellphone sanitizer is a device that uses UV rays to cleanse the phone from all the unnecessary germs. It also acts as a phone charger making the whole process a lot more convenient. 
This is a device that your dad would really take a liking to as it’s an extra step towards a healthy lifestyle with almost no downside to it. It’s as convenient as it is useful.

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13. Travel Pillows

If your father travels a lot over long distances in planes or buses, these pillows would make for great companions. They can be bent and adjusted according to the comfort and can be used to rest your head, neck or even legs.  
It not only makes it easier for him to get some much-needed sleep but also does so while maintaining a good posture. It’s a very thoughtful gift that will be among the best he has ever received.

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14. Spectacle Holder

Being organized is never easy, but being organized with your spectacles sometimes seems to be downright impossible as you almost never have a proper place to store them. This stand gives you that place and does so in a rather stylish and awe-inspiring way. It’s completely made of high-quality wood and its design screams premium.

While it might not be the most useful thing in his arsenal it would make for a nifty little antique that is very attractive and serves a rather unique purpose.

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15. Bartender Kit

While having your own collection of wine is impressive, it does not in any way compare to having your own mini bar and being your own bartender. This set of bar-tending tools comes with all the essentials needed like a corkscrew, cocktail shaker, mixing spoon, etc. for you to be your own and your friend’s bartender.

Whether it was ever part of your father’s dream or not, you can be certain that having these tools will make him excited to learn how exactly bar tending works and how cool he can get by learning the various tricks of the trade.

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16. Emergency Bracelet

While your dad might be too old to find children’s camping trips amusing, he is certainly not too old for some adventurous exploration. Aid him in this quest with this emergency bracelet that has tools like a fire starter, a compass, paracord rope, and a whistle.

These things ensure the basic conditions of safety are always met and gives you something to work with no matter what situation you’re in. An exciting gift for your dad to say the least.

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17. Roomba Cleaning Robot

Dads are usually not as patient as moms when it comes to cleanliness. So, why not give him something that can do the job for him? This Room bot can be automated to clean the house every day at a set time and all he ever has to do is check on it and put it in the right direction once in a while.

Definitely, a nice tool that not only makes cleaning a higher priority but also makes his life a lot easier. It doesn’t even need to be manually recharged as it can do the task all by itself too.

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18. Fitness Tracker

As we keep growing older, one of the most concerning things that keeps coming up is our health. It’s very volatile and something that needs to be taken care of. This watch is capable of keeping track of the user’s health by tracking various parameters like a heartbeat, calories spent and sleep cycles.

It’s without doubt one of the best tools to help a person closely monitor their bodies health levels at all times and your dad would certainly appreciate it.

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19. Propane Gas Grill

This is one of the best gifts you could possibly come up for your dad as it not only works for him but every single one of his guests in the future would have the opportunity to experience this gift whenever he chooses to use it.

It’s not too big and is fairly portable so it’s possible for him to take it to his friend’s places or just picnics in general. It’s a great tool that just adds plenty of options to the table when you decide to party.

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20. Family Fingerprint Kit

It is said that fingerprints are among the most unique traits of human beings with no 2 people having the possibility of possessing the same fingerprint. You can make use of this kit to prepare a visual representation of the same concept where you can place all your family fingerprints onto a framed.

It’s going to be a memory that will not soon be forgotten and will forever remain something that would remind him of the unique family he has.

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21. Scratch Off World Map

Travelling is always fun and as you grow older, your chances of going around the world and visiting different places will also increase. Encourage this idea inside your father with this scratch off map that consists of almost every popular place on the planet, which can be struck off once you have visited them.

This will certainly provide him an inspiration and something to follow along instead of just aimlessly and randomly planning for a trip.

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22. Friendship Lamps

These lamps are quite unique. While they do fulfill their function as a normal lamp to a degree, their main function is something else entirely. They wirelessly connect to each other even over long distances and when one lamp is set to a particular shade and touched, the other lamp, no matter where it is, starts glowing in the same shade.

This is a great way to remind someone that you’re thinking of them or missing them. There are also plenty of colors to choose from so you can assign a different color for different members of your family.

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23. Bluetooth Sleeping Mask

This is a fantastic combination of two already useful tools. A sleeping mask and a wireless headset. This sleeping mask serves both the purposes quite well while being extremely comfortable to wear and listen to for extended periods of time.

This mask would be a great luxury tool for your dad that he will have a great time using in his free time. Not only will it make it much easier for him to sleep by blocking any unnecessary light but also give him a chance to listen to some music without any extra hassle.

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24. Family Matching Sleepwear

Image result for SleepytimePjs Family Matching Sleepwear Knit Blue Polar Bear Pajamas PJ Sets

Dads are known often for going over their own interests to provide for the family. Obviously, that is something they will always have a preference towards so gifting them with something they can share with the whole family is a really nice idea.

This makes for much more engaging family time and visually showcases the bond you all share. If you’re confused about what to get dad for his birthday, there are very few things that would make him happier than this.

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25. Electric Blanket

As a father, he needs to do a lot of work to not only keep his life going well but also the lives of his whole family. With so much work, the amount of rest he gets should also be sufficient and very comfortable. This electric blanket will let them rest without any hassle even in winters as it can be manually heated to the users preferred level.

This blanket by itself is made of very high-quality materials and is extremely comfortable to be in. This would show him how deeply you understand and care about their hard work. It’s just another reason that would make him happy.

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26. Air Fryer

Healthy food is hard to come by unless you prepare it yourself and not everyone has the essential time or skills required to make good food at home. This air fryer will let you cook some of the famous foods with using as less oil as possible, making them not only healthy but also very easy to prepare.

This might seem like too much of addition for such a simple task but over time, as the work and other stress start to build up, this will seem more and more like a blessing to them.

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27. Adjustable Foot Rest

If your dad is someone who spends a lot of time doing desk work, he would need all the help he can get when it comes to his health and fitness. This footrest can be placed under their work desk or even at home for their feet to comfortably rest on while they work or just sit and relax.

It helps greatly with the posture and keeping the body in a proper position so that they don’t have to exert themselves too much. It will also provide them with something from you, something that makes them more responsible about their health.

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28. Wine Bottle Candle

Decorative items often require a lot of creativity to work. Their aesthetics need to be something that would not only capture someone’s attention but also retain it. This wine bottle does that in 2 different ways. One, it’s great to look at and more importantly, it emits a fantastic aroma.

This would be one of the best additions to any room, whether it’s home or his office, as a decorative item. Not only is it very pleasant to be around but it also greatly helps in reducing stress and relaxing both the body and mind of everyone around it.

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29. Let’s Stay In

Dad’s aren’t traditionally known for their cooking prowess but that doesn’t mean it’s not something they occasionally enjoy. Making some food for their family could be just as satisfying to them as it is to a mother.

This book provides over 120 recipes that will make them a wonderful cook or at the very least give them some ideas of good food for their loved ones and instructions on how to make it. Remember you could very well be the one who is going to be on the receiving end of these so all the more reason to choose this book as a present for dad.

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30. Golden Whiskey Stones Set

Very few things emit the kind of glamour while drinking as some creative and premium whiskey stones. While the main purpose of these stones is to keep the drink cold, they could be the main attraction at a party or a gathering.

They are very high quality, easy to store, reusable and more than anything else would make for a fantastic gift. It’s hard to beat their elegance.

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31. Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

Parenting is by no means an easy job. In fact, it has been told to be one of the hardest jobs a human could ever take up. With that being the case, a parent could use all the advice they can get. This book by Laura Markham gives some very insightful advice on better ways to deal with kids and properly raise them.

While it might not have everything there is to say about parenting, it does provide some very useful tips that could help parents and children connect with each other much better and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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32. Armani Code Musk For Men

This is a perfume that takes both hygiene and presentability to the next level. It’s made of an oil called nitro musk and produces a sharp but pleasant smell. They are provided in rolls shaped like little bottles.

This would be a great gift to greet them with on their birthday as it’s extremely pleasing and an inherently pleasant surprise. This birthday present ideas for dad will not only make their special day even better but also every day after that.

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33. Kindle Paperwhite

One of the disadvantages, as people grow older, is the lack of time to do the things they used to enjoy. If your father is an avid reader and he finds it impossible to make time for his favorite hobby amidst all the work stress then this kindle paperwhite would give him that opportunity.

With this he can store all his favorite books and read them anywhere he wants without having to worry about packing them or even forgetting them somewhere. It’s one device for everything and it’s extremely convenient and empowering to reinvigorate that lost passion for reading.

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34. Stainless Steel Coffee Mug

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks across the world and for a very good reason. If your father is one of those people who love coffee then these pair of mugs would be an excellent gift for him. Not only are these of extremely high quality with a steel finish but they also offer very good insulation allowing the liquid inside to retain heat for a long time.

This is a great solution for their long meetings or work hours. It helps them stay sharp and not have to worry about their coffee getting cold for a very long time.

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35. Saje Aurora Essential Oil Diffuser

Being in the same room for long periods of time could cause many kinds of uneasiness and sometimes even a sense of nausea. A very easy and creative way to counteract that would be using this essential oil diffuser which makes sure the room it’s placed in always has enough moisture.

It’s a great gift that would make your dad’s life a lot easier, especially at work. This is a relatively new product and even if he doesn’t know much about it to begin with, it’s energy efficiency and general functionality is enough to make anyone fall in love with it.

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36. Smart Thermostat

This thermostat connects itself with all the heating or cooling solutions you have at home or office and makes it a lot easier to control the temperatures across the whole property. It is also capable of monitoring air quality so that you can take appropriate action based on its reports.

One of the major advantages of this smart thermostat is how easy and convenient it makes life around home or office and how elegant it looks while doing so. A definite contender for the best birthday gift idea for dad.

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37. Donut Pan

Donuts are everyone’s favorites. But they are limited because most donuts bought outside don’t carry a lot of healthy nutrients and in fact lean more towards the unhealthy side. This donut pan will give your dad a chance to make his own donuts, just the way he likes it and with perfect nutritional values.

While it is not something that might be used every day, it is still incredibly handy in many situations since you can make one of the best food items right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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38. Duffel Bag

Travelling could be fun depending on the purpose of the trip and who you’re going with but it could just as easily be a frustrating experience. This duffel bag makes things a lot easier by letting one pack a lot of their stuff while still being relatively compact and lightweight.

This bag is a phenomenal birthday gift idea for dad as it will stay with him for a long time and sometimes perhaps even be the most useful thing in their arsenal simply because of the quality and comfort it provides.

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39. Customized Personal Magnets

Image result for Buttonsmith Custom Personalized Union Printed 2.25" Magnet - Made in the USA

These little circular magnets can be customized with either text or a small picture of your choice making them the perfect way to represent a brand or even deliver a simple message. They can be used at home, in the office to mark certain things without having to tell everyone who passes by.

These are also incredibly stylish which is only augmented by their option to be customized with both text and images. Putting a picture on it and making it their personal logo for any upcoming promotion could also be a fantastic idea.

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40. TIME Magazine Subscription

TIME magazines have been around for a very long time and still stay relevant because of their amazing content. This subscription lasts for a year and if your dad isn’t already into magazines would certainly make him reconsider.

It’s a gift that is worth every penny spent on buying it and every minute spent on reading it. While it might not directly impact their life in any way, it could still provide some much-needed relaxation.

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41. Cordless Drill Kit

If there’s one thing dads across the world are famous for it’s that they fix things around the house. Whether they are any good at it or not, they always take it upon themselves to solve the physical problems around the house.

This drill, capable of running on internal batteries, without any wires whatsoever will be a fantastic tool to have at their disposal as it makes it much easier for them to work pretty much anywhere inside or outside the house.

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42. Date Night In

Just because your father is married doesn’t mean he doesn’t need some dating tips. This book by Ashley Rodriguez consists of some extremely good and romantic recipes that will instantly light up your dad’s special date with his significant other.

It’s a very thoughtful birthday gift for dad from son and might even rekindle a fiery passion between the two that has been previously long lost due to the stressful nature of married life.

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43. DRINK-A-PALOOZA Board Game

This is one of the best adult board games around that they can enjoy while also having a drink with their friends. It can be played in different ways and provides hours of entertainment with nothing more than a board and a few extra pieces.

What makes this special though is that it includes adult elements like drinking and other nostalgic elements while also remaining extremely fun throughout.

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44. Compression Knee Sleeve

If your dad is someone who is physically active at a relatively older age, then it might be a lot harder for him than you might expect. This knee sleeve is made of some very nice breathable and elastic but still sturdy fabrics.

This would let them perform a lot of physically straining activities without much of a side effect and also do so for long periods of time. It will greatly slow down the decay process of their knees and hence would help them avoid health issues related to that for a very long time.

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45. Smartwatch

While normal watches are made pretty much obsolete with the introduction of mobile phones, their style factors still hold strong value for many people. If your dad is someone like that, then what better way to add to their experience than by combining a classic wristwatch with a smartphone.

This smartwatch is capable of doing a lot of basic things a cell phone can do while also displaying the time in more of a retro fashion.

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46. IPA Beer Making Kit

Beer is loved across the world by many people. Your dad is likely to be a fan as well and enjoys an occasional beer with his friends or colleagues. But what if he could actually make his own beer? This kit would let him prepare his own beer that meets his standards perfectly and never worry about the taste or running out.

This is a great way to encourage him to pursue his favorite things in life and actually indulge himself with them for more than a single moment.

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47. Pasta and Noodle Maker

Homemade Pasta and noodles might have been a distant dream a few generations ago but right now, this machine from Philips makes it totally possible. Your dad can make himself, his family or his colleagues some pasta or noodles whenever he feels like it and doesn’t have to worry about the restaurant with his favorite noodles or pasta being open.

This is something he would certainly fall in love with very quickly because of its convenience and ease of use. It comes with different shaping disks making the choices for food more diverse and interesting.

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48. Cigar Desktop Humidifier

A good cigar is often regarded to be as good as a good dress. It provides the same level of attraction. This Desktop Humidifier has a glass top and a tray inside to store his favorite cigars safely and in a way that also doubles as a decorative item.

Because of its dual purpose and elegant looks, it’s something you simply cannot ignore when thinking about birthday gifts for dad.

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49. Air Compression Foot Massager

How often do you come back from a tiring day and feel like your feet need a few years of rest before being able to function again? Now, that’s pretty much how your dad could be feeling almost every day. Not only is he under a lot more stress but the older he gets the less forgiving his body becomes.

This foot massager uses air compression technology to produce heat that aids in the message itself. It provides release from almost any kind of foot pain and tends to be able to fix most muscle related problems relatively quick.

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50. Precision Knife Set

This set consists of a hollow ground knife, a utility knife and a paring knife all perfect for different types of activities but all being extremely useful in daily life especially for a parent who spends some time in the kitchen.

If your dad is someone who usually helps out in the kitchen or is even enthusiastic about cooking then makes that part of his life much easier and encourage him further with this knife set and without a doubt make for strikingly impressive birthday gift idea for dad.

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51. Portable Charger With Lightning Cable

Your dad could have many stressful meetings every day and while there is very little you can do it directly help him with those, you can get him off these portable chargers to make life a bit easier for him. It has lightning cables so even if your father is using the latest iPhone, he could still use this to get an extra charge out of it without having to find a place to plug his phone into.

It’s a fantastic tool to have with you at all times as it not only provides some extra juice for heavy users but it also takes away that mental stress that comes from worrying about the phone’s charge every day.

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52. Electric Tooth Brush

Image result for oral-b 7000 smartseries rechargeable power electric toothbrush

Brushing in the morning is extremely important and your dad himself might have told you this many time. But with all the responsibilities that come with adult life, this could be something people usually neglect.

Whether it’s because of some lethargic feeling or just hurrying up in a busy day, this electric brush will make brushing much easier and a lot more efficient with just a fraction of the energy you exert every day.

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53. Water Resistant Jacket

Image result for Amazon Essentials Men's Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Down Jacket

Work takes us to all kind of places at all kind of times and a lot of times we might not have a say in it. This jacket is made of nylon that is extremely soft but also is made into quite the thick layer on this jacket.

It works as a great way to protect oneself from things like rain or even use it as an extra layer of the coating when going to places that might potentially spoil your favorite clothes.

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54. Men’s Lounge Robe

Image result for Pendleton Men's Lounge Robe

While a good suit would make for an equally awesome look, it’s too mainstream of a gift and your dad probably has all the suits he would ever need. This robe is amazing for use as home wear as it’s got breathable linings and the design is impeccable.

It’s one of if not the best ways of presentation you’re offering them, especially at nights when they’re home. It’s simple, good looking and more than anything else extremely comfortable.

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55. Smoked Spices

If your dad is a fan of cooking or at least trying to learn as an enthusiast, then these spices would be a terrific gift for him. These help with a quick and much tastier experience when it comes to grilled food.

These would not only act as an enhancement to their food experience but also as encouragement from your side for them to keep up their cooking. Even something as small as this could go a long way into making someone feel good about it, especially when given on a birthday.

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56. Smart Notebook

If your dad’s job requires him to write down a lot of things, or even keep track of a lot of things over time, then this smart notebook would be an invaluable addition to their life. Its pages have a special bar code that would let everything written or drawn on it to be uploaded to the cloud.

In addition to that, the pages can also be erased and used over and over again. This could also be used as a much more secure personal dairy if that’s something he wants to have.

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57. Men’s Scuff Slippers

Image result for ugg men's scuff slipper

These slippers offer unparalleled comfort with rubber soles and a premium sheepskin upper layer that is extremely soft and comfortable to wear. These slippers last for a very long time and are primarily made to be used indoors although they are fully capable of functioning outdoors.

This is a gift that your dad would value a lot over the years to a point where he wouldn’t want to ever walk without those slippers on again.

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58. Personal Micro Trimmer

This is a rather unique product and even though trimmers have become fairly common over the years, it’s compact size and much more convenient operation makes this even more of a compelling option.

It can easily fit anywhere a regular pen can and is very accurate when it comes to shaving a beard making it the best option for a gift that is based on personal grooming.

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59. Crosley TurnTable

If you keep asking yourself what to get your dad for his birthday that could make him once again get a true feel for classical music, he is going to love this one. This Retro styled device functions as a radio, record player, CD player, cassette player or can even be connected to your smartphone essentially making it a speaker.

The quality of music it plays through the speakers is very high and more than anything it gives that nostalgic feel to whichever room it is stored in.

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60. Go-pro Camera

Most of the time dad’s love action and actively participating in different crazy activities. Let him know that is a trait we all appreciate by showing your encouragement through this Go-pro camera which will enable him to capture all his favorite moments.

It’s a great mix between a professional camera and an ultra-portable one, being able to keep the compact size and ability to be strapped onto almost anything while not compromising on the quality too much.

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61. Windproof Umbrella

Umbrellas’ are among the oldest inventions of mankind and they are still the go-to tools when it comes to protecting ourselves from rain or sometimes even sun. So, obviously, it would make for an extremely valuable gift.

In addition to that this umbrella also has an anti-wind mechanism preventing it from simply flying away or bending the other side. It also has a Teflon coating on the top means the water will be very strongly repelled from the surface keeping it always dry even in heavy rains.

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62. Woodstock Retro Candy Gift box

For the most part, modernization has bought a lot of good things in our society. But your dad might still miss some of the old things that will always be a lot better for him. This candy gift set comes right out of the ’80s, not only in its theme but also in its contents.

All the candies are from back in his childhood and they are extremely hard to find outside individually. This box is certain to take him on a trip down the memory lane and what better way to do that than on his birthday.

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63. Ab Roller Wheel

This Roller wheel is a perfect way to bring all their fitness goals to the comfort of your home and still go after them at the same but much more comfortable pace. These wheels have surfaces which produce a good amount of friction making it possible to use them on pretty much any surface.

They let you work out multiple parts of your body at once including the abs, shoulders, arms and pretty much all of your upper body and the back.

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64. Stainless Steel Pen and Pencil Set

This is a Parker JOTTER set consisting of a ball point pen and a mechanical pencil that are of the highest possible quality. The pen can be refilled with ink and the pencil with new leads making them essentially usable for life.

Apart from carrying out their functions extremely well, both the pen and pencil look and feel very premium, making the user look classy. A truly remarkable birthday gift for dad from daughter.

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65. Cocktail Index

This book explains the complex art of properly mixing drinks together. It gives insight into what actually makes a good cocktail and how you can achieve that on your own.

It’s well written with proper examples and instructions making it a great option for both beginners and enthusiast alike. The only requirement being a passion for cocktails, which if your father has, this would become the perfect gift.

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66. 50 Jobs Worse Than Yours

No matter how good a job is, sometimes we all feel a sense of pointlessness or just get tired of doing the same job for a very long time. This book by Justin Racz consists of some of the most ridiculous jobs across the world.

It’s quite the funny way to remove some of your frustration knowing that there are worse things to be doing for money and while it might not improve the condition of your own job, it would provide a good laugh which is often enough to make things seem a little easier.

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67. Brickell’s Anti-Aging Cream

Aging is something that happens to all of us and is as natural as it gets when it comes to the human body’s effects. That doesn’t mean we have to always settle for looking proportional to our age. This cream can smoothen the skin significantly and make one look many years younger without putting in too much of an effort.

While it’s artificially made, all the components used are still natural and it does not produce any side effects. It’s a simple yet effective gift idea for dad for giving a lot more confidence.

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68. Wine Preservation System

Wine is more than just another luxurious drink. It has a lot more value and is treated with much higher regard than pretty much every other drink in the market. As such, preserving wine is something that is traditionally and practically a very popular practice.

If your dad is a wine enthusiast or simply someone who enjoys the taste of a good drink then this nifty little tool would be a great gift for him. It can hold and store wine while also making way for a much more elegant system that lets you pour the wine or close the lid.

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69. Tesla Coil Lighter

Tesla Coil Lightersâ?¢ USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter (1. Gun Metal)

Technology has grown quite a lot in recent years and it has even reached some of the very subtle parts of our daily life. This lighter, for example, uses a very different mechanism to produce a flame from electricity.

This means it can be recharged and used forever. Due to the nature of its mechanism, the flame it produces is also not affected by the wind making its usage a lot more comfortable.

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70. Anker Wireless Charging Stand

This is yet another example of modern technology seeping through the various little nooks of our daily life. This charging stand provides a platform for your phone that will charge it without the need for any extra wires having to be directly attached to the phone itself.

It adds an extra layer of protection and convenience for their phone while also making it look better.

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71. Hammock Backpack

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’d all admit that hammocks are the best resting places ever made. They are soft, plushier, comfortable, can be placed anywhere, overall just perfect for anyone from a child to an adult.

This hammock can even be bundled up into a backpack making it extra portable. This is a gift that your dad would be using a lot for sure and is something that would make his resting periods a lot more comfortable and desirable.

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72. Lavazza K-cup

This K-cup containing coffee seeds makes itself different from the rest due to its super high quality and design. Not only will it let any of the outside atmosphere get in but also prevents any flavor inside from leaking out.

If your dad is a fan of fresh coffee then there’s no better way to save the seeds than through this little box. It’s a clever birthday gift idea for dad.

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73. Everything an Awesome Father Wants to Know

For the amount of work a father does and the responsibility he takes on every day without a single question, he is in most cases surely underappreciated. If you feel that way too and want your dad to know exactly how much you value him then this book would be a great choice of gift on his birthday.

As the title says, it talks about a lot of things a father should know, especially about the people around him and their feelings. It will bring a new meaning to all his relationship and his role in them.

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74. Wobble Cushion

This is one of the most innovative products to come out of modern technology. Posture is a very important thing whose implications most people tend to disregard because it shows no short-term effects. But the long-term effects of bad posture are always devastating and hence should be avoided.

This cushion provides a very strong base on any chair making it much easier to maintain a proper posture. Giving this to your father would not only bring a lot of comfort to his current daily life but also save him from a lot of future problems.

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75. Alexa Enabled Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds in addition to providing a great sound quality have Alexa assistant enabled by default. Which means that the user can use simple verbal commands to get a lot of work done from anywhere.

While it cannot be used for everything it could still result in a lot of time saved especially for office workers who tend to make a lot of calls or do a lot of social management.

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76. Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

While Vacuum Cleaners make cleaning relatively easy, they are still quite heavy and cumbersome to use in the house. This version however completely eliminates that problem as it comes in the shape, size, and weight of a stick and is also completely wireless.

This is a huge advantage especially for dads who often have little to no experience in cleaning and would really appreciate a compact tool to take along that will do the cleaning for them.

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77. Folding Electric Bike

Motor vehicles are quite nice and most certainly essential in our daily lives. But using them is also a major cause of pollution and the body losing even more of the much-needed daily exercise.

This bike is completely electric when it’s operated through motor but can also be manually pedaled which would mean a lot of extra exercise for your dad. This bike can also be folded into a much more compact size for easier transport.

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78. Pour Over Coffee Dipper

Pour over coffee is one of the most preferred methods of coffee making for a lot of people because of it’s amazing flavor and also the simplicity of the technique. This machine makes pour over coffee available to pretty much anyone with little to no effort while retaining that signature taste.

The machine is specifically designed for convenience and it offers a much easier way for your dad to make some tasty coffee without having to go through too much of a process.

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79. Lacdo Laptop Sleeve Bag

This laptop sleeve could be a lifesaver to your dad more than he would’ve ever imagined. This protective cover is capable of shielding the laptop from all kinds of harmful things from accidental falls to water spills.

The sleeve is also made of very high quality and smooth material making it not only look premium but also a blessing to carry around and use.

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80. Men’s Leather Work Glove

Image result for Carhartt Men's Grain Leather Work Glove with Safety Cuff

Doing different jobs around the house will require you to wear some protective gear and among all of them, gloves are probably the most essential. These gloves are made of 100% leather with a polyester lining making them comfortable to use but still very durable.

Even if your dad already owns a pair of gloves, this new pair would be a great show of appreciation for all the work they do and the things they fix all the time around the house.

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81. Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

There are few things that feel as good as a good nap. And one of if not the most essential part of taking a good nap is a good and comfortable pillow. This king-sized pillow is made with memory foam making it one of the most comfortable things to rest on.

The pillow’s height can also be adjusted based on the user’s preference and its design, in addition to providing a comfortable experience will also do a great job of suppressing things like neck pain and uneasiness.

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82. Sparkling Water Maker

Water is something that we simply cannot live without. But a fact that many forget is that drinking good water is just as important as drinking water regularly. This sparkling water maker will let your dad make carbonated water right at the comfort of his own desk.

Carbonated water is a healthier version of normal water containing a lot more useful minerals. This will be a gift for dad that ensures that the most important parts in maintaining your father’s health are taken care of.

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83. All in one Suspension Training System

As one grows older, it is very important that they do proper regular workouts to keep their body in shape. This is not just a bonus but in fact a necessity for them to keep up with the ever-increasing physical stress that is placed upon them every day.

This equipment comes with straps and handles that make it possible for them to do some very effective exercises right at home or pretty much any private place.

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84. Roku Ultra

Is your dad someone who constantly travels on business trips? then this would be a really good way to give him a way of entertainment even on the go. Roku ultra lets you transfer any wireless TV into a smart TV with just a small attachment.

The Roku library has thousands of movies, tv series and other entertainment options which would ensure your father would never get bored on his trips and can always stay up to date with his favorite shows.

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85. Beer Savers

Getting a pack of beers and over drinking is a very common problem. But then what would you do when you open a new bottle and realize that you can’t finish all of it right now? These rubber caps come in the way of a novel solution to that.

These caps because of their elastic nature would fit quite well to most beer bottles and keep them sealed for a long time.

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86. Handcrafted Bottle Carrier

This is a gift that is more focused towards its artistic nature rather than its functionality. The basket itself is crafted out of pure pine wood and not only looks but also feels extremely premium and exquisite.

The basket can be used to carry any kind of bottles but let’s be honest, it’s likely going to be used to store some good wine bottles and it would do the job perfectly fine. It’s a great gift that not only serves a good purpose but also reflects your own taste in art.

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87. Electric Juicer

While both wine and beer are great recreational drinks they don’t provide much in terms of good health. If anything, they are more detrimental to it. So, to balance it out, a good option would be fruit juices and this electric juicer would let you get them right from your home.

It can be used for any fruits and is very easy to operate and clean. This would be a wonderful way to compliment a hard day’s work for your dad.

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88. Micro-Suction Tablet Stand

This stand is more of a quality of life upgrade than anything else. It’s not always easy to hold the tablet in the most comfortable position and this stand does a great job of making that possible with little effort from your side.

This stand will be very useful to your dad whether it be at work or just while relaxing at home, this would make holding and using their tablet much easier.

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89. OHT Multitool

This is simply a civilian version of the Swiss army knife as this tool has pretty much everything your dad would need around the house whether it be a short knife, pliers, a scissor or anything. The tools are well placed and packed and it’s incredibly easy to use even for beginners.

It would be a fancy new addition to your dad’s toolkit but it would of course quickly rise to be his favorite because there’s simply no scenario where it’s not useful and handy.

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90. Personal Ancestry Test

This one’s a bit of a peculiar gift as its purpose is not very practical but on a personal level, it’s a very exciting thing. This ancestry test, with just your saliva sample, can determine a lot about your ancestry dating back many centuries and perhaps even identify some rare health conditions.

This test is more of a fun exercise that lets your dad get to know about his own line of hereditary and while most of the information is not very useful in his current life, it’s still quite amusing to find out.

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91. Beginner’s Telescope

Stargazing is something that we all have done at many points in our lives. Wondering what’s out there and the desire to find out is pretty natural and could be quite exhilarating when you dive deeper into.

Let your dad experience that thrill first hand with this beginner’s telescope that is not only capable of looking deep into the vastness of space but also contains detailed maps for locating different stars and celestial bodies.

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92. The World’s Greatest Collection of Dad Jokes

As it has been said and accepted by many, laughter is great medicine. A good dose of laughter every now and then can do no harm and will only make your mental state much better. This book will give your dad just that with some of the most clever and relatable dad jokes.

It’s a small gift for your dad, inexpensive and pretty simple in concept but the impact it could have on his life could be pretty big.

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93. Coffee Grinder

Making fresh and good coffee is more of an art than a simple technique and this can be easily verified by the fact that while most people can make their own coffee, they still sometimes prefer to go to their favorite coffee place because they know it’s going to be better.

This coffee grinder will let your dad make himself a coffee that is among the very best because this will let him grind his own coffee seeds keeping them full of rich flavors. It’s a gift that will enhance an already good experience.

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94. Pony Up Daddy Saddle

This is something that would be great if there’s someone very young in the house as riding on their father’s back is a great past-time for children. This saddle will make that loving experience a lot more comfortable for both father and his child.

It’s a fun and thoughtful gift that any dad with a child would certainly appreciate.

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95. Nano Quadcopter

Present your dad with the latest and greatest of your generation’s inventions, a flying drone. While this is yet another thing that is not something very practical, it is still a great way to spend their free time and bring back the nostalgic memories of when they were kids.

The drone can also be used to attach a camera for some creative shots from difficult angles making this a family toy.

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96. Spherical Ice Molds

Whether it be a party or just a friendly drink with some colleagues, good ice is a necessity to properly enjoy drinks. This mold makes spherical ice pieces that melt much slower than normal and are also a lot sturdier thereby not prone to breaking easily.

The ice mold solves a very annoying problem without having to exert too much effort from the user’s side. This is a perfect gift especially if your father is a big fan of whiskey and other such drinks.

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97. Tekton Drive Socket Set

This set contains tools for almost every size and type of socket out there and is a literal lifesaver to have around. The tools come in a sturdy and high-quality case with red accent. The tools are made of vanadium steel and have a chrome finish making them not only feel but also look good.

Your dad would very much appreciate something like this, especially when compared to having to find and store individual tools.

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98. Hanging Flower Plant Pots

While there are plenty of artificial man-made decorations and art pieces you could get, nature is still able to keep up in its most basic form. The pots are made of marble and carry a unique texture that makes it easy to match with almost any interior.

This set of flower plants can be hung either at home or even in their office to instantly light up the looks all around and make it much more attractive and pleasant.

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99. Fog-less Shower Mirror

Shaving early in the morning could be quite the pain by itself and more often than not the mirror is blocked by steam from hot water making it quite annoying to use. This shower mirror solves that problem using a unique design that prevents fog from blocking the mirror.

This might not be the most exciting gift your father would ever receive but it’s certainly a strong contender for the most useful one as it will save them a lot of extra hassle for a very long time.

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100. Stealth Core Trainer

While regular walking and some housework could keep their arms and legs in proper condition, the body’s core is often neglected when it comes to fitness. This device lets you do various exercises that strengthen the core while providing an entertaining and interactive experience on its little screen.

This is an amazing device that not only lets you do some important exercises at home but also does so while never getting bored and keeping you engaged in making the exercises a lot easier than they actually are.

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101. Amazon Echo Spot

This is a tool that you’d think you wouldn’t need until you have it and then feel like you can’t live without it. The Echo spot does a lot of things including controlling your devices, watching shows, streaming some music or even ordering online services.

It’s an all-in-one little box that can provide some good company by talking back to you while also making you a lot more productive and comfortable.

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102. Shower-head and Wireless Speaker

This is a very innovative combination of two completely different devices that makes you wonder how no one ever thought about this until now. A fully functional shower-head is attached to a wireless speaker letting you use them both at the same time.

This means your dad doesn’t have to take his phone or earbuds to the shower and can listen to his favorite music while showering without having to bother with any extra accessories.

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103. Tile-Mate

Is your dad one of those people who often forget where they put their car keys or their phone and then go about searching the entire house? Then these little key chains called tile mates could be the most essential gift they could have. They function as little beacons being able to be tracked by an app in your phone.

If you lose your phone, you can get out any of the tile mates and make it ring to almost instantly find it. This will not only save a lot of time and energy but it will also save you from the mental worries that come with losing things.

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104. Sugru Moldable Glue

This glue once set turns into an extremely strong silicon rubber in just a few hours. This could be of great use not only for various projects but also fixing things around the house. Every time something important breaks, this glue makes things a lot easier and simple.

While not the fanciest gift out there, this is still something that will remain useful for a long time.

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105. Digital Food Thermometer

This thermometer is very accurate and also has a very wide range of temperatures that it can read. It also comes with some nifty little side features like magnetic back and a backlit screen making it very comfortable to use.

Does your dad love cooking? Whether it’s because of his own desire to become better at the craft or to get some sweet praise from his family, this digital thermometer could go a long way in making his preparations a lot more likely to succeed.

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106. Battery Jumper Kit

Running out of the battery in cars is one of the most bothersome things to deal with, mostly because people don’t usually pay attention to it. However, having this Jumper kit in the car will let the user’s mind be at ease knowing that they can use it to restart the engine anytime even if the battery is depleted.

If your dad doesn’t already have one of these then you should definitely consider this as a gift because they would be glad to have it.

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107. Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set

This set of mat and pillow are specifically designed to target certain points in your body making it possible to relieve a lot of built up pressure and stress within a relatively small period of time. The set is a home, ‘do it yourself’ version of massage therapy.

It’s extremely effective and would be a blessing in your dad’s life especially if he’s someone who works a lot physically.

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108. Aluminum Money Clip

Image result for aluminum money clip amazon

This aluminum clip is a custom clip that can be used to easily secure a small bundle of money without having to carry anything too heavy in your pocket nor leave the money unsecured. It’s a great mix between security and comfort and can even be used to hold credit cards or standard but important papers.

If your dad is someone who does a lot of desk and office work then this would certainly come in very handy and he would be thanking a lot more for this than either of you would expect.

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109. Mini Car Desk

Cutequeen Black car Laptop/Eating Wheel Desk (Pack of 1)

This is one of, if not the handiest tool that money can buy. This desk is very light and compact enough to fit almost anywhere but at the same time is sturdy enough to hold something like a laptop. The biggest advantage of a desk like this is its versatility as it can be used for many things.

If your dad is someone who is constantly on the move due to work then this could be very useful to him. It can be used to finish some quick work in the car or even grab a quick bite without having to find an extra table.

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110. Pen Scanner

With greater technology come greater conveniences even in daily life and this pen seems to be the epitome of the convenience. It can scan the text of multiple languages and not only display it on your screen but also translate it on its own. It can also read out the text if required and connects to almost any device through Bluetooth.

This scanner would be a very useful tool for your dad that he will very quickly fall in love with because of the utility it offers and the ease of operation.

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These gifts are a combination of utility that would add some practical value to their life or an artistic and more of personal style ones that add sentimental value. Either way, one thing all these birthday gift ideas for dad have in common is that they pass on your immense love and value you hold for them.