40 Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend That Covers Everything

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:55 pm

Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend1

Today I am more than excited to share with you some of the awesome birthday gift ideas for boyfriend. That means girls who are looking up for some gift ideas and suggestion for their boyfriends, here they can find some ideal gift options.

I am working as a gifted researcher and adviser from past many years. In my analysis, I have found that girls are more curious to know some gift ideas for their love partners as compared to the guys interested in searching for gifts for their lady love. Guys are lazy butts but thumb up for the girls.

Anyways, today I will tell you how you can turn up your boyfriend’s birthday for an awesome day of his life, by gifting him some of the best stuff.

I will give you two list, each list will have different kinds of gifts, from your precious time for him to few recommended material gifts. So just stay tuned and I bet you will take many awesome ideas from here which will help you plan a nice birthday for him.

Above I have shared few gift suggestions that might have triggered you. Now I would love to give you my list of recommended gifts for boyfriend.

These birthday gifts for boyfriend have been shortlisted after a lot of research and personal experience of people. So, I hope you will pick few from the list.

1. Folding Ray Ban Glasses

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-Folding ray ban

Price: $153
Ratings: 4.5

  1. If he is tired of his old sunglasses or you think he now needs to change, then do it yourself by gifting him this awesome folding sunglasses.
  2. It means it can be folded and can be in compact shape. After getting fold he can keep this even in his pocket too.
  3. It will be the best birthday gift for him.

2. Tommy Hilfiger Passcase wallet

Price: $22.98
Ratings: 4.6

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-wallet tommy hilfiger
  1. A wallet is the daily need of a guy, so why don’t you replace his old wallet with a new one.
  2. It’s a Tommy Hilfiger, a known brand from past many years.
  3. I am sure he will love to have this stylish wallet into his pocket.


Ratings: 3.7

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-TRYM II
  1. This one is highly recommended for one gift for men I am sure they will go mad for this. Its an amazing piece of technology.
  2. It’s a very stylish trimmer for men that come with brushes, 4 trimming attachments, oil etc..
  3. TRYM 2 is getting a great response from guys and it’s been appreciated as a gift too. So, I highly recommend this if he needs to use a trimmer.

4. NUOP Into Focus Mug

Price: $14.99
Ratings: 3.5

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-Focus mug
  1. This is the coolest mug I have ever seen and I am sure any guy would love to have this.
  2. Can you imagine a mug in a DSLR lens-shaped? I am sure he will love to flaunt this mug in front of his friends.

5. Success gift pen

Price: $21
Ratings: 3.7

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-SUCCESS GIFT PEN
  1. If he is in a profession where he requires a pen, as if he is a student or working in an office or have own business then you can gift this amazing pen to him.
  2. It is not just a pen it also has the feature of LED light and also a feature of the stylus so he can use it on his phone too.

6. Hombre Men Perfume Gift Set

birthday-gifts-for-boy-friend-Hobre 3 Pc. Men Perfume Gift Set

Price: $49.95

  1. Gift him a perfume set that he is going to love for sure.
  2. It is a Hobie man perfume set of 3 bottles, each with a different fragrance.
  3. It is one of the perfect birthday gifts for him.
  4. These perfumes resonate with the man of today, the modern man.
  5. The good thing about these perfumes is that if used once remains the same for the whole day, so the whole day he will feel fresh.

7. Adidas Deep Energy Giftset

Ratings: 4.5

Adidas Deep Energy gift set-gifts-for-boy-friend
  1. Guys love to use deodorant and body spray, I am sure your boyfriend also uses. If so, then this is one of the gifts that he will like.
  2. This set contains three bottles each with a different fragrance.
  3. These sprays are highly energetic that means they are made in a way that it gives a nice boost to your day.

8. RAVPower Portable Charger

Price: $39.99
Ratings: 4.6

RAVPower Portable Charger-gifts-for-boy-friend
  1. These days people are so engaged in their cell phone that they often find their phone battery to end up.
  2. I am sure you might have seen your boyfriend with a low battery.
  3. If this is so then you might want to gift him a best portable charger that can let him charge his phone where ever he wants.

9. Bose Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $199
Ratings: 4.4

Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker-gifts-for-boy-friend
  1. This is one of the coolest speakers I saw amongst few I checked.
  2. Bose is a well known for giving the best music quality.
  3. It’s a wireless Bluetooth speaker that means he can use the speaker where ever he wants.
  4. I have the same speaker as me so I have no hesitation in recommending this for him.

10. Striiv Smart Pedometer

Price: $18.99
Ratings: 3.7

Striiv Smart Pedometer-gifts-for-boy-friend
  1. Let him be motivated for the fitness.
  2. A pedometer is generally meant to track physical activity of the body but this strives smart pedometer is much more than that.
  3. It gives more than one can expect.
  4. One can set goals, feeding challenges and put reminders, etc..
  5. In short it motivates you to reach your goals in a fun way.
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11. Kangaroo Kingdom Shoulder Bag

Price: $24.99
Ratings: 4.6

  1. This is a stylish shoulder bag for young guys.
  2. It is very handy and capable of carrying of all essential things very comfortably like iPad, phone, books, wallet, small bottle,etc..
  3. He can use this bag to carry his things very comfortably to any place.

12. Whiskey Chilling Rocks

Price: $34.95
Ratings: 3.8

Whisky Chilling Rocks in Gift Box
  1. You might not be aware of it that in ancient time people use to have these chilling stones to chill the drinks as you can see nowadays people use ice cubes.
  2. I am sure your boyfriend also might not be knowing about this.
  3. So gift him these whiskey stones and let him know about it.

13. ViewSonic DLP Projector

Price: $1,128
Ratings: 4.5

ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector
  1. This can be one of the best birthday gifts for boyfriend.
  2. Let him enjoy his leisure time watching his favorite movies on a big screen.
  3. I am talking about a movie projector, specifically this Viewsonic product that has been acclaimed to be the best as per the people who have bought this product.
  4. I am sure he will love spending his time with this awesome projector.

14. Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Vehicle

Price: $93.99
Ratings: 3.3

Dark Knight Rises Tumbler Vehicle
  1. If he is a Batman fan as most guys are then you might want to gift this bad-ass Batman car to him.
  2. It looks really stunning.
  3. He can keep this in his room just as a showcase and the best thing about this is that he will remember his day every day whenever he will see the car in his room.

15. Bull Nose Magnetic Key Holder

Price: $1.60
Ratings: 4

Bull Nose Magnetic Key Holder
  1. He might have home keys, bike or car keys, and for any other thing.
  2. You know how guys are as they are very bad at managing things and putting up their stuff to right place in their house.
  3. So, I think you can at least help him a bit to manage his keys with this cool key holder.

16. 45 Record Coasters

Price: $16.99
Ratings: 4.3

45 Record Coasters
  1. Here is another cool thing you can gift your boyfriend for his birthday.
  2. It’s a cool coaster which is shaped into old tape CD style with very unique prints.

17. Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier

Price: $32.95
Ratings: 4.5

Wooden Six Pack Beer Tote
  1. Get him this awesome wooden beer tote that he can use to keep his beer bottles.
  2. It’s a handmade beer tote that gives a real rough look.
  3. He can keep up to 6 bottles in it.
  4. If he is a beer lover then I am sure he will get mad over this one for sure.

18. Scotch glasses 

Price: $34.95
Ratings: 4.8

  1. This is if your boyfriend is a whiskey or a scotch lover.
  2. These are old school whiskey glasses that have an awkward base shape and a clear glass.
  3. They come in a set of 2 and are perfect barkeepers.
  4. These glasses are handmade by professional artists.
  5. Since they are old school glasses they are made in a way that they are sturdy and rock like especially in the areas where breakage happens easily.

19. Acrylic picture frame 

Price: $11.99
Ratings: 4.7

  1. If you are looking to get a frame for him then you can try out this acrylic one which is different from the ordinary ones as it doesn’t have a defined frame and looks like the photograph is carved within the glass block.
  2. Although it is not permanent and is interchangeable like other frames which allows you to keep switching photographs.
  3. He can put if by his side table or his work table.

20. Jigsaw pieces necklace with date 

Price: $25
Ratings: 4.7

  1. Some special relations in life are not made by birth or sharing the same blood but they are the ones that look for you and care for you just because they love you.
  2. Boyfriend is one of those special people who will care for you no matter what.
  3. Thus the day you met and started the journey of being in love holds a great relevance.
  4. These jigsaw pendants mark the date and both of you can have one each.

21. The chocolate bar in a glass 

Price: $16.95
Ratings: 2

  1. If he is someone who has a sweet tooth and craves for chocolate bars at random times then you can get this quirky glass box that has a chocolate bar framed inside.
  2. In an emergency, he can break the glass with a hammer and have the Hershey’s bar.
  3. It is a fun birthday present for him that will bring a smile to his face.

22. Scented candle with a sweet message 

Price: $25

  1. More than a gift this item is a gesture to acknowledge the importance of your boyfriend in your life.
  2. Candles are anyway a pleasant gift to give.
  3. This one has a nice lavender fragrance that will remind him of you whenever he lights it.
  4. It also has a really sweet message written on it which is inspired or adapted from the TV series Grey’s anatomy.

23. Engraved wallet insert 

Price: $14.97
Ratings: 5

  1. Gone are those days when keeping pictures in wallets as remembrance was famous.
  2. These wallet inserts have taken the place of pictures since they are in a big trend these days as they are a perfect token of remembrance that one can keep with him.
  3. This insert has an engraved message which is very beautiful and the metallic finish also has its own charm.

24. Matching meaningful bracelets  

Price: $21.90
Ratings: 3.8

  1. This is a gift that depicts that he has a part of you and you will also have a part of him with these bracelet set.
  2. It is basically a hook pendant that has a very deep meaning of a relationship within it.
  3. You can put one on your wrist and pass on the other one to him as a symbol of the beautiful relationship you both share.

25. Brookstone Pillow TV Remote Control

Brookstone Pillow Universal TV Remote Control
  1. Can you imagine one can control TV with a pillow as one can control with the remote? You will be amazed to know that it works the same.
  2. It can be used as a pillow and can also work as a remote control.
  3. I am sure your boyfriend will also be amazed by this unique gift.

Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

Here I will just suggest to you that which kind of gifts you can look up for him. I mean I will tell you the best suitable categories wherein you can search for some best gifts for men. After this list, I will give you my recommended list.

1. Personalized stuff


If you really want to make his day and want to gift him something that can be memorable for years then you must go for a personalized gift.

Personalized gifts are gifts that you personalized in your own way by keeping someone in mind, i.e Printing & embedding pictures, names, words etc..

I will tell you one of the stories of my friend related to a personalized gift. My friend is a guitarist and he just loves music.

On his last birthday, his girlfriend gifted him an acoustic guitar. I know its nothing unexpected as he is a guitarist but what she did was unexpected and adorable.

She printed the whole guitar with his and her pictures and messages with some very decorative designs. When she gifted him the guitar, my friend got overwhelmed. He was left with no words.

I am sure this story gave you some inspiration. I hope you will try gifting something you can give your own touch, i.e personalized mug, pillow, wall clock, t-shirt, etc..

2. Romantic gifts

Romantic gifts

I know you are more interested in gifting him something romantic more than I am interested in insisting you to gift him. Yes, to win your boyfriend’s heart, you have the right time to gift him something romantic that can melt him down.

The most romantic moments with your love partner in life are just memorable for years. So you can imagine what it will be to gift your boyfriend something that can keep you him in romance mood for the whole day.

3. Young guy stuff

Young guy stuff

At times you are confused or to be specific girls get confused as what to gift their guy or they have no idea, then, in this case, the easiest thing they can do is gift him something that most guys generally like to have or use in daily life. For example, gel set, deodorant set, leather wallet, cool printed t-shirt, stylish sunglasses, etc..

There are many things such as these, so you have many options. The good thing is that these kinds of a gift will be liked by any guy. So, in any case, you have the win-win situation.

Also if you are deciding or choosing the gift at the very last moment then these kind of gifts are perfect for the consideration as they simply suitable for any guy and also easily available.

4. Hobby gift

hobby gift

Here is another unique birthday present for boyfriend. You can gift him something related to his hobby. If you want to gift someone the perfect gift then the best is to gift him something related to his/her hobbies or things of interest.

This is the easiest task to do as you already know what are his hobbies or interest in things. I suppose your boyfriend loves Gyming and he is a hardcore fitness freak, then you can gift him protein monthly subscription.

Or if he loves playing games then you can gift him one of his favorite game. So this way you are gifting him something that he will surely like. This is why I recommend people to find some gift related to hobbies.

5. Funny gifts

funny gift

You can gift him something funny that can bring a smile to his face. There are many funny gifts available online you can go for those gifts or you can make something on your own.

I can’t resist sharing one of the experience, when I was very young in 10th standard, one of my friends was gifted an underwear by his girlfriend and the funniest thing was she wrote messages on the white underwear. He showed me that underwear and we both laughed. So you can also do something like this.

DIY Birthday gift ideas for boyfriend

1. Open When Letters 

Make and decorate different letters for a different occasion. Like you can make letters for every month to encourage him and keep him rolling.

2. Heart Shaped Tea Bags

You can make heart shaped tea bags for him if he is a tea lover. These tea bags will surely steel his heart as they are so adorable.

3. A Little Book

Make a little book like this where you can write 52 reasons you love him. It is the most precious gift you can get your boyfriend for his birthday.

So do you find any of the birthday gift ideas for boyfriend from the list? I tried my level best to pick few good options for you. I hope my efforts are worth if these ideas and recommendations helped you.