30 Fantastic Birthday Gifts For 4 year Old Boy

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 10:38 pm

Kids grow quite faster and when they are 4 years old the whole world becomes their arena of learning and analyzing themselves through the eyes of curiosity. For a 4 year old boy life is just opening in front of him giving him the opportunity to learn more, see more, ask more and even explain others in their own childish ways.

So while searching a birthday gift for 4 year old boy please do keep in mind all these factors so that you can get him the best gift out of the lot. Make a point that whatever you are choosing should not only be helping him grow in these vital years but also that he would be able to use it for a long time.

It may seem like just another gift but at 4 years the little soft mind and heart would recognize it with a larger scale of understanding and motivation of a new world in front of them. Let the gift be a mixture of both humor, fun, learning, adventure, a little horror to spark up the fun and above all his favorite.

birthday gifts for 4 year old boy

Recommended birthday gifts for 4 year old boy

1. Captain 4th birthday kids T-shirt

Captain 4th birthday kids T-shirt

Make this 4th birthday of his more soft and special with the new designed Captain 4th kids T-shirt. It comes in different colors with a touch of vibrancy. Made out of 100% cotton it is soft and comfortable.

The size would be perfect for the age and he would be able to wear it for a longer period of time without any hassle.

2. Aikmi kid’s walkie-talkie set

Aikmi kid’s walkie-talkie set

Boys always love to play adventurous games so making these games much fun would be the Aikmi kids walkie talkie set which comes with a strap for each walkie-talkie and the antenna is strong for receiving clear signals even in the crowded place. 

The reception can spread up to 2 miles in an open field which is quite commendable. This walkie talkie set would be one of the best gifts for 4 year old boy.

3. Outdoor exploration set

Outdoor exploration set

Exploration is the adventure for any age, and when he is 4 this is the best, so now you can get him the outdoor exploration kit which would help him with his adventure. 

It comes with a pair of binoculars, magnifying glass, a whistle, compass, LED hand-crank flashlight all set in a backpack for convenient storage both at home or outdoor camping.

4. Loffee Hover soccer kit

Loffee Hover soccer kit

Boys and soccer are like heart and heartbeat. So on his 4th birthday gift him this ultimate Loffee Hover soccer kit. This comes with a pair of a built-in net, a soccer ball with LED lighting, which is working through batteries.

This makes his room at night the glowing soccer mini field, so he can enjoy it with his small group of friends.

5. Tiny captain boys dinosaur socks

Tiny captain boys dinosaur socks

Socks are an essential part of the daily wear so why not make it full of fun for him. The Tiny Captain bots dinosaur socks are the one for him then. The set contains 5 pairs of comfortable socks with the dinosaur prints. 

The colors would go with all of his dresses and the soft quality material would protect his feet from getting brushed.

6. 68 piece workbench and realistic toolkit

68 piece workbench and realistic toolkit

Well, this game has a little touch of reality which makes it so distinct and fun. The new 68 piece workbench and realistic toolkit is such a game.

It would help him to learn the power of analyzing and utilizing things in a proper way at the right time. This kit comes with 12 play tools divided into 68 parts which are attachable and runs on battery.

7. Zokea night light for kids

Zokea night light for kids

The 3D effect and the best of the lot of dinosaur in its kind the Triceratops. It changes to 7 different colors with the effect and this would make him surely feel like being in the Jurassic world inside his room itself.

It comes with a remote, with AA batteries, USB connection, non-flickering and dazzling lights which would adorn his room surely ar night.

8. Happy birthday to me notebook

Happy birthday to me notebook

This fabulous Happy birthday notebook with a little help of Dr. Zeus is an amazing way to encourage the little boy to write his heart our and even draw the colors of his life and experience.

It is a hardcover book with a lovely drawing on it making the attractiveness more distinct and he would surely make it his best pal in no time.

9. Multiple colors rotating star projector light

Multiple colors rotating star projector light

Making the roof of his room the starry night sky would be best to gift him, so this new age multiple color rotating star projector light would bring the night sky alive on the roof.

It comes in 4 different shades and the effect it would bring on the roof and the whole wall would surely make him feel of ruling the universe.

10. Kids smart wrist-watch

Kids smart wrist-watch

A smartwatch which would also make calls, what a fascinating piece of gift it would be for him. So why not give him this kid smart wrist-watch. It also has a GPS tracker, a camera.

It is a full-on watch which would be helpful when he is out playing or going for his classes, the overall watch would also have an SOS alarm button for safety.

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11. Drawing stencil set for kids

Drawing stencil set for kids

  Art is the most creative to way to activate the brain cells so the drawing stencil set would help him in activating his brain cells and making his growing years full of colorful thoughts in form of shapes and sizes.

It comes with different colored stencils, paper colored drawing pencils, sharpener a pen and a case. It will make him more energetic with the creative nerves been activated.

12. Top toy flashing LED gloves

Top toy flashing LED gloves

A zilt of flashiness on the hands, so this top toy flashing LED gloves are one of the amazing gift ideas for 4 year old boys as it would add some extra excitement in their games. Gloves always attract boys and such LED effect gloves are best.

It is made of cotton polyester and a durable battery is attached inside. Also, extra 4 pairs of a rechargeable battery are given with the set.

 13. Big time toys sumo bumper bopper

Big time toys sumo bumper bopper

Jumping and bloping are fun and boys are always into it. So these Big time toys bumper boppers are a fun tor which they can enjoy with their friends as they are in a pair of two in the set.

These are inflammable and soft rubber helps in jumping easier without harming the kid. These are best for small parties with kids.

14. Simbans magbuilder STEM build toy

Simbans magbuilder STEM build toy

The Simbans magbuilder kit is available with unique standard sized magnetic 66 pieces of different rectangles, hexagons, equilateral triangles, a pair of wheels and 26 plastic cards if alphabets.

This tor helps in learning different words by building formations due to the magnetic effect and the colorful pieces make it more fun to learn. The best way for him to know many new words in the vocabulary.

15. ToyVelt boxing set

ToyVelt boxing set

Make him fit and steady and what would be best as a birthday gift for 4 year old boy than a ToyVelt boxing set which would help him is getting fit and also learn the art of boxing in a fun way.

It comes with a hand pump, boxing gloves and has a height adjustable base, which can be easily set up anywhere and the portable.

16. Tisy compact shockproof binoculars

Tisy compact shockproof binoculars

Birdwatching is a very good pastime for boys of age 4 always as they have an inquisitiveness to know more about the world around them. The Tisy compact shockproof binoculars which come in different color shades would be amicable.

The magnifying glass set on the lenses helps in viewing clear birds at distance. It is not slippery and the grip is strong, with unbreakable glass, making it safe for children to use.

17. Banana lightweight balance bike

Banana lightweight balance bike

Bike riding is a favorite pastime of all ages, so when you are wanting him to be more social than the Banana lightweight balance bike would be best for him at this age. It is available in three different shades of color.

These bikes are designed for the best comfort for the boys and would help them learn to ride and to balance in a much- secured way.

18. M SANMERSEN portable piano

M SANMERSEN portable piano

Music is known to be the best therapy and the M SANMERSEN portable piano would be best for it. With 37 playing keys and is inbuilt with 100 tones and rhymes, also there are 5 demo CDs to hear.

It has a portable mike for the karaoke session and a USB attachable cord for charging facility. The color too is vibrant and this would bring music therapy for mental growth.

19. Travel alarm clock

Travel alarm clock

Time is the most precious thing in the whole world so to make him learn the importance of time and to be punctual gift them the travel alarm clock. This digital timepiece is of a funny design yet has many good features.

The sound is clear and loud and helps to raise the deep sleepers, it also shows date and month, with temperature recording system too.

20. Loffee toy foam glider

Airplanes are a fascination among boys so this Loffee tor foam glider is a new way of enjoying the planes as it is a hand glider and due to the light-weight foam it is made of it can fly a long distance when glided through hands.

It is a good tor for outside and inside playing as in the open the airflow is stronger so it can fly for a longer distance.

21. 4th birthday special coffee mug

4th birthday special coffee mug

Make his milk and hot chocolate drinking more fun with the special 4th birthday coffee mug, with the colorful imprints of dinosaurs on it. The base black color makes the figures much brighter and fascinating to look at.

This 11 oz ceramic mug is a good way to encourage him to have his milk and also would give him the essence of growing towards youth.It could be one of the perfect gifts for 4 year old.

22. Electronic pet dog- interactive puppy

Electronic pet dog- interactive puppy

Learning words and to be able to have a pet which can communicate is more fun. So the new age electronic pet dog with the interactive feature would now be his best pal.

This robot dog communicates to touch, wags his tail and even plays. Many different actions are fed in so his playtime would be much happier. It comes with rechargeable batteries.

23. Kids wireless headphones

 Kids wireless headphones

Headphones in today’s lifestyle is a must and kids also prefer to have their own privacy while hearing a music or watching movies. So gift him the ultimate kid’s wireless headphone.

The blue vibrant color would surely make him cheerful and this headphone can control up to 85 dB of volume and can also be used with 3.5 mm chord when needed. once charged can go for 4-5 hours.

24. Geekercity minidrone RC helicopeter

Geekercity minidrone RC helicopeter

A new age way of creating artificial lights in the room and for kids it is fun. this Geekercity minidrome senses objects nearby and can fly away when getting obstruction. To control the movement best is to put a hand beneath it and then revolve it around the room.

It projects different color streams giving a light effect to the room. it can be charged and no wires are needed while using.

25. Mendini by Cecilio junior drum set

Mendini by Cecilio junior drum set

Put music in his life with the new Mednini by Cecilio junior drum set, which comes in a pack of a bass drum, tom-toms, a floor tom, and a matching flare drum. Also, the drumstick is amazing and fine.

The crystal clear sound makes it more adoring for the ears. this is surely going to make him a rock star among his friends without a doubt.

26. Dlong DIY handmade jigsaw puzzle battleship wood model kit

Dlong DIY handmade jigsaw puzzle battleship wood model kit

It is said that solving jigsaw puzzles is the best way to activate the brain cells. So why not help him to have a sharper brain and some fun game with the new Dlong DIY handmade jigsaw puzzle battleship wood model kit.

this puzzle helps to build a battleship and is fun to assemble it. it can be played in a small group or even alone. so he would be now busy during his holidays

27. LEGO Duplo construction set

LEGO Duplo construction set

Lego has always been the age-old favorite of all kids. So now with the new LEGO Duplo construction set he would be much excited and happy. It has a total of 67 pieces to be assembled to build a bulldozer, there are two-three small human figures, a truck, and a crane.

So a full sight of the construction. It would also be a learning for him in this age to know how houses and buildings are built through hard work and team effort. This is one of the best presents for 4 year old boy.

28. 52 pack slap bracelet set

52 pack slap bracelet set

Slap bracelets the fashion and style of the yesteryears are still on. So this pack of 52 different styles of bracelets is the ideal one for him. he can use them himself and can also give it to his friends as a sign of friendship.

there are 26 different designs and this would also go with all the smart dresses he wears. these slap bracelets are known to be the ultimate fashion for boys.

29. 3D printing pen kit

3D printing pen kit

It is the perfect and ideal pen for creating images with the new age technology. There are three different buttons on the wide pen to bring different color effects and 3D impressions. So now coloring and drawing would be fun.

Once charged can be used for 2-3 hours and it can also be customized by emojis of animals, which comes with the kit. So now make him a creative artist with this 3D pen.

30. iPlay golf ball game set

iPlay golf ball game set

This golf ball game set is the best birthday gift for 4 year old boy as this would help him to learn the intelligent game at a young age. It comes with a golf bat, extra balls and a ball stand.

This game is surely helping him in his gross motors, patience and eye and hand coordination skills. These skills are a must at this age and though golf training it can be solved with fun.