Best 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 11:16 pm

Today I will be sharing some suitable 50th birthday gifts for women. This list is for people who are looking up for gifting any woman in their life who is turning 50. She could be a mom, wife, sister, friend, etc..

If you imagine a 50-year-old woman just a generation back you might think of a frail-looking woman with some gray strands of hairs but today it’s all different.

Today we see passionate, vibrant and vivacious women who even though are in their 50’s still are full of energy. They are an intelligent, smart, confident and fashionable group who are ever ready to take on the world no matter what.

So if you have a woman who holds a vital place in your life and is turning 50 soon you need to make the day special for her in every possible way.

Every birthday acts as a milestone of any person’s life but a 50th birthday is a mark of one’s transition from one phase to the next one.

Now finding a gift for a woman who is turning 50 is not easy because most of the middle-aged woman, who now are usually working and independent have enough money with them to buy what so ever they need or like.

They are also sport enough to take a dive into their passions and buy everything that is of their interest. Their disposable income allows them to rock it and even if they are not working, women know how to save.

So shopping for someone who is almost 50 is a tough call yet to show someone that you care it is necessary to get a thoughtful gift and it will definitely be well received.

So, if you are a woman yourself think about the best gift that you have received till now but make sure it is age appropriate if you plan to gift a similar presentation and if you are a man either consult someone or think of something that you have gifted a 50 plus and was appreciated.

Again you too need to make sure if it is apt for a woman. Whatever the way may be, be sure to make it worthwhile and to make it easier for you out we have summed up some of the finest options.

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50th birthday gift ideas for women

Recommended 50th Birthday gifts for women

Down below I have listed few gifts for 50 year old woman. These are some gifts I found over different resources, so they are the best-shortlisted. So stay tuned and explore these perfect 50th birthday gifts for women.

1. 50 things to do when you turn 50 by Ronnie Sellers

Price: $ 15.95
Reviews: 4.3

fifty things to do when turn fifty book

A book which will not only make the reader think but also smile on the idea of turning 50. It is a collection of writings of 50 authors on the idea of turning 50.

It is a beautiful book to read and extremely helpful gift for anyone who is not so happy about turning 50 and for those who are ok with it, it will provide guidance to appreciate it more.

2. Time capsule

Price: $ 39.99 
Reviews: 3.5

Like the name suggests time capsule is a gift that will take her back to her time when she was young. It has a collection of stuff from that period which will make her nostalgic.

It is a great way to celebrate her half-century by revisiting that time when she lived the young age. It has a set of trivia cards about the 50 years and a few other gifts that have a funny explanation with it in a card.


3. What You Don’t Know About Turning 50 Book

Price: $ 6.39
Reviews: 3.9 

What You Don't Know About Turning 50

A delight to read, it is a book which is insightful and yet hysterically funny. It is a quiz book with some funny Q and A’s which will leave the reader rolling with laughter on the floors.

Gift this book to who so ever who is in distress with getting over with their 40’s and see them light up with giggles.

4. Katia Silver and Thread Bracelet by Bloom Boutique


A beautiful piece of jewelry which looks extremely stylish, trendy and can even be personalized if you wish by embossing engraving or hand stamping.

It is available in various colors for you to choose as per your desire. A smart piece of accessory to go with whichever smart wear you wish to pair it up with.

5. 50th birthday wish jar 

Price: $ 16.95
Reviews: 4.6

This is the 50th birthday wish jar. This jar is also called as a with a jar which comes with different blank notes in which you can request her near and dear ones to write a personal message each. This is one of the unique and thoughtful gifts.

She will be delighted on this special day of hers to hear from her closed ones and it also gives a positive start to the day. An absolutely one of the perfect 50th birthday presents for her.


6. Hot rock massage stones gift set

Price: $ 39.89
Reviews: 4.7

hot rock stones

If one has never experienced the soothing effect of these spa rocks these would make a special gift for her.

It would prove to be the best experience for the person giving a calm and serene feeling like they have never felt.

7. Lucky Sixpence Necklace

Price: $ 55.99 
Reviews: 4.0


One of the best in Unique gifts for Women, a beautiful and hand-made Sterling silver necklace with a 1965 sixpence set in a Tibetian silver pendant and a chain.

It is a unique way of expressing the beauty of antiquity and gifting it is sure to bring back a series of precious memories.

8. Personalized Prosecco

Price: $ 4.99
Reviews: 5.0

birthday card

The popular Italian Prosecco would make a wonderful present for her and get it personalized would add on to the exquisiteness of the occasionYou can write the name as well as the message can be written up to 70 characters.

9. Pearl set

Price: $ 269.00 
Reviews: 4.5

Pearls are something that is a favorite among such women. This is the beautiful pearl set made with freshwater pearls. These pearls are of very high quality. This set comes with the elegant jewelry box.


10. Vintage Silk Sari Scarf

Price: $ 113.00 
Reviews: 5.0

Picked up from Indian fashion this is a beautiful pink scarf which counts in unique gifts for women and it goes with almost every dress.

It is a beautifully handcrafted collection of scarves is made of delicate silk saris patched together to create vibrant colors. Beautiful feminine scarves to gratify the grace of a woman.

11. Book for the wiser old women

Price: $ 12.71
Reviews: 5.0

If she is a bibliophile and loves to spend her time reading then you can get this book from Dr. Lois P. Frankel which takes you on a journey that defines the wisdom of older women and the scope of experiences they incur in life that bring them to this point.

It is a well written beautiful book for the woman who is turning 50 or who are older should definitely read it once.


12. Amethyst Geode necklace


This can be ultimate 50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women. Framed in 14k gold it is a unique necklace made from a slice of Amethyst Geode.

Beautifully bright and sparkling piece of jewelry which also acts as a calmer to the senses. A well-designed piece to enhance the elegance of whatever is planned to wear and for any occasion.

13. Gold plated pineapple earrings

Price: $ 9.99
Reviews: 3.7

Pineapple is a great fruit but they have recently been trending as a design in clothing and accessories too. The fruit has a fun vibe which is mixed with glamour and class with these earrings.

The crystal of copy diamonds jaded on the earrings is quite sturdy. Overall the color is very vibrant and thus will go on any of the occasions. The entire set is gold plated which also gives that heavy look feel.


14. Essential Oil Diffuser

Price: $ 27.99
Reviews: 4.4

Being a woman of class and vigor she might love to keep up a good ambiance at home. For that, you need to have great positivity around the house with some fresh fragrance.

In order to give her home an aromatic tour, you can present her this oil diffuser which spreads the aroma of extracts from essential oils that purify your mind and body and give you relief from stress and anxiety. It comes with the unique design which has a classic wood finish.


15. Home Octopus Pillar Candelabra 

Price: $ 132.00
Reviews: 4.8

This is a really nice decorative that will charm up the corner where you decide to place it. The stand is in a shape of an octopus and is made of entirely metal.

It is a sort of standing table chandelier that carries actual candlelight instead of bulbsYou can place scented candles and lit them up to light up your room and make it shine like a palace.


16. Laboratory beaker wine glass

Price: $ 19.99
Reviews: 4.6

A wine is even more great to savor when it is older. In the same way, celebrate the lady’s youthful beginning to a more elegant age group by clinking glasses of wines.

You can get the birthday girl this beaker sort of looking wine glass which is very extraordinary and out of the box design wise.

It also has a measurement strip and is made up of a sturdy glass base perfect to pour the wine.


17. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Price: $ 89.99
Reviews: 4.2

With a musky rich fragrance, this perfume has been loved by many women for it feminine and floral scent. It is sure to make a perfect birthday gift idea for women with grace and style.

18. Personalized Record Doormat

Reviews: 1.0

For a music lover, how can this nostalgia not be loved? A floor mat designed as a record which can be personalized with the name of the person and the family, it is being gifted to on the label.

19. Billboard top hits: 1965

Reviews: 4.0

The top rock and roll hits of 1965 like Shirley Ellis, Beach Boys, Barry Mcguire and so on. The best ever gift ideas for her.

Get this compilation of groovy music of 1965 for a gift that’s sure to rock the most, bringing back the old memories and making the day a lot more special.

20. Personalized Transparent Photo Frame

Price: $ 11.20
Reviews: 5.0

photo frame

A refined photo frame to hold the precious memories and allowing you to exhibit them to one and all.

It can be personalized by adding the images you wish to put in with a Polaroid effect. Gift it to the woman who holds an important place in your life and makes her birthday special.

She could be your mother or your wife, maybe your female friend or sister or your best friend, with pictures of you two together to show your gratefulness for the moments that you have spent with her.

21. Mini bucket shoulder bag

Reviews: 4.3

If she is someone who loves bags and is a hoarder of different styles of the bag then you can add one more to her collection that will make her really happy.

It is a bucket shaped cross body or shoulder bag which is black in color with golden belts and chain to hang it.

It is small and thus easy to carry around to places where you need to just carry your essential cards and a money purse.


22. Mermaid hand mirror

Price: $ 32
Reviews: 4.3

A lady however old she gets cannot have enough mirrors to her reach. So gifting one can never be a bad idea. This one is a really cool mini mirror that can be carried inside a small bag or so.

It has a mermaid design on it that makes it look really beautiful and gives all that royal feels. It is carved with resin which makes it a very different piece.


23. Metal ballpoint pen with diamond crystal 

Price: $ 7.99
Reviews: 4.2

If you are looking for something that is very elegant and also useful then this pen set is what you can think about. The pen is beautifully designed with a crystal on the top and a metallic finish.

It is available in 3 different colors but the rose gold one has a different charm altogether also because that color is very much in the season. It is a good formal kind of gift too.


24. Foot balm with tea tree oil 

Price: $ 13
Reviews: 4.4

With age, the skin starts to lose its natural moisture thus you need to keep it nourished. The first to get hampered is the foot because it stays on the ground and is more viable to get in contact with dust and stuff. It helps to relieve dry and cracked skin.

To cope these old age blues, you can get her this foot cream with tea tree oil which has a lot of antiseptic properties.


25. Personalized make-up bag

Price: $ 23.99
Reviews: 4.4

personlized make up kit

Most likable birthday gifts idea for women is this. A make-up bag with the name of its owner which is spacious enough with its 3 compartments to engulf all your necessary beauty items.

The personalized message on the bag can even be longer as wished, up to two lines. A woman who will not love it is definitely hard to find!

26. Earth therapy copper magnetic bracelet 

Price: $ 17.49
Reviews: 4.0

There are still some organic medications in form of natural things that keep our body strong and fit.

One of them is the importance of copper that was a huge craze in the older generations because of its organic healing properties.

This is a symbol of care that you are giving to her which if she wears on her wrist will have a good effect on her life cycle and body.


27. ONEHOPE California White & Sparkling

Reviews: 4.4

wine pack

An elegant way to celebrate while also participating for a genuine cause to make a difference.

Here is a pack of three excellent wines with a perfectly balanced and refreshing taste from Onehope foundation. Gifting it would be the best way to make her birthday special.

28. Scented soy wax candle

Reviews: 3.5

Candles are considered to be very auspicious and have a great hand in uplifting the ambiance of a room. Thus, get her this soy candle mixture that comes in a very sophisticated metal jar that comes with a lid.

It has an aroma of rosewood and patchouli that has a different vibe altogether. For the long run, when the candle gets exhausted the metal container can be reused for your homely needs or can be filled again with wax.


29. A portable leather glass case 

Price: $ 11.28

Generally, a lot of them eventually get spectacles by this age because with time their eye muscles tend to get waken up. So, you can present her with this beautiful yet sturdy leather case that will keep your spectacles secure and safe.

It is easy to carry too in handbags or so. The design is so neat and formal that and it comes up with a screwdriver keychain as well as a washcloth to keep your specs clean.


30. Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit

Price: $ 29.95 
Reviews: 3.8

wall planter kit

This could be considered one of the unique gift for women. A garden on your wall to freshen up the living room in a wooden box.

It can also be laid down horizontally on the table. Just follow the simplest of instructions which come with the kit and grow a small yet thriving indoor garden.

31. Personalized keyring locket

Personalized photo key rings which can hold 2 photos of the loved ones will make a great gift idea for her which can further be more personalized by an engraving of names and message.

32. Rose beige bath towel set

Get a set of luxury bath set for her because how much ever sets of bathing covers one has it can never really be enough. This set comes with an arrangement of towels in different sizes according to purposes.

The entire set is in a really subtle and startling color of rose beige. It will compliment most of the bathroom decor because it is a color that can be paired with any sort of interiors shades.


33. Marble jar with mango wood lid 

If you are a homemaker then you will know that there cannot be enough storage supplies and containers in a kitchen or home generally. You need them to keep your basic stuff intact.

This one is a little posh and more of to store snacks or chocolates that can be kept at the center table or bar table. The container has a marble finish to it with a lid that is made up of the mango tree bark.


34. Tassel jewelry organizer

In continuation of the previously listed gift comes this jewelry organizer box that can be really useful to organize your accessories and prevent them from getting lost. It is a synthetic leather vox with tassels at the chain and comes up in a bright shade of neon yellow.

This particular shade will make it easier to spot it in a locker. It also has dedicated pouches or storage areas for each of your jewelry like earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.


35. Ceramic teapot infuser set

This is for all the tea lovers who love to start their day with a cup of hot tea but hate the entire process of making it on the stove.

This ceramic infuser is also kind of a teapot which has a filter to strain the tea leaves and will automatically brew a refreshing cup of tea for you within seconds. All it needs is hot water, some tea and a few seconds of your time.


36. Herbal soap with essential oil 

This is the time when you should take special care of your skin to make it look fresh and nourished in spite of the age factors. for this, one should avoid chemically processed products that may harm their skin more and might fasten the aging.

For that, you should rely on herbal products. This is a herbal soap made out of an essential oil which will also ooze out some good fragrance and will make your skin soft and supple.


37. Decorative suitcase with straps

If she is someone who loves traveling and keeps moving a lot of places for leisure then you can get her a traveling company in form of this really vintage looking suitcase that also has straps.

The entire trunk design merged with a suitcase layout works out really well. She can also just use it to store her belongings and use the trunk as a decorative at a corner or can make it a table.


38. Copper finish stainless steel pineapple tumbler

Like I have already listed out the high properties of copper, another one is that it is a really great habit to have your food or drink in a copper utensil.

This copper finishes stainless steel tumbler act like a mug to which can serve tea or coffee or you can have your shakes in it. The entires layer copper design gives a vintage feel to it and the pineapple shape makes it quirky and cool.


39. Bormioli Rocco Restaurant Red wine glass

Wine glasses

A set of 4 elegant red wine glasses with a topnotch quality of crystal. Coming from Italy these beautifully designed glasses that are strong enough to handle the hands of even the clumsy ones.

40. Walnut bookend lamp

Crafted perfectly from walnut wood in South Carolina this set of bookends will enhance the elegance of the library.

A great gift for a book-loving person who likes the décor of her library to stay chic and the added lamp gives a soothing amount of light to help the reader without straining the eyes.

41. Copper made loop side table

This table can be used in various ways of comfort like a phone table or a side table or your book table or you can just add a beautiful decorative item or frame on it.

It looks really sleek and will go a lot with places of minimal interiors. It has a circular glass top with a thin copper rod going down to the base. It is a little delicate but will definitely be of great use to her.


42. Submarine mini tea infuser

Cut down on the expensive tea bag teas by getting this submarine tea infuser for her. You just need to put a few of tea leaves inside it and submerge the submarine inside the hot water.

It works like a tea bag and has a chain attached to it which can be used to dip it. She can carry it around while traveling and will be of great use to her.


43. Electric cooker or food warmer

Cooking in front of a cylindrical gas with flames to cook the food emits a lot of smoke that can be a little difficult to handle or may harm your skin. Also, mobility is also in question here.

For this, you can get her this electric cooker that has two chambers to cook things and can be moved around wherever you wish to just that place should have a socket or power output.


44. Blossom scented candle tea lights

Handmade flower shaped tea lights with the fragrance of blossom flowers to freshen up any corner of the home would be one of the special gifts for her.

These are so delicately made that you may not even want to light them up but if you do you will find yourself enchanted in the aroma of these magnificent candles.


50th Birthday celebration ideas for a woman?

Turning 50 is one of the biggest milestones in one’s life. So the celebration should be in such a way that it will be remembered for years. Here are few celebration ideas.

  • Go for a week-long tour to your favorite destination.
  • Book a villa and celebrate this occasion with close people.
  • Plan a get together with old friends, family members, relatives.
  • Plan a grand 50th birthday party
  • Arrange a photo shoot with the 50th Birthday theme.

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50th Birthday ideas for woman in general?

A thoughtful gift will make the bond stronger and will make her birthday special and loved one at an age of 50 as well. So go ahead and pamper her with whatever you can!

Make her day awesome with these gifts. I hope you enjoyed exploring these gifts for 50 year old woman. So don’t hesitate to pick a gift from this perfect list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women. I am sure these will be perfect gifts for 50th birthday female.