Tea Party Menus 2021

When we think of tea party menus we usually think of serving light fare. This is what you’ll find most often served in England. If you find yourself invited to a high tea, though, expect a hearty, full-course meal. Your tea party, however, can be whatever you want it to be. Opt for traditional English tea foods … Read more

50th Birthday Invitation Samples and Ideas in 2021

It’s not easy to find 50th birthday invitation samples that aren’t the typical “over the hill” sort. That’s why we decided that if we wantedunique 50th birthday invitations, we’d better make our own. And so we did. (Lucky that one of us is a graphic designer.) Just click on each thumbnail below to see a … Read more

Birthday Party Invitation templates in 2021

Free Printable Birthday Invitations We know it’s not easy to find free printable birthday invitations that you’d actually want to send out. That’s why we decided to design our own. (Lucky for us, one of us happens to be a graphic designer.) Your invitations will set the tone for your birthday party. They’re a guest’s first hint … Read more

Creative Party Theme Ideas in 2021

Creative party theme ideas will turn your ordinary birthday party into an envy-of-your-world celebration! You don’t want your party to be ordinary, do you? We didn’t think so. As hostesses ourselves, we know y’all want people talking about your big event long after the day (or night) is over. So with that in mind, we’ve pulled together … Read more

Movie Theme Birthday Party in 2021

Throw a Movie Theme Birthday Party Based on Your Favorite Movie Thinking about having a movie theme birthday party? Do you have a favorite movie in mind? Take a look at the ideas we’ve come up with for a movie theme birthday party centered around one of our favorite flicks, The Big Chill. All of … Read more

Nautical Theme Party Ideas in 2021

Ahoy! It’s time to take to the high seas for the best nautical theme party ever! And what better way than on a real boat. Not. We’ve got better ideas and they’re cheaper too. So if a real yacht’s out of the picture, read on. Yacht Club Here We Come Use lots of navy, some … Read more

Garden Theme Party Ideas in 2021

Ahhh, the garden theme party. A garden theme party can be casual (a notch or two spiffier than a picnic), ultra-elegant (think Masterpiece Theater with ladies in flowing dresses and fabulous hats), and anything inbetween. It conjures up visions of picture-perfect lawns, masses of brightly colored flowers, and the scent of lavender on a warm … Read more

Asian Theme Party Ideas in 2021

An Asian theme party offers tons of menu and decorating possibilities. A good first step in the party planning process is to decide which part of Asia you want to pull your ideas from —China, Japan and India are some of the biggies. Having a particular country in mind will help you come up with … Read more