90th Birthday Decorations Ideas That You Must Consider!

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Last updated on November 8th, 2020 at 09:33 pm

90th birthday is a special milestone. Not a lot many get to achieve this high point in their lives and it is an achievement that deserves to be celebrated. It doesn’t matter if you decide to celebrate it with friends and family over a grand meal at home or you decide to throw a party at a nice café – the only thing want to make sure is that your loved one feels special.

Is someone’s 90th birthday around the corner? If you are planning to throw them a party, make it special by giving a festive touch. Whether you plan a casual family get-together or a simple evening sobremesa, you can make the event lively and enjoyable with cheerful 90th birthday decorations. 

Décor Ideas for celebrating 90th Birthday: 

You can try a lot of different things to make the décor of a 90th birthday event special. You can opt for a very minimal décor or make it quite extravagant. The choice of an event décor is something very subjective and must be selected as per the tastes and likenesses of the special person. If you know the person well and have spent quite some time with them, it will help you organize a party that they would truly love and appreciate. Otherwise, you can take help from someone who really knows them well.

If you want some fun and easy 90th birthday décor inspirations, we are here to help. Check the following DIY ideas curated by our décor experts that can be tweaked to work for any birthday party for the incumbents over 80 years. 

Photo Decorations: 

For any senior person, it’s always a nice idea to celebrate the birthday party in a way that it also highlights the person’s life achievements. A cool way is to make a wall of pictures or a timeline of pictures that covers all stages of the celebrant’s life, Education, career, friends, family, children, travel, and much more. However, not a lot of people are fans of taking pictures and keeping them safe in an album. In that case, you may pick a few pictures of their adulthood if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

But if you truly want to make the person feel special, and also have time with you, how about using family or friends by requesting them for photos that they have with the celebrant? This will surely make the celebrant a little sentimental because you have spent a lot of time for them and also, looking at pictures taken long ago brings a lot of memories to relish.

The time and energy that you’ll spend on finding and curating a timeline will be paid right away with the little tiny tears in the eyes of your honoree. Moreover, the picture timeline will also keep the guests engaged and entertained.


A large and a little oversized 90th birthday banner is a nice idea to lift the spirit of the celebrant and the guests. It doesn’t matter if the party is indoor, or the outdoors, you can always use banners printed with nice welcoming messages or witty quotes to draw the attention of the guests. If you want to make the best out of the banners, go for personalized banners that feature the pictures of your photo along with you or their pet or their friends.


Some somethings in life seem to be inseparable – burger and fries, Barack Obama and Michelle and birthdays and balloons. Balloons is what adds life to a birthday party and 90th birthday party calls for special balloons.

Latex balloons can be a good choice or you can opt for large mylar balloons and place them around the cake table or small cloudbuster balloons that feature 90th birthday decorations can also be a very nice idea.

If you want to make it a little more fun, how about attaching pictures to balloons and make a timeline along a balloons string making it lovely and memorable.

Elegant 90th Birthday Decorations: 

If you want a simple and elegant evening event décor, you can try a décor with strings of fairy lights along with a chandelier with candles hanging in-between trees. You can also try creating glitter glasses. They create a gorgeous and yet elegant ambiance and also add a little bit of romance so that your honoree can flirt with their significant other. You can also try lace table runners, flowers, and candles to make the evening simple and elegant. 

90th Birthday Color Options:

Choosing the right color combination for a party décor is very important as wrong colors can be a little turnoff. When you start decorating, pick the right colors to feature in the party decorations. We recommend you try the following color combinations as they are mostly admired by the people of that group.  

  • Purple, pink, and gey
  • Gold with a little silver touch
  • Light and soothing like ocean blue or sky blue
  • Their Favorite Color

Pick the Right Centerpieces 

In any birthday party, centerpieces are always the center of attraction. They have the ability to call the attention and influence the overall décor. When it comes to centerpieces for a 90th birthday party, we recommend you keep it light, minimal, and cheerful. To make centerpieces special, you can decorate them with flowers or tiny lights. Use centerpieces for cake and desserts. You can also opt for memory boards, gifts, and a lot of other elements that can be used to make centerpieces uplifting.

90th Birthday Party Invitation 

When you finalize the decor set up for the party, we recommend you to also spend a little time on the invitation cards. The events start with the invitation card and is a little peek into your party. Make sure cards are appealing and make the receipt crave for the part that you are throwing. Also, make sure that you get all the details right such location, time, date, and every other detail is clearly mentioned and is easy to read. Choose the colors that match it with the theme of your party.


Happy Birthday to you or whoever you are planning this party for!