35 Exceptional 80th Birthday Gifts

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 01:28 am

They say that age is just a number. Indeed it is! Whatever the digits of the years you have lived be, every year in life is so special and unique that the upcoming year should be brought with a bang.

And if it is in the multiples of 10, then it certainly it is a special one because an old decade chapter closes and it is time to open the sheets from the new decade.

80th birthday is the time when someone with so much of life experiences and knowledge, celebrate these collectibles with cheer and joy.

If your closed one or somebody you know is turning 80 anytime soon and you are perplexed about what do you gift them, then you are at the right place.

We have a list of  memorable and thoughtful 80th birthday gift ideas jotted down that might help you pick an exceptional 80th birthday gift you were planning to give.They are all targeted to someone who is turning 80.

After all, it is a milestone that calls for something that is out of the box and that will garner a lot of appreciation. So, quickly run through them and pick your choice of gift!


80th Birthday gift ideas

As people continue slowly towards its ultimate goal of life, due to various difficulties that have faced in due course of life makes them even more restless and seem weak and feeble.. In thinking about the selection of gifts for someone who is celebrating his 80th birthday that comes immediately to mind is turning, as milestones are the best way to describe most processing slowly to its final destination and for to make it look even more attractive can be decorated with works of art about art and craft that are very special and happy. People in the age group 80 years are well aware of receiving and giving gifts, but are not present in the case of the elderly and barely left with all the fascination to nurture the gifts as it is considered that holding a big party in the backyard is supposed to be the best option.

If you know of someone who is turning 80, or more than eighty years, you already know that buying a gift for that person is difficult, especially if it is a man. At this point in the life of a man, he has achieved everything I wanted when I was younger, he also has received all the gifts that he liked. However, their task is not over, here are some ideas for very special birthday gifts for men over 80. If you really want to impress the person you are trying to buy a gift, you must get a little classic. This means you will have to find something that was as a teenager. This is a great reminder of the days when I was younger, and he will enjoy this immensely.

80th birthday gifts for Men and Women

1. 1938 Trivia playing cards

1938 Trivia Playing Cards 80th Birthday gift ideas

The trivia playing is a great gift for someone who is into cards. Also, it makes a good 80th birthday gift due to the trivial or facts they come with.

The pack consists of 2 decks of cards- one is a normal set of 52 playing cards cards whereas the other deck has cards with different trivia written on each of them. These trivias go back to the year 1938, and it will definitely interest someone from that generation.

2. Novel- Unexpectedly 80

Novel Unexpected 80-80th-Birthday-gift -ideas

At this age, people like to involve themselves into some good meaningful reading and watching. This gift is good for someone who loves spending the afternoons hovering over a book or just for someone who has turned 80.

Unexpectedly eighty is a book meant for octogenarians. It has a collection of coin poems that revolve around the experiences and feelings of being at this age. It is written by Judith Viorst, known for adult fiction and nonfiction writings.

3. Wooden treasure chest box

80th-Birthday-gift -ideas-wooden-treasure-chest-box

Turning 80 is a memorable occasion hence the gift should also be exclusive. This vintage chest box is a good idea to present someone with. It is a wooden box that looks like a treasure chest and can hold some important belongings.

It is engraved with congratulatory message for 80 years over the top of the box. It comes very handy to store money, jewelry, aspects, or likewise important accoutrements.

4. Chalkboard birthday poster

Chalkboard-80th-Birthday-gift -ideas

Make his or her 80th birthday exciting with this quirky poster made with premium quality glossy sheet and printed with vivid inks. It has some eccentric dialogues written that will bring a smile on the birthday boy or girl’s face.

It is a personalised chalkboard wherein you can design it alter it according to your requirement. It makes a great gift to hang around in the room or a good decor for their 80th birthday party.

5. Live your life gift basket box

3dRose Alexis Design - Quotes About Life - Sakura cherry flowers. Leonardo da Vinci quote While I thought - Coffee Gift Baskets - Coffee Gift Basket (cgb_302700_1)

Gift baskets are pretty simple yet exciting gifts to offer. This is a special assorted gift range for someone who is turning 80. The goodie basket comes with a trivia booklet, a ‘Live your life’ static sign, some candies and a book with comical quotes about aging.

It comes in a well decorated box that looks elegant and fancy which eliminates the hassles of gift wrapping it. The booklet and the quotes book are the highlights of this basket.

6. Guest book

80th-Birthday-gift -ideas-guest-book

This guest book is a good 80th birthday gift idea to collect wishes or anecdotes for the birthday boy or girl from their family, friends and all the close ones.

It can be bought and passed around and all the well wishers to write a memory or something for the person or it can be a great party decor. It can be set at a corner in the party, maybe at the entrance, and people can write their wishes onto it.

7. 80th Birthday toast poem

toast poem-80th-Birthday-gift -ideas

Nothing beats a sweet and wonderful poem. This gift is a thoughtful gift that you can offer hat will make their day special. It is a poem clipped inside a walnut frame.

The poem basically consists of true and heartwarming wishes for their 80th birthday. It can either be hung around on the walls of their room as a memory or it can placed at the bedside to mesmerise and live the feeling each day.

8. Wooden engraved 80th birthday frame

Wooden engrave frame-80th-Birthday-gift -ideas

Photo frames can be called as a cliched gift, but not if you add your personal touch and make it a memorable gift. Then it certainly becomes a great 80th birthday present that can be something closed to their heart.

This 80th birthday frame comes with the same engraved on the wooden borders. You can put a great though or a poem inside it or you can look for the most memorable picture of you two and put inside it.

9. Fabulous 80th birthday canvas tote bag

At this age a lot of people enjoy their own company and like to visit markets or parks or just loiter around for a peaceful walk or maybe just to buy groceries and stuff. To add a quirk to these walks, we have a great idea.

This fun tote bag in cream beige color has a funky message written on it which says, ’80 and fabulous’ printed with vibrant colours. It is a perfect gift for 80 year old women to carry around.

10. License plate frame

If he or she is someone who has a car and loves to drive around then this number plate frame should definitely be added on it. Not just car, but this an actually be put onto their wall too.

The novelty license frame has ‘Made in 1938’ written with another message that says, ‘All original parts’ that makes it a little unconventional yet a peculiar gift. It can be given to both her and him.  

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11. Magnifying glass

Although this age brings a lot of bodily problems especially eyesight wise. This magnifying glass is to resolve that. The pocket magnifying glass is a great alternative to avoid headaches because the strain that goes onto our eyes when we try to read the small fonts with too much of concentration.

Its compact structure allows one to carry it everywhere easily. It also comes with led lights to avoid straining your nerves.

12. Tea sampler gift box

If the person you are planning this gift for is an avid lover of tea and loves trying new flavours and experimenting his or her tea, then this is a gift that you should definitely lock on to before going ahead.

It is a gift box that comes with 90 different flavours of tea samples It has organic to herbal, black tea and flavoured teas as per different tastes and likings.

13. 1938 penny bracelet coin

This bracelet made up of penny coins woven together with metal attachments is a good accessory gift option for a lady or a man. Both of them can wear it with grace.

The linking chains have a copper finish to it while the 1938 assembled coins are made up of original penny material. They are linked together with proper soldering making it sturdy and unbreakable. The 1938 pennies give the bracelet an overall vintage look.

14. Copper mugs

It is said that copper is a great material to drink from. It has healing properties that keeps your body healthy and fit. Also, copper glasses are something that were in use at the time of their generation. Hence, his gift makes perfect sense.

The kit comes with 2 copper mugs, straws and a cap also made with copper. It also comes with a fun recipe book with creative cocktail recipes.   

15. ‘But who’s counting’ garden flag

If you are planning to go for a quirky gift that brings a smile on their face then this is something you should go for. It is essentially a garden flag but the text written on it makes it a fun product to gift on their 80th birthday.

It mentions the number of days that sums up to 80 years with a message saying, ‘ but who’s counting?’. It is just a gift to boost up their zest.

16. 80th birthday journal

80th birthday is the time when someone has had a lot of experiences and memories to share that they have gone through their 80 year lifetime. This journal is a meaningful gift that you can offer.

It is a great gift to encourage the person to pen down their exciting memories and experiences that they still remember. Also, it can also be used to write their thoughts every other day. Like they say, ‘your diary is your best friend’.

17. Personalised signed plate memento

How about gifting something memorable that one can keep or hang up on their wall as a memory of their fabulous 80th birthday? This plate serves this purpose. It can be customised according to your liking that comes with a marker pen.

You can write a lovely birthday message for them and then bake the plate in the oven to settle in the ink. It is a washable and microwavable plate. It makes it a great 80th birthday memento.

18. Richard petty’s framed autograph

For all the racing lovers of that generation will definitely recognise the man in this poster as Richard petty, one of the famous racing drivers of that time. A lot of them were hard core lovers of this guy.

This gift is specifically of those die hard fans. It is his painting made on a canvas with his autograph that is signed by he himself. It is a great gift that one can hang around in his room.

19. Multicolour mosaic coasters

If you are looking to give an artefact gift then these mosaic coasters are a great option. They are made of colorful fun stones and have a traditional ethnic look to it.

The brass metal base makes it good for rough use and it also prevents any stain for coming on to it. They have a flowery design over it and come in a set of 4. The mosaic print makes it a lovely 80th birthday gift.

20. Freestand ornament

This classy free stand ornamental gift is a great idea if you are looking to give something as a keepsake. The decorative has a silver plated finish and a chrome look to it.

It has a hanging numeric 80th piece on to it and a happy birthday message written on the top. It is a nice idea to just put it on the work table or by the bed side.

21. Personalised candle tin

Candles usually symbolise illumination and peace in life. Thus, it can be gifted to someone who is turning 80. Especially, with a lot of fragrant candles coming into the picture these days, it has just accentuated the meaning of this gift.

These tin candles are personalised one wherein you can design the tin top on your own and with the person’s name on it. They come in a set of 12 fragrant candles.

22. Spinning wine tumblers

For the wine connoisseurs or someone who loves to end the day or occasionally tumble some sips over a wine, this gift certainly needs to be with them. These wine tumblers are blown with hand and has a bottom like a spinning toy.

The larger circumference base allows the wine to oxidise really well and makes your wine experience better than before. The same base allows the glass to be in constant pivotal movement causing the glass to never fall out. This will be a perfect gift for 80 year old man.

23. Memory jar kit

The next gift is a sweet gesture to make their 80th birthday special and unforgettable. It is a beautiful looking memory jar that comes with 180 token papers, a pen and an exquisite lid.

It also comes with a hanging plaque that has a slate finish and the message can be written with chalk. It can also be a great party decorative where people can post their wishes inside the jar.

24. Breakfast sandwich maker

Gift your friend or your relative who is turning 80 the comfort of preparing breakfast or quick snacks within minutes with this sandwich maker. You can prepare egg dishes, muffins, hams etc. with just a click and will be ready in minutes.

It is a nice handy machine that can be taken along in picnics or trips to make quick brekkie for everyone. It has a non stick covering and can be easily dismantled and washed.

25. Piggy Bank

The ceramic piggy bank is good gift to encourage some savings. The ceramic material used to make this piggy bank gives it a posh look. It also has 80th birthday designed on the outer side.

It is a fun and unique gift to give, if you want to go for something off beat and different from the usual. The print and the color of this pink is also vivacious that makes it a perfect gifting object.

26. 1932 A time to remember CD

While greeting cards are a good thing to give on birthdays but it has also become too much of a cliche to give regular cards with feelings written on it. This gift is a perfect idea to break it.

It is a musical greeting card, with wishes on the CD cover. The CD that comes with it plays some 20 different classic songs from the time period of 1932. It is not just a gift but a reminiscing experience.  

27. Personalised wooden wine box

Personalised or customised gifts make the best ideas because it has a person touch of the person giving them and a recognition of the person who this gift is for. This wine box is a beautiful wooden gift that has a funny message engraved on to it.

You can customise the wish according to you and can have the person’s name printed on it too. Wine lovers will love it like anything!

28. Infusion pitcher- Coffee maker

The next gift is for all the caffeine lovers who love to sip onto a coffee during the day. It is an easy and quick solution to brew a coffee instantly using this infuser.

It is a big flask with infusion property to make a quick cuppa of coffee. It also has a infusion tube that can be used to add fruits to have an infused fruit juice served anytime anywhere.

29. Edible cake image

If you are looking for an easy and budget friendly way to customise the cake that you are gifting your dear one, then this is something you can pick.

It is an edible printed top layer of cake which can be designed as per your choice and can be put over the cake to give the cake a customised touch and feel. The blending property of this icing sheet makes it look seamless on the cake.

30. Fishing pole + Adjustable walking cane

Gift your dearie a hobby on his or her 80th birthday because there is no age to develop a hobby within you. This fishing pole is a multipurpose gift that can also be converted into a cane as a walking stick.

So you get 2 benefits in one single gift. Isn’t that a great idea? The metal tight fitting in this cane plus fishing pole makes it sturdy and long lasting.

31. Himalayan salt lamp

How about gifting your closed one an exquisite and beautiful himalayan lamp? Sounds strange? But it is not really. This classy looking lamps has a himalayan salt stone feel to it which makes it a great dimmed light spread over the room for a nice incandescent feel.

It fight against radiation and keeps the air in the room purified. It comes in different dimming settings to get the perfect light of your choice.

32. Watch box + jewellery holder

This matchbox is a perfect organizer to segregate the watches and store it in this safely and securely. It also comes with a drawer that can hold your personal expensive belongings like chains, jewelery sets, money etc.

The leather finish to the box makes it a gift that will stand out. The different compartments add to the benefits of this box. If one wants to remove th cushions to use it as a normal storage box, then that can also be done.

33. Foot massager and warmer

Gift your closed one a spa treat that rejuvenates their body and relieves them of all the aches and pains. It is a foot warmer and a massager that comes with different speed setting to adjust the intensity of the massage.

In winters, one can just slip his feet inside and put it on  heating mode to keep their feet warm and cosy. The birthday boy or girl will certainly love to have something like this as a gift.

34. Pocket watch

During their time, this kind of watch was a common thing, but now it has become so rare and precious. If you are looking to give something that has their era feel or a touch of their time then this is something you shouldn’t think twice before getting it.

It is a great pocket watch with brass finish that makes it look nice and vintage that can be carried anywhere in a wallet or can be hung around the neck.

35. Soothing oil sprays gift set

Talking about rejuvenation and relaxation, it is a quite necessary or important thing at this age. It brings peace to the mind, keeping the body healthy and fit. These magnesium oil sprays is an alternative to give them a soothing experience.

It counters the symptoms of migraine, anxiety and stress. It cools and calms you down and is also a good anti-dote for headaches. The set contains two spray bottles each targeted to an issue.

All the gift items have a unique touch to it that will make your gift stand out and will find a special place in the birthday boy or girl’s heart. Hope this comprehensive list of 80th birthday gift ideas eases your gift selecting process and makes the your special ones 80th birthday happening and a memorable one.