70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad – 28 Ideal Options

Last updated on May 9th, 2022 at 07:01 am

It is very obvious to get confused while giving a gift to a 70-year-old dad. For a person who has seen and faced everything in his life, and has been well beyond his love for materialistic gifts, it is a daunting task to choose an appropriate 70th Birthday Gift for Dad.

Also, the very fact that is more intriguing to be bang on while selecting A Perfect 70th birthday present for dad.

Thus, to ease your process of selecting an apt Gift for Your 70-year-Dad, We decided to browse the web in search of some really wonderful 70th Birthday Gift Ideas for Dad, that will be appreciated by him.

There could be n number of gifts that could make a 70-year-old happy. But the exactness of which product would entice his mood cannot be predicted.

Therefore, we made sure of stressing on gifts that would ease his further life. From electronic gadgets to collectibles, there is nothing you will be deprived off.

So be rest assured to find the Best 70th Birthday gift ideas for Dad that will make him Happy.

Wonderful Birthday Gift Ideas for a 70-Year-Old Dad

1. Funny Birthday Mug with a Quirky Message

Funny Birthday Mug with a Quirky Message

If your dad enjoys receiving humorous birthday gifts, then this one is completely tailor-made for him. A Coffee mug is an old-school gift that never goes out of style.

Also, the message on the mug adds to the fun element to the gift. Every time your dad sips on his coffee from this fancy looking mug, it will remind him of you.

Thus, along with the coffee, this gift pours in a lot of sentimental value. If not in use, the mugs mere presence in the kitchen will make him miss you.

The main motive about selecting a gift as quirky as this is it doesn’t cost you a much, and one can have a good laugh while receiving it.

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2. Heated Back and Seat Massager

Heated Back and Seat Massager

Most of the people in their 70’s are deprived of soothing muscles. The body tends to give several problems, and as a result worn out muscles are a common issue.

Therefore, to help your dad relax and enjoy a leisure massage time at the expense of his home, the heated back and seat can be a most ideal 70th birthday gift.

The seat is programmed with controlled heat system for your lower back. Also, one can have a vibration massage without using its heat feature.

So it depends upon the choice of the person. Not that we want your dad to feel old, but we suggested the best 70th Birthday Idea for Dad that will help him to combat his health issues.

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3. The Senior Moments Memory Workout

The Senior Moments Memory Workout

One tends to lose his memory power with growing age. However, one can work towards attaining a better memory at the old age. But not all people accept about the fading memory.

Therefore, a Memory workout set can do wonders for as your father is turning 70. Also, the fact that it is received as a gift would make your father use the set without hesitating.

Sharpening his memory would help in his old age, and one would know the importance of the gift later in his life.

The set comprises engaging puzzles, memory games, brain teasers, and other historical facts that will keep your oldie at bay.

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4. Vintage Camera

Vintage Camera

For an active 70-year-old who loves to click, the vintage camera can be nothing short of a boon to a shutterbug or a photography enthusiast.

It would serve as a perfect gift for someone who’d love to picture his post-retirement photos on a camera roll.

It is a 35mm camera with a 50 mm lens that operates with an electronically controlled automatic exposure and focal plane shutter.

The gift will keep him engaged for the longest of time post his retirement when he will have very little things to do. Also, it can inculcate a good hobby in your old man that will keep him busy.

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5. Wine Tote

Wine Tote

A person in his old age can be very possessive about his wine collection. Therefore, a gift that helps your dad keep his wine bottles in a well-mannered way can be a great Gift for a 70-year-old man.

The wine tote would help your dad to preserve the wines in the best way possible. Also, it would help while he wants to commute with a wine bottle or two.

The good looking wine tote will have answers to all his needs. Don’t be surprised to see your dad flaunt his wine tote every time he hosts his friends or any guests at home.

The fact that it is a gift from you will make him brag about the tote.

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6. Watch Case

Watch Case

If you dad seems to be the person who has a huge watch collection or is very much fond of watches, you can consider to gift him a watch case.

The idea of protecting his much-treasured collectibles would definitely fascinate a watch-enthusiast.

Also, you have the option of buying some really fun customizable cases that would make that gift exclusively for your 70-year-old dad. Watch cases vary with their prices depending on the quality and the outlook.

Therefore, you can choose one depending upon your budget and choice. If you think that giving an empty watch case doesn’t seem appropriate, you can cash on buying a decent watch.

We are pretty sure that your old man will be pretty impressed with your gift giving skills.

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7. Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

A wallet can be a mainstream gift to be précised, but for the most of the time, it is the safest and fantastic birthday gift to give to any man.

Therefore, in case you have trouble knowing about your dad’s needs, you can stick with the option of giving him the designer wallet and your time, of course.

He will be delighted to use the newly received wallet when he walks out for shopping. Also, it will make him take more care about his wallet for the very fact that it is a gift.

So in this way, one reduces the chances of losing or misplacing the wallet. Another factor for which wallet is on the list is because due to its lower cost and efficiency.

Some day or the other, it is going to be used by your father, and that would suffice the motive of giving a wallet as a gift.

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8. Eye Glass Holder

Leather Wallet

Does your father have the tendency to forget about where he last kept his eyeglasses?

Does he always misplace his eyewear in the house and go gaga all over the place to search for it? If yes, then the eyeglass holder can be a suitable gift for a 70-year-old dad.

By gifting this, you inculcate a habit in him to keep his glasses on the holder so that he finds it just when he needs it. Also, when not in use, it takes a corner of a table just like any other souvenir.

Therefore, your dad would be delighted to receive such a handy commodity as a gift, and every time he forgets his eyewear, it would remind him of you.

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9. Customized Birthday Book

Customized Birthday Book

If you think your father has had enough of the materialistic pleasures all his life, you can help him smoothen his time in the old age by gifting him a personalized birthday gift like a book full of memories.

You can add your favorite memories in the book which will be cherished by the old man for years to come.

Also, it would take him back to memory lane and live each and every moment again. It would fit in as an emotional gift that will take your father by surprise.

But make sure you take those extra efforts to add some of the best pictured moments of his life and fill it in the book.

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10. Cufflinks


Not that we expect your father to work in his 70’s but cufflinks are used by most of the men.

Whether it is for the Sunday mask or a private ceremony, he can use those gifted cufflinks for the majority of the time. Also, he won’t be shy about showing his new cufflinks to his friends or around the family.

Watch him wear the beautiful pair with pride and flaunt it around. Also, if ordinary plain cufflinks are not what you want to gift, you can always opt for the customized ones.

This way, you can make your gift look exclusive.

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11. Tie Set

Tie Set

One follows the other. Thus, we decided to follow the cufflinks with a tie set. Now that we are focusing on how to make your dad look cool, a tie-set would come in handy for the old man.

The 6 Tie-set will give him a wide fleet of options to wear at different functions. Also, help him choose the best Tie out of the 6 bow-ties for the birthday night.

You tie prices can differ depending on the brand and designer you choose for. Just like the cufflinks, your father would always be delighted to wear the ties that come as a gift from his children.

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12. Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Zero Gravity Massage Chair

It is more or not like the same massage chair that we mentioned at the very start of our blog. But it is just an extended option for the chair massager.

The zero gravity chair would help your dad relax in a place of his choice. As these chairs are portable, one can even carry out in the backyard or to a beach to have a relaxing time on the recliner.

Also, your dad can watch the TV, read his books, or indulge in other activities while sitting on the chair. Anything that puts your dad to utmost ease is a nice exclusive and expensive gift to opt for.

The fact that you care about his health itself will be enough to fill your father’s heart with joy.

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13. You are the best daddy wall clock

You are the best daddy wall clock

Daddies are undoubted superheroes. But it rarely happens that we appreciate their sacrifices and thank them enough for the same.

Thus, at least on his 70th birthday, take the opportunity to tell him that he was, is, and will ever be the best daddy ever.

Do you feel that expressing it directly through words is hard? Then this watch is going to do the trick for you. With the watch, you will be able to convey your feelings to your dad and also make him remind you every time he takes a glare at the clock.

You can either replace his old wall clock with the new one or make a new space for it. It totally depends on you. You dad is going to love the cute little gesture gifted by his beloved kid.

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14. Portable Charcoal Grill

Portable Charcoal Grill

Yes, we know that grilled food in excess isn’t the best way to go for a 70-year-old. But if at all, he tends to be someone who simply loves the barbecue, then the portable charcoal grill would be something he will cherish for years to come.

Every time he grills some lip-smacking meats or pineapples, he would thank you enough for the charcoal grill.

Be prepared to taste some delicacies made by your dad if he loves to cook. Something that would feed his passion or likings would be an extremely cool gift to give. Also, you don’t have to worry about the prices as they are on the lower side in the most cases.

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15. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Does your dad love reading more than anything else? Does he get fascinated by looking at new novels? You can upgrade his style of reading by gifting him the Kindle Paperwhite.

Books are good to keep but can cause a headache while traveling. Therefore, you can gift him a one-stop solution to suffice all is reading hobbies.

He can store multiple books at one time in a single device and read it whenever he wishes to. Make sure you help him master the device after you gift it to him.

Some electronic devices are difficult to handle for a person who is in his 70’s. So get him through the basics personally, and watch him being glued to it for the majority of his pass time.

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16. Vibrating Body Massager

Vibrating Body Massager

There is always a question of what to get your dad for his birthday to make it memorable. Anything that puts your father to rest or relaxes him to an extent is a good gift.

Vibrating body massager is exactly the gift that would help your father’s sore muscles relieve.

It is an easy to use massager that can work effectively on several parts of your body, viz. legs, hands, back, neck, and shoulder.

The massager helps the user to relieve pain and blows new energy to your muscles. Also, when not in use, you can keep it in the center of the table as a souvenir or a showpiece.

It is easily portable and can be kept in car, office, and another workplace.

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17. Trucker’s Hat

If you want to up your father’s style game by a notch, trucker’s hat can be a fascinating gift for you to give it to your beloved father.

If one comes with a personalized message, it would add to the efficiency value of the gift. The cap is made with 100% Nylon mesh which helps the user to keep his head cool.

The quirky message on the hat will grab a lot of attention towards the cap. Your father would love the gift that would take his style game to a level higher.

The gift will be easy on your wallet and easily qualifies to be a decent gift for a 70-year-old father.

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18. Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

The assorted bath bombs will help your father relax while he has a luxurious time in the bathroom.

The active ingredients in the bath bombs will soothe the muscles and provide rich nutrients to the skin.

Thus, it will help your father to feel fresh every time he uses bath bombs. It would be a perfect gift for the father which would signify your intense care towards your father. Also, it would help him to cope-up with the rustiness that comes with the growing age.

These bath bombs are handmade which makes them differ from the most of the bath bombs available at the market today.

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19. Car Trunk Organizer

Car Trunk Organizer

This car trunk organizer is a great gift that’d help your dad to clear out the mess from the car’s trunk.

There are enough compartments given to the product which helps you sort down the accessories the way you want to.

From groceries to car tools, each thing in your car’s trunk can be sorted according to your convenience.

It can expand or collapse according to your preference. Not only cars, but it can be used in houses too to arrange multiple household things.

The bag is strong, waterproof and is made to last. Therefore, the company offers a lifetime warranty to its users because if it’s strengthened built-in quality.

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20. Give it gourmet, freshly roasted delicious nuts

Give it gourmet, freshly roasted delicious nuts.

Nutrition is very important for your father to stay healthy. Therefore, this freshly roasted delicious nuts can be of great help to your father.

Not only he will have something to munch on his pass time, but will also give him enough nutrients while he snacks on. It would serve as the Best Birthday present for a 70-old-man which will help to improve his health.

There are as much as 7 variety of dry fruits in the package which include pistachios, cashews, almonds, and raw walnuts, honey glazed pecans, and a mix of all nuts.

It would help your father to lead a healthy lifestyle plus they are 100% safe from any artificial ingredients. and

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21. Super dad T-shirt Funny

Super dad T-shirt Funny

Make your dad feel like a super dad turning 70 by gifting him a t-shirt that has the Superman print on it.

It would appreciate his efforts he has put to raise you. Also, it would be a great gift to signify his importance in your life.

He can use the t-shirt for his morning walks or casual outings as it is made with 100% cotton.

It wouldn’t burn a huge hole in your pocket and even your father will appreciate a gift that would come in handy for the day-to-day life.

It is a safe gift to give to a father that cannot be ignored under any given circumstances.

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22. Socks with funny quotes

Socks with funny quotes

However idiotic it may sound, but these socks are made to gift. It is quirky as hell and can leave the receiver in bits.

It is a funny gift to give to your father. Also, in old age, one tends to use more socks than any other, so these cotton socks with incredibly funny messages can do the trick.

The cost of the socks are mostly on the lower side of the price and can serve as a perfect gift for a 70-year-old father.

It comes with the message “if you can read this, get me a beer” which will get the receiver laughing. Thus, we decided to include the gift in the list so as to give you a funnier and cheaper option.

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23. Wall Mounted Beverage Bottle Opener

Wall Mounted Beverage Bottle Opener

Now that a person is in his 70, it would be difficult for him to open glass bottles with ease.

Therefore, the wall mounted beverage bottle is a perfect 70th Birthday Gift for Dad which will allow him to open soda bottles with utmost ease. Also, the metal corks stay nicely on the magnet creating a masterpiece of its own.

It doesn’t require you to use both hands while opening a bottle. It is equipped with a very strong magnet so the bottle corks stick nicely to the opener.

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24.Original Historic 70th Birthday Newspaper

If you want to give your dad a 70th birthday gift that they will remember choose the original newspaper from 1941, which is the year that they were born. This is a copy of the original newspaper that was published on your recipient date of birth. You can choose to have this gift in a wonderful presentation box with ‘A Day to Remember’ on the cover.

25. Personalised 70th Birthday Malt Whiskey

What could be a better gift for a dad who’s whiskey fan than a bottle of malt whiskey that have been personalised? The whiskey in question is from Glen Grant which is a quality brand and you can have the label of the whiskey personalised with the name and date of birth of your recipient. The label also has the ‘Happy Birthday’ message on it and it is sure to be a big hit with your dad.

26.Personalised 70th Birthday Newspaper Yearbook

To give a 70 year old dad a gift that they can spend hours enjoying buy the personalised 70th Birthday Newspaper Yearbook. The book is a reproduction of actual news reports that were in circulation on the birth date of your recipient. There are also news items from their year of birth and the hardback book that is bound in leatherette is guaranteed to be a hit.

27.Engraved Square Diamond Cufflinks

For a stylish and sophisticated gift choose the Engraved Square Diamond Design Cufflinks. These cufflinks have a row of three diamond style gems at the top and can be personalised with up to 3 initials. They come in a fantastic presentation box which they can be stored in when they are not being used. This is a unique gift idea that your dad will absolutely adore.

28. 101 Golden Rules of Fishing Book

Buying a gift for a dad who loves fishing has just been made easier with the 101 Golden Rules of Fishing book. This book contains plenty of amusing, interesting and witting ideas on fishing which any fishing fan will want to read. So if your dad is mad on fishing and someone who likes to have a laugh this book makes the perfect gift for them.

Now that you have a fair idea about several 70th birthday present ideas for your Dad, That you can blindly select one of the gifts mentioned above and watch your father delighted by receiving it.

You can tell us more awesome gifts in the comments section below so that we improve our suggesting skills in further blogs.

Make sure you consider your father’s choice before selecting a gift. We kid you not, but the best gift you can give your 70-year-old dad is your precious time. Spend some time with your Dad, And that could be the best 70th Birthday Gift Idea for Your Dad.