60 Birthday Wishes & Greetings For Aunt From Niece

Last updated on August 31st, 2021 at 01:44 am

Aunt is like a second mother who teaches many skills and things about life to her niece. She is the person who always pampers and shows a lot of love and affection.

The bond of aunt and niece is fun and the one that is based on love. Your aunt is someone who is always proud of you and even on the smallest of your achievement they celebrate it with happiness and furore.

An aunt is someone who always has your back and someone with whom you can be yourself and hangout with. Send her from this list of birthday wishes for aunt from niece and let her know you love and miss her.

Birthday wishes and greetings for aunt from niece

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Aunt From Niece

  1. You are special because you are like a mom who does not scold and is always pampering me. It is a relief to have you around because you are not strict. Happy birthday aunt. You are so adorable. I wish you all the sweetness and love in the world.
  2. Your birthday brings in so many happy memories and happy times that we have had together. You have always gifted me the best of things that I cherish and have fond memories of. Happy birthday aunty. May you always have abundant joy and happiness.
  3. You have been the best storyteller with so many stories from your own life experience. Gossiping and getting to know all the spicy tidbits has always been so much fun with you. Happy birthday aunty. You have always been the best of my friends and a kindred hearted person whom I love a lot.
  4. You are a kind hearted person with an amazing sense of humor. With you there are always laughs and fun times. Time rolls and flies in your company. I have shared so many beautiful moments talking to you, sharing tidbits of my life with you. Happy birthday.
  5. To the most beloved aunt. Happy birthday. May you shine all of your life and stay happy and healthy. With you I have had many sweet memories.
  6. You are so bright and full of life. Your smile lights up any place where you go. You are so full of zeal and gung-ho for life. With you I feel the optimistic vibe of life and it stays with me. Happy birthday. May you blow many more birthday candles and have many more happy memories.
  7. You have seen me grow up and have always taken my side in every argument. You have been my greatest support in the family. I have so many happy memories with you. Happy birthday. May you shine bright for many years and stay happy.
  8. Your cooking and your recipes are out of the world. In the absence of my mother you have taken care of me. I feel so much joy and love because of you. Happy birthday. I pray everyday that you always stay healthy and happy, and may your life be filled with many beautiful memories.
  9. You make the best memories of my childhood and growing years. With you my life has so many sweet and happy moments. I thank you for your unconditional love and all the fun we always had together. Happy birthday. You are the sweetest aunt in the world.
  10. Shopping sprees, dining out, camping, and outdoors with you have always been so much fun. You have shown me the fun side of life and never let me remain sad in any of the moments. With you life is always filled with joy. Happy birthday. May you always have the best of moments in life to cherish.
  11. I have grown so old with kids but with you the times spent and all the sweet memories of my childhood are always refreshed. Happy birthday. My kids love spending time with you too. May god bless you with good health and you live many more years to blow the candles.
  12. You are bright as a sunshine, happy as a flower, and you have the sweetness of marshmallows. You have managed to go past so many ups and downs in life but it does not change all the goodness inside you. Happy birthday. May you be blessed with many years of good health and always stay happy.
  13. You have the soul of an adventurer. I have such a good time reading about your travelogues. Every place you have visited, you have amazing stories to tell. Happy birthday. May you see all around the world and fulfill your dreams.
  14. We have so many secrets to share, it sometimes pisses mom. You are my best friend to whom I can talk about anything under the sun. Happy birthday. I toast to your good health and many more sweet conversations.
  15. You have been a true inspiration in my life. My mother has always been sweet and docile. It is you who has taught me to stand up for myself and speak up. I have learnt to be assertive because of you. Happy birthday.
  16. You are such a cool aunt. With your kids and you I always had such a great time. As a kid I have always looked forward to spending holidays with you. You bring so much joy each day. Happy birthday. I am so lucky to have an aunt like you who is full of love and affection.
  17. When I am with you I don’t miss my mother. You have always guided me. I have learnt so much from you and you have shaped my life and made me a better person. Happy birthday. You are my best friend and a mentor for life.
  18. You have always looked after me throughout my childhood and college days. I do not remember a day where you let me be sad and always took care of me in every which way like a mom would. I will always be grateful to you all of my life and thank you for all the sacrifices that you have made for me. Happy birthday. May you always be showered with a lot of happiness and joy.

Sentimental Birthday Wishes For Aunt From Niece

  1. You have always been like my secret diary with whom I share everything. I thank god that you are my confidant. You are always up with the best advice no matter what mistakes I have committed. You have brought me up with so much love, I have grown to love things and be forgiving. Happy birthday. Words are never enough to thank an angel like you.
  2. You and I have always been together like a birthday with a cake. You are the best company I had growing up. Happy birthday. May you spend all of your years in the sweetness and great health.
  3. You are the woman I admire the most because you are incredible. I always look up to you because you have so much grace and poise. Happy birthday. May you shine and stay happy always.
  4. Though you are many years older to me, with you I have always felt like a friend with whom I can talk and share everything. Happy birthday. May god bless you with true joy and may there never be a day where you feel lonely or despair.
  5. You are the most genuine person in my life. With you everything is straightforward and there is no drama or beating around the bush. Happy birthday. You bring so much positivity to life. You are the best person to be around. May you always stay happy.
  6. Here is wishing the happiest birthday to the aunt who is always ready with a bag of jokes making everyone laugh. Every moment with you is a lot of fun. God bless you with many pleasant memories and good times. Happy birthday.
  7. For my sixteenth birthday you made it so memorable. I have fond memories of growing into a teenager because you always had a cool and a fabulous advice for her. Happy birthday.
  8. You have aged so well. Whenever I visit you with my kids its lot of talking, cooking, stories, and good times. It means so much to know that I have you when my parents are not around anymore. Happy birthday. You are a family that I hold closest to my heart.
  9. You are an inspiration and the person that I will always look up to. You have inspired me in so many ways and made me stronger. It is because of your love and support I feel that I can overcome any challenge and adversity. Your love is the biggest support in my life. Happy birthday. May you always stay smiling and happy.
  10. You have always been there for me. I want to let you know that I am just a call away. Anytime you feel alone and lonely I will be there to give you company. Happy birthday. You are so gentle and sweet, I hope you always stay peaceful and feel the joys of life.
  11. You are so true to yourself and genuine. I watch and learn from you and have learnt about self-love. It is because of you I have learnt valuable lessons of life that has made me a mature and a stable person. Happy birthday. You are a blessing in my life.
  12. My childhood wouldn’t be filled with happy memories if it weren’t for you. You bring so much joy to my life with your understanding and compassionate nature. I love you to the core. Happy birthday. I wish you and your family joy and happiness forever.
  13. Not only are you such a good aunt but you are also a good mother to your children. I always had so much to learn, so many memories with you all. I feel truly blessed that you are a part of my family and my life. Happy birthday. May god shower you with endless joy and good health.
  14. You have an amazing style and are always up with the latest trends. You have so much beauty surrounding you. You make everything creative and beautiful. Happy birthday to the sweetest and the artistic person I have known.
  15. With each year I hope you grow stronger in your health and have many more years of joy and happiness. Family events is where all the talking happens with you the most because we have always had so much to share and talk about. Happy birthday.
  16. You have bought me stuff that my parents would always restrict from letting me use. I have grown into a wonderful person because of you because you let me explore and venture into all arenas of life. Happy birthday. You are an amazing person who has made a big difference to my life.
  17. I learnt how to cook, bake, drive the car, organise events, and a lot more skills from you. You have honed my skills and fostered my talent like a mentor and a guide. You have always encouraged me to be myself when my parents have always restricted me. Happy birthday. You make difference in other people’s life. You are a true inspiration.
  18. You always treated me like your own child. You let me use your makeup and accessories. I always loved wearing your stuff. It made me happy. Happy birthday aunt. You are adorable as always. May god bless you with many delightful years of joy and happiness.
  19. You have been there for me when I hit rock bottom and have always been there to share my happy moments as well. I feel a great sense of support because of you. Happy birthday. May you always stay happy and experience the best things in life.
  20. I hope this year and all the coming years provide you strength to fulfill your dreams and give you a chance to grow and progress. Happy birthday. May god shower you with a lot of opportunities and chances to find happiness and joy.
  21. I am sending you hugs and kisses on your birthday. Happy birthday. You are sweet and adorable as ever. You nature is so docile and gentle and heart full of kindness and compassion. I am fortunate that you are a part of my life and family.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Aunt From Niece

  1. You put your beautiful thoughts into action. You are the woman that is admired by many because your noble deeds and actions speak louder than words. Happy birthday. It is a blessing that I have a person like you in my life. Happy birthday.
  2. Every birthday I always wish brings lot of fun, great memories, and time that you sit back and relax. You have worked so hard all of your time. This is the time you need to take a back seat and receive all the love and joy in life. Happy birthday.
  3. You are so loving and caring. You have always been my favourite aunt. You bring us so many gifts, pamper and spoil us. I always pray that you stay happy, peaceful, and find all the joy in life. Happy birthday.
  4. You have untangled my messed up life with your patience, love, and understanding. I didn’t know where I would be had you not been there, holding my hand, guiding me, and steering me in the right direction. Happy birthday.
  5. God has given me a second mom in you. You never wake me up early, let me sleep as much as I want and never restrict me about anything. You are so easy to be with. Happy birthday. You are like a beautiful angel who showers love and affection.
  6. You have made such offbeat choices in your life and you never live your life in regret. You are so awesome and cool. You rock life like no one else does. Happy birthday. You are a stunner as always with a bombastic attitude that lets people take a notice of your presence.
  7. You have healed me from bad relations and helped me make better choices in life. It is because of you that my life is at a better stage. Sometimes when parents don’t get it, aunt does and you are that aunt who always knew what I wanted in life and has always guided me. Happy birthday.
  8. You have always been a neatness freak but you still love a messy slacker that I am. I have learnt to be organised because of you. Atleast I keep my table clean and that is something I think I should be rewarded for. Happy birthday. You are a charmer and someone from whom I learn a lot.
  9. I wish life gives you all that you deserve because you have worked a lot and never whined. I pray that god gives you all you want and puts that smile on your face all the time. Happy birthday.

Wish your aunt on her birthday no matter how busy you are because she has always been your bestie and a person you could rely on and talk to. Pick from the birthday wishes for aunt from niece and show her that you care for her and can never forget her birthday. Make her feel loved and refresh all of her fond memories on her birthday.