30th Birthday Party Ideas to Plan a Memorable One

Last updated on July 8th, 2022 at 10:44 pm

30th Birthday party ideas

The 30th birthday is a bitter sweet birthday. On one hand, one is sad about kissing the lovely 20s goodbye, and on the other hand, well, this birthday marks your official entry into the world of the matured and responsible people.

Now is the time, when you can actually continue to have all the fun that you had in the 20s, and at the same time, any decision made by you, will now be taken seriously by everyone around you. So yes, in a way, turning 30 is actually great, and this calls a huge celebration.

The 30th birthday party is a very different milestone than the 21st birthday or the 50th birthday, and hence, when planning a birthday party for this occasion, you will have to take out your best thinking cap and come up with some really great and amazing birthday party ideas.

Recently, I have had the opportunity to attend quite a few of 30th birthday parties and am brimming with some great ideas for this occasion.

I have selected some of the best ideas and made a list of the same just for you. Hope you enjoy my list below of great 30th birthday party ideas.

If someone close to you is turning 30 soon, and you are struggling to come up with some inspirational and fun ideas for planning a rocking 30th birthday party, I present to you some really cool and unique ideas which you can use and throw a perfect party:

1. Arrange For Some Good Champagne

Arrange For Some Good Champagne for 30th Birthday

The 30th birthday party is one of the best occasions to pop open a good bottle of champagne. Celebrate this occasion by popping a champagne bottle and drizzling it all over the guests.

Once all the guests have had a nice bath in your expensive champagne, you can serve them some for drinking as well.

This champagne opening and drizzling over the guests can get a little out of hand, as all the guests might get excited and start opening and throwing other drinks on each other, therefore, it is always good to use this idea towards the end of the party.

2. Glittering Memories

Glittering Memories

One common idea which is used in all milestone birthday parties is to use the old photographs of the birthday boy or girl for creating a memory of the wonderful life led by them.

The 30th birthday party is no exception. Use of old photographs of the birthday boy or girl as décor makes for a great idea for this occasion as well.

However, to make these photos even more special, use a lot of glitter and sparkle around these photos to create a surreal feel about them, and at the same time also enhance the overall beauty of the party decorations.

3. Use The Number 30 Smartly And Gracefully

Use The Number 30 Smartly And Gracefully

Your friend, partner, relative or someone close to you is turning 30 and this party is about celebrating this great occasion in his or her life.

Therefore, anyone coming to the party should know this fact instantly, and also, know how proud the birthday guy or women is about this milestone in their life. Hence, use this number is various party decorations.

Right from the entrance to the party venue, to the decorations in the hall, you can place decorated 30 signages at various places.

However, take care not to go overboard with this idea, or else the entire party decorations would get overtaken by the number 30 and start to look ugly.

4. Use The 80s As Inspiration

Use The 80s As Inspiration

Through a simple mathematical calculation, it can be deciphered by all the people who are turning 30 in this year, would have been born in the 1980s. Therefore, what better theme for a 30th birthday party than the 80s style party.

Not only would the person have been born in the 80s, but would have some great childhood memories of that decade as well. So use different memorabilia from the 80s for decoration and also ask the guests to dress up in the 80s style.

You can plan trivia games about important events that took place in the 80s and do loads of other stuff to make this 80s theme birthday party lots of fun.

5. Classy Or Wild: Depends On The Birthday Guy/Women

Classy Or Wild: Depends On The Birthday Boy/Girl

A lot of people ask me, whether a 30th birthday party should be wild like the ones that we enjoy in our carefree 20s, or should they be more matured and sophisticated, a reflection of the years to come.

My simple answer to this is, the nature of the party should depend on the nature of the birthday person. At 30, while some may already be married and well settled, others may still be finding their foothold.

Hence, depending on the lifestyle and taste of the birthday guy or Women, you should choose to throw either a wild birthday party, filled with lots of booze, loud music and dancing, or you should plan for a civilized cocktail party.

6. Cake For The Grown Ups

Cake For The Grown Ups

The chocolate cake that you enjoyed on your 21st birthday may not sound like an exciting idea anymore, and therefore, you need to arrange for a real grown up cake for the party.

There are cakes available in the market these days that are filled with beer. Now this is one cake, that everyone at the party, the person turning 30 and all his or her friends, older or younger to him or her are definitely going to be excited about cutting and eating.

Besides this, there are many other more sophisticated and mature cake ideas present in the market which you can use for the 30th birthday party.

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7. Make A Fun Guestbook

Make A Fun Guestbook

Mostly, the guestbook kept at birthday parties, requires the guests to write a special birthday wish or special for the birthday boy or girl. However, this is the 30th birthday celebrations, and therefore, things need to be done differently here.

30th birthday basically means that the life of the person is about to change completely. From the carefree youngster, he or she is going to change into a responsible family person.

You can ask the guests to write, in a funny manner, about these changes that the birthday boy or girl can expect in life now and what they think would be the best way to deal with those changes.

Later, towards the end of the party, you can actually read out these funny guidance tips in front of everyone.

8. Help Forget The 20s

Help Forget The 20s

The 20s is the best time in the life of any person. You have the least responsibilities on your shoulders and maximum freedom in your hands. Therefore, letting go of the 20s and entering the 30s can be difficult and emotional for many people.

If you think, your birthday boy or girl would also have difficulty in making this crossover, you can actually plan a party to help him or her graciously accept the 30s.

Arrange for a bonfire and ask all the guests to bring one memory of the 20s that they had shared with the birthday boy or girl. One by one all the guests can recount those memories and burn that memory in the bonfire.

At the same time, the guests should write down in a special birthday journal one thing that they would love to do with the birthday boy or girl in the next decade. This is a great way of saying goodbye to old memories and making new goals and dreams for the future.

9. Bringing Old Friends And New Friends Together

Bringing Old Friends And New Friends Together

By the time a person reaches the age of 30, there are many different people that he or she meets along the way. School friends, work friends, social friends, family friends, there are many different groups that get formed.

The 30th birthday is the perfect occasion to bring all these different, yet important, people in the life of the birthday boy or girl together, and make all of them promise, that they will always stay close to the birthday boy or girl. Having everyone they know at one place can be pretty emotional for the birthday boy or girl.

10. Fulfill A Dream Of The Birthday guy/Women

Fulfill A Dream Of The Birthday Boy Or Girl

One of the best ways to let the person turning 30 knows that life is just starting for them and that all their dreams will come true is by actually fulfilling one of their dreams.

There may be a particular band that they might have wanted to listen to live, you can invite that band to play at the party, or there might be someplace that the birthday person always wanted to visit, you can plan the party at that location, etc.

11. Use A Lot Of Gold In The Decorations


It’s a party celebrating an important milestone, and there is nothing better than gold, which can express exactly how precious this day and its celebrations are.

Therefore, use a lot of gold in various forms to decorate the party venue, and make the party and the entire celebration feel royal and grand.

12. Keeping It Private

brunch party

As said before, the 30th birthday can be an emotional moment in the life of a person. Not everyone is able to happily say goodbye to their 20s and welcome the 30s with open arms.

If you think that the birthday guy will probably be an emotional wreck on this day, you can actually avoid throwing a grand party, and instead plan a nice brunch with close friends and family members, who can come together for a simple yet elegant meal, where they offer their shoulder to cry on to the birthday boy or girl, and encourage them to see the bright side of turning 30.

13. Stay Clear Of Childish Decorations


If there is one party where you should avoid using childish decorations like balloons, streamers, tacky banners, etc., then it is the 30th birthday party celebrations.

Even if you do want to use these decorations come up with some innovative, interesting and creative ways of using them, so that they do not look like decorations which have been taken down from a 5year old child’s birthday party, and reused in this party.

A 30th birthday is all about saying goodbye to the carefree days, and accepting the more mature phase of life, hence, the decorations to need to grow up and look more sophisticated and more elegant rather than childish and tacky.

14. Dedicate A Signature Drink To The Birthday Guy/Women


This is the one really cool way of making the birthday person feel special on their birthday. Prepare a special cocktail or mocktail and make it the signature drink for the birthday boy or girl.

Let this drink be a sort of an homage to the exciting 20s gone by and a welcome for the even more thrilling and adventurous 30s that are about to come.

15. A Surprise Party Would Be Great


Nothing can make a person feel happier than getting a surprise birthday party. This is something that never fails to bring a smile to the face of the birthday boy or girl, and since the 30th birthday is not something that many people look forward to celebrating themselves, therefore, it is the perfect opportunity for you to plan and throw a surprise party for them.

Just make sure that all the party arrangements get completed and all the guests arrive well before the birthday boy or girl come for the party.

It is not the theme or the format of the party which is important, but at the end of the day, what makes a 30th birthday celebration special is that it should be able to celebrate the 20s gone by and welcome the 30s with open arms.

It should be a perfect combination of nostalgia of the past and aspirations for the future. The above ideas offer a perfect mix of both and, therefore, make some of the best ideas for a 30th birthday party celebration. You can use any of the above ideas and add some of your own to throw a perfect 30th birthday party.