Mind-Blowing 30th Birthday Gift ideas for Him

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Gifts for Him

30th birthday gift ideas for him

You might have landed up here to find the best gift options for your husband or boyfriend, but I think it is quite challenging for me to give you some specific 30th birthday gift ideas for him. But to be frank, it is so much fun to be specific rather than giving a general view.

So what do you think a thirty-year-old man would love to get on his birthday. Do you think it’s an Xbox game set or a Wheelchair? Your answer is none of this because they are either meant for kids or old man.

My intention to give you this example is to tell you that you must know first, what a 30-year-old man is and what is more of his interest.

I am not sure you are here for your boyfriend or husband, but what I am sure about is what kind of things a 30-year-old man would be.

A 30-year-old man is more of matureness, you can say an age where he is responsible for his work and family.

What say, am I right? Yes, you do. He is responsible men and probably from the 30th birthday he is going to a new phase. In short he is mature, responsible and more of a man rather than youngie or guy.

So based on his age and other parameters I have few gift suggestions, ideas, and recommendation for you that you will love to explore.

I would also like to encourage you to find your own ideas based on these parameters so that you can find the best one for him. Following suggestions will give you an idea.

 30th Birthday gifts for him

So keeping 30th mind and preference physiology in my mind, I would love to share few gifts that I think are perfect for him. I hope you will pick few out of this list.

1. Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder

Price: $9.19
Reviews: 4.4

Magnetic Car Cell Phone Holder

If he drives then you might have seen that he get irritated with putting their phone, then it is a good idea to give him a magnetic car cell phone holder.

It has a strong magnet which holds your phone. The magnetic mount has a soft surface so it won’t scratch your cellphone.

2. Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow

Price: $39.95
Reviews: 4.5

Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow

What could be more awesome than having a head and neck massage while driving a car? You must be thinking the same way that this is quite a nice option. Yes, it is. This is a massage pillow with heat that you can use in any chair, also with car chair too.

3. Nautica for Men Spray

Price: $22.66
Reviews: 4.4

Nautica for men Spray

Nautica is a famous brand and your boyfriend or husband will love to have one of the “Nautica fragrances” on his 30th birthday.

It comes in a variety of fragrances for you to choose from such as fresh citrus, lemon This product is used for romantic wear and your husband will be surely happy to have this gift from you.

4. Brookstone Wireless TV Headphones

Price: $69.99
Reviews: 4.3

Brookstone Wireless TV Headphones

This is one of a headphone that everyone would love to have. I am sure he will also love this crazy gadget. It is wireless and you can connect with TV, laptop, cell phone or home theatre.

Specially designed for TV sound details. So while coming home from the office he can enjoy the TV sounds while not disturbing others.

5. Tommy Hilfiger Passcase Wallet

Price: $20
Reviews: 4.4

Tommy Hilfiger Passcase Wallet

I think he will love this masterpiece by Tommy Hilfiger. This is a genuine wallet purse which is capable of holding all wallet essentials.

A man always needs a wallet to carry his money and cards safely. So why not to present him this bingo gift. See the reviews, you will get what it is.

6. DecoBros Desk Organizer Caddy

Price: $9.87
Reviews: 4.58

DecoBros Desk Organizer Caddy

Earlier I have suggested that you can gift some kind of organizer to him. This one fits the best with my suggestion.

This desk organizer can help him organize all his things which generally are spread over the table.

7. Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Price: $42.42
Reviews: 4.6 

Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

The “Pizzacraft Outdoor Pizza Oven” will be a unique gift to him on his 30th birthday as he will love to cook pizzas when you are on a picnic or away from home on an outing.

This is a portable pizza making oven which pre-heats for 10 minutes and your pizza will cook at a temperature of 700F.

In the Pizzacraft Outdoor Pizza Oven, your pizza will be immediately cooked in 5 minutes time and you will surely love to eat pizza with him after cooking in this oven.

Your husband or boyfriend will love to prepare, cook and serve the pizza for you in the oven.

8. Life Security box

Price: $79.99
Reviews: 4

  1. Life Security box

You may be thinking of gifting your husband or boyfriend a unique storage item on his 30th birthday which can take care of his documents, jewellery and other personal items. Then you can gift him the ” Life security box” which has a reliable and rugged design.

He can get manual access to his safe with the help of 2 keys and there is also a digital screen touchpad panel on the front to access the safe where he can unlock the safe by a password by having a code. It has a dual security and the safe is rust free.

9. Sock Gift Set

Price: $14.85
Reviews: 4.2

Sock Gift Set

Gift this set of casual socks to him. This is for his own personal. He can use it with casual gym shoes, running shoes, any casual shoes or he can also use it for home as well. These socks are highly comfortable and designed for style.

10. Credit Card Holder

Price: $21.99
Reviews: 4.6

Credit Card Holder

He must be using credit and debit card for his transaction and other uses. Why don’t you gift him this awesome card holder?

This stainless steel card holder is perfect to keep his cards safe and it also looks very stylish.

11. LapGear Smart Media Desk Exec Lapdesk

Price: $19.29
Reviews: 4.4

LapGear Smart Media Desk Exec Lapdesk

It is perfect for his working need. If he is a working person and needs to work at home also, then this one is for him. This is a smart desk which helps you work with your laptop while sitting or lying on the bed.

One can use it while traveling in car or vehicle as well, how cool is that. I also have a smart desk, so I know it is worth.

12. Mont Blanc Toilette Spray

Price: $54.74
Reviews: 4.4

Mont Blanc Toilette Spray

If you are thinking to gift in fragrance section, then I recommend this premium spray for him. Who is not known to Mont Blanc? It is Mont Blanc spray that has a very masculine fragrance that keeps its freshness all day long.

13. Port Holder Fast Car Charger

Price: $16.99
Reviews: 4.4

Port Holder Fast Car Charger

Your husband or boyfriend will love to have the “the pocket holder fast car charger” as it is portable and can be used in the car while on the move.

You can charge all your devices such as Apple phones, Samsung, Nano and Android phones. It charges your devices to the maximum because it has a built-in smart chip.

It has in all 5 USB ports having 50W /10A output. It protects your device from over-current, over-voltage and any kind of damage.

14. Crescent Mechanics Tool Set

Price: $100.42
Reviews: 4.5

Crescent Mechanics Tool Set

Your husband or boyfriend must be fond of repairing machines then they will really like the “Crescent Mechanics Tool set” which will be very much useful for him.

It has set of a crescent screwdriver with accessories which can be used for industrial, consumer and mechanical applications. All the tools come in a sturdy portable baggage which you can take it anywhere.

15. Calvin Klein Trunk

Price: $20.36
Reviews: 4.4

Calvin Klein Trunk

I know it is quite funny to gift him a trunk on his birthday, you must be smiling while thinking of this option, same way he will. It will bring a smile on his face to get an underwear from his loved one.

This is Emporio Armani and no man says no to Armani. I think this will probably be the memorable 30th birthday gift for him, he will remember it for life.

16. ViewSonic DLP Projector

Price: $299.99
Reviews: 4.6 

ViewSonic DLP Projector

As I suggested you already that gift him something that can make his weekends more fun. A home projector is a good option for this.

He can have his weekend to be more interesting and fun with this projector. Viewsonic projector is the best among all I have seen.

17. Men’s Dresser Valet Organizer

Price: $89.99
Reviews: 4.6

Men's Dresser Valet Organizer

A man is never organized that you already know. No matter which age bar they are in, all are bad at organizing things.

I think he also does the same, so for him here is an awesome Organizer for his essential things, i.e – wallet, chain, glasses, watch, etc..I think it’s an awesome thing to gift him on his 30th birthday to keep him organized.

18. Canvas Cross Body Laptop bag

Price: $49.99
Reviews: 4.5

Canvas Cross Body Laptop bag

30 is an age where a man is in between the matureness and youngness. For this slab, I have one nice gift option for him.

It is this stylish crossbody laptop bag that can fit both edges of his age. It is a pure leather bag which is perfect for a 30-year-old. He can use this bag casually for going out in malls, garden, any other place.

19. Wahl Chrome Pro Haircut kit

Price: $69.99
Reviews: 4.2


This is a perfect haircut kit for his overall body hair requirement, to keep him clean and groomed. Men really don’t care much about their grooming and sometimes cleanliness too, LOL.

So you can help him by pulling him on track to keep him groomed. Also, it has got some great reviews so no doubt it is good to go.

20. 3 Swords Manicure and pedicure kit

Price: $25.99
Reviews: 4.6

3 Swords Manicure and pedicure kit

This gift is for his personal hygiene, cleanliness, and grooming. This is a kit with 10 tools to make your nails clean and in good shape.

This is a compact kit, so he can use it at home or will be comfortable carrying while traveling. It comes in a very attractive gift box.

21. Old World Globe Bar

Price: $159.60
Reviews: 4.3

Old World Globe Bar

If he is an alcohol consumer then he will love this gift for sure. It is like a mini portable bar where you can have bottles, glasses, ice, etc..

It has also got a rotation function as well to give comfort and flexibility. What most amazed me is its shape and globe theme cover.

22. Duffle Italian Weekender Travel Bag

Price: $199
Reviews: 4.4

Duffle Italian Weekender Travel Bag

If he is in a position where he has to travel a lot or maybe frequently then this bag is the perfect choice for his need. It is a weekender travel bag which is made of pure leather.

It is capable of carrying many things in a compact way, which does not affect the comfort. He can carry this bag anywhere while traveling or moving to some casual places.

23. Shot Flask

Price: $19.95
Reviews: 4.4


No matter where a man will always love this shot flask. I think your husband also have a craze for this.

If he has, then you know what you have to gift him. You have to gift this cool Jack Daniel flask to him, he loves to have it as a gift.

24. Survive Outdoors Tool

Price: $30
Reviews: 4.1 

Survive Outdoors Tool

I always wondered of giving him a unique gift which will help him in picnicking, hiking and trekking and when he is outdoors. The tools contained in this kit can also be used in day to day life.

The “Survival Outdoors Tool” kit consists of many tools that are used in outing such as ropes, safety pins, survival knife, etc. It is a multi-user tool kit having many uses when you will be away from home.

25. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

Price: $179.98
Reviews: 4.2

Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

You have always thought of giving him a fitness machine which is portable and can be kept easily at home, then you will be happy to know that “Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench” is such an ideal fitness machine for him.

It has a leg developer which helps in toning his leg muscles and a comfortable crunch handle to hold which helps you in exercise specifically on abdominal muscles.

It also has a preacher curl which works on your shoulders and biceps. This machine works on overall parts of your body and gives you perfect shape and fitness. So this machine will definitely help him to remain fit and fine.

26. Tornado Sports Foosball Table

Price: $92.44
Reviews: 4

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

This present is for his leisure time. On weekends he can have fun with his friends playing foosball. What say? I know you liked the idea.

I think a young newly 30-year-old man would love to see this amazing sport table in his home. It has got 5 ratings so I think it is perfect to recommend to you.

27. ARC International Irish Beer Glass

Reviews: 4.6


I am sure he loves to have the beer in his leisure time, What say? A man at this age found to be most probably interested in beer or wine.

If you think he is one of them, then this is what you got to gift him and I am sure he will love to have his beer in these coolest glasses.

28. Otter Wax Kit

Price: $39.95
Reviews: 4.6


He will be happy to receive this nice gift from you on his 30th birthday. The Otter Wax kit contains essential leather oil which protects your boot wax. 

It takes 100% natural care of your leather products. It has got boot wax and leather salve oil which acts as a conditioner. It’s a good product which he will love to have it for use.

29. Bluetooth Shower Mirror Radio

Price: $39.99
Reviews: 3.7

Bluetooth Shower Mirror Radio

You must be thinking what wonderful gift to give him on his 30th birthday and if he his driving a car then the “Bluetooth Shower Mirror Radio” will be very much useful for him as it will be fitted on the rear bottom view of his car’s number plate.

When the car is in reverse gear, the Bluetooth Shower Mirror Radio will automatically get ON and will show the display video and camera signal while parking and when the car is parked it will switch off.

The visible camera will show if there are any obstacles and will give you a safe drive.

30. Leather Classic Beer Holster

Price: $14.72
Reviews: 4.3

Leather Classic Beer Holster

Your husband or boyfriend will love to have “leather classic beer holster” on his 30th birthday. You get a holster to hold your beer or soda bottle which is convenient to use and fits on all belts.

It is made up of leather and is resistant and repellent to water. Your husband or boyfriend can use this holster in any type of picnics, party functions, outings or barbeques.

While making a beverage his both hands remain disengaged due to the holster. It is a really unique gift which you can give it to him and he will look a cowboy with the holster tucked in his belt and preparing and serving drinks.

31. Handcrafted Wooden Beer Carrier


This is perfect gift example for beer lovers. If he is one of a man who love collecting cool stuff, then this one goes for him.

This is a wooden beer carrier which is been handcrafted. It has got six pack capacity. One thing I would like to tell you that he can use it for any bottle may be for wine and champagne as well.

10 More 30th birthday gift ideas for him [ Updated ]

Gift ideas for his 30th birthday

Now I would like to give you some suggestions on what kind of presents you can get him on his 30th birthday.

These are some specific gift ideas that I think are perfect for him.

Let’s have a look on this list and then later I have shortlisted some of the presents that you can actually get him on his birthday, they are all recommended.

1. Gift him something for his weekends

Fun at weekends

He might be working or may be have his own business. In both scenario he has got a lot of things and burdens over his head.

I have got an idea for this. Why don’t you present him something that can make at least his weekend, awesome.

There are many things you can gift him, i.e- some home games, something related to his hobbies, etc..

2. Something for his comfort

Comfort gifts

Gift something that can make his life more easy and comfort comes in.

He is going to have lot of things to do in future to make it simple and little comfortable, gift something relevant.

3. Something to organize


Gift him some kind of organizer to organize his things as you know men are not at all good at organizing things.

You can gift digital things like Electronic gadgets or simple materialistic organizers.

4. Gift something stylish

Stylish gifts

He is still a young who is going to be 30 and you all know young guys like to keep it stylish.

So gift him something that can go with his style statement, i.e Belt, shoes, bag, wallet, etc..

DIY Ideas

Now many of you must be interested in some gifts that you can make yourself for him, to make it more special.

For all of those ladies who are interested, here are 3 options for you.

1. Jack Daniel soap Dispenser


Jack Daniel is every men’s first choice to see in his bar. What about Washroom? I know you must be surprise. Even I got too, when I first found this idea while surfing.

The idea is to convert his old Jack Daniel bottle into a soap dispenser which he can use for his washroom.

2. Personalized crate

Personalized crate

Make him a personalize crate for his alcohol bottles. Use your creativity to give it an awesome manly look. You can use a wooden box for this and rest your ideas.

Make use of some pictures and stuff to decorate it. He will just love to keep his bottles in this awesome crate made by his love.

3. Bedside table organizer

Table organizer

It is one of the amazing idea that I recently found so I thought to share with you. It is simply a table organizer which you can make it in any shape and make it personalized. It can be really a useful gift for him.

 So what do you think, are these really perfect 30th birthday gift ideas for him? Do you find my efforts worth? Feel free to share your opinion and if you have got some ideas, then share it too.

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