Special 30th Birthday Gift ideas for her that you Must Read

Last updated on June 4th, 2022 at 12:04 am

Gifts for Her

30th birthday gift ideas for her

We all love to celebrate our birthday to be special, one of the best ways to make your birthday special is giving a great gifts to your loved one. Giving a right gift on the special day really makes your relationship strong and make your memories last forever.

That’s why to find her the best birthday gift you have to first understand:

* What kind of things she is interested into?

* What are her requirements?

* What are the things she would love to buy or planning.

* What are things she will love to get { Play women psychology }

So to help you here I made a list of few gifts, options which you can buy for your better half and let her feel that she is most loving and caring person in the world.

1. Name a Star Gift Box


It is one of a unique gift that you might be unaware of. Did you know about it? If no, here I would like to tell you about it. It is a very unique concept where by you can give any star a name of your wife/girlfriend or any loved one.

You can select any star out of the map and you can name that star, you can also select the best position. Isn’t it great.

2. Guess Eau de Parfum Spray


This is one of the amazing stuff that you surely don’t want to miss out. It is a Guess perfume product that is wining many hearts.

I just searched over net and found to have a great review about this. I think your wife/girlfriend will go mad over it.

3. Versace Bright Crystal Women Giftset


If she is fond of body lotions, then here is a gift set that I would like to recommend you. I know many woman loves to put on lotions for their skin.

So it’s a good deal you must look out for. Reviews are great so I think you must try this amazing product and after all its from Versace.

4. Gorgeous 30 Crystal Embellished Black Wine Glass


It is a perfect mix of class and majesty. As the name suggests it is for a gorgeous 30 lady. So for her 30th birthday this stylish wine glass justifies.

You can also celebrate her birthday with a wine and starting of with lady with this classy glass of honor. I am pretty sure that she will love to have this gift, a memorable gift for her 30th birthday.Be right back

5. Forum Novelties Happy Birthday 30th Silver Pink Tiara


I personally want to recommend this beautiful, shining and a stylish tiara in silver and pink color. I know it is little kiddish but believe me it works.

A few years back I bought a tiara for my girlfriend and she was so impressed with it that within seconds she just put it over her had and believe me she was looking beautiful.

So there is no age for a tiara, a woman will love it anyway. And this tiara is especially for women who is turning 30, so no way to skip this.

6. 30 Things to Do When You Turn 30


This is a book that don’t require any bookworm. Anyone who is turning 30 can surely flow through this book and learn a lot of things.

The author of the book is Chris Taylor, he is the award winning journalist. This book is full of essays which are only dedicated for a person who is turning 30 or just turned 30.

7. Thirty-Licious Beverage Cooler


The name suggests it all. This is surely a gift for a women who is turning thirty. It is a beverage cooler and holder, which she can surely flaunt in house parties.

Here is what I found a printed tagline on it “Thirty-Licious – It took years to get this hot”. So if you think the tags suits her then why not to try this out, at least it will make her smile.

8. Popcorn machine


Who don’t love to spend their weekends at home relaxing, having popcorn and watching a movie. I am sure your wife/girlfriend would also love to have some good time with popcorn, so for this why not a popcorn machine as gift that can make popcorn for her in seconds.

9. Mark My Words 30th Birthday Mug


“Mug makes your day”, this is what I always say when someone asks why a mug as a gift. No, it is really good stuff that can make anyone’s day because it reminds you about the occasion when it was gifted.

So she is a coffee or tea lover then I would suggest you to have this beautiful mug in the gift list. This mug comes with a tag line “”happy 30th birthday…may all your dreams come true”. Isn’t it cute as well as motivating tag line.

10. Book – 30 Things Every Woman Should Have and Should Know


This is another book I want to recommend you for her birthday. I think its title justifies the intent of the book and really every woman who is turning 30 or turned thirty must read this book. It can bring a great zeal in their life to keep moving forward and do something good with coming life.

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11. Women’s I’m 30 Bitches! Birthday Rhinestone Sash


This is kind of an honor gift for the lady turning 30. Just like a tiara you can also get her this beautiful satin sash.

She will look like a princess for her birthday. It is a perfect gift that you can get her if you have organized a party as well. Because where she can put on the tiara and the sash.

12. 80s Retro Nostalgic Candy Decade 30th Birthday Gift Box


I still remember I use to get chocolates and candies on my every birthday. I am a pro candy guy, I love to see my freeze with full of candies, till now. Smile with tongue out Now talking about this gift, it is a very unique nostalgic gift you can ever gift her. What is it? It is a basket of all candies that probably she had from last 30 years if she remembers. Isn’t it something different.

13. Happy-30th-birthday Cake Topper


You can get this beautiful cake topper for her birthday gift, if not as a gift. I was actually searching for some gifts and found this one. It was looking amazing so I thought to share it with you.

14. 30th Birthday Pop-up card


I found this card to be very cute and unique at the same time. It is a pop-up card that means as soon as it comes out of envelope it starts taking up shape by opening itself. It is a masterpiece of paper engineering.

My girlfriend has gifted me such kind of birthday greeting card. When I open that card it just pops up and plays my favorite song. That is really cute.

15. Adult 30th Birthday – Photo Booth Props Kit


If you are organizing a birthday party for her then I would recommend this matching prop kits having each thing awesome.

I personally liked the hat and the shades. These props can add a lot of fun in the party and could make this day memorable as this will be something unique.

16. Sterling Diamond Heart pendant necklace


Why not to make this day special with a diamond. Any woman in this world love diamonds, So a diamond necklace can be the gamer for her 30th birthday that will surely win her heart.

This sterling diamond heart pendant necklace is looking so beautiful that I couldn’t resist sharing this with you.

17. Desk Pen Set with Free Engraving


If she is an office working women, then this is the gift that is perfect for her requirement.It is a pen gift set of Business Card Holder, 2 Silver Pens, name Plate & clock. It is ideal for your wife’s working desk.

An awesome thing I liked about this gift set is that you can get it engraved and that too without any cost. Isn’t it great?

Special Moment Gifts for her thirtieth birthday

Moments make the occasion memorable not gifts, not place, it is all about the moments. In every article, I share at Birthdayinspire.com, have a section of Special moment gifts where I share what all you can do more than just gifting materialistic gifts.

1. Vacation to her favorite Destination

If you can take her to her favorite destination for a vacation and celebrate her birthday there only, then this is what I call a memorable and special moment.

It is the sweetest time you can gift her. Unintentionally or indirectly find the best place she would like to visit once in her life, know the place and book the tickets.

Give her the biggest surprise for the day which she will never forget.


2. Thirty Floor Cake

Tell me the last time you have tried anything like this before? I know you have never tried it. You know when I was a kid I always thought that one day someone will bring that floored cake for me. LOL.

But should I tell you the truth, I actually still hope and wish to cut a cake like this. Every one of us have a kid inside us and I am sure your wife/girlfriend does have this kid inside her too.

So to bring that joy, happiness, and smile on your wife’s face, You can do it, After all, it is her 30th Birthday. You can get it done from any cake shop.

Thirty Floor Cake

3. Best 30th Birthday wishes 30 times

Thirty times, really? Yes. Everyone wish only one time but are you in the list of Everyone. No, you are a special person in her life from whom she expects more.

So I suggest you to wish her 30 times as her 30th birthday is coming. Wait a minute, 30 times? Happy birthday, Happy birthday, … LOL not at all.

Here I will tell you a unique way to wish her 30 times that she will remember for years. Idea is simple but awesome at the same time.

wish her thirty times

What you have to do is, You have to Write Notes and wishes on different places at your home or maybe her room, washroom, etc.

with an erasable marker. You can also do it by making thirty notes and hide it anywhere she spends her most time.

Examples are – Her cupboard, table, bed, kitchen, bathroom, etc.. Let her explore the hidden treasure. This will make all her day with all sudden excitement and surprises.

4. Cook Surprise

She might be cooking for you from years now what about you cooking some of the favorite dishes. I know it is sounding a bit wired that a man cooking for her lady. But I tell this is not true.

A women loves to see her man cooking her food. This is the gesture of showing her that you understand her responsibility and burdens, so this is kind of a tribute for at least one day.

She will fill with love to see you as her cook. I have done this for my girlfriend so I know women or girl really do love to see their man doing this. This is also kind of surprise for them, isn’t it.


1. Spa and Massage Voucher

Let the part of the day be relaxing for her. Women loves spa and massage. No woman can deny me on this, I can bet.

So this is the win-win gift I am suggesting you. She will love to get a good spa and massage voucher as her 30th birthday present for her. buy her some vouchers that she can Ancash for spa and massage.

Women spa and massage

DIY Birthday gift ideas for her 30th Birthday

The best thing about DIY gifts is that they are more than any materialistic stuff and more than that there are some personal feelings attached that makes them awesome.

Men generally are the least interest in creating gifts on their own or maybe personalizing a gift. But that is the trick, the gift will be astonishing if she least expect it from you.

She will feel overwhelmed to see your efforts. So here is some list of easy gift ideas that you can consider:

1. Stitched Birthday Wish Note

Love note stiched

There are many ways you can wish her the best birthday but here I am telling you the most unique way you can wish her.

The idea is to stitch a piece of cloth of any shape, size or color. You can stitch any kind of note you want to in that piece of cloth. You can write a wishing note, funny note, personal note or anything you want.

If you are not willing to do it on your own, then you can get it done by any tailor. A tailor can do this within half an hour. But believe me, she will love this unique gift, especially on her 30th birthday if you put your hands into it.

2. Memories Down the Lane

gift memories

If you are married to her and its been some years or may be you are in a relationship with her for quite a long time, then why not to gift those memories to her on her 30th birthday celebration.

It will be the most heart touching gift you might have ever gifted her. She will get overwhelmed to see this beautiful gift for her birthday.

Ok, you might be thinking “Gifting memories”? What I am talking about. I think I have not conveyed it well if you didn’t understood what I am trying to say.

Actually, I am taking about a “Collage” , Photo album or may be Personalized DVD of Old Pictures and videos.

It is the most beautiful feeling of cherishing all old memories we have. So the best way to do is by making a collage of all old pictures and notes.

For you, it is very easy because you can get it done from any personalized gift shop. Another thing you can do is make a presentation or Short clip movie using all old photos, notes, videos and music.

Make a nice heart touching video of all the memories you have in form of pictures and videos.

Believe me, she will get touched to see your efforts. I can bet on this because of my personal experience.

Actually a few years back I have gifted one such DVD Video to my girlfriend. She got a tear in her eyes, that’s all i can say.Be right back

3. A personalized pillow

Everyone use a pillow, it is one of the thing that we use daily on our bed. So why don’t you take an advantage of it.

A personalized pillow can be the gamer here. You can gift her a pillow that you can customize and personalize to give it a personal touch.

Make it awesome, you can do it at home or also you can get it done from any gift shop that deals with personalized stuff.

This is one of the personalized gift that will make her happy every day through out the year with a smile on her face and remembrance of her 30th birthday.

I hope you enjoyed reading and knowing these gift ideas, I put my soul into this article to get you some of the rightful 30th birthday gift ideas for her.

So what you are waiting for, just pick few of these gifts and make her day special. If in case you want any help from me, then just drop in by so that I can help you with your personal query related to the birthday gift.