50 Awesome 18th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

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18th birthday gift ideas for her

What to get an 18 year old girl for her birthday?

When picking a gift for the 18th birthday, you should think a little out of the box and find some unique and exciting gift items to present to her. Here you can find some of the best gift ideas for the 18-year-old female.

So it’s her birthday and you want me to share with you some awesome 18th birthday gift ideas for her? It is always fun time for me to write gift and party ideas especially for teenage as they are fun to research on. So I come again with the list of some great gift ideas for the 18th birthday girl.

Birthdays are always special, an opportunity for friends and family to come together and celebrate the life of someone close to them and whom they love dearly. However, there are certain occasions which are a little more special.

These birthdays are the ones which celebrate a certain milestone in the life of an individual. Thus, entry into the exciting teen years sets a milestone.

Hence, when making preparations for these birthdays or finding a gift for those special occasions, you need to be extra careful and thoughtful.

The 18th birthday marks the official transition for a girl into a lady. It is a very important and special birthday occasion for all the girls.

Recommended 18th Birthday gifts for her

In case you are not sure what, where and how to find the perfect 18th birthday present for her, then I present to you a helpful guide below, that offer you some great ideas and gift options to choose from and impress.

1. Echo Dot Wireless Speaker

Price: $39.99
Reviews: 4.3

Echo Dot Wireless Speaker

As I have mentioned before, girls these days are just as crazy about using latest gadgets as the boys are. It is a unique speaker with smart features like controlling light, setting music alarms, read the news, make calls, control amazon video on Tv, etc.

It is small and compact in size, just the way a girl would want her gadgets to be, easy to carry around and stylish to look at. Hence, this highly advanced and stylish smart speaker becomes a must-have.

2. Travel mug 

Price: $16.99
Reviews: 4.2

Travel mug

This is the steel travel mug. It is very useful in traveling. It can keep your drinks hot up to 7 hours and cold up to 18 hours.

She can carry this cup along while she is traveling or can enjoy her daily cup of coffee or tea in it and remember it as a token of her 18th birthday.

3. Coffee Cup Warmer

Price: $10.79
Reviews: 4

Coffee Cup Warmer

Now that she is turning 18, she would be starting college and hence the pressure of studies will increase and so will the number of cups or tea and coffee that she would be drinking.

Do not have a cold cup of tea or coffee by gifting her this cute, but amazing coffee cup warmer. It keeps your drink hot for a long time. It is easy to carry anywhere.

4. Herbal detox tea

Price: $23.70
Reviews: 4.2

Herbal detox tea

Your body starts to have changes in the system as you turn 18. It is the time when you should start taking proper care of your health and well being to keep yourself fit and keep your skin glowing.

This herbal detox tea is a blend of natural ingredients that are mixed together which is very good for your digestive system. It will give you a good cleanse and will keep your system clean from toxins.

5. Bath Bombs

Price: $16.99
Reviews: 4.5

Bath Bombs

She is turning 18 and may still have a few years left before she can start drinking legally, but there is nothing stopping her from having a luxury bath in the smells of some amazing bath bombs.

This gift pack comes with 8 amazing scents. It is natural and organic which contains ingredients such as essential oils and clays.

6. Make-Up Brush Set

Price: $10.99
Reviews: 4.5

Make-Up Brush Set

She is turning 18 and she would now be attending a lot of important functions and parties.  She would be going to a senior prom, she would probably go for some very important dates and many other important parties, and she just has to look perfect.

With this set of 5 makeup brushes, you would help her in ensuring that her makeup is perfect for all occasions.

7. Backpack Cooler Chair

Price: $58.98
Reviews: 4.3

Backpack Cooler Chair

This one is another addition to her carry on’s for her camping trips or for a picnic with friends. It is adjustable to five positions with side pouch, drink holder and cell phone pocket. There are great color options available in this.

8. Elephant Ring Holder

Price: $8
Reviews: 4.7

Elephant Ring Holder

Place this cute little elephant ring holder on your bedside, on your dressing table or anywhere in your bedroom.

Not only the rings on display will capture the attention of everyone, but even the cute little resin elephant will also attract the attention of everyone entering the room towards itself.

Therefore, along with being great as a ring holder, this gift item makes for a great showpiece as well.

9. Silver Chain Bracelet

Price: $19
Reviews: 4.2

Silver Chain Bracelet

It is a silver chain bracelet. It looks very prettyYou can use it for daily or for any occasions. It is a light weighted bracelet and comfortable to use. This is definitely a good gift for a teen.

10. Hang it photo display

Price: $20
Reviews: 4.4

Hang it photo display

How about giving her a model or a frame wherein she can collate all her memories from the childhood and keep on adding some more as the time goes forward.

It is a hanging display that comes with clips through which you can hang your pictures be it with friends, family, siblings etc.

It can be put up on a wall that will have a very special attention in her room or wherever she wishes to put up.

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11. Pearl Necklace

Price: $99
Reviews: 4.8

Pearl Necklace

This is White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Necklace which is a perfect gift for a girl turning 18. Made from quality pearls, this necklace is available in different pearl sizes.

It looks very pretty. It is packaged in a beautiful jewelry box. It is one of the best birthday gifts for 18th birthday.

12. Silver Charm Necklace

Price: $29
Reviews: 4.3

Silver Charm Necklace

Every girl likes to hear good things about herself. So, on her 18th birthday, why not gift her a beautiful silver charm necklace. 

This is two piece pendant with rose gold and silver colorIt is engraved with some messages like..”be brave, happy etc..”.It is a perfect gift for a teen.

13. Pocket Selfie Click Stick 

Reviews: 4.6

Pocket Selfie Click Stick

Everyone owns a selfie stick these days and if your birthday girl does not have one, then there can be no other gift better than this pocket-sized selfie stick.

It comes with an earphone socket cable, which makes it convenient to plug in and start clicking instead of struggling with the Bluetooth connection.

14. Crystals Bracelet

Price: $35.99
Reviews: 4.6

Crystals Bracelet

This is a delicate and graceful looking piece of jewelry that is sure to impress all the girls and ladies.

It is made of a delicate chain of silver and sparkling clear crystals. It is suitable for any color dress. It is the best bracelet to gift on her 18th birthday.

15. Songbird radio + Bluetooth speaker + digital clock

Price: $72.89
Reviews: 3.8

Songbird radio + Bluetooth speaker + digital clock

This is for the girls who are born in the generation but are absolute fans of the older style and feel and takes great pleasure to adore the vintage times.

Along with the radio, it is also a speaker that can be playing music on through Bluetooth. The digital clock on the screen is very useful as a night clock.

16. Tea Mug

Price: $18.99
Reviews: 4.6

Tea Mug

Since you would be buying it for a girl, hence you have the choice to pick the color of the mug as red instead of blue.

This is a porcelain Tea mug with lid and extra fine hold infuser. It looks very attractive. This is one of the amazing gifts for her 18th birthday.

17. Heartshaped wayfarer framed sunglasses

Price: $11.99
Reviews: 4.2

Heartshaped wayfarer framed sunglasses

This is something she will absolutely love if she is a hardcore fan of sunglasses and if she is someone who loves to have a variety of them.

These are a kind of retro glasses which are in the shape of hearts and has a bright tint to the glass. The tint is in 2 different shades that absolutely complement the stylised shape of the glares. It will keep her eyes protected from the sun too.

18. Stuffed animal plus slippers

Price: $2.19
Reviews: 4.7

Stuffed animal plus slippers

18 is the time to celebrate your adulthood and embrace it with grace and vigor. But why should she keep her childhood totally away from herself? These adorable plush slippers in cat designs will keep the child in her alive and hearty.

It comes in the pretty light pink shade and is really comfortable and cozy to wear. The soft fluffy material will keep your feet warm and give it that plush feel.

19. Motivational Coffee mug

Price: $9.99
Reviews: 4.5

Motivational Coffee mug

Like we said before, 18 opens a bigger window for you for greater possibilities and to make decisions. This mug is a great token that will encourage you to have an understanding that you may not always be right or you might fall but only to rise.

You should never quit and keep experimenting till you get your deserved and required formula. Because along the rough path, life will teach you a lot of experiences that will make you wiser.

20. Cotton candy machine

Price: $179.95
Reviews: 3.9

Cotton candy machine

One thing that is true for most of us in the world is that the love for candy floss will never grow old how much ever we grow up or whatever our age be.

Thus, to keep that love alive you can get her this machine through which she can make candy floss right from her home whenever she feels the urge to have some and reminisce about her childhood time.

21. To accomplish sticky notes

Price: $7.49
Reviews: 4.5

To accomplish sticky notes

Your eighteenth birthday may be a mark of adulthood but with that comes a lot of mature decisions to take and a lot of responsibilities that you have to take care of. It is the time when you start working towards your goals.

To keep you organized and to keep you ready for everything these ‘to-do’ sticky notes will come of great help. Just write your goals and ambitions on it and work towards it in a scheduled manner.

22. Harry Potter exclusive light up cup

Price: $36.47
Reviews: 3.5

Harry Potter exclusive light up cup

If she is someone who has spent a larger part of her childhood considering herself a wizard through the influence of the famous Harry Potter series then you should out to get her this cup as a fan gift.

It is a wizard shaped cup that has a very vintage feel to it and has a light set up inside it. It can be used as a great decorative or a bedside lamp.

23. Twin camp blanket

Price: $139
Reviews: 4.8

Twin camp blanket

She has turned 18 and this is the time when she is capable of exploring the world on her own by planning trips to the mountains or just camping by the sea. For all that time, give her a companion that she will need the most.

This is a camping blanket that she can use during her trips to keep herself warm and save herself from cold weather. She can also use it to sleep over it.

24. Facial cleansing brush

Price: $18.99

Facial cleansing brush

A female’s skin starts to age at this time if it is not properly taken care of. Thus, you need to maintain a proper regime and diet to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant always.

For this, the most important process in your regime should be exfoliation that helps you trigger the dirt out of your pores and keep your face fresh.

This exfoliating brush has soft and stubborn bristles that will help you to maintain your skin hygiene.

25. Become A Laird Or Lady Gift Box

Price: $26.73
Reviews: 4.6

Become A Laird Or Lady Gift Box

By registering the birthday girl for this gift, you will actually be helping her own a piece of land on the grounds of Dunans Castle in Scotland, and she would officially become a Lady or Laird of that castle.

With this ownership, she would be entitled to take a guest along with her for a free tour of the castle anytime she wants. She will also be issued her personalized stationary as the Laird of Duncan Castle. Many other privileges will be bestowed upon her on her visit to the castle.

26. Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium

Price: $25.95
Reviews: 4.3

Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium

If the birthday girl is a strong believer in the green cause, then this gift will surely bring a smile to her face.

It is a simple piece of decoration which is made up of a glass globe. However, wherever it is placed, it immediately brightens ups and freshens up that place.

27. USB Mix Tape

Price: $16.95
Reviews: 4.2

USB Mix Tape

The concept of creating mixtapes has always been and will always be romantic and sweet. However, this is the new age of downloading songs, it is difficult to create a mix of songs on your old tapes.

This USB mix tape and case puts a modern spin on retro tapes and helps in creating mixtapes from all the songs on your PC or Mac.

28. Do what you love Laser cut journal

Price: $29
Reviews: 4.7

Do what you love Laser cut journal

This is a finely designed journal which is made up of wooden material and has a sleek design on the cover that is carved out from laser technology.

The best part is about the inspirational text written over it which perfectly suits the occasion of an 18th birthday.

This is the time when she will need to explore a lot of opportunities which she might have to choose carefully and indulge in something which she will enjoy.

29. Adult size baby onesie

Price: $23.99
Reviews: 3.8

Adult size baby onesie

How about celebrating this special day of life in a very fun and quirky way? This one is not only an ode to her childhood but also a welcome gesture to the adulthood. It is a baby style onesie made in an adult size which looks really adorable.

It gives you all the best wishes for this day when you are turning into a big baby. It has the baby onesie clip-on style that makes it a really fun gift.

30. Jelly Alcoshots

Jelly Alcoshots

She is turning only 18 and may still be away from the legal drinking age, but this should not stop her having a little fun on her big day.

Gift her these fun jellies filled with a little alcohol and watch her 18th birthday party turn into a fun frenzy. There are 6 Jelly Alcoshots present in each box. Order one for the birthday girl, and maybe a few more for the rest of the party guests.

31. 18th Birthday Signature Numbers

18th Birthday Signature Numbers

This is a perfect replacement for the old guestbook. The wooden number comes with a stand and a pen. All the guests can write birthday messages along with their signatures on the magic number of 18.

Then you can present this magic number to the birthday girl along with all the wishes to her on her birthday. The words ‘celebrating with you on your birthday’ are printed on the base of this gift.

32. Melting Messages 18th Birthday Candle

Melting Messages 18th Birthday Candle

This is a gift, meant to shock and awe the receiver. As the candle melts away, the 18th birthday message reveals itself from amongst the flames in a truly dramatic manner.

This gift would make for a great centerpiece at the birthday party, where within a matter of 30 minutes the candle would burn out and reveal the birthday message to surprise the birthday girl and impress all the guests at the party.

33. Dirty Stop Out Kit Hers

Dirty Stop Out Kit Hers

Girls like to stay clean at all times. Hygiene is of paramount importance for the girls. This is a perfect travel kit that fits easily in the overnight bag and contains all the essentials a girl would require to freshen up anytime and anywhere.

Some of the items found in this kit include mints, makeup remover, condoms, toothbrush, refreshing wipes, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, nail file, energy slab, moisturizer, cotton buds, and pads.

34. Strawberries And Cream Pamper Pack

Strawberries And Cream Pamper Pack

Strawberries are one of the most favorite fruits of girls. From its taste to fragrance, everything about this fruit is loved by the girls. This fruit is also associated with feminity and sensuality.

In this gift pack, you would get a face mask, cream tea bath tea bag, Sundae bath bomb and a scented candle, all in the flavor and fragrance of strawberries. Thus, with this gift, you can combine two passions of women, beauty, and strawberries.

In the above list, I have tried to include all those items which almost every girl would appreciate and love to receive as a gift on her 18th birthday.

 I understand how hard finding the right 18th birthday gift for her can be and therefore I hope that you will be able to find the right gift in the above list and make the birthday girl really special on this very important day of her life.


18th Birthday gift ideas for a daughter?

Parents are always welcoming and excited for the completion of this big milestone, especially when it comes to daughter. So what to get a girl for her 18th birthday? Down below I have suggested few of the options all parents can consider.

  • Gift her something in trending cool latest gadgets
  • Get her something that she can use in her day to day life.
  • You can consider Fashion Accessories, 18 years old will love it.
  • Gift her some personalized gift for a personal touch.
  • Get her something that she wishes to have as a surprise gift
  • Hobbies related gift is also what you can consider for her
  • Girls at this age love cosmetics, so look for any cosmetic gift.

18th Birthday gift ideas for girls

To make to special birthday’s extra special, I have a list of amazing ideas which you can pick from and use to present the girl turning 18th with a gift, which would not bring a smile to her face, but would make her feel loved and appreciated in a truly heartfelt manner.

Get Her The Latest Gadgets

Get Her The Latest Gadgets

Girls these days are just as crazy about gadgets as the boys. Therefore, search for some of the latest musical and electronic gadgets which the youngsters are using these days, and pick one of them for presenting it to a girl on her 18th birthday.

Try to accessorize these gadgets with girly covers and picking them in bright colors like red, pink, etc., if possible, just to make them more appealing for the girls. Also, if you can get the name of the girl printed or engraved on the gadget in a sophisticated, yet, attractive manner, that would make your gift truly special for the birthday girl.

Mature Gift Items

Mature Gift Items

An 18th birthday marks the transition from a girl into a lady, and she would really love it if your gift somehow communicated to her that you now consider a mature and big enough to handle her life.

Therefore, gifts like, a book, which makes for a well-matured reading, a personalized keychain with a duplicate key to the house, an add-on card to your credit card, etc. would be some brilliant gift ideas for the 18th birthday girl.

Fun Gift Ideas

Fun Gift Ideas

Just because the birthday girl is turning 18 does not mean that she needs to become serious in life. she can still have loads of fun, and with your gift, you can give her a glimpse of all the fun that she now has access to.

Gift her some adult funny gift CDs or books, you can gift her a fun out of town trip alone with friends, and any other gift item which would make her feel that she can have all the fun in the world.

Expensive Or Luxurious Gifts

Expensive Or Luxurious Gifts

Your little girl is turning 18 and she is now ready to take on her responsibilities. It is up to you to make her feel confident that she can and will handle herself perfectly.

You can show your confidence in her by gifting her some expensive gift items like an expensive, branded bag, real diamond jewelry, etc.

All girls love fashion and hence these gifts would be definitely loved by her, and at the same time, the fact that thought that she would be able to take care of such an expensive item, would show her how much confidence you have in her, making this a perfect gift for her 18th birthday.

So what to get a girl for her 18th birthday? A girl turning 18 would have some very specific likes and dislikes and you would have to take into account her personal wishes when selecting a birthday gift for the 18-year-old female.

We tried our best to give you some of the best 18th birthday gift ideas for her. We hope that these ideas might have helped you to pick few gifts for her. So let us know what do think which are some of the best 18th birthday gifts for girls?