What To Get Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday?

So whats the plan, any idea what to get your girlfriend for her birthday. Are you confused at the moment to make a perfect choice or you don’t have any idea in your mind. I have observed that guys are generally found to be bad in selecting gifts and making good choices. They are not that creative enough to think about the right gift options.

Anyways today i thought to help out all those guys who are finding it difficult to make any choice. Here i will tell you some bingo gifts that will surely win your girlfriend’s heart. I said Bingo is because these are kind of gifts that are all in a girl’s hit list. In other words, these are some gifts that any girl would love to have.

What to get my girlfriend for her birthday

20 Gifts to get your girlfriend for her birthday

There are certainly many things you can consider while planing gifts for her. Down below i have shared few ideas that will help you in planing the gift list.

A trippy Collage

Photo collage

You can probably buy many materialistic gift but this one is and will be always special to her. I personally believe that personalized gifts are more valuable than any gift which you can buy directly from the store.

I like to save and store all the gifts i get from my friends and family members. Yesterday i was looking at my gift keepsake box and found one small collage picture. It was a gift from my girlfriend. She made a beautiful collage, whenever i see that collage all memories just comes in a flash of light.

You can also do the same for your girlfriend. Dig in for some old pictures of her, the ones you both have some awesome memories and then make it into a collage. I am sure she will go nostalgic over this gift.

Skin care set

Everyone knows girls love to take care of their skin. I am sure your girlfriend would also be interested in getting a gift related to skin care.

If you go for online gift shops, you will literally find many options for skin care products. I would like to make her amazed as i want you to gift her a complete set or kind of an hamper for skin care. Skin care set generally contains different kind of soaps, spray, creams and other stuff that gives you complete skin care.

Gifting a skin care set will also make an impression on her mind that you care for her and her beauty. I am sure She will be more than happy to get a nice set on her birthday.

Vouchers for spa and saloon

vouchers for spa and saloonm

Women and girls love spa and attractive saloon offers for their skin and beauty. I am sure your girlfriend would also love to visit spas and saloons. If this is so then i think gifting her vouchers of spa and saloon would be a good option. If you want you can search online for some well known spa and saloons.

Romantic gifts

romantic gifts

Guys need reasons to be romantic and what can be more better occasion than her birthday. Get her some romantic gifts that can make her day memorable. There are many options you can find online for romantic gifts. If you have never tried her gifting some romantic gifts then it is the time. Go for it and make the occasion full of love and romance.

She loves to smell good

She loves to smell good

You can get your girlfriend a branded perfume set. As you know girls love to smell good. I have researched over many forums and found perfume set to be the most common gifts that girls love.

Recently i gifted a Jesica Parker perfume set to my girlfriend. Although it was not her birthday but she really liked the set. I am sure it will do charm for you as well.

Handmade gift

handmade gifts

You can make something for her, it can be anything from cooking material to any DIY gift. I know it is not at all for guys to get their hands into making things as a gift. But believe me she will be surprised to see something you made for her birthday.

There are many things you can make it for her. You can even make a greeting card, i think that would also be enough as it is unexpected. So anything you make for her will be like a surprise gift for her.

Yearly fitness subscription

fitness gifts

What can be great than gifting our loved ones, health and fitness. But i found that people hardly look around for gifts in this section. Definitely there are many other gifts that you can consider as i have mentioned also, but gifting something useful is the best thing you can do.

There are many things you can gift your girlfriend that can help her motivate to be fit and healthy. For example you can get her energy band, wrist pedometer watch for daily activities, gym shoes, etc..

But i would like to encourage you to get her an yearly fitness subscription as a gift for her birthday. This is unique and helpful too, so i think you should definitely go for it.

Diamonds are forever

Diamonds are forever

If you have a good budget to spend on gifts for her, then i would like to suggest you that you should go for anything involving diamonds. It is found that women have some special kind of attraction towards diamond. You can go anywhere, girls will be the same and love diamonds anyhow.

There are many ways you can make her birthday special but gifting her an expensive diamond gift on her birthday will make it more special and memorable too.

Short film

Short film

Earlier i have mentioned that you can make and gift a photo collage. There is one good option, in fact a very good option. You can make a nice short film with more than just pictures.

I got this idea from one of my friend as her boyfriend gifted him something that was so special. He made a birthday short film in which he used his creative skills. He asked all her girlfriend’s friends, family members and relatives to make a short (10 seconds) video for her in which they can wish her birthday. He collected all the videos and some old pictures and made a very nice video out of it.

He gave as a surprise gift to her as when she was in her office. He sent her this video and she was so surprised as  it was just unexpected . She told me how special it was, it made her whole day so amazing.

I am sure you are also inspired from my friend’s story. You can do even the same, i am sure she will love you for this and this will be memorable.

52 Reasons i Love you: DIY Gift

52 reasons i love you

I think with little efforts you can make an precious gift for your girlfriend. I know guys don’t like doing DIY stuff but still this is really easy and i am sure you can do it as it is worth the efforts.

Make a book of 52 pages. On each page write down one reason why you love her. So that means with 52 pages you will write 52 unique reasons why you love her. You can make and decorate the book yourself or you can directly buy these kid of books in which you just have to fill in the blanks.

You can even use cards to make a nice and unique book where on each card you can write one unique reason. You can see the picture, it will look something you can see in the image above.

Chocolate hamper

chocolate hamper

Girls love chocolates and everybody knows that, so what you are waiting for for. You can get your girlfriend a chocolate hamper or chocolate gift basket if she love chocolates. You can also get her a monthly subscription of chocolates.

Recently i was searching for some nice chocolate baskets on many gift portals and found different range of chocolates that blow my mind. So i think it is pretty much easy for you to buy chocolates online. But be sure about what kind of chocolates she likes the most.

Last year i have gifted one big chocolate box to my girlfriend. The box was only filled up with the chocolates that my girlfriend likes. So i shortlisted few from the shop and get them packed & wrapped in a nice looking gift box.

Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

When you don’t have any option or you are confused to make any choice or may be at the very last moment you don’t have any idea then you should go for amazon gift card.

Amazon provides a big range of gift cards that anyone can buy from amazon. These gift card starts from 50$ and goes on. You can buy gift card of any range and get it to your girlfriend. With this gift card she can buy anything from the wide variety of things. So this way she can get anything she wants.

I hope these general suggestions would help you plan some gifts for her. I have also shared one source earlier, also check it out to find some more gifts that you can get your girlfriend for her birthday.