What to get your best friend for her birthday? Is that in your mind? Well, here you will find what exactly you are looking for.  I am sure the recommended gift list mentioned below will surely help you out in planning the gift.

When it comes to friends, all we could think about is having fun and enjoying life to the fullest. But when it comes to best friends, everything becomes infinite and life seems to be so beautiful. And when you have such good friends in your life, you feel the need of doing something or the other special thing for them.

When it is your best friend’s birthday, you plan out a whole lot of surprises and you make sure that she feels extra special. From gifts to other surprises, you want everything to be perfect, just for her.

So, to make things easier for you, we have listed down few best gift ideas that you can surprise your best friend with. Not only will she love these gifts but also would not be able to thank you enough for making her birthday more than special.

Therefore, without any second thought, go through the list and buy the best ones that you think your best friend would prefer. Choose the ones that she would love the most. After all, your best friend deserves to feel special especially when it is her special day.

what to get your best friend for her birthday

What to get your best friend for her birthday

Here are some of the best birthday gift ideas for best friend female. These are the gifts which are suitable for girls. I have tried my level best to jot down some of the best options in the list, hope you will like it.

Gifts Reviews

A cute pendant

Well, if it is about gifts for girls, we have to go with the jewelry first. You can go for a cute pendant with a chain and gift it to your best friend. She is going to love it. She can wear it with any type of dress that she wants and will flaunt it proudly. You can get such pendants in different designs and sizes. You can choose the one that you think would be suitable for her.

Customized pillow

Gifting your best friend a customized pillow will serve the purpose of making her feel special on her special day. You can get the pillow customized with any sweet message that you want. You can even get a cool message printed about your friendship with her. Here are some awesome birthday messages for your best friend that you can use to print.

Gemstone earrings

Girls love this. And your best friend is going to love your gifted earrings more. Gemstone earrings are so pretty that any girl will fall for them. These come in pretty designs and cool colors. The best thing is that these can be worn on any dress type and is easy to carry. These are not only funky but also beautiful.

A really nice bracelet

You can search for good bracelets online or even at stores. Search for the ones that have good quotes about friendship on them. Choose the best quote you can. Your girl best friend is definitely going to love it. Her wrist will look so pretty when she will flaunt this bracelet.


Here you go with the eternal gift idea that can make any girl smile. She is your best friend and she has to feel more special on her birthday. Flowers do this work absolutely well. You can buy her favorite flowers and gift them to her in form of a bouquet. What more? Well, you can even surprise her with the bunch of many flowers at every corner of her house. Let her bloom too!

Jewellery Box

Well, your best friend will definitely need a jewelry box to keep all her favorite jewelries. You can gift a beautiful jewelry box to her which she can keep in her room. You can get many such boxes online in different colors and designs and you can even choose the one of her favorite colors. These boxes even come in different materials like wood, plastic or fiber.

A cute teddy bear

If your best friend is one of those girls who loves cuddling with soft toys on her bed, then gifting her a beautiful and a cute teddy bear will be the best idea. These teddy bears are available everywhere and are easy to carry. You can gift the one that she likes the most and choose her favorite color. Their sizes vary, so, you can choose the one that you think would be loved by her. If she likes a big one, go for that. No doubt it will be the cutest gift for her.

A cool wrist watch

If your best friend has an obsession for watches or if she loves wearing one, you can gift her a really cool worst watch as per her liking. You can get the one of her favorite color and the dial that she would prefer. If she loves a chain watch, you can gift her a chain one. Or you can choose a leather strapped watch of her favorite color and brand.

 A wallet

It comes under necessity so your best friend will end up thanking you if you plan on gifting her a really good wallet. You can buy the one with spacious compartments so that she can easily carry her important stuff with her like cards and her money. Go for the one of her favorite color or any design that she likes.

Her favorite eye shadow

Now that she needs to get the makeup done for any party or event, you can select her favorite colored eye shadow. Or you can even choose the one that you think she will like. You can buy the one of her favorite brand or any other company that she trusts with her cosmetics.


Same goes for the lipstick that you are going to buy for her. If her favorite shade is pink, go for it without a second thought. You can even go for natural colors if she does not prefer any dark color. You can choose any of the best brands and surprise her with this cute little gift.

Friendship photo frame

To keep the memories alive, you can buy her a cool photo frame with a beautiful quote about friendship. To make it more beautiful, you can get your picture with her and gift the photo frame along with the picture in which you two are together.

Personalized chocolate

Chocolates! Yes! You can get a chocolate personalized with her name. This service is available in on all the good bakeries or you can even order the customized chocolate online. Choose her favorite one and surprise her with this cute idea.


If your best friend loves carrying scarves; you can buy the one with her favorite color or her favorite pattern. You can even get her a set of scarves which she can smartly sport anywhere and everywhere. There are varied varieties available in good stores or even online.

Knitted coasters

You can surprise your best friend with this amazing idea of knitting a coaster all by yourself and gifting her the cutest gift ever. You can knit beautifully colored coasters that she will cherish while having a sip of coffee or tea at her table. To make it even more special. You can knit her favorite colored coaster.

A beautiful lamp

You can get a really beautiful bottle lamp for your best friend customized with a sweet message about friendship. Let her room glow with your cute gesture of your love towards your best friend. These lamps look so pretty when they glow in the dark. Another best thing about these lamps is that they come in different shades. So, you can choose the shade which you know is your best friend’s favorite.

A soothing smell

You can buy a soothing perfume for your best friend. There are several types of perfumes available on the market. If your friend likes it soft, you can buy her that. Ranging from fruit smell to a flowery one, you will have much availability of these scents.

Note planner

If your best friend prefers writing down all the important things, the best gift for her will be a note planner. You can get her a beautifully covered note diary which she will love to use. These diaries are not much costly and are easy to carry too.

Photo album

We love collecting memories. And so your best friend will adore this gift by you. You can gift a beautiful album in which she can put all her pictures with beautiful memories. You can even gift her this album with few good pictures of you and her of all the good times that you guys have spent together. She is definitely going to get all nostalgic.

Heart locket

This is one of the sweetest gifts for your girl best friend. These lockets come in a set of two personalized with the words of your choice. So, you can get it personalized with your names or a word that is common between you two. These lockets are hung from a sterling silver chain and are made of good quality silver. These come in different designs and shapes and are easily available online.

15 More Gifts to get your best friend for her birthday – Updated

I have added a list of some more gifts for you so that you get some more options to make a choice. I am sure you will like these gifts as well.

Birthstone Necklace Teardrop Pendant

birthstone necklace

Your best friend will love to have the Birthstone necklace on her birthday. This necklace is made up of Swarovski crystal and its shape is like that of a perfect teardrop which will look beautiful on her. The birthstone necklace is available for all the 12 months and you can gift your best friend as per her birth month.

Retro Old Style Wooden Jewelry Box

old style wooden jewelr box

Your best friend will surely love the “Retro Old Style Jewelry box” which is made up of wood and has a handle to hold. The box has an authentic old charm to it and she can keep her jewelry in it. It can also be considered as an item of home decor because of its intricate and beautiful designs on it. Your friend will appreciate you for this unique gift that you gave her and will show it to others.

Lip Balm Kit

lip balm kit

Ever thought of making your own lip balm which your best friend would love to make then you can gift her Leona Lip Balm kit in which she can make peppermint lip balm within 1 hour. All the ingredients used in this Lip Balm Kit are natural and she will like to use it as a skin-care product.

Sari Bag

sari bag

Your best friend will love to have the Sari Bag as a gift from you. It is made up of pure cotton in which the colors and patterns vary. However, you will love the color, pattern, and texture of the Sari bag which is gifted to you and would like to show it to others.

Copper Plated Measuring Cups and Spoons

copper plated set
You know that your best friend loves to cook and therefore you can gift her Copper plated measuring cups and spoons which will be the best gift for her. It contains 5 copper spoons and 4 copper cups each measuring different quantity. The cups and spoons are designed brilliantly and are of superior quality which makes them durable and sturdy in usage and are good to store. They can be easily hand washed and your best friend will surely like this as a gift.

Lenox French Heart Dish

lenox french heart dish

Your best friend will love to have the Lenox French Heart Dish as a gift. This dish is available in 10 different colors which look elegant and beautiful like violet, lavender, pistachio, lilac, white, ice blue, peacock, thyme, and chambray. Durable stoneware is used to make this hearty dish and is safe to wash in a Dishwasher and safe to use in the microwave. It has a tea stain finish on its edge.

Handmade Wooden Wine Glasses

handmade wooden wine glasses

Your best friend would be amazed to see the handmade Wooden wine glasses and would appreciate you for this unique gift. These 4 pieces of Wine glasses are handmade and are made up of fantastic beautiful Palm wood. They are finely polished and are of high quality. Your best friend would love these wine glasses as a gift from you.

Orchid Metal Jewelry Tree

metal jewelry tree

Your best friend will get just the perfect gift from you when you will give her the Orchid Metal Jewelry tree. It displays and organizes all her jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more on to the tree stand which can be beautifully placed in her bedroom as a house decor. It will be a unique gift for her and she will like it very much.

Jelly-fish earrings

jelly fish earrings

When you will gift your best friend “Jellyfish earrings” on her birthday she will be very much happy and appreciate your awesome gift. The Jellyfish are very beautiful looking and are plated in silver with French hook wires. The Jellyfish is hand-painted and when you wear the Jellyfish earrings people will admire you for the fabulous and wonderful tentacles of the Jellyfish earrings which are hanging.

Keep Calm and love Llamas

keep calm mug

Your best friend will surely love and appreciate the “Keep Calm and love Llamas” coffee mug that you will gift her. The message printed on the mug is very catchy and everyone will watch it when she will be drinking coffee in it. The coffee mug is made up of ceramic and can contain 11 ounces of coffee. The message is printed in “USA” and the cup can be easily washed in a dishwasher.

Loose Leaf Tea Sampler

loose leaf tea sample

Your best friend will love to have the “Loose Leaf Tea Sampler” from you as a gift on her birthday. She must be drinking tea but here she will get to taste 12 different types of tea flavors with at least 12 cups of tea to drink in each flavor. The 12 types of tea are Peach Tea, Gunpowder green Tea, Masala Chai, Rooibos, Sencha green tea, Red fruit hibiscus, English breakfast tea, Earl Grey, Mirik Darjeeling etc. The packing of each tea is done in a reusable metal tin which can be reused after the tea is over. Your best friend will surely enjoy drinking the many types of tea in this sampler.

Rock and Mineral Collection

rock and mineral collection

If your best friend is an admirer of stones and minerals and likes to collect it in her collection then she will admire and appreciate you for the gift of “Rock and Mineral collection” that you will give her. This plastic collection box contains 18 pieces of different types of rocks and minerals. With it, you get a booklet or an information guide giving an explanation of each mineral and their various colors. Everyone will love her collection of stones and minerals which will also be informative.

Miniature Pink Perfume

Your best friend will be very much happy and will love to see the “Miniature Pink Perfume” bottles which are aesthetically and beautifully grouped and designed together which gives it a wonderful and fabulous look. The perfumes have a nice fragrance and she can use it as an item of house decor by placing them it over a tray. She can use these perfume bottles as a decor item in her Dresser table, bathroom or bedroom and will love to show it to her friends and guests.

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These were the best sources and list mentioned some of the best birthday gifts for girl best friend. I hope this might have helped to pick the right one. So what do you think what to buy your best friend for her birthday?