Personalization is indeed a great thing to inherit to enhance the sentimental value of the gift. Things are a lot more different when gifted with a personal touch. It makes us believe that the gifts are exclusively meant for us. Thus, receiving a gift which is especially thought for you is always special. However, not everyone gets the personalization game on point when it comes to giving out a gift to someone they love.

Personalized birthday gifts

Personalized Birthday Gifts for Everyone

With so many options available on the market, there are high chances that the gift giver can get confused about what to precisely choose for the birthday person. Thus, to help you find solutions to your confusion, we sorted down a list of magnificent personalized gifts that can be gifted to a birthday person. The ideas we would mention below are general and could imply for both, men and women alike.

A memory jar is something which would be loved by the receiver regardless of the age. The jar comes in with 180 memory chits which you can use to write beautiful memories and things about the birthday person. You can either tell their friends to write messages for them and seal them in the jar later. It also comes with a pen and rewritable plaque which makes it easier for the giver to convey his heartfelt emotions through the words. Every time, the receiver pulls out a chit from the jar, you would notice utmost joy and excitement on his or her face.

A photo frame is always a decent choice when it comes to gifting it to someone special. However, this photo frame is different as it boasts all the important dates, places, and people along with a picturesque background. This could serve as a fantastic gift for people celebrating their anniversaries. You could put in the important date, the time, place, and your names for the photo frame to look perfect. We are sure that the receiver would love to hang it on one of his or her walls. Married and committed people are advised to have a keen look at it.

Gifting a pen was a trend back in the day when technology hadn’t it come in the picture. With time, the trend faded and the importance of using a pen also declined. Although technology has taken over most of the things, we still require pens to sign and write. Therefore, for a collector you know, this engraved Parker pen would be a perfect gift for him. And believe us, Parker is one of the leading high-end pen makers in the world. This would be highly recommended for office going people or writers who still use the pen as one of their weapons. After all, we all know the saying that pen is mightier than the sword.

Thinking for a personalized gift for a cooking enthusiast or for someone who spends his most of the time in the kitchen? Then the wooden board is the righteous choice for such person. The two-toned bamboo cutting board can be personalized by writing a quirky message or your names on it. The customization can be done according to your imagination. Therefore, whatever words you choose to write on the board, the wooden board is going to be a dearer gift for the receiver. Given the quality standards, the board would survive for a very long time making it an excellent gift.

Mugs are the most common things to be personalized. It has been on the top of the priority list for many people on the globe. It counts in one of the most funny gifts idea for birthday which can be used from time to time by the receiver. Anything customized on it, adds to the entire value of the gift. You can be funny like the mug we have suggested, or you can write down your favorite quote or a message. The words would matter the most when you select a common gift like a coffee mug. If you are confused and don’t have any rough idea about what the person would like, you can stick to the coffee mug as it is one of the safest choices.

This one is highly recommended for people who love to carry their brews wherever they go. The letter as shown in the image can be customized considering the name of the receiver. The box has a nice manly look and is also fitted with a bottle opener to add to the efficiency of the carrier. Made with wood, the carrier exhibits a decent rustic look and provides the users with a lot of space to keep and carry their beer bottles without creating a fuss. We are sure, people who often tend to host parties in the woods or farmhouses are going to love such a kind of gift. Because, more than anyone else, they care for their brew bottles more than anyone does.

Not that we boast smoking or anything as such, but Zippos are few of the best things to be given to young people. You should know it better than us that who would love it more as a gift. There is no rocket science required to find a person’s love for Zippos. There are lighters available at the market with different shapes and sizes. Most of them would love an antic zippo and would be happy with just that. But when it is exclusively made for the receiver, it would mean a whole lot to him or her. The only thing you should stress on is the words, on which the entire beauty of the gift is thrived on.

Well, it may be quite hilarious and awkward to gift someone something like a spoon. But things would only get better when it is customized exclusively for the birthday person. However, young minds wouldn’t find it amusing. So we suggest it for the people who have passed their prime or are beyond their forties. An inside joke would be best suited to get it personalized on the gift. You can write as much as four lines, and it can be used for a prolonged period of time, given that the ink will fade with extensive use.

BBQ grilling sets, itself are great gifts for meat lovers. Also, they are highly appreciated by the people who love to cook or host BBQ parties on a regular basis. If you know any such person and his birthday is near, you can stun him with a perfect BBQ grill set which is exclusively customized for him. You can engrave his name or anything you like on the box, which looks fabulous once you unbox the package. The box contains everything he will ever need while he grills his meats and potatoes on the coal. You might get lucky and get scrumptious grilled food as a result of the gift.

Common as it gets, keychains are great options if one is running low on the budget and yet needs an effective gift for a birthday person. Also, key chains are great when it comes to needing something that would stay with the receiver for the most of the time. Personalizing it would add a great value to the regular keychains. You can use the space to its best effect by scribbling down some really emotional messages on them. It would be a much-loved possession. Who said that happiness doesn’t come in small boxes? Watching this tiny gifts unfold can be one of the best experiences of the receiver’s life.

For the coffee lover you know, it would be one of the best-customized gifts he or she will ever receive in his or her entire life. Not only he or she would get a box filled with 16 fresh roasted beans, but also a personalized note which allows the gift giver to write his or her heartfelt words on it. These are few of the finely selected gourmet coffee beans which makes it an excellent gift for the caffeine lover. It also contains tasting notes, whole bean coffee, and roaster profiles to add to the exquisiteness of the coffee beans.

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If the person you want to gift is a champagne collector, then the customized bottle stopper would be a perfect gift for him or her. Given that he or she loves to flaunt their collection to their guests. The stopper would sit near the table perfectly enhancing the overall look of it. Anything that improves the dearest possession of one’s life, will be a great personal gift to keep. You can write the initials on the bottle stopper or even accommodate the name if you wish to. Also, with all that customization that goes into it, it is handmade with fine wooden material to add to the look.

We do not recommend this for the women unless she is one of the kick-ass, hardcore, cowgirl kind of women. Even if she is, you should try not gifting it to her as it wouldn’t be appreciated as much as a man would. A hammer is the most common weapon used by a man. It is used to fix everything that is loose, and maybe it may tighten your relationship on sentimental basic. Puns aside, the engraved hammer would be a great personalized birthday gift for any man, may it be your father or your uncle. It can be exhibited in the showcase as a keepsake, and at the same time be used for getting the nails pierced.

Beer is the most loved beverage on the planet, maybe only behind coffee. The glass more or less looks like a beer can. It can be engraved with the dates and the names of your liking. Therefore, it would make a decent gift to be given on anniversaries and birthdays. We recommend it to the regular drinker and a beer lover more than anyone else. The glass can hold 16 ounces of the drink and is made with high-quality glass to add to the beauty of personalization. The engraved letters would last a lifetime as they are imprinted with lasers.


Hoodies can be decent gifts to be given to anyone, regardless of age, sex, and choice. It could prove helpful for everyone in the chilly winter days. Also, a sense of customization would be great as it would add a lot of sentimental value to the regular hoodie. It can serve as a decent post-retirement or birthday gift for everyone. The customizable prints made on the fabric is washable and doesn’t wear off with extensive use. The makers boast that it is treated with heat process for the design to stay as it is for a longer period of time.

Hip flasks are great for the alcohol lovers or the heavy drunkards. They’d love to own a flask which is exclusively made and designed for them and to top it all, it is a gift from the person they love. Therefore, a gift in the form of it would be highly appreciated. Not only one gets to gift a letter engraved flask, but the box also contains 4 shot cups and a funnel which is sure to have answers for most of his drinking needs. He’d love to flaunt the flask amongst his drinking friends, and the initials engraved would have a whole lot of different meaning to it.

This photo travel mug would be a perfect gift for the person who loves to travel and is constantly on the move ,. You can put in a picture of you and the receiver together on the mug to constantly remind the person of how much you miss him or her. It would be a great gesture, and the receiver wouldn’t want to lose the mug forever. The best part about the mug is that the photo wouldn’t be affected even if you pour hot or cold water inside it. However, the photo has to be inserted by you in the frame given by the company.

This gift is more intended towards men, especially those who love camping, trekking, and going out on adventurous tours. So if you know any such Bear Grylls in your group, and his birthday is coming near, you can think of gifting him a knife with any personalized message engraved on it. It could be an insider joke or anything that you guys have shared in tandem. Or to be on the safe side, you can always have his name or the nickname written on it. The pocket-friendly knife is going to go places with your adventure lover friend, and every time he uses it, it is surely going to remind him of you.

If you are a male wanting to gift it to your male best friend, the personalization name has to be a big banter. That would be the only time that the funny gift would crack the user for years. In other cases, wives, and girlfriends can get this for their partners. Although it would seem like someone is trying to mark his or her territory, it is a gag gift of which we are sure that it would leave the receiver in bits. Anything is consider awesome birthday gift for friends if it makes him smile and laughs. Therefore, even if it doesn’t seem like one, it would qualify as a decent gift, if and only if you share that kind of bond with the receiver.

Baseball fans are going to go crazy if they receive a match ball engraved with all their details as a birthday gift. We kid you not, but it would be the most treasured gift of their lives. And by any chance, if you manage to get an autograph of any player of his favorite team, we bet our lives, that he wouldn’t thank you enough for it. As far as I know, guys are crazy behind the game they follow, and anything that is related to the game is considered to be an exciting gift for them.

Anything related to style can be a decent gift for anyone in their youth. However, it might be the most expected gift from the birthday person. In case, you have a plan of surprising your loved ones and can’t think of anything else other than the mundane gifts, you can pep up the boring gifts with a touch of personalization. When the customization is done in such a way that the gift is exclusively meant for them, even a minuscule keychain would get its own sentimental value. This is the same case with the bracelets we have mentioned here. Figure out the words that would go on the bracelet, choose a color that he or she might love, and you are good to go.

This a nice gift from a sibling to a sibling like to a sister or brother. You can write the birthday boy or girl’s name on the pig, telling them that it is their selves. It would bring your funny side into the play. We are sure that it is going to annoy the crap out of your sibling, every time he sees it. However, even after being annoyed, he would love to use it as his saving bank account. Humor matched with gifts is a great way of amusing people to the extent. As grownups, you can gift it to your best friend in an exquisite gift wrap. I don’t think people would witness more hilariousness than the gift opening itself.

If and only if the person you are wanting to gift owns a guitar, you should think of gifting it to him. In rest cases, it is as useless as a beef steak to a vegan. You can customize the words on the pick which would make it exclusively for him or her. For people who are passionate about the music they play, such small things with a great sentimental value mean a lot for them. Thus, even though very small, it would be a perfect gift for any guitar lover. You can even opt for a plenty of them, each customized with a different message or inside banter. By this way, you wouldn’t even feel bad of gifting just a pick to him or her.

Of all the things, small and big, mentioned in the list, we thought of giving you a very pale idea of gifting a customized pillow cover as a birthday gift. Not that we want you to put a family picture on the pillow and gift it, but we want you to share a great banter with the receiver which would crack him up every time he sees the pillow. As a wife, you can add a picture of yourself, so that the head is constantly on you, even while he is asleep. One has to stress on their little brains to make this gift a successful one. Having a plain picture of you and your friend doesn’t make sense, and we do not boast such gift ideas at all.

Now that you have a wide fleet of options available at your disposal, you can select anyone personalized birthday gift from the above-mentioned list, and delight the birthday person with a touch of personalization. There are many more things that could be customized. But we had a go on such things which were average on price and suited almost all age groups. With this, we conclude our list of best personalized gifts for everyone. We hope you loved out suggestions. We are open to suggestions, and your comments would be taken seriously.


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