Whether it is the way she likes her coffee or her reaction after every break-up, you know it all. You know all the tantrums and mood swings that come along. You know every minute detail about her and have a fair idea about her likes and dislikes. All that said and done, you still have difficulty finding the right gift for her. Although all her closed ones turn towards you for suggestions, when it comes to you, you are absolutely clueless. The very fact that, that she is your best friend makes it very difficult for you to settle down a single gift. That is why we came up with a blog dedicated to the birthday gift ideas for best friend-female.

Gift Ideas for Best Friend-Female That Will Stun Her for Life

In this blog, we’d mention all those things which are easily available in the market and redefine efficiency. Everything that is efficient and comes in handy in day to day life is always deemed as a great gift. Apart from out gift ideas being efficient, we also made sure that we mention such gifts that don’t make you feel the pinch on your pockets. We are sure that your female best friend is going to appreciate your gift giving skills after she receives one of the below-mentioned gifts in the present box.

Thank us later, first roll your eyes through our ideas and give yourself a wide fleet of options to choose from.

Bracelets are one of those ornaments which can be carried by the women of all ages. Whether she is in her early teenage or in the frustrated forties, she can wear them with much poise and elegance. It is one of those bangles that suit all ages and styles. It can even be used as a friendship band which would glorify our friendship. We are sure that she would love to flaunt the bracelet whenever she steps out with her friends or family. Not only it will add to her style statement but will give her the opportunity to feel your presence whenever she wears it.

It is said that an entry to the man’s heart is through his stomach, and I’d apply the same theory to the women as well. Which women wouldn’t like her partner being able to cook lip-smacking delicacies and all she does is munch on them while she cuddles in her blanket? Getting my point? Everyone has a distinctive choice in terms of the food they eat, and if your female best friend loves cookies, these assorted ones are surely going to stun her to the fullest. She would hog on them even before thanking you for the gift, and that itself would be a satisfying moment for you to watch.

This one is recommended for the shutterbug you know. If at all, your female best friend is fond of photography, this instant camera is surely going to amuse her to the fullest. The best trait about this camera is its ability to print pictures right after they are clicked. Therefore, it could be best for her to print the pictures for her photo book or to stick it on her photo wall. Owing to the craze women have with pictures, it would suit the girls who love the face the camera and also for the ones who prefer staying behind it. The color would add some girly dash to it.

Has she ever conveyed it to you that she wishes to have curly fluffy hair at least once in her life? If it is so, then the hair curler set is going to excite her to the fullest. It would allow her to get the curls whenever she wants. Apart from fulfilling her wish of getting curls, it would save a good amount of money that she would have to pay in the salon. Therefore, it would do two jobs at the same time, and she wouldn’t be able to thank you enough. The box contains 10 rollers with ionic conditioning which would help each and every hair on the head to get perfect curls.

Every woman loves to smell good, and for that, they heavily rely on exclusive perfumes, body soaps, and lotions. Then there are women who are crazy about exquisite fragrances. This one is recommended for them who have the knack of buying perfumes wherever they go. We are sure that Versace perfumes would entice the perfume lover in her. Also, we are pretty confident that it would be appreciated by someone who is not much into perfumes. Therefore, all and out, it a fantastic thing to be wrapped in the gift paper. It guarantees that your gift giving skills will be appreciated by the receiver.

Women love selfies, don’t they? If your female best friend is one of those women who feel the urge to click selfies at every given point of time, then a selfie stick is the perfect gift for your best friend’s birthday. She would love to receive something that is required by her in every aspect of life. This isn’t the ordinary selfie stick you find in the local market. In fact, it is an appliance used by the professionals as it has the ability to hold up DSLR cameras, all sort of mobile phones, and videography cameras. It is a great gift one can give it to a female best friend, especially for the women in her teens or early twenty’s.

If coffee is the only way for her to kick-start her day, night, or whatever work she is about to do, then a coffee maker is simply the excellent gift for her to entice her mood and to bring a huge smile on her face. This one is highly recommended for the coffee lover you know. It would give her the liberty to have her daily dose of caffeine at the expense of her home. Her visits to the fancy coffee shops would eventually reduce. Therefore, it would save a lot of money for her without even breaking down on her love for coffee. Although it could be a costly affair, a coffee machine will be a sensational gift for her provided that she hasn’t replaced her old brewer in the recent days.

Smartwatches are the way to go in this fast-paced social media driven lives, especially for the people who can’t survive a single day without having their social media notifications checked. Fitbit ionic smartwatch is one those watches which would add some style and flair to the personality. Along with the style statement that it would create for you, it will do everything that a smartwatch is entitled to do. Also, its sleek design and shape would give you the option of wearing it like the regular watch. It would still look classy and elegant to the core. Therefore, if you are flexible on your budget, Fitbit ionic watch would be an awesome expensive gift for your female best friend.

It is just not an ordinary appliance but something that can speed up the hair drying process for girls, which is a headache when one does it manually. The efficiency of the hair dryer is what makes it a wonderful gift for your female best friend. It would come in very handy for her every time she washes her hair. You would be remembered for the times when she would get her hair done without cribbing and crying to dry them quicker. It is a nice gift that would not be loved by her in the start but once it starts helping her in the day to day life, she would start finding it helpful.

Chocolates have and will always have a special place in a woman’s heart. There might be few cases that could be way apart from the rest, but as per our experience says, chocolates have the tendency to win a woman’s heart. That is the reason why we chose one of the best chocolates in the world as a gift for your female friend. Her heart would melt faster than the chocolates does when kept on the tongue. She would feel its rich taste and completely get dissolved in it if she is a true chocolate lover. Not all women like their chocolate dark. Therefore, consider your best friend’s choices before gifting her this pack.

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As a man, you wouldn’t be aware of the efforts these women put in the quest of looking picture perfect. It takes a lot more than the lipsticks and mascara for their skins to glow like celebrities. There are several other procedures carried while they aren’t active which accounts of facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, etc. The Pumpkin face peel would suffice one of these needs. It would help her skin from aging further adding a bewildering charm on her face. All women love to look beautiful, and this gift would be another attempt to keep adding to-+ her personal beauty and health. She would love the pumpkin face peel only when it starts showing results on her skin.

Candles have a special place in women’s heart. In fact, they are more into sorts of candlelight dinners and stuff. But while candle flame would give them a peace of mind, the aroma that it emits would give them the perfect setting to brighten up their mood. It would help them to feel fresh after they come back from their routine office work or workout. Also, she can use it in the kitchen after she has cooked for the family. The Aromatherapy can do wonders for her as it would keep her mood and mind fresh whenever she has the candle in use. And for every such moment, your gift giving skills will be appreciated.

If at all she is someone who works hard to maintain her curves or someone who has been trying to get those curves, the fitness tracker would be most appropriate birthday gift idea for her. Your female best friend is going to love the fitness watch as it would allow her to keep the track of numbers in terms of calories, sweat, and distance covered. This would keep her motivated throughout her workout regime. Also, it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t create any problem even with the rigorous workout sessions. She would even be able to keep track of her sleeping patterns.

She could be needed to cook for herself and her family along with juggling with her office work. Therefore, at times, all she could need is something which would ease the way she cooks. The digital cool-touch rice cooker does just that. It gives her the liberty to cook rice and fish at the same time. Also, it promotes oneself to have healthy steamed food rather than having deep fried oily junk food. It definitely cooks the food faster with all that technology that goes into its making. You can auto time the cooker to switch off automatically which gives you the option to leave the home without the food being burned.

Considering the toxicants present in the air in today’s generation, it becomes almost impossible for one to breathe fresh virgin air, unless and until one finds a getaway in the mountains. Breathing fresh air is essential for one to keep up with his or her health. Therefore, an air purifier would be a perfect gift for someone who is struggling to keep the pace with changing environments. If your female best friend is past her 30’s, she would love the gift, as youth hardly give a damn about these aspects. It consumes all the germs, bacteria’s, and dust once installed at home leaving you with a dash of fresh air to breathe in.

We, as men, wouldn’t know what Kylie the brand means to the women cosmetic world. Gift her this set, let her unwrap the gift in from of you, and see her face do the talking. She would be excited to receive an exclusive range of lipsticks from one of the best brands in the cosmetic world. If people who don’t know what Kylie is, it is the brand by none other than the fashion dive, Kylie Jenner who is known for her stint in the Kardashian Sisters. The brand’s cosmetic products are highly rated by the experts who believe they have the best colors and shades when it comes to lipsticks.

If the best friend female you want to gift is always on a spin, a traveling suitcase would be the awesome birthday gift for any friend. It would be there with her while she travels the lengths and breadths of the world. The bag wouldn’t make her feel the void of not having you by her side when she is on the run of accomplishing the world. Within no time, it would become her best travel companion. Also, it would be a convenient mean for her to carry her clothes and associated things in a suitcase. There are 2 piece suitcases that would give her the option to choose considering the luggage she needs to carry to the tour.

The box containing 12 uniquely created bath bombs would unwrap some sense of happiness in the receiver’s life. It would help her freshen and soothe her mind and body with the essential minerals and vitamins that are present in the box. Apart from all the positives, another perk of using these bath bombs is its unavailability of chemicals in it. They are 100 organic which sets you free from the trouble that is caused by the chemicals. By gifting this, you would help her add some much-needed leisure in her life. Also, you don’t have to worry about gift wrapping it as it comes in a wonderful box which doesn’t require any gift wrapping.

Makeup is an essential part of the women’s lives and there is no-brainer required to understand the same. Not that we want them to turn out to plastic dolls with no natural beauty, but it has become an integral part of their quest to look good. That is why this makeup kit would come handy to most of the women, especially for the women who are in their youths. It includes everything starting from liquid eyeliners to mascaras and eyeshadow palette to attain top notch smoky eyes. The palette comprises of nothing less than 12 shades to get your eye makeup up to the mark.

Who wouldn’t love an iPad when received as a gift? It would be a fantastic gift regardless of a woman’s age or choice. It would give her a dash of entertainment in her life. Also, it would allow her to play her favorite mobile games like candy crush or temple run without the lag. iPad comes with a decent camera which attracts many gadget freaks towards it. Therefore, a device like this would be much loved by your best friend-female. However, it may burn a huge hole in your pocket. But considering its price, it would be a great gift for not only a female best friend but anyone who thrives on such gadgets.

Although we got too mainstream while we suggested the bangle as a gift, it is an amazing gift if one is confused about presenting anything out of the box. It is as elegant as it gets and looks terrifically beautiful on the elegant hands. The design is such that it can suit any wearer, may it be an aged woman or a girl in her twenties. It is made of 14 karat gold and is fitted with mesmerizing diamonds. We are sure that this exquisite piece of art would be loved by most of the women. However splurging approximately $500 on a bangle can make you think.

With this, we conclude our blog which is dedicated to the excellent gift ideas for best friend-female. There could be a lot of things on this planet that could impress your female best friend. At times, a single rose or a chocolate can do the trick, and at times even a diamond-studded ring won’t do the trick. It all depends on the mood and the choice of a woman. Therefore, one needs to consider a lot of things before selecting a gift for a woman.

Now that we have suggested a lot of gift ideas for best friend-female, we hope that you have found the answers to your queries. In case, we have missed out on something which could’ve been the best gift for a female best friend, you can write to us in the comments section below and we’d be happy to review the product for you.

All and all, we suggest you that consider her choices beforehand for her to appreciate the gifts given to her. For more gift ideas, you can always refer to our site which is birthdayinspire.com which has birthday gift ideas for almost all age groups and relations. We wish you the best in terms of finding a perfect gift for your best friend-female.


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