It was quite a tough task for me to list down some good birthday party ideas for girls as i have hardly attended only two girls birthday party. But yesterday when i got a mail from a woman who was asking me about some good suggestions for her young daughter’s birthday party, then i thought to give it a try. I research over few places and ask other people’s personal experience for this.

So with a bit of some efforts from my side i was able to make a huge list of ideas from party themes to decorations to games to activities. Initially i was a bit skeptical about whether should i write on this topic or not but as soon as i started researching over, i found that it is the most interesting topic that i was postponing from quite a long time.

Their is always some special thing about writing it for kids and as today the topic is on girls then i am half way more excited for this as you all are. So let me come to the point, as what i have for you here.

Here i will give you ideas and suggestions for almost like everything that you need to make the party awesome and memorable. I will give you ideas for.

  • Themes
  • Decorations
  • Games
  • Activities
  • Venues

With all these ideas you will be able to make a perfect birthday plan for our princess.

girls birthday party ideas

Birthday party ideas for girls

Below you will find all the ideas that will help you plan an awesome birthday party for any girl. These ideas are shortlisted after researching over many forums and also asking few people who have experience of planing a girl’s birthday party. So stay tuned there is a lot more to come.

Fashion queens

Fashion queen activity

This is a very interesting activity which girls would love get involved in. This activity is based on girls interest and thus they will enjoy every bit of it.

In this activity you have to divide the girls into teams and give them fashion props (dresses, makeup-kit, high heels, lipstick, nail paint, etc.). Let suppose there are 12 girls and you have divided them into 4 groups that means 3 in one group.

So what they have to do is, one will be model and other two will help her make the best looking possible in sense of fashion. Give them a time limit to make it more interesting. That means they have to prepare themselves withing certain period of time. At the end,  model of the each team will come on stage and just give a ramp walk to show how she has been styled.

The birthday girl will be judge and will decide who is looking more fashionable and stylish and thus the winner will be decided. This activity will involve all guests and also centered around the birthday girl as she will be the judge.

Drama Box

Skit activity

Divide the guests into teams. Let me explain it with 14 participants example. Divide the 14 participants into 7 teams that means each team will have two members.

Now for this game you must have equal no. of boxes with some props in it. That means if there are 7 teams then you must have 7 boxes, each with different props.

Give each team one box and let them open up the props. After they open up all the props give them some time to prepare an interesting skit based on the props they get and you can make the birthday girl judge.

Instagram inspired themes

Instagram inspired theme

These days even young kids are also up to date in app world and the biggest example is Instagram. Yestarday i checked one tag, where i found a profile of a cute young girl( she must be around 10). Her profile was full of her pictures.

Then i thought this can be source of inspiration for the theme too. Instantly i opened up the browser and found that yes there is already a Insta-inspired theme, specially for girls. In this theme you can have all decorative materials inspired from Instagram (i.e pictures, its logo, dummy camera, etc..).  Cake can also be designed in a shape of Instagram logo.

Alice in wonderland

Alice in wonderland theme

The name in itself is so fascinating to girls. If you know about the Disney animated musical fantasy flick released in 1951 that is still in for the girls of today’s generation.

This theme is full of colors and decorations as you can see in the movie as well and you will get to know how delightful it seems, all the frames of the movie with different colors.

For this theme you can do a lot of things like arranging some activity or skit related to the movie itself. You can have some candies and cookies as the treasure of this wonderland party. You can invite all cute kids in get up of all the characters of the movie to make the party more happening.

Why not a sleep over party

Sleepover party

I still remember my childhood days whenever i used to get permission for sleepover parties from my parents, i can’t explain it in words, how i use to feel like.

I know kids love sleepover parties so why don’t you allow your daughter and her friends to have a sleepover party in the house. I am so sure about it that she will love you for this and her birthday will be memorable.

You can arrange games for the sleep over party or you can arrange music system in the room where they can dance and enjoy.

Vintage Girlie Superhero Party

Vintage Girlie Superhero Party

You must be thinking that this theme sounds interesting, yes it is. Is she more influenced by cartoon characters or heroic characters, if so then you got to have this theme in your list. This theme is all about having the fantasy world let in the party and have girls to be part of it.

For this theme you can arrange for some games related to superhero women or some activities where they can involve themselves as superheros.

Cake decoration

Birthday cake decoration

Let the cake be very impressive to the girl. There are many things you can do about it. Do you know what is her favorite thing, does she love cartoons, does she love music or is she a fan of celebrity. If  you know what she is more interested into, the why don’t you decorate the cake inspired from it.

For example, if she is big fan of lady gaga then you can get the cake be decorated inspired from lady gaga. If she love barbie dolls then you can get it done around that it. With all this done you can also use the cake top as the no. of years she will be on her coming birthday.

Minute to win it games

minute to win it games for girls

I always recommend minute to win it games specially for kids as these kind of games are very exciting to be played and also they are interesting, fun and thrilling also. If you have seen the TV series of Minute to win it then you might have got what i am talking about.

There are several minute to win it games, you can pick any which you think is perfect suitable for the girls. These kind of games are easy to play and are meant to be completed in a time limit of sixty seconds that makes it more fun and thrilling.

City tour party

Open bus city tour party

We all do house parties but have you ever thought about a city tour party. Can you imagine how excited the kids will be to roam around the city. Recently i have written a post where i have shared the same ideas for the young kids and surprisingly many parents replied with a positive response for the same.

So for this what you can do is, book an open bus for the young girls or if open bus is not possible then you can go for normal bus used for picnics. Plan few destination places for the city tour ( places that are really interesting to them).

Let them enjoy the travel also in the bus with music, small games and activities. Believe me they will remember this day for years and thus it makes the day memorable.

Barbie girl theme party

Barbie girl inspired theme

If she loves barbie girl then let the theme be inspired from barbie girl. I have found that many small girls like barbie girl dolls. Recently i went to my friend’s house, my friend have a cute little daughter.

When i entered her room it was full of dolls, mostly barbie. She loves dolls and she was telling me all kind of dolls she have. Although i didn’t understand anything but one thing was clear that small girls like dolls and specially barbie girl dolls.

So if you think she also loves dolls then give this theme a chance, i am sure other girls would also love this themed party. You can decorate the venue with ribbons, banners, etc. and make it barbie land. Let them feel the world of barbie.

Candy coupons

Candies coupon booklet

In childhood who don’t like candies, i am sure she also love candies too, also the other kid guests as well. So here is what you can do with the candies to make the party more lively. Make a candy coupon booklet, make each page of the booklet as a coupon for different candies.

When the guest arrives give one candy coupons to each guest. Tell them that in the mid of the party or at the end, they can use these coupons to buy candies from the candy stall for free. This way they will be more excited through out the party to get the candies.

Cooking party

Cooking party

Let the girls enjoy and engage in cooking activities. If you are looking up for some activity that can engage them and have fun, then you can go for this one.

Arrange some food materials for the girls and with some guide to let them make something with those food stuff. To make it more interesting you can bring in some nice aprons and chef hats. It can be one of the most enjoying birthday party theme for girls.With the attire, they will be more interested in this activity.

You can have competition also in teams by dividing the girls into teams and let them prepare some dishes or anything they want to try.

What’s your Favorite dishes

Party favorite dishes

Guest are very important for any birthday party, in case they are kids too. So let the party be awesome and memorable for them too. If you are planning the party at night and planning cuisine and dishes for the party, then why not from ask the guest itself.

You can ask them about what they would like to have, this way they will also be more excited and thus the party will be more exciting.

Party costume and decoration

Birthday decorations and costumes

There are many things to make a birthday party interesting but if you are planning a birthday party for kids specially girls then you have to be sure about perfect matching costume and decorations.

Give it dress code for girls birthday party  and let the guest be informed about the same so that they can come up with their perfect costume in that dress code.

These were few girls birthday party ideas, i hope you enjoyed reading these ideas and suggestions. So which one you liked the most is it “fashion queen” activity, sleep over party or any other. Let me know which idea inspired you the most. Also if you have any idea in mind then do not hesitate to share.