Recently i have got a mail from a random  reader, in the mail he was asking about some specific gifts for older women. Actually he landed up on my article where i had shared some gift options for mom but these gift ideas very general not age specific.

I am not sure if you are looking for some birthday gift ideas for your mom, sister, wife or friend but she is old that is for sure as you landed up to this article. Anyways today i will be sharing some of the gifts and ideas for a woman who is old in age. That means these gifts can be suitable for any older woman in your life with what soever relation.

To find a perfect suitable gift for an older woman you need to understand few things. In other words i can say that before making any gift choice you should keep in mind few things about an older woman.

  • An older woman have no such interest in a lot of things.
  • She is at an age where health is her main concern
  • She might like things that will give her peace of mind
  • The suitable gift for her might be the one which is useful for her requirements.

These are few things that i can judge by considering my grandma in my mind. Last to last year when i was planning some gift for her, i came to few conclusions. These conclusions were mainly what i have mentioned above in the points. So this is what all about an older woman, you need to understand her age before making any choice.

gifts for older women

10 Recommended Gifts for older women

Here are ten most suitable gifts that you can consider for an older woman. These gifts are been chosen out of many and i found them to be the best.

My Life Story Diary



She might have experienced a lot of things in her life whether good or bad. She might have learned a lot of lessons from life. So why don’t you let her right the journey of her life in this dedicated diary. She will love to right some special moments of her life in this elegant diary and also she will feel very good about being acknowledged for her life journey.

Golden State Dried Fruit Tray

dry fruit dish

This is one of a very conventional gift you can get anyone who is older in age. It is a healthy gift that you can get her. This dry fruit tray has got everything from almonds to pistachios. You will get this all in a beautiful wooden tray and will be wrapped up as a gift.

Breo iSee4 Eye Massager


It is a wireless digital eye massager that gives immense relaxation to your eyes. It gives you deepest sleep with its relaxing abilities. Not only it just massage but also comes with heat compression which helps in blood circulation and also comes with music function. As i sum it up, it is the perfect one to make her enjoy the good time.

Active 2.0 Massage Chair

massage chair

Give her the most amazing time when she can just relax. She can use it to get massage, sit to read books or to just sit and relax. This massage chair is ultimate in giving you some amazing muscle relaxation. Its recliner is very flexible and lets you adjust to the degree of comfort.

Tub Spa Bath Gift Set


Its an amazing gift one can present to any woman. Women love to be hygienic and smell good, so i certainly believe that she will like this. This spa set comes with lotions, gels, puff ribbon, etc.. These products comes in a very beautiful gold tub that makes it look royal.

Flameless LED Candlese


If you are looking for some kind of decor gift then this is what you will find awesome. These are flameless LED candles which looks as if they are real burning candles. These candles comes with a remote control to operate.

Phillip Whitney Family Tree


It is another good decor gift you can present an old woman. It is a beautiful family tree with six photo frames to its branches. You can use your family member pictures or people close to her heart, in these 6 frames. She will feel nostalgic and overwhelming to get this gift.

Moov Fitness Tracker


The greatest of great gift you can get any old person is health and fitness. At old age people start getting health and fitness issues. So to keep her fit and healthy, this is what you need to gift her. This is a fitness tracker that helps you track your daily activities and motives you for your health and fitness goals.

Bird Feeder


It is a beautiful handmade metal bird feeder. Its rustic looks gives it a real eye catchy appearance. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves nature, bird and gardening. She can put this up in her garden or may be balcony.

Wooden Treasure Box


She might have many things that she is keeping it safe from the old memories. Let her save all those memories in this wooden keepsake box. This box is big in size, so she can save a lot of things and can keep that looked. I think it is one of the perfect gift option for an older woman.


Gift ideas for older women

I am not sure about the exact age of the woman you are looking up for. So the best way for me is to give you some general overall gift suggestions for older women. In the following list you will find few gift ideas and suggestions that can help you find some suitable gifts. After this i will share my recommended gift lists, gifts that i believe are perfect for any older woman.

Leisure Time 

leisure time gifts

An older woman mostly after 50 have a lot of time to spend free.  This leisure time is so boring for them as they have nothing to do, i mean no activities. Ask any older woman or even man, they will say the same thing to you. So this is the right time to get her two kinds of gifts:

  • Engaging gifts – Gift her something that can let her be engaged in some kind of activities.
  • Personal interest gift – Gift that woman something that she really love to do.

You may also like to read some suitable gifts for women over 50.

Daily needs

Daily essentials for older women

We all do require certain things daily. These are some kind of things that we require in day to day life. So try to find out what are the things she requires daily. It can be anything from a perfume to a coffee maker.

Personal choice

Personal choice

Gift her something that you believe is perfect for her. If you think something is suitable for her then go ahead and get it for her. You don’t need to always see for people’s choice. Gift something from your own personal choice and surprise her with it.



These were few suitable gift ideas for older women. I assume that you have found one pick for her as well. Let me know which one you found the best amongst the list.