Recently Mrs. Daniel asked for some fun and interesting games for kids birthday party. So in answer to her and to help many other parents who are confused as which games to plan for the party, here is the list that you need to explore.

Birthday party is an occasion that lets the parents relive the early childhood days and the memories associated with their child when he/she was born. It is a kind of affection they show towards their child by throwing a birthday bash and making him/her enjoy to the fullest on that day.

In fact, it is a point in every parent’s life where they have to plan an enjoyable and interesting birthday party for their kids and many find it daunting as they are not really sure how to plan it. Planning a birthday bash is not at all easy as it looks like.

When it comes to organizing a birthday party, several questions arise in mind like whether a party should be at home or at pre defined place where you don’t have to take care of anything, how many guests should be invited, what should be the theme of the party, and many more. With such doubts in mind, a birthday party becomes a stressful job!

Yet, at the end of the day, it is that point where both the parents and the child can enjoy their moment happily. But, a party without entertainment and games is a dull and boring party. Party games make kids birthday parties come to life! Having games in the party serves two purposes – firstly, the birthday child can enjoy more during the party and secondly, participation of all the guests will add more fun in the bash. Keeping these in mind, here are some funny games that you could consider while planning a birthday party:


Kids birthday party games

Kids Birthday Party games

So your wait ends up here down below you will find a list of some of the best and suitable games for kids birthday party. So stay tune and explore the best one from the list one by one.

Egg and Spoon Race

Egg and Spoon Race

This is the ultimate game that everyone in the party will enjoy. Even the host will crave to participate in this fabulously fun party game. All you need is a teaspoon and hard boiled eggs, then arrange the children at a start line where they will be standing with spoons in their mouth and an egg on that spoon.

When you are ready to start, ask them to place their hands at their back. When you will whistle then they will start the race and will run as fast as they can without the egg rolling off the spoon. Finally, whosoever manages first to reach the finish line with balanced egg on the spoon, wins the race. This energy filled classic game will have your kids laughing right up to the finish line.

Birthday Cake Hunt

Birthday Cake Hunt

Kids love surprises and if they have to hunt for it then the craze gets doubled. So on your child’s big day, you can create a special hunt for the birthday cake! Involve all the guests and kids in the game and divide them into separate teams and then give them a set of clues to find the cake.

The clues should be simple for the kids and the cake should be placed under adult’s supervision somewhere close. The team that first locates the cake will be announced winner of the game and as a reward they can be served first.

Musical Chair

Musical Chairs

This classic game is favored among every age group. From a kid of 7 years to a mature lady of 40 years, no one can resist this game at all. While planning a party, this game is must to be in the list. Everyone including the children and guest can participate in it.

All you need to have is loud music and chairs to revolve around. With one by one participants going out of the game, the number of chairs also decreases. At last, two players can compete for one chair and whosoever grabs the chair first is announced as winner.

Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight

This is a fun game to play at any birthday party. Children will love to participate in this game enthusiastically. Every child will be given a separate balloon with their names on it. They will then have to throw the balloon in the air and keep it up while trying to pinch other balloons down. The winner will be that player whose balloon stays in the air.

Tug of War

Tug of War

It is a great birthday party game to keep your children active and laughing where one big rope is required. Firstly, the children and adults can be divided equally on either side of the rope. Then a spot would be marked on the ground as middle line.

The main objective would be that one team will have to pull the other over the marked line. When “go” is heard, the game will start and then they will start pulling the rope hard until one team gets crumbled and is pulled across the line.

Funny Mummy Wrap Game

Funny Mummy Wrap Game

Funny mummy will be an ice-breaker party game for kids to play as they can team up against others in a race to wrap each other in roll of a toilet paper. With lots of children participating, they can be split into pairs where one will perform the role of the “mummy” while the other will be “mummy wrapper.”

With a “go” signal the race would be started and the fastest mummy wrapper to wrap their mummy from head to toe leaving the face and without tearing the paper will be chosen as the winner. It will be fun to watch.

Jump the Broom

Broom game

Planning a birthday party and having games in it add an extra punch of extravaganza into the atmosphere. In order to boost your entertainment level.

The broom would be kept on ground and the music will be switched on. The children would be asked to jump over the broom again and again till the sound gets off. When the music will stop, the child who is still jumping over the broom or the last child who would be jumping over the broom would be out of the game. Finally, the last child left will be the winner.

Hot Potato

Hot Potato

It is a party game guaranteed to get the kids and grown-ups laughing where children are asked to sit in a circle. In this music will be switched on and then a bean bag would be passed around the circle, pretending as if the bag is a very hot potato. As soon as the music will be off, the person holding the bag would be out of the game. The last person surviving in the circle would be counted as the winner.

Minute to win it games

I am sure you must have watched one of the famous game show” the minute to win it”. It was a very unique game show where there were games and contests that were limited to sixty seconds that means one minute games. So all games were one minute limited. From the inspiration from the show, there are many such kind of  games that you can plan for a party.

Blind man’s Bluff

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Encourage some learning at your kid’s party with this fun game for kids. No other game can replace it as it the best game ever where one child would be blindfolded and other would spin him around three times. After this, all other children would revolve around him and would try to distract him.

When the blindfolded child catches hold another child, then he is asked to guess who the child is. If he guesses correctly, the caught child would take over as the blind man.

Hold a Coloring Competition

Hold a Coloring Competition

Kids love to colour! Holding a colouring competition at your next birthday party will be so much fun and will encourage them to draw and colour in as beautiful as they can. Parents could lay out blank sheets on the table with colours and everything required.

Children then would be asked to start drawing and colouring the sheet in a given time of 5 minutes or so and then after that their sheets could be collected. The one who draws and colours the best would be the winner of the game.

Organize a Face Painting Competition

Face Painting Competition

This is a classic game which will leave your kids laughing and giggling throughout. Just make the kids available with edible paints and some members ready to get their face painted.

Adults can give 15 minutes time to the children and after that the child who made the best creative painting on the face can be called as the winner. This game will also showcase some wonderful hidden talents of the children of which the parents were unaware of before.

Princes and Princesses

Prince and princes

This is one more interesting game which every child would love to play in any birthday party. Your kid will have fun while walking like a little prince and princesses in this game that will reward him/her with best balancing skills. A thick book would be provided to every child and then he/she would be asked to walk with that book on their head as soon as the music gets started.

When the music will be stopped they will have to go down on one knee without dropping the book. If the book falls, the child will be eliminated and finally the last child surviving in the group will be called as the winner.

Race for a Golden Crown

Race for a Golden Crown

Your kids and their friends will love this crafty party game and will look fabulous wearing their royal jewels. Firstly, a crown should be placed in front of the table and the participants should be asked to place the jewels in the crown as they are shown in the original one. The child who does this properly and early will be the winner!

Hope, the above given list will boost your senses and will help you making your child’s birthday bash a hit party. The above suggestions will prove very beneficial for parents who are in search of different ideas whenever they plan some birthday party games for their young kid. At the end the child’s happiness will give success to the party!