There are alot of queries i am getting these days related to men gifts and one of the most common is best electronic gifts for men. So in this article i will try to cover some of the best and useful electronic gift options that you can consider.

Technology has always had the heart and soul of a man. Regardless of how nature bound his personality is, today’s men are inclined towards the ongoing technology by some or the other way. This has resulted in most men having the best of the electronic gadgets at their disposal. Electronic gadgets are for men just like women have the cosmetics. It makes them feel pretty cool. Or if not, at least, electronic appliances help men or anyone using it to cut down on efforts. Therefore, we made a strong case of making a list of all the electronic gifts that could be given to men.

Watch out this dedicated space to enlighten yourself with bright and exclusive electronic gift ideas for men. We hope you find some really cool and handy stuff that could be gifted to men regardless of their tastes and choices.

electronic gifts for men

Enticing Electronic Gifts for Men

Well, regardless of the men’s age, he definitely needs a grooming kit wherever he goes on the planet. Most of the men love to have their beards on point and mustaches groomed to perfection. Thus, an 8 in 1 grooming kit would be the best answer for men’s every grooming need. It would help them manage their facial hair with utmost ease and look sharp. The kit includes full-size trimmer, foil shaver, nose ear, detail trimmer, vertical body hair trimmer, and hair clipper comb. It might look a little off while you hand it over to someone, but its efficiency and everyday use qualify it as a nothing less than a perfect electronic gift for men.

This cushion will give you the comfort of a regular one and at the same time would help you distress with a soothing massage. It is not the regular hard neck massager, but a pillow with a machine that comprises of 4 offset shiatsu massage nodes that stimulate like the hands of a masseur. The covers can be washed off, and the machine comes with a detachable cord which allows you to use the cushion as any regular one when you don’t need the massage. It is very easy to use as it is based on just 3 clicks at the maximum. It would serve as the best gift for men who are attaining old age or stepping into their 40’s.

Your man could be tired of getting entangled in the wires every single time he keeps them in the pocket. Also, when at home, the wired headphones force you to carry the device wherever you loaf. But with the help of the Bluetooth headphones, one would attain a freedom of freeing up the hands while they listen to their favorite music at home. Also, it would allow them to be less fussy without the wires. These headphones give a new perspective to your music listening experience. It could be a decent gift for anyone who loves listening to the music. It will also give your man the opportunity to talk on the phone without having to hold the mobile phone. There are too many positives out of this gift to be ignored.

This is certainly one of the latest pieces of technology on the list. The Laser Keyboard would be nothing short of a boon to someone who prefers a full-fledged QWERTY keyboard even while working on the phone. Although most of the phones offer you QWERTY keypads, they fail to reach the efficiency of the big computer keyboards. This laser keyboard can be carried everywhere which gives you the liberty to work from anywhere. Also, you wouldn’t miss your office desk even a bit when you have the laser keyboard to help you type a mail or some important document.

This chair is going to soothe the user from the head to the toe. It offers massages to heal your sore muscles of the back to your buttocks. And for the exquisite experience, all you have to do is sit back and relax. It has 6 options to choose from which enhance your massage experience. Awake, prescription, fatigue, relax, physical therapy, and health care, you can choose from one of these options to relieve yourself. You get to even adjust the types of massages according to your preferences. Overall, it gives you a complete spa experience right at the expense of your home. You can consider it for anyone who runs to the spa very often or has to deal with sore muscles on a regular basis.

In this distinct age of mobiles, the use of power banks for someone who is continuously on the phone is a must. Therefore, it would be considered as a fantastic birthday gift for any men who uses his phone for longer durations. The portable charger would accompany them to their business meets. Once the gift is received, the receiver would never run the risk of his phone running out of battery. It would also be a good gift for any guy in his youth, as this generation have their heads down in the mobile phones for the longest of time. Due to its lightweight, it can be carried out everywhere. For some, the power bank is nothing short of a necessity.

If he is really into gaming or, if at all, you want to add some spice and boost his video watching and gaming experience, then VR Glasses would be a perfect choice for him. Also, these glasses are highly recommended for men who are totally engrossed in the virtual gaming. One can enjoy high-quality 3-D visuals with the help of the glasses. It would definitely bring a new thrill to his video watching experience. Even if he is too old for video games, he can watch movies with superb visual effects. These glasses automatically switch off your outside world and make you focus on the visuals playing on the screen.

This is one of the best electronic devices to be mentioned on the list. The fitness tracker or the fitness watch is one such device which can come in handy for anyone who wants to keep a track of the daily physical excursion. Along with that, it also adds to the style game of the wearer. If the person who you want to gift it is obese, it might inspire him to go for a run. The watch does the work of calculating calories, steps covered, distance covered, etc. It is a fun gadget to gift for someone who is too much into fitness training or any sort of sport.

You can try your best to crack the receiver with a funny birthday gift which is as cool as this sperm lookalike pen drive. We have to admit that it is the funniest electronic gift in the entire list for men.  It would help him store his important files and images on the drive. Also, important backups can be stored in the device. Every time the pen drive is in use, the user is going to burst out laughing looking at the sperm shape of the device. It will make him remember you and your funnier side, every time he watches the pen drive.

If the man you want to gift is an adventurous freak or someone who is a dedicated photographer or a videographer, he is definitely going to love the Go-Pro. For those who don’t know what Go-Pro is, it is a durable waterproof camera, especially used to shoot perspective videos. Bikers love it, and adventure enthusiasts love to use it to capture their paths. One gets stunning 4K videos from the camera and also gives you the liberty to capture images with a 12-megapixel camera. Not all men would find it useful, therefore, be careful, know the person, and then only make a choice of gifting him the brand new Go-Pro 5.

This cordless electric kettle can be used to boil water at the place of your liking. It holds the capacity to boil 1.5 to 3 liters of water at one go in just above 5 minutes. And the best part is, you don’t need any fuel to power it. It can be charged using an electronic adapter and you are good to go. Whether you are at a campsite or a picnic, this smart kettle can come in handy. Also, it is spill proof and the handle stays cool regardless of how much you heat the water. Such a kettle can always be handy to men, especially for those who are too lazy to light the gas stove to boil water for themselves.

Echo is a great device which uses Alexa, which is more or less like Apple’s Siri. It receives commands and lets you to listen to music, receive or make calls, manage other Bluetooth devices, all this without operating it with your hands. It recognizes your voice and lets the technology do the talking for you. Not only this device provides ample entertainment but also helps you to pick up calls without touching the device. Such device is always a great expensive gift for any man regardless of the age. No wonder, Amazon Echo is a best-seller product on the largest online website.

The world has come a long way in terms of the technological advancements. The erasable memo pad is one such product of the revolution. Many people keep a memo pad on their office desks to keep themselves organized. If you any such men, then the erasable digital memo pad will be much appreciated by them. It would help them to quickly erase all the memo and make all the desired notes within the blink of the eye. It comes up with a stylus pen which allows you to write on the digital screen. It is a decent gift for men if you want to gift something different and advanced.


This gift is for the men who love caffeine and cannot spend a single day without their daily dose of coffee. It would help him to ease his coffee making process. Also, the machine gives you several options which you can choose from. Thus, the taste of your coffee can differ every time depending on the brew options you choose. It would never let your ruin your coffee. It makes the right choices depending on the brew types you choose and serves you with a fresh and delectable cup of coffee every single time. You can even plot your coffee 24 hours in advance.

This gift is highly recommended as an awesome gift for men in their youths. We all know the perks of a selfie stick, and it does not any introduction. There are several types of selfie sticks available in the marker. You can choose one from the many depending on your budget and requirement. It is great for clicking pictures, and people seem to love it. However, this might look like a dull gift to receive, so don’t forget to couple it up with few other things. Not all men are going to appreciate the selfie sticks, unlike women. Therefore, be particular before gifting it to someone.

Inspire the man to indulge in some fitness activity by gifting him the electronic treadmill. The fact that it is a gift might actually want him to use it for his benefits. Seeing home tone down or return back to fitness is only going to make you happy. Many men these days don’t get the time to hit the gym because of the busy office schedule and things related. That is when a treadmill in your house comes to the rescue. It would give you the liberty to workout at the expense of your home. After all, something is better than nothing, right?

Many men have the knack of listening to loud music while they have their bath. But taking phones or fitting the normal speakers in the bathroom can be a risky affair. Therefore, a shower speaker is what you need to listen to the music even while you bathe. And the best part is that you don’t have to get the mobile phone in the bathroom. Manage your playlist and enjoy the music while you relieve yourself under the shower. These speakers are water resistant which is why there is no risk at all to carry them in the shower. It serves as a decent electronic gift for men.

I don’t know the exact number of men who would actually take the efforts to make a frozen drink using a home appliance. But for all who will go that extra yard, this gift is tailor-made for them. Not all like to have the readymade drinks which are infiltrated with added preservatives and chemicals. Some like to have it fresh, and this machine is going to help you with fresh slush and frozen drinks every time. It has the ability to blend almost all kind of fruits with ultimate ease. Don’t be surprised if you are presented with a refreshing cocktail days after presenting the juice maker to him.

It is one of the best electronic devices to be kept in one’s car.  Men love to keep their cars up-to-date, and this car humidifier would just help the men in order to keep their cars tip top. It is a great device which can do 4 tasks at a single time. One of the essential tasks done by the device is charging. Other three tasks include humidifying the car, purifying the air, and diffusing the aroma. Anyone who loves his automobile is going to be glad to keep such a device in his car. Most men would love to have a car humidifier in his car.

Men are lazy, not all of them, but the most of the lot. We all have been lazy enough to get off the porch to switch of a light. We wish we could have a remote control for every single time we didn’t want to get up from the bed to switch of an undesired light. Therefore, a remote-controlled light bulb would be an exact gift for the men who hate to wake up once they take a free fall on their bed. You can always maintain the habit of keeping the remote near your bed, and this could help you to reduce your efforts to an extent.

This has been our forever constant. Go and browse through a gift idea blog for any category, and you would find kindle in each of them. It is such a wonderful device, to say the least. Reading is a wonderful hobby to nurture. Kindle Paperwhite helps you to nurture your hobby effortlessly without creating a fuss. It can be one of the best electronic gifts for men who love reading. You can even add a book or two if you don’t want the Kindle to go empty-handed towards the receiver.

If the man you want to gift tends to forget or misplace things, then the Tile Mate is nothing more than a perfect gift for him. The Tile Mate will help you find anything that it is attached to with the help of your smartphone. Do you have the knack of forgetting the keys? If the answer is yes, then attach it to the keychain, ring it whenever you don’t find the keys, and you will have it right in the front of you. According to the Amazon, it is the world’s largest selling found and lost Bluetooth tracker. Also, the other best thing about the Tile Mate is they have managed to reduce the size by 25 percent which makes it portable enough.

This one is highly recommended for men who are totally involved in photography or those who love to capture moments with the help of some lenses. This 24-megapixel digital camera can suffice the need of any amateur level photographer. It has a face detection technology, built-in Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for faster accessibility. The tilt-type LCD is completely touch screen which allows you to deal with the camera options just with few touches. It would be a nice gesture that you provide a helping hand to someone to nurture his hobby by adding a device to his collection.

Hard drives can come in handy to save data of many years all at one place. Also, it can be trusted more than the regular pen drives. If there are a lot of files for your man to be handled and he always cribs about running out of space, then a hard drive can be a perfect gift for him. Rather than perfect, it would be a handy one. And according to us, anything handy is good to be called as a decent gift. You can choose the size and type according to your likings and budget. Don’t hesitate, if he’s into office work, at some point or the other, the disk is going to be used.

With this, we conclude our blog exclusively dedicated for the gifts for men. Men love gadgets and owning them is a pretty cool thing for them. If you are very flexible on your budget, you can also give a thought of gifting a mobile phone or a tablet. We tried our best to keep such high-end products away from our list.

Now that you have a wide array of options in terms of electronic gifts for men, you can buy these from the online stores like or you can go hunting in the local market for them. We hope you liked our recommendations. If you feel any other electronic appliance should make the list, you can leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’d be happy to review it for you.