Today i will be sharing with you some of the perfect “children birthday party ideas” that you are looking for.

Arranging a birthday party for your kid is no mere hassle, I tell you! Something minor just might go wrong, your kid would be completely disinterested in the occasion, and it may result in a flop! What? Were you expecting a solely precautionary list of do’s and don’ts? If so, good Sirs and Mams…. you are completely mistaken!

This is the place where we take our constricted adult imaginations to the frivolous wake of the world. A platform of ideas which may result in an explosion of happiness for your kid, which would be subsequently followed by your involvement in it with an ardent amount of nostalgia and the good old days of yore!

Birthday party ideas for children

So, what are we waiting for? Down below, is a list of some nostalgic ideas as well as some reworked party ideas that would completely fit the quota of a successful birthday bash for your kid.

children birthday party ideas

Choosing a magical superhero party

super hero theme party

Well…let’s settle the dust in the air! Truth be told, we would never know what your darling daughter or son wants! We might be in immense love with Cara/Adam (or some other name!).

One thing is for sure though….if he/she seems to have an intense savior-complex, just choose the magical girl or boy themed party. Do not worry about isolation from peers, in response to anime characters, because these character outfits are just charming to the touch! Just let him/her rock a long velvety cape on her special day, a and that would simply make his/her birthday unique!!

Start off with carnival treats as starters in the food course

prepare food ideas

Well….if the addendum to your party is not supposed to be heavy meals, but rather theatre style food boxes, we have got the perfect idea for you! Why not start with renting a popcorn popping machine or cotton candy machines that would definitely activate the taste buds of your guests! And If you want to splurge your expenses, you can also go for a sno-cone stand, along with hot dogs, French fries for the adults and other sweet confectionaries that would spell your love for your child. (Irish Delight…here we go!!)

Costume Party

Costume ideas

Why not put down a theme for the party that can be mandated for the guest list? Whatever lights up your princ(ess), would definitely be the predominant theme for the evening, be it something from pop culture (How can any one deny a Frozen theme?) or something that borders on the geeky factor that would surely appeal to your child’s quirks. That way, you need not worry about inappropriate conduct, for every inch of carnival feature is going to be greatly appreciated.

Treasure hunts trailing along Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

Treasure hunt game

– This does seem to border on something that the teenagers would love and scrounge about, but who are you to judge if your toddler seems to favor it…..Its a free world, after all! Letting your child and his/her peers solve a carefully constructed mystery scene of ‘chocolaty trails’, whilst searching for some clues, in the hopes that a big surprise is in wait for them, is something that would hugely bring your darling baby as the highlight of the party.

And that’s something that would definitely spike up the coolness quotient. And of course, its not going to be reduced to a mere spectacle, because its your baby, after all…you want to make him/her the highlight of the occasion.

Relegate yourself to the background along with the guests, as you watch him/her charting out the clues in order, just to reach the ‘mythical chocolate fountain’ (reminiscent of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, minus all the creepiness). Just so that you can afford for more, you can also plan out subsequent courses of food in turn, for the folks, with minimal to no interference.

Art and Craft themed party

art and craft theme

If your child is something of an adept at paintings and craft-making, you ought to allow her room so as to delve into her talents…use the party as a perfect platform to showcase it…It just doesn’t matter, as long as there are big splatters of gooey paint balls and bottles on the floor.

You can gladly take some spoils for your home décor too!! (Just ensure that you have plenty of canvas to scribble on to!) Let the parents join in on the different styles of craft-making (no meddling or advice though)!

Let his/her peers join in on the fun, for whatever the outcome may result in, this would be perfect for all of them to take away their very own handmade gifts, whilst you keep on encouraging his/her skills to his/her fullest, as s/he comes to terms with his/her potential.

A Safari Birthday party for an animal lover

safari theme

– There is pretty much a long list of adventurous party themes on account of the teens! But if your child completely adores animals, and if you are willing to spend a bit more on the expenditure, you ought to organize a safari trip for him/her and his/her close friends.

For it will be something that is way cooler than a sleepover, and yet, your child would be able to encounter (and maybe try to interact…imagine how joyful would that be!) the animals in their respective wild habitats! Revel in his/her reactions as s/he meets each and every one of the animals, right from the grossest to the cutest being imaginable! You gotta trust on this, its gonna be so much better than the regular late night slot NatGeo viewing.

A diverse cultural themed party

cultural type theme

The world is the land of the free now! At least in your microcosmic space of your house, you are going to ensure the aforementioned thing!! Invite each and everyone of his/her classmates. You would be pretty much surprised at the number of different cultural backgrounds they come from.

Arrange for it to be a collaborative party- ask their parents to symbolize themselves as part of their very own native culture. Include multiple dresses into the party, let the folks dance off to unfamiliar beats and tunes on the other side of the world. And why not include unfamiliar foods in the palate.

Well…its upto chance whether s/he might like it or not, but it would definitely add color to your child’s birthday palate, would it not? One thing is for sure though…It would definitely add something adventurous and would greatly contribute to your party’s success.

Fashion Show Party

fashion show for the party

This is an easy one if your young’un is a fashionista!! (Not trying to be sexist here….but just for the sake of convenience, let’s assume your kid as your darling daughter) Take it up as an open plan to your daughter, invite her friends, let the divas splurge on insane amounts of make-up and pretty tiny dresses for the tiny tots, bunch it up with some feather hats, and let the Parisian night (in a hyperbolic manner!) come to life..

One such idea would be a BEFORE-AFTER picture of your birthday child…Take a picture of her cute face, with ruffled hair, stained clothes and smeared makeup! Follow it up with a pretty dress that would look great on your kid! You may also use it as an invitational card for the party, because that would simply make your kid stand out amongst many others, and you don’t want to relegate her to the background (do you?)!!

Party Games

Games for the party

What fun is a party without its stash of board games…then again, we need to ensure that every drinking game is out of the equation, right at this very instant! Its for your baby’s sake, after all!

So, even if there are no darts or ping pong toss games, it doesn’t take out the fun from your party! Let’s just say that aside from passive games, you have multitudes of options, ranging from balloon burst to musical chairs and pass the parcel.

Not only is it a great social engagement that would allow your kid to interact with his/her peers, but it also would provide ample room to sort out other arrangements in the party, with no hassle at all!! (Think about it, will you?) Cheerio…

Minion- themed attraction!


Well…the golden age of Disney might have been over for us (Frozen is just one recent successful release, mind you?), but that doesn’t mean that you can tap into the goodness of fan hype and rage amongst the kids.

So, how about you induct the giggling yellow (and seemingly villainous) henchmen, the Minions into the show! Hire a bunch of folks dressed up as Stuart, Bob and Kevin, as they relegate into the lamest and craziest antics, amongst the festoons, that would surely break out into peals of laughter! Let your kid splurge into the goofiest of expressions, as you finally accomplish what you set out to do..your kid’s successful birthday bash!