I am very happy to tell you that today I will share some of the best birthday gift ideas for your wife and I am sure for which you are here. I know husbands are really a disaster at picking up gifts especially when they have to gift their wife. But that’s completely natural, don’t be stressed out about it because here I will tell you every thing you need to know to pick a right gift for your wife. If she has lost her interest in receiving gifts from you due to your bad choices.

Trust me with my guidance I assure you that her coming birthday will be awesome because you are going to get her some perfect gifts that she always wanted with. For this, you have to give little efforts if you want to make your wife’s birthday memorable. To make your work easy i have researched over internet and found a lot of options that i think would be perfect for a wife.

Recommended Birthday gifts for wife

Here is the list of gifts that i think are suitable for gifting wife. After researching over many online gift sites i found few that are worth sharing. So down below check out this list and find the best one suitable for your wife.

Gift List – Pick the right one

Best wife Victory Trophy awards 

Best wife Victory Trophy awards

WOW. By looking at the image you might be thinking its kind of a Grammy or Oscar award, I really got astonished by just looking at this eye-catching concept. I think this is the best gift you can get your wife. I know you don’t need to prove that your wife is best in the world but still if you will gift to her, she will be very happy. Her smile will be a witness of this.

3dRose Best Wife Ever 

3dRose Best Wife Ever

If she is a coffee love then this would make her feel good with every time she uses it. You will find a printed tag on it which says “ Best Wife ever”. I said initially that you can gift some kind of customize the gift. But if you don’t have time then this is what you can grab.

10k Topaz Heart Stud Earrings

Do I need to say anything more if you have just seen its picture? I mean just looking at it don’t you feel attracted, now imagine how your wife would be when you will gift her this amazing heart stud earrings. Its basic gem type is pink topaz. Its total metal weight is 0.7 grams which make it very light and comfortable. It’s a 10k topaz as mentioned, so give it her on her birthday to make it special and memorable too.

Designer Series Essential Oil Blends Collection

Is your wife fond of blended oil collection? Is so then this is what you need to gift her right away. It is a luxury gift set of oil blends that used for a professional aromatherapy. This set contains a pack of 6 most essential oils, made up of more than 30 essential oils. The best thing about these oils is that they are organic to give you the best results.

Godiva Chocolatier Ultimate Truffle Gift Collection

Women love chocolate no matter of what age and this is a fact. If you know this and don’t want to miss this opportunity then without any doubt just gift this premium truffle gift collection set. This set is a pack of 80 pieces of 8 different flavors, all are meant to die for taste, i.e Aztec Spice and Salted Almond Truffles, Cookie Dough, Black Forest Cake, Key Lime, etc. With this additionally it comes with a special gold and brown color gift box.

Classic Jewelry organizer box

Let this birthday make her more organized and you can gift this to give her the first reason to be. It is classic jewelry organizer with 28 compartments of different sizes which help in organizing different pieces of jewelry of different sizes. This comes with a Free gift card and gift box. Each jewelry box contains a gift card and a gift box to give it a look of most elegant and presentable gift.

Kattee Women’s Vintage Tote Shoulder Bag

Gift her this vintage look elegant shoulder bag on her birthday. It is the genuine leather bag. Kaytee brand is inspired by European culture with their vintage designs. When I particularly talk about this bag then it looks elegant and has a premium quality which ads up to its durability.

Expandable Inspirational Bracelets

Women love accessories and bracelets are one of the common accessories that most women are interested into. I hope your wife also loves bracelets. It Elegant bracelet will remind her about being herself always and forever. Also to be strong, true, kind and happy always. This bracelet is plated with 18k gold which gives it very premium look to die for. There are many more things that you will love about this bracelet.

Boogie Board Writing Tablet 

Boogie Board Writing Tablet

I recommend you to surely grab this unique best seller product. I really loved this unique idea and its usefulness pulled me toward it. If your wife is a working woman and she really gets frustrated managing all his work and responsibilities, then this one is just for her. With this tablet, she can manage her work just by writing all the tasks in a list. I have a whiteboard where I write all my tasks to complete but problem is that I cant carry it anywhere. But you can carry boogie board, anywhere you want. You can keep it in a purse, briefcase or any bag.

Travel Cheer Gym Duffel Bag 

travel cheer gym duffel bag

If Your wife goes to the gym for a workout then you must think about this unique and cute gym duffel bag. Generally, you might have seen gym duffel bag to be sporty but this looks really unique and can catch anyone’s eye. Also, this product has got huge positive reviews so I have no doubt about it.

Oriental Furniture Jewelry Box 

Oriental Furniture Jewelry Box

This unique designed jewelry box just caught my eyes as it is so vibrant in color and gives a very dazzling appearance. This is a small furniture jewelry box with beautiful Chinese, Japanese décor over it. Bat and dragons are stitched over it which is a symbol of luck and long life. This beautiful piece of furniture will look good in her cupboard.

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

Talking about the gym and not about fitness, not good. So I thought to share something that is really a very useful gift. The first thing that came to my mind is health and fitness. I searched for many sources for fitness wristband and found this astonishing activity wristband manufactured by Fitbit. This looks amazing and as a gift, I can give it a five star as it a very useful one. She can track any of her activity with it, i.e steps, distance covered, pulse rate, calories burnt, etc..

Diffuser Necklace Locket – Maromalife premium Owl Lava Stone 

This is a must if she loves smelling good and fond of essential oils and jewelry too. You will be amazed to know that with this she can actually wear different essential oils for different aromas. In the display, you can see there are many lava stones in round shapes and they are really very good absorbent and works wonder as an oil diffuser.

Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace 

Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace

A woman no matter which place she comes from loves diamond. Women get so attracted to a diamond and it is scientifically proved. So why not to make her coming birthday to be the best by gifting her this beautiful, astonishing piece of charm. Believe me, this is the best birthday gift you can get your wife. She will look beautiful with this heart shaped diamond pendant necklace. I shared it with my girlfriend and she also loved its shape and most specifically the diamond.

Verdugo Gift Spa-In-A-Basket

This is one of the best spa gift set basket that I would like to recommend it for your wife. Women love spa gift sets and this is one of the best ones as it provides almost like anything related to a spa with the best quality. i.e massage tool, slippers, honey vanilla scent, comb, etc.. All of this in a beautiful basket gift wrap that is going to win her heart for sure.

Qianse “Mona Lisa” Bracelet

I hope you are throwing a birthday party for your wife. If that is so, then she might be planning to look really well for the party. This bracelet will give charm to her with any dress she wears for the party. Its a rose gold plated bracelet. Its unique design is inspired by oil painting old Europe which gives it an out of the box and very attractive look to catch all eye balls. She can even wear it for any party if not her birthday party.

Women’s Best Wife Ever T-Shirt

Earlier I have listed best wife mug but if you think she won’t use the mug then you can gift her this awesome t-shirt with the same tag line “best wife ever”. This t-shirt will surely bring smile her on her face and make her feel proud. There are a lot of colors available for this t-shirt but choose pink one as most of the woman loves this color.

Heart Pendant Necklace Made With Swarovski Crystals

As I said earlier women love accessories, so do you want to miss any chance? I am sure you don’t want to miss any chance. So this is one of the perfect choices you can make her gift this heart pendant necklace. It is made with Swarovski crystals in a shape of a heart which gives a very attractive look. This is inspired by the venus and symbolizes the “leads to directions”. It is engraved with “I ♥ u to the moon and back”. So I think all of this makes it a perfect birthday gift for your wife.

Jessica Smith: Gentle Yoga DVD

You can gift a lot of things to your wife on her birthday but the most important thing would remain what is useful for her. Don’t you think health is the most important thing you care about for her? If so then give her this very helpful DVD to learn yoga from basics and all forms in very gentle and simple way. This yoga practices will her in balancing her body, mind, and soul. In other words, these yoga forms will help her in being more relaxed, flexible and balanced.

Stelle Audio Pillar 

Stelle Audio Pillar

This classy audio pillar is suitable for any place. If she loves listening music while working in the kitchen, dusting cupboards, or may be while relaxing in the bedroom, then this is what she probably missing. So she can enjoy the music while working and can relax while on the bed. Recently my brother has gifted such kind of wireless inbuilt music player and speaker to his wife. As she is a house wife and works many hours at home. It made her work more enjoyable.

Cook N Home Cookware Set 

Cookware Set

If she is housewife and love cooking, then this amazing cookware set will blow her. This set comes with all the things one can think of for cooking purpose. She might have some of the things already in her kitchen but what about replacing those things with new and better pieces.

L’Oreal  Skincare Kit 

Skincare Kit

Women generally love taking care of there skin and I assume your wife does it too. This product set is really worth for a woman for taking care of her skin. It works not only just as to take care of skin, but also works for skin aging, fatigue. Gifting this set to your wife will show a gesture of caring for her. She will understand how much you care about her and believe me women really love to see this kind of care from their man.

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker 

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Jessica Parker is pretty much famous in woman segment. This is a perfect example of classy and fragrance product. I found that women around the world are really loving it. All woman loves to be hygienic, the same way they love to smell good. So keeping that in mind I can surely suggest this perfect birthday gift for your wife.

Hamilton Beach Brewer and Coffee Maker 

Single Serve Brewer and Coffee Maker

If she is a coffee lover then this gift will surely make her day awesome. I am a coffee lover and I know what it feels to get a coffee maker as a gift. This set has everything one can kink of. I found customers are overwhelmed with this amazing set.

White Rose Jasmine Gold Tub Spa Bath Gift Set 

Tub spa gift set

As I said earlier a woman loves to be hygienic, so I think for any woman this would be a perfect gift. This set contains all things required for a woman to have a good time while taking bath. I am sure your wife will love to explore all the lotions to gel and most importantly the fragrance.

Tree of Life Wooden Box 

Tree of Life Wooden Box

This is an example of art and sculpture that one can put anywhere in the house and it enhance the appearance of that place. This wooden box is really eye catching, especially its design with the tree of life. She can use it for keeping anything she wants, i.e spectacles, key, cards, pen, etc.. This is worth a gift for her use.

Women’s Jersey Pajamas by TexereSilk

Women's Jersey Pajamas by TexereSilk

If you want some gift that is really meaningful and can be useful also, then go for this. This is an Eco-friendly shirt and pajamas made from viscose from bamboo which is very comfortable for skin and body. You can gift this one in pair with some other gift as well. She can wear it at home and will be comfortable.

Women’s Spa Wrap Set 

Women's Spa Wrap Set

This one is another example of a gift that comes up as comfort. This set is very comfortable for skin which comes with hair towel. It is also made up of Viscose and that makes it Eco-friendly for skin. And also if you want to see your beautiful wife in this sexy spa wrap every day, then gift it to her and indirectly make your every day to be good.

Shany Cosmetics Makeup Set 

Shany Cosmetics Makeup Set

Women are fond of cosmetics and their facial appearance aspects. So they love adding new makeup set in their wardrobe. This is a kind of all in one make upset, she can find anything she can think of for an ideal makeup kit. As a gift, I can rate it a 5 star as per the interest of women.

Hand Care Rest Manicure Beauty Tool Set 

Gold Washable Nail Art Cushion Pillow Hand Care Rest Manicure Beauty Tool Set

Many women tagged it as the best nail tools set, that means women really are liking the reviews for this product. I think my words are very less to compare with the positive comments of buyers. So just have look at it and believe me as a gift she will love it.


Suggested birthday gift ideas for wife

You need to know few things before diving into any gift choices. Here are three things that you must know before making any decision for gifts.

Interest and choices Gifts

First, you need to find out what are the things she is more tilted to. I am sure you probably knowing this but if not then find out what are the things she is more interested into. i.e she loves to take care of her skin, she loves to go gym and workout, etc.. This way you can surely decide upon which gift you want to get her and believe me this way you will find the best gift for her as you are choosing the right gifts based on her interest.

Her needs


There are many things we generally need in our day to day life. For example – my mom work in a bank and she need many things at her desk to manage things. i.e pen, calculator, paper weight, etc.. The same you need to find what are the things your wife really needs in her daily life. If she already has all the things, then you can probably replace them with a new one as her birthday gift.

Wish thing

We all do have wish thing, some have big and some have small in their mind as a dream thing. I know your wife also have something in her mind that you can call it as a “wish thing”. Something she wants to buy but not able to buy. So find out what it is and if you can manage to get her that “wish thing” as a gift then that would be really great.

So these were few things based on which you can take a right decision. Now allow me to share with you some ideas that bring more of your involvement towards her as all wives expect from their husbands.

Wife birthday gift ideas

Special Moment birthday ideas for wife

Women or specifically a wife always expect his man’s time. He would feel special if you give her time, which generally many husbands don’t because of their busy schedule or work overload. I always say you can buy a gift but not the moments because you have to invest yourself in it and that makes it memorable. So here I will give some birthday ideas for your wife that you can look upon:

Most special time a woman want

What time you can give the best to her more than a shopping time and you let me correct it. Its time and money. LOL. But I think its worth. If you want to make your wife happy for her birthday then nothing you can do for her better than taking her for shopping. Any woman in this whole planet will love to go for shopping, so take the advantage of knowing this. Believe me, it is worth to see a cute happy smile on her face at the end.

Spa and massage Bookings

Just like shopping women also loves to spend their time relaxing with spa and massage. So why not to book her an appointment for spa and massage. She will love this gift. This will also show her how much you care for her. Last year I got few free coupons for spa and massage for women from my friend, so I gifted it to my girlfriend and as soon as my girlfriend saw those coupons she just jumped to grab it. So see how women are crazy about spa and massage.

A fixed formula for quality time

You must be curious to know what is it all about. Fixed formula? Yes, it is. But don’t worry I will not tell you anything different. I am just talking about a candle light dinner. A woman at any age will love to go for a romantic candle light dinner with her man. This is really very conventional but it does make a difference as I said, it’s your time that is more important than anything.

Be kids for a day

If you want to do something different for her birthday then this is what you have to do, be kids for a day. When was the last time you went to an amusement park, maybe a long time before for your kids, or may be in your childhood time? So what about you two going for it and just be the kids for a day. This is really fun you know when you don’t have people, family member or any thing in your mind. It just funs like kids do.

Surprise her

Give her a surprise for her birthday. You must be knowing that women love getting surprises. My girlfriend always says directly that give me some surprise on her birthday, LOL, how shameless she is. Anyways my story is little comical but what you can do is surprise her with anything or any plan. May be you can surprise her with some gift, may be by planning a surprise, anything good surprise that she can remember for years.

Call her parents – Why don’t you surprise her calling her parents and booking tickets for them to come for your wife’s birthday. I am sure she will be happy to see her parents for her birthday. A few years back one of my friends did the same for her newly married wife. She was so happy when her parents visited their place to wish and celebrate her birthday.

Do something which she can never expect – Be the cook. What ? Really? Yes. I have already told you that if you can do something different that she can never expect from you, then that is what will make the day special. Now don’t say can I dust my cupboard or arrange my clothes or clean up my room. You can do that as well, but I suggest you be the cook for that day. Make some of her favorite dishes and make her feel like a princess. Believe me, she will love you for this.

DIY Gift Options

You must be thinking DIY is kind of a women thingy, but wait a minute, which piece of paper or words proves that. I generally get mails asking me “how men can do that” but as soon as I say that if a man can do that then that is what makes a difference and make it a special gift. A wife can never expect this kind of thing from her husband, but if a husband does it, then this make the occasion memorable. So here I am only sharing gifts that you can make very easily. Here are few examples.

Printed blanket – As I said above that I don’t suggest any tough DIY thing. So this one is really simple. You need to buy a plain blanket from anywhere and then use it for printing. You can use it in any way you want. For example – You can put any message, personal pictures or anything.

Custom made diary If she is a working wife then you can buy her a diary that she can use it for managing her work. You can play along with the diary a bit with writing some messages on the first page of the diary or may be the cover. You can write any message that can motivate her or make her smile.

Best wife chef printed hat Is she cooks for you and your family, then why not chef printed hat. You can buy a hat and can use it for printing. You print tags such as – “My wife is the best Chef in the world” or “best wife chef in the world”, or something like that or may be you can also get a printed apron that will also be good.

Homemade Chocolates This is the easiest thing you can make at home. Women love chocolate and it’s not hidden from anyone. So why not to gift her homemade chocolates and that too made by you. I found many videos on youtube.com where people have shared easy steps to make chocolates or cookies. So you can search few videos and get your hands into practice.

I have covered everything a woman loves, whether it is his man’s personal time or it is any gift they would love to see from their partner. I hope my efforts are worth and you found these to be the best birthday gifts for your wife. So what you are waiting for just go ahead one more time with the list and pick few out of them. Also, I have something good for you, I am also planning a few more article in series of this article where I will share some ideas of a party, themes and surprises ideas also.